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Romania Outsourcing - Your Gateway to Exceptional IT Talent

Clients’ testimonials

Lars Dybdahl photo

Lars Dybdahl

Principal Architect at Cambio Healthcare Systems Denmark

IntelliSoft is a great partner. These engineers are up-to-date on the latest technology, they know what they are doing, and want to deliver high quality code. IntelliSoft allowed me as a CTO to focus on further developing our products.

Key Advantages of Software Outsourcing to Romania

In today’s fast-paced world, choosing software outsourcing in Romania is a savvy move for global businesses. Why Romania? It’s all about blending quality, efficiency, and affordability to give you that competitive edge.

Access to High-Quality Talent Pool

Romania is renowned for its rich pool of IT talent. With a robust educational system focusing on engineering and technology, the country produces thousands of highly skilled IT professionals every year. Opting for Romania outsourcing means you’re teaming up with experts versed in the latest tech and methods. They bring innovative solutions to the table, ensuring your projects excel.

Favorable Time Zone and Geographical Location

Romania’s strategic location in Eastern Europe offers a major advantage in terms of time zone compatibility, especially for European and North American clients. This geographical benefit allows for real-time collaboration and ensures seamless communication and project management. Quick meetings or urgent updates? Your Romanian team is just a call away, working in sync with your schedule.

Robust Technical Infrastructure and Innovation

Romania’s commitment to technological advancement is evident in its state-of-the-art IT infrastructure. The country has one of the fastest internet speeds globally and a tech-savvy population. This technical prowess is complemented by a culture of innovation, making Romania an ideal hub for forward-thinking businesses. When you choose software outsourcing to Romania, you’re tapping into an environment that breathes technology and innovation.

Cost-Effective Solutions Without Compromise

One of the most compelling reasons for software development outsourcing to Romania is the cost advantage. Compared to other European and North American countries, Romania offers more affordable rates, which doesn’t imply a compromise in quality. This cost efficiency allows your business to allocate resources more strategically, investing in growth and innovation. Software outsourcing to Romania means you can achieve more with your budget, making it a smart choice for businesses seeking to optimize their investments.

Cultural Affinity and Strong English Proficiency

Romania’s cultural affinity with Western countries is a key factor that smoothens the outsourcing process. Romanian IT professionals are known for their strong English language skills and their ability to adapt to and understand different business cultures. This cultural and linguistic alignment makes integrating your outsourced team with your local crew a breeze, fostering a productive and collaborative environment.

Full Range of IT Services

Romania’s IT landscape offers a wide spectrum of IT services and cutting-edge technologies. Local talent’s proficiency extends across various domains, from designing and developing top-notch web platforms to creating bespoke mobile applications and delivering all-encompassing enterprise solutions. The versatility of the Romanian talent pool allows it to handle diverse technology stacks and adapt effortlessly to simple and complex projects.

Reasons Why Clients Choose IntelliSoft for Romania Outsourcing

Businesses worldwide consistently turn to IntelliSoft for Romania outsourcing, drawn by our unwavering commitment to excellence and our strategic location. Let’s take a look at the six key reasons why IntelliSoft is the trusted choice for outsourcing software development:

Proven Track Record and Fast Recruitment

For almost two decades, IntelliSoft has been synonymous with successful software solutions across the globe. Catering to various industries with complex demands, we have a rich portfolio, a testament to our professionalism and expertise. This history of success instills confidence in new clients, and new recruits, which reduces time-to-hire from several months to a few weeks.

Customized Solutions for Every Client

Recognizing the uniqueness of each business, IntelliSoft excels in crafting tailor-made solutions that resonate with individual client objectives. Our approach is to thoroughly understand your challenges and ambitions, ensuring our solutions are not just effective, but seamlessly integrated with your business strategy. This bespoke approach ensures each project is a stride towards your business’s triumph.

Agile and Flexible Working Models

In the ever-evolving business world, agility and flexibility are indispensable. IntelliSoft embodies these values, offering clients adaptable team extension models that evolve with their needs. Be it adjusting team sizes, shifting project scopes, or integrating new technologies, our approach is as dynamic as the business environment, equipping our clients with the nimbleness required for success.

Commitment to Quality and Innovation

At IntelliSoft, quality and innovation are our ethos. Our teams are not only technically adept but are constantly pushing the envelope in technology and methodologies. This dedication means we’re not just meeting current standards, but actively pioneering novel solutions, keeping our clients at the cutting edge of tech advancements.

Seamless Communication and Collaboration

Strong communication is the foundation of successful outsourcing. At IntelliSoft, we prioritize clear communication and collaboration. Our teams are fluent in English and culturally adept, ensuring smooth interactions with our international clientele. We utilize advanced collaboration tools and methods, ensuring no obstacle arises from distance or time differences in our collective pursuit of excellence.

