Discover the vibrant heart of Europe’s technological revolution by outsourcing to Bulgaria. We’re at the forefront of merging breakthrough technology with unparalleled talent here. By tapping into our extensive network of IT specialists, you can access solutions that streamline your operations, significantly cut costs, and boost your business growth. Experience the ease of integration with our dedicated teams at IntelliSoft as we guide you into the new era of software development. Contact us

Outsourcing Bulgaria: Software Development for Businesses

Clients’ testimonials

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Lars Dybdahl

Principal Architect at Cambio Healthcare Systems Denmark

IntelliSoft is a great partner. These engineers are up-to-date on the latest technology, they know what they are doing, and want to deliver high quality code. IntelliSoft allowed me as a CTO to focus on further developing our products.

Key Advantages of Software Development Outsourcing to Bulgaria

In the fast-paced world of digital innovation, Bulgaria emerges as a standout choice for software development outsourcing. The region offers a unique combination of tech expertise and cost-effectiveness. Here are just a few compelling reasons why choosing software outsourcing Bulgaria can be transformative for your business.

Exceptional IT Talent at Your Fingertips

Bulgaria is celebrated for its exceptional IT professionals, a product of a strong focus on technology and engineering in its education system. As a result, you get a steady stream of skillful developers who are well-versed in the latest tech and programming languages. Choosing IntelliSoft means you have direct access to these talented individuals, ensuring your software projects are driven by innovative and solution-oriented expertise.

Geographical and Time Zone Perks

Bulgaria’s location in Southeast Europe is strategically advantageous, especially for Western European and American clients. This location offers time zone benefits that facilitate real-time collaboration and smooth communication. IntelliSoft leverages this advantage to ensure efficient interaction and prompt project delivery.

Сultural Fit and English Proficiency

Effective outsourcing requires cultural compatibility, and Bulgaria excels in this area. Bulgarian IT professionals generally have a solid English level and align well with Western business practices. This proficiency, coupled with IntelliSoft’s commitment to understanding your business, ensures a collaboration that is both smooth and productive.

Quality Meets Cost-Effectiveness

Outsourcing Bulgaria brings the significant benefit of cost savings, especially compared to other European countries. IntelliSoft takes pride in offering competitive pricing without sacrificing quality. We deliver top-tier solutions that adhere to global standards, providing exceptional value for your investment.

Thriving Innovation Ecosystem

Bulgaria is a hotbed for technological advancement with its growing tech infrastructure and vibrant innovation ecosystem. This environment promotes ongoing learning and development among IT professionals. At IntelliSoft, we tap into this innovative culture to bring state-of-the-art solutions to our clients, keeping them at the forefront of their industries.

Commitment to Data Security

In today’s digital landscape, data security is critical. Bulgaria is noted for its strict adherence to data protection laws. IntelliSoft goes even further by implementing rigorous security protocols and safeguarding your intellectual property. With us, you can rest assured that your projects are managed efficiently and securely.

Reasons Why Clients Choose IntelliSoft for Software Outsourcing to Bulgaria

At IntelliSoft, our unique approach to software outsourcing in Bulgaria is tailored to the specific needs of our clients. We aim to do more than provide services – our goal is to forge partnerships that catalyze success. Here’s why businesses worldwide choose us for their software development ventures.

Streamlined Recruitment for Swift Project Kickoff

In today’s fast-paced tech world, every moment counts. IntelliSoft sets itself apart with a recruitment process that’s 80% faster than the norm. Where it might typically take up to eight months to find the right developer, our streamlined method reduces this to just a few weeks. This fast recruitment means your project starts quickly without sacrificing talent quality.

A Perfect Blend of Tech and Culture

For a truly successful outsourcing partnership, we believe in the importance of both technological expertise and cultural alignment. At IntelliSoft, we excel in connecting our clients with professionals who are tech-savvy and culturally in tune with your company. This synergy enhances team dynamics and creates a more productive and harmonious work environment.

Steady Team Composition for Long-Term Success

Unlike others who might swap experienced staff for those less skilled over time, IntelliSoft guarantees the consistency of your team. The talented individuals you begin with are the ones you’ll advance with, ensuring a stable and knowledgeable team for the long haul of your projects.

In-Depth Project Management Expertise

Our service spectrum extends to encompass thorough project management. With leadership rooted in technical expertise (our CEO is a former developer), we bring a deep understanding of technology to our advisory role. This insight allows us to oversee your team effectively and provide informed guidance on tech choices, keeping your project at the forefront of innovation.

