Feeling frustrated by disconnected software and wasted time managing data silos? IntelliSoft's software integration services are here to streamline your operations. We connect your applications seamlessly, ensuring smooth data flow and eliminating the headaches of fragmented systems. Let IntelliSoft be your one-stop shop for a software integration service, freeing you to focus on what matters most – running your business. Get a quote

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Lars Dybdahl

Principal Architect at Cambio Healthcare Systems Denmark

IntelliSoft is a great partner. These engineers are up-to-date on the latest technology, they know what they are doing, and want to deliver high quality code. IntelliSoft allowed me as a CTO to focus on further developing our products.

Software Integration Services We Offer

IntelliSoft bridges the app gap, transforming your software from a tangled mess to a well-oiled machine. Our offerings include service-oriented computing and system integration: software, IoT, big data, and AI as services. Picture effortless communication between apps, boosted productivity, and data-driven decisions that propel your business forward. It’s not magic; it’s IntelliSoft software integration.

Data Integration

IntelliSoft breaks down data silos. We connect your databases and applications, ensuring smooth information flow throughout your entire organization. Gain a holistic view of your business with readily available data for comprehensive analysis and data-driven decision-making. We also build warehouse solutions that can handle large volumes of data in a seamless way.

Enterprise Applications

IntelliSoft streamlines your enterprise application landscape. We help you optimize business processes with our software and hardware integration services by automating workflows across different applications. Our solutions enhance the user experience by providing a single point of access to all your data, eliminating the need for manual data entry and redundant processes.

Cloud Integration

IntelliSoft connects your on-premise and cloud-based applications with our software and hardware integration services. We remove the barriers between your traditional IT infrastructure and the cloud, allowing you to enjoy enhanced data accessibility and streamlined operations. Furthermore, by leveraging the cloud provider’s infrastructure, you can reduce your IT overhead, freeing up your resources for core business activities.

API Integration

We help you unlock the potential of APIs, either custom-developed or third-party. Our experts bridge the gap between your software applications, effortlessly connecting your CRM, ERP, marketing automation tools, and more. This empowers you to extend the functionality of your existing software and create custom solutions tailored to your specific needs.

Service-Driven Architecture

At IntelliSoft, we design for agility and growth. Our service-driven architecture (SDA) software and services integration ensure your systems can adapt to changing needs. Modular and reusable services make it easy to respond rapidly to new business demands, while independent service components enhance maintainability and facilitate effortless scaling for future growth.

Legacy System Integration

Don’t let outdated systems hold you back. IntelliSoft seamlessly integrates your legacy systems with your modern applications, bridging the technological gap. This extends the lifespan of your existing investments, allows you to get more value out of them, and reduces maintenance costs by minimizing the need for expensive upgrades and replacements.

Solutions We Can Integrate

Are disconnected systems causing headaches? At IntelliSoft, we offer a comprehensive suite of solutions to connect your critical applications and unlock the full potential of your tech stack. Let’s explore how we can streamline your operations:

Payment Processing and E-commerce Integrations

We can integrate any third-party payment APIs into your custom app or platform. IntelliSoft, a custom software development company, prioritizes your needs and capabilities, tailoring our approach to your unique case. We collaborate closely with your product, marketing, and engineering teams to have a clear understanding of your expectations and how integration should assist you. Our team helps you eliminate manual work and data entry errors associated with disconnected systems, allowing you to focus on what matters – growing your business.

Data Integration Services

IntelliSoft outsource software integration services also offer automated data integration services to make merging data across apps and databases smoother and faster. Our experts connect your databases and applications, eliminating fragmented data and creating a unified information landscape. Access all your data readily for comprehensive analysis and data-driven decision-making. Gain a holistic view of your operations and make informed choices based on complete and accurate insights.

Authentication Service Provider API Integration

We offer convenient and secure access by integrating leading Authentication Service Providers (ASPs) like Okta and Azure AD. This allows users to enjoy secure login experiences using single sign-on (SSO) functionality, eliminating the need to manage multiple passwords and mitigating the risk of unauthorized access.