Strong Focus on Intellectual Property Protection

Security and intellectual property protection are critical in IT outsourcing. IntelliSoft places great emphasis on these aspects, with stringent security protocols to guarantee the confidentiality and safety of our clients’ sensitive information and proprietary assets. Our strong security measures ensure that our clients’ intellectual assets are protected to the highest degree.

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    How to Start Cooperation with IntelliSoft for Software Outsourcing in Romania

    Starting a new Romania outsourcing software development project with IntelliSoft is a streamlined and transparent process. We ensure that every step, from initial contact to project execution, is smooth, clear, and tailored to meet your unique requirements.
    Setting the Stage with a Discovery Meeting
    Assessing Skills and Project Requirements
    Handpicking the Perfect Team
    Seamless Onboarding and Team Integration
    Ensuring Efficient Project Execution
    Continuous Performance Monitoring and Feedback

    Our Success Stories

    IntelliSoft’s path is dotted with many triumphant partnerships, showcasing our unwavering commitment to excellence across multiple sectors. Below are some case study highlights that reflect our prowess in software outsourcing and the beneficial outcomes we’ve delivered to our clients.

    Daintel & Cambio

    Our venture with Daintel kicked off in 2007 with a modest team of two developers and grew into a comprehensive R&D center by 2018. Our hands-on approach in handpicking elite developers and nurturing effective teamwork played a crucial role in elevating Daintel’s ICU system to achieve a remarkable 40% market share in Denmark. This achievement soared even higher when Cambio Healthcare Systems acquired Daintel in 2019, integrating its ICU features into Cambio’s Clinical Information System – a clear indicator of our successful partnership.


    Our cooperation with GrowthWheel highlights our skill in refining SaaS solutions. Initially tasked with developing their visual toolbox, our team’s continued participation led to significant enhancements in the system’s architecture, efficiency, and user experience. Presently, GrowthWheel serves more than 25,000 active users, a testament to our dedication, skill, and collaborative spirit.


    In the case of ZyLAB and its eDiscovery solution, IntelliSoft took charge during a vital platform division. We were instrumental in establishing the new system’s infrastructure, which included creating a testing environment and implementing containerization. Our involvement in upgrading the OKR tool to Tesseract 5 and developing a sophisticated image preprocessing pipeline not only showcased our adaptability but also solidified our status as a solution-oriented leader.
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      Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

      IntelliSoft distinguishes itself in the software outsourcing, Romania sector for a number of compelling reasons. At the forefront is our approach, which is deeply entrenched in understanding and aligning with our clients’ distinctive business aspirations. This client-centric philosophy ensures that every project we embark on transcends being merely a task – it becomes a strategic endeavor aimed at realizing your business goals.

      Secondly, our leveraging of Romania’s vast IT talent roster, celebrated for its technical expertise and innovative thinking, allows us to deliver a diverse array of services. They range from intricate software development to avant-garde IT solutions, each meticulously tailored to cater to our clients’ specific requirements. Our team’s proficiency in the latest technological advancements not only keeps your projects current but also equips them for future challenges.

      Moreover, our strategic location in Eastern Europe enables us to offer software development outsourcing Romania at competitive prices without sacrificing quality. This balance of cost and quality is a crucial reason many enterprises opt for IntelliSoft for their outsourcing ventures.

      Additionally, IntelliSoft takes pride in its robust communication and collaboration practices. We ensure seamless integration with our clients’ existing teams and methodologies. This factor is pivotal for successful outsourcing in Romania, as it cultivates a synergistic working relationship, guaranteeing efficient and effective project delivery.

      Lastly, our unwavering commitment to quality and adherence to global standards in software development distinguishes us as a premier outsourcing company, Romania. We are more than a service provider – we are a partner in your journey towards innovation and growth, committed to achieving excellence in every facet of our collaboration.

      IntelliSoft’s unique combination of client-focused services, access to elite IT talent, cost-efficient solutions, effective communication, and a steadfast commitment to quality solidify our position as the go-to choice for businesses considering IT outsourcing Romania.

      Software development outsourcing Romania is recognized for delivering cost-effective solutions without cutting corners on quality. There are a few reasons for that. Romania stands out for its lower living costs and wages, making IT services more budget-friendly. This fact doesn’t mean compromising quality – it means top-notch talent is available at lower rates.

      With a solid focus on STEM education, Romania produces a large number of skilled IT professionals annually. The country offers a large workforce that’s well-equipped for complex tech projects. Companies like IntelliSoft are known for their efficient project and resource management. This approach cuts down unnecessary expenses, ensuring quality isn’t affected.

