At Intellisoft, we have over 15 years of experience building cutting-edge supply chain management software (SCM) for different domains. Our tailored applications enhance your visibility and allow for the expansion of your operations. We provide customized app development outsourcing services to optimize your supply chains and build multi-purpose systems for transportation management, procurement, warehouse management, and more. Tell us about your project

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Lars Dybdahl

Principal Architect at Cambio Healthcare Systems Denmark

IntelliSoft is a great partner. These engineers are up-to-date on the latest technology, they know what they are doing, and want to deliver high quality code. IntelliSoft allowed me as a CTO to focus on further developing our products.

Supply Chain Software Development Services We Offer

We develop a complete IT ecosystem, incorporating tools, technologies, processes, and automated workflows, to support your business in achieving its objectives, reducing costs, and advancing towards sustainable practices.

Custom Supply Chain Management (SCM) Solutions

Our supply chain risk management software is tailored to your unique requirements, streamlining operations and giving you a competitive edge.

Order Management Systems

Simpler order processing improves customer satisfaction, keeps your order cycle short, and minimizes operational costs.

Supplier Relationship Management (SRM) Software

Improve your supplier relationships by effective data management, building solid communication, and sourcing your supplies.

Warehouse Management Systems (WMS)

Increase warehouse efficiency by optimizing storage, improving picking and packing processes, and reducing errors.

Integration Services

Integrate your supply chain management software with existing ERP, CRM, and accounting tools for a unified operation to make your activities hassle-free.

Inventory Management Systems

We develop advanced inventory management tools to help you keep track of inventory levels, orders, sales, and deliveries, ensuring that you have the right products available at the right time and place.

Supply Chain Analytics and Reporting

Optimize your supply chain operations with comprehensive analytics and make sound decisions using valuable insights.

Logistics and Transportation Management Systems

Enhance your logistics operations with supply chain management software solutions that optimize routing, reduce shipping costs, and improve delivery times.

Procurement and Purchasing Software

Reduce costs and guarantee adherence to regulations through automated procurement activities.

Cloud Based Supply Chain Management Software

Leverage cloud technology for secure, scalable, and flexible software supply chain management, facilitating remote access and collaboration in real-time.

Digital Solutions We Can Create For Your Supply Chain Organization

At IntelliSoft, we develop supply chain management software that facilitates business processes, increases transparency, and enhances supply chain efficiency. With cutting-edge technologies and innovative approaches, we help businesses stay ahead of the competition by offering agility, robustness, and continuous expansion. Our development team of engineers is dedicated to working closely with you to build digital solutions that elevate your routine tasks to new heights.

Inventory Management Systems

Optimize supply chain software risk management with real-time tracking and predictive analytics.

Supply Chain Visibility Platforms

Gain real-time, end-to-end visibility of your supply chain, from procurement to delivery, enabling proactive decision-making.

Warehouse Management Systems

Improve warehouse operations with supply chain risk management software & solutions that support efficient inventory handling, storage optimization, and faster order processing.

Order Management Systems

Streamline order processing, from receipt to fulfillment, ensuring accuracy and customer satisfaction.

Supplier Relationship Management Software

Enhance collaboration and communication with suppliers, manage contracts and performance, and optimize procurement processes.

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    Why Choose IntelliSoft for Your Supply Chain Software Solutions?

    Facilitated Communication

    IntelliSoft is a seasoned supply chain management software company. We understand the importance of open communication and therefore, we have developed a comprehensive communication strategy that includes daily, weekly, and monthly meetings between our clients and project teams. This ensures that all parties are well-informed and have a deep understanding of your business objectives.

    Top-Notch Project Management

    To avoid exceeding budgets, facing delays in schedules, and reducing project risks, we've set up a strong Project Management Office. Our project managers are fully committed to overseeing the project's scope, timeline, finances, and team members to ensure the smooth completion of your product. Our primary objective is to deliver the best supply chain management software that aligns with the anticipations of our customers and end-users.

    Consistent Delivery

    To achieve the best results, we leverage a range of software development methodologies, including Scrum, Scrumban, and the Scaled Agile Framework, tailored to the project's scale and nature. Through our agile and forward-thinking strategy, we aim to guarantee the prompt completion of your project, while also reducing the possibility of unexpected tasks, revisions, and postponements in the schedule.

    Scaling on Demand

    At IntelliSoft, ensuring our clients' peace of mind is paramount. Should there be changes in project conditions or a need to expand your team, we offer the essential resources to adhere to project deadlines. We achieve this by partnering with leading multi-talented experts.

    Fast Onboarding

    Our diverse range of clients from around the world has helped us gain expertise in fostering efficient communication and collaboration. Our team comprises skilled English speakers who constantly strive to improve their language abilities. Our primary objective is to ensure that differences in time zones, cultural diversity, and geographic distance do not hinder our commitment to delivering exceptional service.