Solution Integration Testing & QA Collapse

Our rigorous software integration testing services ensure flawless functionality by identifying and addressing potential issues before they impact your business. We leave no stone unturned, guaranteeing seamless integration and a smooth user experience. Proactive testing helps prevent disruptions and ensures the security of your integrated systems, giving you peace of mind.

CRM Integrations

When you need to seamlessly connect to critical data and eliminate the need for manual entry, CRM software integration services is your perfect solution. Forget manual errors and double entry; with a CRM, your marketing and sales teams will work in a synchrony you’ve never experienced before, sharing the data and collaborating seamlessly with each other. We can integrate various CRM solutions, such as HubSpot, Zoho, Oracle Sales Cloud, Salesforce, Zendesk Sell, and others. How do we achieve this? We can do this by understanding your information architecture and making sure that we build appropriate connections to the correct data field.

CMS Integrations

Frustrated by managing content across platforms? IntelliSoft outsource software integration services streamline your workflow by seamlessly integrating your chosen CMS (WordPress, Contentful, etc.) with existing applications. Our experts not only handle the technical side but also advise on the best CMS fit for your business processes, user journeys, and growth plans. CMS and SAGA software integration services allow you to focus on creating impactful content while we ensure it reaches the right audience across web apps, mobile platforms, and more.

Benefits of Software Integration Services by IntelliSoft

With over 13 years in the market and a stellar 4.8 rating on Clutch, IntelliSoft is your trusted partner for all your software needs. We boast a strong track record of delivering successful projects, with an average engagement length exceeding 3 years. Our expertise spans diverse industries, including healthcare software integration services, EdTech, MarTech, transportation, legal, IoT, financial services integration software, etc. Regardless of your specific requirements, we have the experience and capabilities to seamlessly connect your applications and unlock the full potential of your tech stack.

Any App Origin and Status

Don't have a shiny new app? No problem; we integrate seamlessly with legacy systems, cutting-edge cloud-based applications, and everything in between. Whether your application resides on-premise or is already enjoying the benefits of the cloud, our team has the expertise to connect it effortlessly.

Any Scope

Project size is not a barrier for us. We tackle small, focused processes that streamline specific workflows, as well as large-scale, enterprise-level projects requiring complex data exchanges. Our solutions are tailored to your exact needs, ensuring you get the functionality you require without unnecessary complexity.

Any App Complexity

Do you have an intricate project with lots of challenges? Do you require software and HPC integration services? That does not scare us. Our team is adept at integrating applications of any complexity level, from simple data exchanges to highly sophisticated integrations involving multiple applications and data formats.

Any Deployment Approach

Cloud, on-premise, or a hybrid mix? We adapt to your preferred deployment method. Whether you leverage the scalability of the cloud, the security of on-premise infrastructure, or a strategic combination of both, our integrations seamlessly connect your applications within your chosen environment.

Any Integration Approach

We have a deep understanding of various patterns, allowing us to implement the most efficient and effective approach for your specific needs. From API integrations to data warehousing solutions, we have the expertise to ensure optimal results.

Any Communication Type

Applications speak different languages, but we act as the translator. Our solutions facilitate seamless communication between applications using any communication protocol, ensuring smooth data flow and synchronized operations.

IntelliSoft Software Integration Process

At IntelliSoft, we understand the importance of a well-defined process. That’s why we follow a structured approach that ensures every project is delivered with clarity, efficiency, and a focus on long-term success. Here’s a breakdown of our software integration process:


Our journey starts with a deep dive into your unique business landscape. Through collaborative workshops and in-depth interviews, we clearly understand your business goals, existing systems, and desired outcomes. This collaborative approach ensures we’re on the same page from the very beginning.


Our integration experts meticulously analyze the gathered information. We map out application dependencies, data flows, and potential challenges. This in-depth analysis lays the foundation for a clear and concise integration strategy tailored to your specific requirements and addressing any identified hurdles.