      Software outsourcing Romania often focuses on long-term relationships. This approach means a deeper understanding of client needs, leading to more efficient work and cost savings over time. Romanian tech professionals are quick to adopt the latest technologies and methods. This knowledge leads to quicker project completion, reducing time-to-market costs while upholding quality.

      The high level of English and cultural compatibility among Romanian IT experts eases communication. As a result, you get fewer misunderstandings and revisions, saving time and costs and guaranteeing a final product that meets or exceeds expectations.

      IT outsourcing Romania strikes an ideal balance between being economical and maintaining high standards. This is achieved through skilled yet affordable labor, efficient management, and a focus on long-term value, making it a go-to option for businesses looking to optimize IT costs without sacrificing quality.

      Romania’s software development outsourcing is remarkably versatile, fitting a wide range of projects. Romanian IT pros excel in full-scale web development, mastering both front-end and back-end. They’re great at crafting responsive, user-friendly websites with the latest tech.

      As mobile apps become ever more crucial, Romania shines in creating top-tier iOS, Android, and cross-platform applications, from simple tools to complex business apps. Tailor-made software, such as CRM or ERP systems, are right up Romania’s alley. The teams here are adept at crafting solutions that fit unique business requirements.

      With the rise of cloud computing, Romanian expertise extends to building efficient SaaS applications and other cloud-based solutions. For cutting-edge AI and machine learning projects, like data analysis or predictive modeling, Romania’s IT sector is well-equipped to deliver.

      Updating old systems? Romanian IT experts are adept at bringing legacy systems up to speed with current tech standards. Software outsourcing Romania services are fit for a vast array of software development projects, from crafting new solutions to modernizing old ones and venturing into new tech frontiers.

      Romania’s IT outsourcing offers compelling benefits for both nimble startups and well-rooted businesses.

      With tight budgets, startups find Romanian outsourcing a blessing, offering top IT expertise at much lower costs than in-house teams in the West. Startups thrive on adaptability. Romanian IT specialists offer the agility to scale teams and skills as per project needs, minus the commitment of full-time hires. Early-stage startups needing varied technical skills benefit from Romania’s wide-ranging IT expertise, from web development to AI. Outsourcing in Romania frees startup leaders to concentrate on strategy and growth, not technical nitty-gritty.

      Established Businesses
      Supplementing in-house teams with Romanian IT outsourcing can lead to more efficient operations. Access to skilled IT professionals versed in the latest technologies keeps established companies at the forefront of innovation. Partnering with experienced Romanian firms reduces project development risks, especially in complex ventures. Romania’s strategic location supports seamless integration with global teams, aiding in expansion and continuous development cycles.

      Romanian IT outsourcing offers startups the flexibility and skill diversity crucial for growth while giving established businesses the tools to enhance productivity, innovate, and extend their global presence.

      At IntelliSoft, we’re committed to smooth communication and robust project management in every outsourcing project. Each project gets a dedicated manager, serving as your consistent point of contact. They’re in charge of understanding your needs, relaying them to our team, and keeping you in the loop about your project’s progress.

      Our use of Agile ensures open, frequent communication. It involves regular updates and adaptive planning, keeping projects in line with your expectations. We prioritize transparency. Regular status meetings and comprehensive reports keep you informed about progress, challenges, and upcoming steps.

      Tools for video calls, project tracking, and messaging support clear communication across different regions and time zones. Our team’s fluency in English and understanding of cultural nuances ensure seamless interaction in global business contexts.

      Recognizing diverse client needs, we tailor our communication strategy for each project, detailing the frequency, mode, and nature of interactions. We encourage and value client feedback throughout the project. This ongoing input is key to our continuous improvement and meeting, often exceeding, client expectations.

      These practices at IntelliSoft are fundamental to our approach, guaranteeing that every project is handled with utmost efficiency and tailored to our clients’ specific needs and objectives.

      IT outsourcing in Romania, known for its technical strength and cost-effectiveness, is a hot spot for various industries. From budding startups to big software firms, technology companies greatly value Romania’s capabilities in software development and technical support.

      Banks, investment firms, and fintech startups turn to Romania for secure financial applications, blockchain innovations, and AI-driven analytics. The healthcare sector taps into Romanian expertise for telemedicine apps, patient management systems, and data analysis tools, which are key in the digital health revolution.

      Telecom companies outsource to Romania for infrastructure development, customer management systems, and data solutions. Manufacturing industries leverage Romania’s skills in IoT, automation software, and supply chain management. For better supply chain management, the logistics sector uses Romanian IT for GPS tracking, inventory management software, and optimization tools.

      Educational institutions and eLearning companies benefit from custom software for online courses, student management, and interactive tools. The media and entertainment sector relies on Romania for developing streaming platforms, content management systems, and audience engagement analytics.

      These industries gain not only in cost savings but also in Romania’s adaptability to specific needs, ensuring quality and innovation in their digital transformation journey.