    Relevant Data for Sound Decisions

    To bring your business goals to fruition and guarantee top-notch app development outsourcing with significant market appeal, the IntelliSoft team conducts comprehensive business and market research. Our research allowed us to compile a list of features that meet the needs of your customers.

    Our Supply Chain Projects

    We are proud of our track record of delivering digital solutions that transform and drive efficiency, resilience, and growth for our clients. Every project we undertake reflects our commitment to excellence, our deep understanding of software supply chain management, and our dedication to leveraging the latest technologies to create real value for our clients.


    SpecTec, a company, hired our development team to integrate AMOS functionality into their fieldwork employees' tasks, including technicians, engineers, and warehouse workers. These employees operate in areas without an internet connection, so the company needed us to ensure that their custom application would work online and offline. This feature required data transfer between mobile devices used in field operations and local databases.

    Ingram Barge

    Ingram Barge is a company specializing in transporting goods on the inland waterways of America. They sought IntelliSoft's expertise to help create a tailored web application for fleet management and freight tracking. The primary goal of this supply chain risk management software is to help Ingram Barge visualize and manage their barges in fleets using their existing IT infrastructure. To accomplish this task, they required the expertise of experienced IT professionals who can develop a project with rich UI capabilities and real-time client synchronization. Besides, the project must integrate external services and tools via a wide-ranging API.

    Our Engagement Models

    We, as a supply chain management software company, acknowledge that every business has its own specific requirements and preferences when it comes to managing its supply chain and technology projects. Therefore, we provide flexible app development outsourcing models customized to match your strategic objectives, operational necessities, and budgetary limitations.
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      Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

      Custom Supply Chain Management Software stands as a beacon of innovation and efficiency, designed to empower businesses to avoid the complexities of modern supply chain operations. Here’s a deeper look into the core components and benefits of custom software:

      Inventory Management
      This advanced inventory management system offers instant insights into stock levels, enabling effective inventory oversight and reducing the chances of overstocking or stock shortages. It utilizes predictive analytics for precise demand forecasting, aligning your stock with market demands. Additionally, the system enhances traceability across the supply chain with support for batch and serial number tracking.

      Order Processing
      Our order processing module simplifies the complete order journey, from creation to fulfillment. Automating essential tasks like order entry, verification, and routing minimizes manual labor and error likelihood. Integration with inventory management ensures swift and accurate order fulfillment, boosting customer satisfaction and loyalty.

      Logistics and Transportation
      This feature streamlines route planning and freight handling to cut delivery times and transport costs. Essential for small business supply chain management software, it offers carrier selection, shipment monitoring, and live updates for a streamlined and flexible logistics operation.

      Procurement and Sourcing
      Our procurement system automates and streamlines the procurement cycle, from choosing suppliers and managing contracts to processing purchase orders. It facilitates strategic sourcing by evaluating suppliers on cost, quality, and delivery metrics, thereby enhancing supply chain robustness.

      Analytics and Reporting
      At the core of our custom software lies a potent analytics and reporting tool that turns data into actionable intelligence. Through dashboard reviews and report generation, you can monitor key performance indicators (KPIs), identify trends, and pinpoint improvement opportunities across the supply chain. This informed approach allows for the optimization of your operations, leading to enhanced efficiency and profitability.

      Cloud-Based Flexibility
      Our supply chain software risk management software is built on a cloud-based architecture, offering unparalleled flexibility, scalability, and security. This enables your team to access critical supply chain information from anywhere, at any time, facilitating collaboration and decision-making via supply chain software risk management. The cloud infrastructure also ensures that the software can scale with your business, supporting your growth without significant upfront investments in IT infrastructure.

      Integration Capabilities
      Recognizing the importance of a connected technology ecosystem, small business supply chain management software is designed for seamless integration with existing ERP, CRM, and accounting systems. It ensures data flows effortlessly across all business areas, creating a unified and efficient operational environment.

      By choosing IntelliSoft, you’re selecting custom supply chain risk management software and embracing a strategic partnership that drives continuous improvement and innovation within your supply chain. Our commitment to excellence ensures that we meet and exceed your expectations, providing a robust foundation for your business to thrive in the competitive global marketplace.

      At IntelliSoft, making top-notch Supply Chain Management (SCM) software starts with getting what each client needs. We put all our experience and skills into customization, ensuring the software can grow and change as fast as your business grows. Thanks to its flexible and modular design, the software fits perfectly and can evolve without skipping a beat.

      The magic happens when custom software developed by IntelliSoft seamlessly becomes a part of the client’s existing tech landscape, making everything work smoothly. It’s built to handle growth, meaning as a business expands, the software is growing with it, ensuring no hiccups in performance or efficiency. Custom supply chain risk management software is a game-changer for companies looking to scale without the headache of overhauling their systems.