With a comprehensive understanding of your needs and challenges, our team designs the optimal integration architecture. This blueprint defines the technologies, tools, and communication protocols that will be used to connect your applications seamlessly. We consider factors such as scalability, security, and future needs to ensure a future-proof solution.

Development and Integration

Our skilled developers bring the designed architecture to life. This phase involves meticulous integration using APIs, web services, or other appropriate methods chosen during the planning stage. We prioritize clean, well-documented code, robust functionality, and adherence to industry best practices to deliver a secure and reliable solution.


Rigorous testing is an essential part of the process. Our dedicated QA team meticulously examines every aspect of the integration, ensuring flawless functionality, data accuracy, and security. We employ a multi-layered testing approach to identify and address any potential issues before deployment, guaranteeing a smooth transition from development to production.


We believe in building long-term partnerships with our clients. After successful deployment, our support team remains readily available to answer questions, address any issues that may arise, and provide ongoing guidance as your business needs evolve. We understand that technology is dynamic, and we’re committed to ensuring your integration solution remains optimized and continues to deliver value over time.

Industries We Serve

At IntelliSoft, we understand that your custom software integration services needs can vary greatly depending on your industry. That’s why we offer a comprehensive suite of services tailored to the specific challenges and opportunities faced by businesses in a variety of sectors. Here’s how we can help you achieve operational excellence:

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    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

    The modern business landscape thrives on connectedness. But what happens when your valuable data and functionalities are trapped within individual applications, unable to communicate with each other? This is where software automation or integration services come in. Think of them as digital bridges, seamlessly connecting your software applications and data sources to create a unified and efficient ecosystem.

    Here’s a breakdown of what software integration micro services accomplish:

    • Connecting the Dots. Integration services establish communication channels between various software applications. This allows them to exchange data and functionalities, regardless of whether they’re cloud-based solutions like CRM platforms, on-premise legacy systems like databases, or a hybrid mix of both.
    • Breaking Down Silos. Imagine data trapped in isolated pockets within applications, inaccessible to other programs that could benefit from it. Our services eliminate these “data silos” by creating seamless data flows. This ensures all relevant information is readily available where it’s needed, empowering informed decisions and streamlined workflows.
    • Unlocking Potential. By removing communication barriers between applications, integration services unlock the full potential of your technology stack. Think of your various software programs as individual tools in a toolbox. Integration services allow them to work together as a cohesive unit, maximizing efficiency and delivering a more robust user experience.

    Traditional integration services connect entire applications, but API custom integration delves deeper. Imagine your software programs as tools in a toolbox. Standard integration services connect the whole toolbox to another one, allowing some level of collaboration. API custom integration, however, focuses on the individual tools themselves.

    Here’s how it works: APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) act as intermediaries, allowing applications to expose specific functionalities and data to others. Think of an API as a menu at a restaurant – it lists the available dishes (functionalities) the kitchen (application) can prepare. Custom integration utilizes these APIs to “order” specific functionalities from various applications.

    Unlike pre-built connectors used in general integration, API custom integration allows for highly customized solutions. Developers can leverage APIs to connect specific features or data points within applications, catering to your unique business needs. This granular approach offers significant flexibility and control. You’re not limited to pre-defined functionalities; you can choose exactly how applications interact and what data is exchanged.

    API custom integration provides a powerful tool for building intricate connections between your software tools, fostering a truly interconnected and efficient technology ecosystem. It allows you to leverage the strengths of each application with maximum precision, creating a solution perfectly tailored to your specific requirements.

    Web service integration utilizes standardized protocols like SOAP and REST to act as a common language. Imagine two people speaking different dialects; these protocols ensure they understand each other’s requests and responses. This allows your internal applications to access functionalities and data offered by web services hosted on remote servers. Think of your CRM application needing customer information stored in a separate database – web service integration enables the CRM to securely access and utilize that data from afar.