Access to High-Caliber Talent at Competitive Costs

Securing local talent with the same skill and expertise as our Bulgarian professionals at a similar cost is often a hurdle. IntelliSoft bridges this gap by offering access to exceptional talent at prices substantially lower than what you’d typically pay locally without compromising on the quality of expertise.

Unyielding Focus on Your Success

Our commitment to the success of your project is unparalleled. We recognize that a quicker time-to-market for feature releases can significantly boost customer satisfaction and revenue growth. Therefore, we align with your objectives, dedicating ourselves to your goals and ensuring our team works relentlessly to meet them. With IntelliSoft, you gain a service provider and a partner deeply invested in your growth.

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    How to Start Cooperation with IntelliSoft for Outsourcing Bulgaria IT Services

    Choosing IntelliSoft for your IT outsourcing needs in Bulgaria means starting an efficient and transparent process. Our approach is meticulously crafted to meet your unique requirements with precision.
    Kickstart with an Initial Consultation
    Comprehensive Skill and Requirement Assessment
    Meticulous Candidate Selection
    Smooth Onboarding and Integration
    Seamless Project Execution
    Ongoing Performance Monitoring

    Our Success Stories

    At IntelliSoft, we don’t just offer services – we craft success stories. Our journey alongside clients in different sectors is a testament to our unwavering commitment and profound expertise. Let’s explore some of our most impactful collaborations, where our dedication and technical prowess have significantly boosted our clients’ growth and market standing.

    Daintel & Cambio

    Our journey with Daintel started in 2007 with just two developers and blossomed into an extraordinary tale of growth and innovation. Under our guidance, this partnership matured into a formidable R&D center by 2018. Our strategic involvement included handpicking elite developers and fostering seamless collaboration between Daintel’s Product Owner and Project Managers. This collaboration was pivotal in Daintel’s Intensive Care Unit system, which gained a 40% market share in Danish ICUs. The crowning achievement of this partnership was Cambio Healthcare Systems’ acquisition of Daintel in 2019, integrating its advanced ICU solutions into Cambio’s Clinical Information System – a true hallmark of our shared triumph.


    The GrowthWheel collaboration is a prime example of our prowess in enhancing SaaS solutions. Initially tasked with developing the first iteration of their visual toolbox for business advisors and entrepreneurship educators, our role soon expanded. We became integral in the ongoing development and refinement of the platform. Our team executed a comprehensive overhaul of the project’s architecture, significantly boosting performance and addressing issues in quality and usability. Today, GrowthWheel’s support of over 25,000 active users stands as evidence of our relentless dedication, technical acumen, and collaborative spirit.


    Our collaboration with ZyLAB on enhancing their eDiscovery solution for enterprises was challenging and rewarding. Entrusted with a crucial role in the platform’s significant split, we led the deployment of the new system infrastructure. Our involvement was multifaceted, including establishing a testing environment and introducing containerization. A key achievement was upgrading the OKR tool to Tesseract 5 and crafting an advanced image preprocessing pipeline. This endeavor cemented our status as a skilled outsourcing partner and showcased our adaptability and problem-solving capabilities.
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      Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

      The outsourcing sector in Bulgaria offers a golden opportunity for businesses aiming to boost their software development capabilities cost-effectively. Bulgaria has emerged as a distinguished player in the global IT arena. It is backed by a stellar education system with a strong emphasis on technology and a workforce brimming with talented IT professionals. This blend of factors has catapulted Bulgaria into the limelight as a go-to destination for companies eager to harness Eastern Europe’s technological prowess.

      A key highlight of software development outsourcing Bulgaria is the remarkable equilibrium between affordability and quality. Bulgarian developers, celebrated for their technical skill, innovative approaches to problem-solving, and proficiency in English, come at a cost that’s a fraction of what you’d expect to pay in Western Europe or North America. Yet, this affordability in no way detracts from the quality of their work. Bulgarian IT specialists are adept with the latest technological trends and methodologies, ensuring that your projects are in capable hands.

      Furthermore, Bulgaria’s strategic geographical location and its EU membership offer added perks. These include a convenient time zone for European businesses and a regulatory framework in sync with EU standards, facilitating smoother and more secure cross-border collaborations.

      Choosing IntelliSoft as your outsourcing partner in Bulgaria means tapping into these manifold benefits. With IntelliSoft, you gain access to bespoke software development services that are not just aligned with but also poised to propel your strategic objectives forward.

