We are an outsourcing team that has been on the market since 2007. We can extend your IT department with experienced developers and build a dedicated department or fully-fledged research and development center to delegate particular business processes. Hire IntelliSoft healthcare software outsourcing company to build secured E-health solutions, ensure software compatibility with legal regulations, and implement ready-made medical systems into hospitals.

We Innovate Healthcare Industry

IntelliSoft Healthcare software development services

We provide software building services and dedicated teams of developers to medical businesses, medical facilities, and medical startups. As a full-cycle IT company, we can build a healthcare project from creating the MVP and software design to user testing, project release, and further integration with business ecosystems in medical facilities.

Custom medical software

IntelliSoft has proven expertise in developing medical software from the ground up. Hire the IntelliSoft team to create a proof-of-concept for your startup, a fully-fledged medical platform from scratch, or a business-centered software instead of third-party solutions.

Business analysis
Project prototype
Minimum variable product
Testing and QA
Healthcare integration

You can hire us if you need to make changes to existing custom software or third-party solutions your healthcare organization is currently using. We can also customize SaaS solutions for particular medical facility needs and develop custom modules to meet personnel and patient demands.

Web and mobile portals
SaaS solutions
Custom functionality
Cross-department data transfer
Wearable devices
AI and machine learning algorithms
Dedicated software development centers

You can extend your team of developers with specialists with specific technological stacks, dedicate a business function to IntelliSoft specialists, and build the development team to achieve your business goals and meet the project release schedule.

Extended team
Dedicated team
R&D centers
Help desk
Tech support

Reasons for Outsourcing Healthcare Software
development to IntelliSoft

We have gained a proven reputation as a reliable healthcare development partner. Since 2007, we have been healthcare software development consulting professionals who develop, test, and integrate software and medical systems. Solutions we build improve medical treatment outcomes, streamline communication between medical departments, and securely keep all the sensitive patient data. Our clients сhoose us because we are dedicated to the healthcare projects success.

Proven reputation:
10+ years in Healthcare Industry
2 dedicated development teams
40% of Danish ICU beds use Cambio software that we helped to develop
SUSSA — we are helping Cambio to customize medical software for 9 Swedish regions
Secured intellectual property:
  • Intellectual property protection
  • NDA
  • Copyright law
  • Protection as a trade secret
  • IP Assignment Agreement
  • Source Code License
Legal regulation compliance:
  • Medical Device Regulation (MDR)
  • Medical Devices Directive (MDD)
  • Health Level 7 (HL7)
  • FAIR
  • openEHR
  • GDP
Data security measures:
  • Strong encryption
  • Trusted data centers
  • Secure media streams
  • Role-based access
  • Protection of patient data
  • Secured data storage
  • User access control

IntelliSoft Key Medical Expertise

Since 2007, we got the technological expertise in developing and integrating the following solutions:

Strong encryption

  • Electronic health records (EHR)
  • Electronic medical record (EMR)
  • Clinical Information System (CIS)
  • Intensive Care Units (ICU)
  • Newborn Intensive Care Unit (NICU)
  • Health information exchange (HIE)
  • Electronic Medication Management (EMM)

Feature integration

  • Surgery, Anesthesia, and Recovery departments
  • Patient Data Management modules
  • Data Capture solutions
  • Business Intelligence modules
  • E-learning modules

Re-engineering of existing solutions

  • Legacy code optimization
  • Infrastructure re-build
  • Device connectivity
  • Cloud migration

Our Tech stack for Healthcare software development

Capsultech API
Capsule SmartLinx
HL7 engine
Angular 12

IntelliSoft Working Models for Healthcare projects

You can choose the most convenient way of cooperating with IntelliSoft.

  • Project-Based
    We manage and deliver a single project or several projects.
  • Team Extension
    A Dedicated Team is managed by the client.
  • SLA Based
    Delivery of Services according to defined KPI’s.

Customer review

A word from medical industry leaders.

Client review:

Case Studies

IntelliSoft is proud of the software development projects we delivered. We gratefully share successful cases of healthcare software development, issues we faced when delivering medical solutions, and how we overcome them.