    By facilitating data exchange between web services and your internal applications, web service integration streamlines workflows. Manual data entry becomes a thing of the past, reducing errors and boosting efficiency. This allows your team to focus on higher-value activities, while automated tasks seamlessly flow between applications. The beauty of web service integration lies in its scalability and flexibility. New web services can be easily integrated into your existing ecosystem, allowing you to adapt to evolving business needs and embrace new technologies.

    Software integration refers to the process of connecting different software applications and data sources to enable them to communicate and share information seamlessly. This can involve:

    • Connecting cloud-based applications (e.g., CRM and marketing automation tools)
      Integrating on-premise legacy systems (e.g., databases)
    • Combining a mix of both cloud and on-premise applications

    Effective software integration eliminates data silos (isolated pockets of information) and streamlines workflows, ultimately unlocking the full potential of your technology stack.

    App integration is a subset of software integration that specifically focuses on connecting mobile apps and web applications. It allows apps to share data and functionalities with each other, creating a more unified user experience. For instance, a travel booking app might integrate with a mapping app to display directions to your hotel.

    The cost of integration services can vary depending on several factors, including:

    • Complexity of the integration. Simpler integrations involving pre-built connectors will generally be less expensive than complex custom integrations requiring API development.
    • Number of applications involved. Integrating a few applications will typically cost less than integrating a large number of applications.
    • Engagement model. Outstaffing tends to be the most cost-effective option, while dedicated teams offer a turnkey solution with a higher price point.

    Project duration. Longer projects will naturally cost more than shorter projects.
    It’s important to consult with a software integration specialist to get a more accurate estimate for your specific needs.

    The timeframe for integration services also depends on several factors, including those listed above for cost. Generally, simpler integrations can be completed within a few weeks, while complex custom integrations may take several months.
    Here’s a rough timeframe breakdown:

    • Simple integrations: 2-4 weeks
    • Medium complexity integrations: 4-8 weeks
    • Complex integrations: 8+ weeks

    Each application is a valuable tool, holding data and functionalities that contribute to your overall success. However, when these applications operate in isolation, it can hinder productivity and limit valuable insights. Software integration services bridge this gap, unlocking the true potential of your technology stack and empowering your business to reach new heights. Here’s a closer look at the key advantages you can gain:

    • Shattered Data Silos. Imagine information locked away on isolated islands – each application a valuable resource, yet unable to communicate with others. Integration services act as bridges, connecting these applications and fostering a unified data landscape. This eliminates data silos, ensuring all relevant information is readily available where it’s needed. This empowers data-driven decision making across your organization, leading to more strategic actions.
    • Streamlined Workflows. Repetitive tasks and manual data entry become a thing of the past with software integration. By automating data exchange between applications, integration services free up your team’s valuable time. Errors are minimized, efficiency is boosted, and workflows become streamlined, allowing your team to focus on higher-level strategic tasks.
    • Enhanced User Experience. Imagine a seamless and intuitive user experience where logging into a single platform grants access to all the information and functionalities you need. This is the power of application integration. By connecting the applications your users rely on daily, you create a more user-friendly environment, fostering increased satisfaction and overall productivity.
    • Improved Data Accuracy. Manual data entry is a notorious culprit for errors. Integration services ensure data flows automatically and accurately between applications, eliminating the risk of human error and significantly improving data integrity. This empowers you to rely on trustworthy data for informed decision-making, leading to more strategic business moves.
    • Greater Business Agility. The ability to adapt to changing market demands is crucial for success. Software integration services provide the agility you need. New applications can be easily integrated into your existing ecosystem, allowing you to leverage the latest technologies and capitalize on emerging opportunities. This agility keeps you ahead of the curve in a dynamic business landscape.
    • Innovation Unleashed. By removing communication barriers between applications, integration services allow them to work together as a cohesive unit. This fosters opportunities for innovation by enabling the development of new functionalities and data-driven insights that wouldn’t be possible with isolated applications. Imagine the possibilities when your software ecosystem collaborates seamlessly.

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