      IntelliSoft stands out as a quality standard in Bulgaria’s crowded software outsourcing landscape. Our unique mixture of features caters exquisitely to the sophisticated demands of our international clientele. At the heart of our approach lies a combination of deep technical expertise, unmatched agility, and a steadfast dedication to aligning with our clients’ business goals, distinguishing us in a fiercely competitive arena.

      Our technical mastery is unparalleled. IntelliSoft delivers an extensive spectrum of services, boasting a cadre of IT professionals at the pinnacle of their fields. From web and mobile development to the forefronts of machine learning and data analytics, we ensure your project’s requirements are met with precision and innovation. Whether your ambition is to launch a state-of-the-art mobile app or to unlock strategic insights through big data, IntelliSoft has the expertise to bring your vision to life.

      Agility is woven into the fabric of our operations. We recognize the rapid pace at which today’s business world moves, demanding timely and adaptable software solutions. Our adoption of agile methodologies guarantees projects are delivered on schedule, with the flexibility to navigate evolving needs. This agility permeates our recruitment, significantly accelerating the process to ensure our clients can access the necessary skills quickly.

      A pivotal aspect that sets IntelliSoft apart is our commitment to cultural compatibility and seamless team integration. We go beyond merely providing technical talent – we ensure the professionals joining your project resonate with your company’s ethos and values. This dedication cultivates a collaborative workspace, enabling our teams to operate as extensions of yours while striving towards your business objectives.

      Our ethos of fostering long-term partnerships further sets us apart from the competition. IntelliSoft avoids the transitory nature of typical outsourcing relationships, instead nurturing stable, enduring connections with our clients. This continuity means the expertise you initially engage is the expertise that evolves with your project, avoiding the disruptive practice of substituting senior talent with less experienced personnel mid-way. Such consistency deepens project understanding and skill and cements trust and dependability.

      The combination of visionary leadership, technical prowess, and a client-centric service model, ensures IntelliSoft meets and surpasses the expectations of those seeking software outsourcing Bulgaria services. We are the partner of choice for businesses eager to embrace the benefits of outsourcing without sacrificing quality or strategic coherence.

      Recruitment Process Outsourcing Bulgaria (RPO) presents a strategic opportunity for companies aiming to enhance their talent acquisition without needing an extensive local HR infrastructure. IntelliSoft redefines RPO, offering businesses a gateway to Bulgaria’s rich IT talent pool and the efficiency and expertise needed to secure exceptional hires.

      We start with a deep dive into Bulgaria’s IT job market, uncovering trends and skill availability to craft a recruitment strategy perfectly aligned with your project needs and timelines. We go beyond assessing technical expertise and evaluating candidates’ problem-solving skills, adaptability, and cultural fit. Through technical assessments, coding challenges, and soft skills interviews, we ensure candidates meet your skill requirements and team dynamics.

      We believe in transparency and collaboration. We keep you in the loop throughout the recruitment process, sharing updates and gathering your feedback to fine-tune our search and ensure candidates meet your expectations and project requirements. Our focus is on quality, not just filling vacancies. We present candidates we’re confident will fit and flourish within your project environment, making a lasting impact and aligning with your strategic goals.

      Our support extends to onboarding, facilitating a seamless integration of new hires into your team. We ensure a smooth transition from introductions to setting up essential tools and providing integration guidelines. Our pursuit of perfection drives us to continually refine our processes, incorporating feedback and industry best practices and adapting to the changing requirements of our clients. This dedication ensures our RPO services remain cutting-edge, consistently delivering quality hires.

      By partnering with IntelliSoft for RPO in Bulgaria, you benefit from a streamlined recruitment process, access to unparalleled IT talent, and the peace of mind that comes with knowing your hires are exceptional. Our approach enables you to concentrate on your core operations while we build your dream team.

      Partnering up with IntelliSoft for outsourcing Bulgaria IT services is a great choice. Bulgaria is famous for its tech talent, and we at IntelliSoft make sure you get the cream of the crop. We pick people who are technically skilled and get what your project and company vibe is all about.
      Going with IntelliSoft in Bulgaria means saving cash without skimping on quality.

      Thanks to Bulgaria’s good economic scene, you’ll have more money to spend on other important investments for your project or business. We get that what you need today might not be what you need tomorrow. IntelliSoft lets you scale your team size easily, so you’re always just right for the market’s demands without any extra hassle or cost.

      Bulgaria is pretty much in step with Western Europe time zone. This geographical proximity makes working together a breeze. We ensure our team fits right in with yours, making everything run smoothly. We’re dedicated to assuring top-quality results at IntelliSoft. Our approach minimizes any risks and makes sure everything is delivered on time.