      At IntelliSoft, we’re deeply committed to ensuring excellence in our software outsourcing projects. We don’t wait until the end – quality assurance is woven into the fabric of our projects from the start. This early integration helps us catch and fix issues swiftly, avoiding bigger problems later.

      Our QA processes strictly follow international standards, ensuring the software we deliver is dependable, secure, and scalable, no matter the project’s scale. Our dedicated QA professionals are well-versed in both manual and automated testing. Their expertise covers a broad spectrum of testing methodologies for comprehensive quality checks.

      We conduct exhaustive testing, including functional, performance, usability, security, and compatibility tests, customized to each project’s unique demands. Leveraging CI/CD practices, we constantly test and integrate changes, quickly addressing any defects to maintain high software quality.

      We believe in transparency and client involvement. Regular updates and detailed test reports ensure our clients are always in the loop about the quality status of their projects. Feedback is a cornerstone of our process. We use it for iterative refinements, aligning the software closely with the client’s vision and needs.

      Our quality commitment extends beyond deployment. We provide continuous support and maintenance to guarantee optimal software performance in real-world scenarios. At IntelliSoft, quality assurance is a fundamental part of our software development lifecycle, blending skilled expertise, rigorous processes, and a focus on client satisfaction to deliver top-tier software solutions.

      Yes, IntelliSoft specializes in crafting customized IT solutions through our outsourcing services in Romania. Here’s how we tailor each solution to fit your unique business needs:

      We start by getting to know your business inside out. Understanding your model, goals, and challenges is key to creating solutions that truly fit. Our Romanian team’s diverse technical skills allow us to design solutions that perfectly match your project’s needs, be it in web development, mobile apps, cloud tech, or AI.

      We work hand-in-hand with your team, co-creating solutions that truly represent your vision. Regular touchpoints keep us aligned with your objectives. Our development process is adaptable and ready to evolve with your changing business needs, ensuring a solution that grows with you.

      We use advanced technologies to build solutions that are not just custom-fit for now but also scalable for the future. Our QA team ensures that your customized solution meets or surpasses the high standard of quality and performs perfectly.

      Post-deployment, we’re there to support and continuously enhance the solution, keeping it aligned with your evolving business landscape. In short, software development outsourcing Romania with IntelliSoft is a great way of developing IT solutions that are efficient and customized to your specific business requirements and goals.

      Starting a software outsourcing project with IntelliSoft in Romania is a seamless, client-focused experience. Here’s what the journey looks like:

      It all starts with a conversation. Share your project ideas and goals with us, and we’ll show you how IntelliSoft can bring them to life. We then dive deep into your requirements, exploring the scope, technical needs, timelines, and your specific preferences.

      Based on our review, we craft a detailed proposal, outlining the project plan, timelines, costs, and resources. Once you give the nod, we finalize the agreement, setting the project in motion. With a clear project scope, we handpick professionals whose skills align perfectly with your project’s needs.

      Next, we all meet up – you get to know your dedicated team, and together, we map out the project’s milestones and deliverables. Now, we can start the development phase, where the magic happens. We follow the agreed-upon methodology, keeping you updated and involved through regular feedback cycles.

      Side-by-side, our QA team rigorously tests the software, ensuring top-notch quality and functionality. Once everything’s polished and ready, we deliver and help integrate the software into your systems smoothly. Even after deployment, we’re here to support and maintain the software, adapting it to your evolving business landscape.

      Starting your project with IntelliSoft means stepping on a collaborative, transparent path toward high-quality software solutions tailored to your specific needs.

      At IntelliSoft, we take data security and intellectual property (IP) protection in software development outsourcing very seriously. Here’s our approach to ensuring your data and IP are always safe:

      We start safeguarding your data before the project even kicks off. Comprehensive non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) ensure that all your information stays confidential. Our security measures are robust, featuring secure servers, encrypted data transfers, and regular security audits, designed to ward off any unauthorized access or breaches.

      We adhere to international standards such as GDPR, ensuring we meet not just the legal requirements but also the highest ethical standards in data handling. Our team stays sharp with regular training in the latest data security protocols, ensuring everyone understands their critical role in safeguarding your data and IP.

      Our development environment is tightly controlled and monitored, with strict access rules to minimize the risk of internal data mishandling. Right from the start, we set clear terms about IP rights and ownership – the software and all associated IP are yours, as clearly stated in our contracts.

      We keep a vigilant eye through regular monitoring and compliance audits, ensuring our security measures are always up-to-date. When the project wraps up, we make sure the handover of all code and documentation is secure, and we comply with data erasure as per our agreement.

      Data security and IP protection are top priorities at IntelliSoft. We employ a comprehensive, multi-layered approach to give you peace of mind throughout the development process.