      What sets our supply chain management software company apart is our dedication to ensuring everything runs like clockwork. They put their software through the wringer with tests to catch glitches and wrap it up with iron-clad security to keep data safe. Plus, they’re all about support and feedback, ensuring users are confident using the software and always open to improving it. This approach not only meets the current needs but also anticipates future challenges, making IntelliSoft a true partner in navigating the complexities of supply chain management.

      Custom software is the game-changer your supply chain needs, offering unmatched visibility and control over every aspect of your operations. Imagine having a bird’s-eye view of your entire supply chain, with the ability to track every product in real-time as it moves from supplier to customer. It isn’t just about watching things happen; it’s about gaining actionable insights from mountains of data, allowing you to predict future trends, optimize inventory, and make swift, informed decisions.

      The magic of software supply chain risk management lies in the ability to integrate seamlessly with your existing systems, creating a unified platform where information flows smoothly and enhancing collaboration across departments and with external partners. It means you can react more quickly to market changes, align more closely with suppliers, and ensure that every part of your supply chain works harmoniously.

      Thanks to the proactive monitoring and automated reporting features, supply chain software risk management and compliance have become less of a headache. It helps you spot potential issues before they become problems, keep operations up to standard, and quickly prove compliance with industry regulations.

      The most significant advantage is how this technology impacts your customers. Small business supply chain management software helps you meet delivery expectations and build trust by ensuring efficient operations and offering transparency. This process can differ between a one-time purchase and a loyal customer base in a competitive market.

      Custom software doesn’t just streamline your supply chain; it elevates your brand in the eyes of those who matter most.

      Supply chain management cloud software has a significant advantage in integrating other business systems, such as Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Customer Relationship Management (CRM), accounting software, and others. The main objective is to establish a cohesive environment where data can be easily shared between different platforms, thereby eliminating information silos and improving overall operational efficiency.

      Integration refers to connecting different systems to enable consistency and accuracy of information across all platforms. It creates a single and comprehensive view of all operations.

      For instance, if you update inventory levels using the best software for supply chain management, the same information will automatically be reflected in your ERP system. This ensures that sales, finance, and logistics are always in sync. Moreover, you can integrate customer information from CRM systems with supply chain operations to customize logistics processes according to customer needs and preferences.

      We develop supply chain management software solutions to be flexible, providing tailored integration strategies that align with your unique business processes and technological infrastructure. It can be configured to communicate efficiently with existing tools through APIs, middleware, or custom-built connectors, improving data accuracy and simplifying workflows.

      The integration at this level helps improve efficiency and equips decision-makers with comprehensive insights. It enables them to make smarter, data-driven decisions. This integration is a game-changer for businesses looking to stay competitive in today’s fast-paced market.

      Indeed, customizability is at the heart of what makes custom software so valuable, especially for small businesses. We craft supply chain risk management software & solutions with the flexibility to tailor features, workflows, and interfaces to meet the exact requirements of any business, regardless of size or industry. For small businesses, this means the ability to have software that grows with you, adapting to your evolving needs without the necessity for costly replacements or extensive modifications.

      Small businesses, in particular, benefit from this approach because it allows them to implement high-quality software supply chain management practices without the overhead of larger, more complex systems designed for big enterprises. Custom software can focus on the areas most critical to a small business’s operations, such as inventory management, order processing, and supplier coordination, ensuring that these processes are as efficient and streamlined as possible.

      Moreover, the scalability of supply chain management software for small business means that as your company expands, your supply chain software can easily accommodate new products, markets, or increased volume without skipping a beat. This adaptability ensures that you’re not paying for features or capacities you don’t need while still having the option to scale up functionalities as your business grows.

      The best software for supply chain management also addresses small businesses’ unique challenges, offering solutions that are not just a one-size-fits-all but a perfect fit for your operations’ specific nuances and demands. This level of customization ensures that small businesses can compete more effectively, offering the same level of service and efficiency that customers might expect from larger companies, thereby leveling the playing field in today’s competitive market.

      Custom supply chain software, particularly for small businesses, is designed to meet immediate operational needs and ensure long-term success and adaptability.

      Tailored Solutions for Every Aspect
      Custom supply chain software goes beyond generic functionalities. For small businesses, it offers precise control over inventory levels, enabling optimized stock management to prevent overstocking or stockouts, which are critical for maintaining cash flow and customer satisfaction.

      The best software for supply chain management can automate order processing, reducing manual errors and speeding up fulfillment times, directly impacting customer loyalty and repeat business.