      We’re all about the long game. We dive deep to understand your business and your tech needs, which helps us tailor our support just for you now and down the road. Choosing IntelliSoft for your software outsourcing Bulgaria is more than just hiring help – it’s about teaming up with a team that brings the best talent, saves you money, and adapts with you, all while keeping quality a top priority.

      Opting for IT outsourcing Bulgaria with IntelliSoft means you’re supercharging your company’s tech capabilities. Think of Bulgaria as a goldmine of tech geniuses. IntelliSoft is your trusty guide to finding these brilliant minds perfectly suited for your projects. You can easily assemble an all-star team and ensure you’ve got the winning edge.

      With us, achieving stellar tech outcomes won’t drain your wallet. IT outsourcing Bulgaria allows you to channel your savings into other business essentials, striking the perfect balance between quality and cost. Whether you’re ramping up or scaling down, we’ve got you covered. Our flexible approach lets you adjust your team’s size effortlessly, ensuring it’s always a perfect match for your project’s current needs.

      Thanks to Bulgaria’s convenient time zone and cultural alignment with many countries, collaborating with your IntelliSoft team feels seamless. Despite the miles, it’s as if they’re an extension of your in-house crew. Our top priority is delivering work that not only meets but exceeds your expectations. We’re sticklers for quality, meticulously checking every detail to ensure it propels your business forward.

      We’re not just a fleeting presence. Our goal is to be by your side for the long haul, truly understanding your needs and continually helping you excel in your endeavors. Choosing IntelliSoft for your IT outsourcing needs in Bulgaria isn’t just about getting external help – it’s about empowering your company with the right tech expertise, enjoying cost savings, and ensuring your projects shine with quality.

      Thinking about hiring a Bulgarian software outsourcing company? This country, especially with a partner like IntelliSoft, could be your golden ticket. Just starting out and need to get your MVP off the ground? Bulgaria’s tech wizards are about quickly turning fresh ideas into reality without breaking the bank.

      Dreaming of a sleek web app or a snappy mobile application? With expertise in technologies such as React Native, Android, iOS, and Flutter, Bulgarian developers can bring your vision to life. You’re in luck if you want to build or buff up a SaaS platform. Bulgaria’s got the brains to tackle complex backend cloud development and make sure your users get a smooth experience.

      Need software that’s tailor-made for your business? Look no further. Bulgarian talent is all about creating custom solutions that fit just right. Have you got a groundbreaking idea? Bulgaria’s thriving tech scene is the perfect playground for start-ups and innovation projects, especially in hot areas like AI and machine learning.

      If data analytics, machine learning, or AI is your jam, Bulgaria’s growing pool of specialists can help you sift through data and unearth insights that could revolutionize your operations. Stuck with outdated tech? Bulgarian developers can help modernize your systems, making everything run smoother and more efficiently.

      Teaming up with IntelliSoft for your outsourcing needs in Bulgaria means getting more than just development work. It’s about tapping into a talent pool that’s innovative, skilled, cost-effective, and ready to tackle a wide range of projects. It’s a smart move for anyone looking to boost their tech capabilities.

      At IntelliSoft, we’ve got a solid game plan for making sure your outsourced projects in Bulgaria run like clockwork. Every project gets its own superhero – a dedicated project manager. This person is your bridge to the development team, packed with agile smarts and a deep know-how of making software projects fly smoothly.

      We’re all about being agile – it’s like our secret sauce. This approach means we’re super flexible, always tweaking things to make them better, and we keep you in the loop with regular updates. It’s all about adapting quickly and smartly to whatever comes our way. Keeping you in the know is key for us. Whether it’s a daily catch-up or a weekly roundup, we’re ensuring you’re informed on how your project is moving, tackling any hiccups together, and tweaking things as we go.

      We’re big on transparency. Expect detailed reports showing what’s been done, what’s up next, and any challenges we’re facing. We want you to see the full picture, always. From Slack to JIRA and Teams, we use all the best tools out there to make sure everyone’s on the same page, tasks are clear, and we can chat and share documents without missing a beat.

      We know how important it is for our team to gel with yours, not just in tech skills but also in language and understanding cultural vibes. It makes working together just that much smoother. Our eagle-eyed approach to quality assurance means we’re always checking and double-checking our work. Through regular code reviews, continuous integration, and testing, we make sure the end product is something we’re proud of – and you’re thrilled with.