Since 2007, IntelliSoft has worked as a dedicated development team on Camio CIS (Clinical Information System) for Intensive Care Units. We helped turn a product’s MVP into a fully-fledged medical information system by developing and integrating custom modules for Anastasia, Surgery, Recovery, Ambulance, Neonatal, etc.

We also integrated ICU (Intensive Care Units) functionality into EMR and ensured it functions correctly across Sweden hospitals. We provided Cambio Medical Device Connectivity (MDIC) functionality used medical facilities and customized it for each hospital across the South Denmark region.

The Healthcare industry is one of the fastest-growing sectors that adopt modern technologies. More and more countries digitalize healthcare-related records, streamline communication between medical organization departments, and integrate medical devices for better monitoring of patient health conditions and more effective medical treatment outcomes.

There are specific solutions for storing and managing patients’ data, intelligent algorithms that suggest the most effective treatment protocols and prescribed medication, platforms that enable medical specialists to provide patients with video consultations, and systems that store digital medical images and identify anomalies in them.

While some medical institutions leverage third-party EMR and EHR software, others hire software development teams to build such solutions from scratch. They receive more secured systems with advanced patient data protection measures and business functionality targeted to individual business needs.

On the other hand, using a SaaS healthcare platform is cheaper than developing such a solution from scratch. The only thing healthcare companies must bear in mind is that such integrations require help from experienced healthcare software development professionals, who know all the pitfalls of such software.

Besides this, experienced healthcare developers can develop and implement advanced security measures to protect medical organization databases, such as data encryption, cloud databases integration, secured connection protocols, etc.

If you are interested in developing secured healthcare software or adding more security features to the system you currently have, don’t hesitate to contact IntelliSoft at info@intellisoftware.net and ask for a free consultation for your medical project.

Before hiring a healthcare development team, you need to find a legal consultant who will help you to define whether the project you are going to build should meet legal requirements for medical software or not.

Next, you need to define technical requirements for your healthcare project. Those requirements also should include the purpose of your projects, types of end-users, key functionality, and basic layouts of elements users can interact with.

Now that you have all the requirements, you can start searching for the right healthcare development team. The primary evidence you can trust one of the other developers to build your project is proven experience in successfully delivering medical software.

You can also ask the development team to showcase clients’ reviews and contacts for reference. In this way, you cal learn more about the team’s strong and weak sides before starting the cooperation.

Another thing to ask for before hiring software engineers is asking for an estimated project cost. You can do it by sending the project details and features your project will require. As a rule, such estimation will include not only the project budget but also:

  • A detailed description of each function to be implemented
  • The estimate per hour
  • Suggested development team composition
  • The total project duration

Once you receive project cost estimation from several outsource healthcare development providers, you can compare them and decide what team offers the best conditions for your business.

Making healthcare software requires proven tech expertise from developers and knowledge of best practices from the development industry. If you want to learn more about IntelliSoft tech expertise, or you have a project in mind, you can contact IntelliSoft professionals by writing info@intellisoftware.net. We’ll come back to you in the shortest time and discuss how your team can help your business.

Making healthcare software requires proven tech expertise from developers and knowledge of best practices from the development industry. If you want to learn more about IntelliSoft tech expertise, or you have a project in mind, you can contact IntelliSoft professionals by writing at info@intellisoftware.net. We’ll come back to you in the shortest time and discuss how your team can help your business.

IntelliSoft is a healthcare development company founded in 2007. Since then, we have delivered the following scope for healthcare companies:

  • Hiring outsourced developers
  • Building the dedicated healthcare development team from scratch
  • Ensuring GDPR compliance
  • Ensuring MDD and MDR compliance

We have proven experience in providing the following IT outsource services:

  • Business analysis
  • MVP development
  • Architecture refactoring
  • Cloud migration
  • DevOps
  • Healthcare software customization
  • Medical device connectivity integration
  • Mobile and web healthcare platforms

To learn more about how IntelliSoft can help, write to us at info@intellisoftware.net. We’ll write you back or schedule a free consultation to learn more about your business idea and how we can help.