      Small businesses often have unique supply chain challenges, such as limited storage space, tighter budgets, and the need for efficient supplier coordination. Custom software can address these concerns with features like dropshipping support, budget forecasting tools, and streamlined supplier communication channels. This integration ensures that small businesses can operate with the efficiency and agility of their larger counterparts.

      Scalable as You Grow
      The beauty of supply chain management software for small business lies in its scalability. Initially, the software can be set up to handle current operations efficiently. However, as the company grows, adding new products, expanding into new markets, or increasing order volumes, the software can be easily adjusted to accommodate these changes. This scalability ensures that small businesses don’t have to invest in a completely new system as they expand, saving significant time and resources.

      Comprehensive Support Post-Implementation
      After implementing supply chain management software for small business, you can expect robust support from IntelliSoft, tailored to the unique needs of smaller operations:

      • Training Sessions. We provide tailored training sessions based on your specific operations and processes to ensure your team understands and fully leverages the software. This training ensures your staff can make the most of the software from day one.
      • Dedicated Account Manager. Small businesses receive a dedicated account manager who understands the specifics of your business and can provide personalized advice and solutions. This single point of contact ensures that issues or needs are addressed promptly and effectively.
      • 24/7 Technical Support. Knowing that small businesses often operate beyond traditional hours, we offer round-the-clock technical support to address system issues immediately, minimizing downtime and keeping your operations running smoothly.

      IntelliSoft’s commitment to your success doesn’t end with software delivery. We aim to ensure that you fully harness the power of software supply chain risk management, achieving operational efficiency, significant business growth, and customer satisfaction. This comprehensive support framework makes technology a catalyst for your success, ensuring that small businesses have the tools and backing they need to thrive in a competitive landscape.

      Data security within Supply Chain Management (SCM) Software protects sensitive business information. Ensuring this security involves multiple layers, starting with robust encryption to safeguard data, whether it’s stored or being transmitted. It makes it challenging for unauthorized users to access or decipher sensitive information.

      Access control is another critical aspect, ensuring that users have access only to the data necessary for their roles, alongside strong authentication measures to prevent unauthorized access. Additionally, the supply chain management cloud software must be regularly updated and patched to defend against new vulnerabilities while integrating secure practices when connecting with third-party vendors to avoid introducing additional risks.

      Data protection also extends to having reliable backup and recovery strategies, ensuring business continuity in the event of data loss or corruption. Monitoring systems for unusual activities is critical for early detection of potential security threats, allowing swift action to mitigate risks.

      Employee training on security awareness is vital, as human error can lead to significant vulnerabilities. Informing staff about potential phishing attacks and the importance of secure data handling practices can significantly reduce the risk of breaches.

      Finally, choosing cloud based supply chain management software and on-premises solutions affects data security. While cloud solutions may offer advanced security features managed by the provider, on-premises solutions give companies more control over their security measures.

      Custom supply chain software is designed to grow with your business, adapting seamlessly to your expanding needs. Consider it a modular setup where you can add new features or enhance existing ones as your operations scale up, much like adding rooms to a house. This flexibility ensures your software evolves with your business without requiring a complete overhaul.

      Cloud-based supply chain management software solutions add another layer of scalability, acting like an elastic band that stretches to accommodate your growing data and transaction volumes. It means your software can handle increased loads effortlessly, ensuring consistent performance no matter how much your business grows.

      Integration capabilities are crucial as your business ecosystem expands. Custom supply chain management cloud software can connect smoothly with new tools and systems, facilitating a seamless flow of information across your operations. This interoperability is critical to maintaining efficiency and insights as you scale.

      Software supply chain risk management incorporates performance optimizations and advanced data management strategies to keep pace with growth, ensuring it remains fast and responsive. Whether through efficient data processing or adopting the latest technologies, your software stays ahead of the curve, supporting your business as it expands.

      Finally, with ongoing support and development from your software provider, you’re assured of a solution that meets your current needs and is future-proofed against emerging challenges.

      When it comes to creating a Supply Chain Management (SCM) system, the cost can vary significantly depending on various factors you need to consider. First of all, you need to think about the complexity of the system that you require to meet your business needs. Secondly, the size of your business plays a crucial role in determining the cost of your SCM system. Thirdly, your choice of special features will also affect the overall cost of your system. Besides, decide whether you want a tailor-made solution or a ready-to-use system that is readily available on the market. You should also consider whether you want to run the system on your servers or use cloud services.

      If you opt for a custom-built SCM system, the cost can start from around $10,000 and can go up to $500,000 or more. The wide range of the supply chain management software cost is due to the complexity of the system, the technology powering it, and the cost of hiring a development team. A more intricate system with advanced features will require more resources, which will, in turn, increase the cost of development. Moreover, the cost of hiring a development team may vary based on their experience and expertise, which can impact the overall cost of your SCM system.

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