      By weaving these strategies into our project management and communication fabric, IntelliSoft makes outsourcing projects in Bulgaria a breeze, leading to outcomes that make everyone smile.

      Outsourcing IT projects to Bulgaria with IntelliSoft is like hitting the jackpot for your budget without having to cut corners on quality. Think of Bulgaria as a gold mine of tech talent where the price tag isn’t sky-high. You can get skilled developers for a lot less than you would in places like Western Europe or North America, which means big savings on development costs without skimping on expertise.

      It’s not just the salaries that are more budget-friendly – running the show in Bulgaria means lower costs for office space, utilities, and all that other behind-the-scenes stuff. You can spend your money where it matters most to your business. Bulgaria rolls out the red carpet for businesses with one of the EU’s lowest corporate income tax rates – just 10%! Plus, there are extra incentives for high-tech companies, making your financial outlook even brighter.

      IntelliSoft is your ace in the hole for diving into Bulgaria’s talent pool. We make finding the right people fast and fuss-free, saving you the headache and expense of lengthy hiring processes. Need to ramp up or dial back your team? Outsourcing here means you can adjust your workforce size on the fly, ensuring you’re always running lean and mean, budget-wise.

      Cheaper doesn’t mean cheaper quality. Bulgarian IT pros are top of their class – smart, skilled, and English-speaking – so your projects are in good hands, finished efficiently and excellently. With all these savings and skills, you can get your projects across the finish line faster. You can start making waves in the market sooner, giving you an edge over the competition.

      Choosing IntelliSoft for your IT outsourcing in Bulgaria opens up a world of financial flexibility, scalability, and uncompromised quality. It’s a smart move for any company looking to enhance its bottom line and stay ahead in the game.

      At IntelliSoft, we know that nailing an outsourcing partnership is about making sure we’re all on the same page culturally and operationally. First off, we dive deep into what makes your company tick – its culture, values, and what you’re shooting for. This step is key to making sure the Bulgarian team we put together for you fits like a glove with your company’s vibe.

      We’ve got the inside scoop on Bulgaria’s tech talent pool and use it to find developers who align with your company culture. Through careful interviews and assessments, we ensure they’re the perfect match for your needs and values. Once we’ve found the right fit, we roll out a custom onboarding plan to bridge any cultural or operational gaps. You get them up to speed on how you do things, ensuring they hit the ground running as part of your extended team.

      We’re big on growth, regularly buffing up our team’s skills – not just in technology but also in things like communication and understanding different cultures. This approach keeps our team sharp and in sync with clients from all over the map. Open, honest communication is key. With regular check-ins and feedback sessions, we make sure everyone’s clear on how things are going and tackle any hitches together head-on.

      For us, it’s all about sticking with you through thick and thin, getting to know your evolving needs, and keeping the team consistent. This long-term view helps us stay aligned with your company as it grows and changes. We keep the feedback loop open, which allows us to fine-tune things as we go, keeping the partnership smooth and productive.

      With IntelliSoft, outsourcing to Bulgaria means getting a team that’s technically on point and a perfect cultural and operational fit for your company. It’s about creating a cohesive, productive environment where everyone is pulling in the same direction.

      At IntelliSoft, we take the protection of your intellectual property (IP) and confidentiality seriously. Before we even start, everyone involved – us, our team, and any subcontractors – signs a comprehensive NDA. This document means we’re all legally pledged to keep your project’s details under wraps, safeguarding your data and IP from any leaks or misuse.

      We lay down the contract with clear IP agreements right from the get-go, making sure it’s understood that anything we create for you – code, documents, you name it – belongs to you, the client, 100%. Our tech setup is built like a fortress. We’ve got all the cyber bells and whistles – encrypted chats, tight access controls, and regular security check-ups – to keep your data locked down and out of the wrong hands.

      Following the gold standard in data privacy (such as GDPR), we handle your project data with kid gloves. Only those who really need to know can get their hands on it, ensuring your info stays private and protected. Our crew gets trained regularly on how crucial data protection and IP rights are, making sure everyone’s on board with keeping your stuff safe.

      We keep a keen eye on who accesses your project files, ensuring everything’s done by the book and leaving a clear trail just in case we need to backtrack for security checks. Every project is different, so we’re all about customizing our security measures to fit your project like a glove. Need extra-special security tweaks? Just say the word, and we’re on it.

      With IntelliSoft, you’re getting more than just a software development team – you’re getting a fortress guarding your most precious assets. Our pledge to protect your IP and keep your information confidential is rock-solid, letting you focus on hitting those big business goals with peace of mind.