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IntelliSoft understands what clients need – when to hire one specialist, a dedicated team, or a dedicated R&D center.

IntelliSoft is a reliable tech partner, accountable for the result and on-time reporting, performing predictable results with predictable quality without hidden costs.

IntelliSoft is a long-term partner rather than a transactional supplier. With longer, more productive relationships, our clients decrease procurement projects and reduce hiring costs.

IntelliSoft bridges the gap between business and technology with process transparency and proactivity.

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Core expertise

We have developed projects for different industries, that's why we need less time to deliver niche-specific projects, compared to developers without expertise.

Long-term partnerships

We have been on the market for 13+ years and have grown our team to 50+ engineers.

Flexible team structure

We can extend your existing development department with our specialists or help you to hire a dedicated team “on a turn-key basis”.
Best Practices
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Learn about the benefits of modern technologies, custom platform development, architecture update, and paperless office environment integration into your business ecosystem. 


We develop and enhance Healthcare projects that meet legal regulations for user data security, have a simple user interface, and achieve the business goals of healthcare organizations. 

  • Electronic Medical Record Systems
  • Electronic Prescription and Administration Software
  • Patient Data Management Platforms
  • Data Capture Solutions
  • Business Intelligence Modules


We create education SaaS platforms from the ground up, re-build the architecture to handle high loads, fix performance and usability issues of existing projects, and develop educational projects’ MVP for start-ups.

  • Custom Educational Apps
  • Skill Management Solutions 
  • E-Learning SaaS Platforms 
  • Corporate Education Solutions
  • User onboarding Tools


We develop custom Marketing platforms tailored to business needs. We also can select third-party Marketing platforms and integrate them into the existing business environment.

  • User Behavior Analytics Platforms
  • User Retention Solutions
  • Multi-step User Nurturing Tools
  • User Engagement Integrations 
  • Abandoned Cart Recovery Solutions


We build flexible logistics platforms, optimize legacy systems of ready-made solutions, and integrate advanced functionality to optimize the logistics processes, improve fleet management and processes visibility.

  • Route Planning Software 
  • IoT Real-time Fleet Monitoring Functionality
  • Fleet and Warehouse Data Management Systems 
  • Automated Order Distribution Platforms 
  • Shipment Tracking Tools


We develop custom Law Practice Management Systems to support legal businesses in the adoption of digital transformation. Legal software and apps improve client account management, streamline communication, calculate expenses, and create secure workplaces for legal teams. 

  • Time Tracking and Billing Solutions 
  • Collaborative Client Portals 
  • Project Management Platforms 
  • Legal Case Management Software

Internet of Things (IoT)

Our teams provide software development services for businesses who wish to take full advantage of data. Our productive, long-lasting collaboration with hardware vendors assisted us with honing the engineering skills of our developers, allowing our developers to understand industry-related issues.

  • IoT Consulting
  • IoT Data Management & Evaluation
  • IoT Integration
  • IoT Software Enhancement
  • User Software Development
  • Secure Device Connectivity
  • Middleware IoT Platforms Integration
  • Precision Navigation Tech

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