IT team extension is a confident step towards enhancing your business performance and efficiency of workflow. With our help, it is possible to extend development opportunities and create a piece of software of the top quality. In the long run, team extension leads to the prevention of multiple pitfalls and the accumulation of additional revenues. Since the early 2000s, IntelliSoft has created dedicated development teams and R&D centers. An operating team must be expertise-packed and skilled. In case your in-house staff currently lacks certain experience, timely team extension comes in handy. Boost the capacities of your internal developers with qualified engineers from IntelliSoft.

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What You Get When Hiring Dedicated Developers

Are you searching for ways to compensate for the expertise gap in a specific technical field or industry? The dedicated outsourcing team model is excellent for complex long-term projects.
At IntelliSoft, we offer a pool of smart applicants and managers to assist with selecting the best practices for your business without wasting time and other valuable resources on tiring, confusing hiring procedures. In case your ideas do not have the product-market fit, our services are the way to go.

Projects with Obscure Requirements

The discovery phase is the basis for the entire development process. Weeks or even months of examinations and surveys are necessary to settle down. The DDT model offers sufficient resources to concentrate on the discovery phase without being scared of spending more than needed.

Startups & Small Companies

A dedicated development team is one of the best methods to expand your business. By extending your team, you can save money on recruitment and build a product or service rapidly. Let your in-house team focus on core business tasks. Leave the extra assignments to the engineers from IntelliSoft.

Long-Term Projects

If your long-term project has an opportunity to develop further, do not stop on what you have achieved. The DDT model can assist your company with expanding and hitting goals. A powerful team of engineers from our outstaffing company is right what you need. They will work until your project is accomplished at the best possible level.

Types of Collaboration That We Offer

IntelliSoft offers virtual teams of different types. These experts work in various locations and rely on time-tested collaboration tools. Our engineers provide life-work balance, even though they may live in another part of the world. We offer several types of cooperation. What is outstaffing? How about staff augmentation and dedicated teams? We will tell you!
Staff Augmentation
Trust your secondary business activities to professionals.
  • Both sides provide quality ownership
  • The primary goal is to offer labor and necessary tools
  • PM is on both your and our sides
  • You pay for the operational excellence
The best outstaffing definition could be adding labor to perform the outcomes.
  • Quality ownership is on your side
  • The primary goal is to extend your team with the right people
  • PM is on your side
  • You pay for the additional staff
Dedicated Teams
Get a variety of business services with the forecasted outcomes.
  • Quality ownership is on our side
  • The primary target is a tech partnership
  • PM is on our side
  • Your pay for the intellectual property (IP)

Industries That IntelliSoft Serves

Services from IntelliSoft

It is the process of designing, building, developing, and maintaining sites.
This service is about building applications for mobile devices and all types of wearable devices.
It refers to blending user requirements with business objectives to assist brands with creating consistently successful products.
It is the process of designing, building, developing, and maintaining sites.
This service is about building applications for mobile devices and all types of wearable devices.
Such services can be leveraged in a standalone fashion by businesses searching for ways to expedite their “data-to-value” cycle.
DevOps (development and IT operations) is critical to facilitate collaboration between a company’s software development and the operations staff.
Cloud computing is the process of delivering various services via the web. The tools involved are data storage, databases, servers, and networking.
Leave maintenance, scalability, resilience, and security to us.

How to Get Started

Our company boosts your team capacity with outstaffed team leaders, analytical experts, development teams, and quality assurance specialists. We straight away put the focus on the project management (PM) as the new staff integration and onboarding are covered by IntelliSoft. So, how do you get started?
  1. Getting Ready

    It all starts with a discussion of your project’s requirements. We conduct interviews and in-depth research to propose the best solutions for your project.

  1. Onboarding

    We take full control of the onboarding process so that you should not waste time on this procedure. The staff gets all the necessary directions and training.

  1. Control

    From constant everyday monitoring to regular result-oriented reports, IntelliSoft provides clients with various levels of engagement.

  1. Scaling

    Why do we find experienced engineers for you? Well, that is how you can catch up even with the tightest deadlines. Also, our developers can implement all of your ideas, enriching your app or software with brand new features.

Why Choose IntelliSoft

Looking for the outsourcing or outstaffing benefits? Rely on our impressive expertise to hire dedicated developers for your project in the blink of an eye. Our DDT services will bring your experts with niche skills and knowledge to a new level! So, what makes IntelliSoft stand out from the rest of similar services? What are the primary benefits of outsourcing?

Geographical & Cultural Proximity

We are located in the center of Europe. Its culture is similar to the cultures of most of our partners. Besides, many IT experts here speak English fluently. Thus, cultural or language barriers won’t be a problem. Business ethics are similar. Finally, convenient flight connections make our partnership so attractive.

High Team Loyalty

IntelliSoft assists with maintaining a high level of motivation. We are ready to assure you that both our team of dedicated developers and your current staff will find a common speech fast and work in harmony with each other. Often, the retention rate of IntelliSoft engineering teams is higher than that of our customers’ internal departments. It allows for keeping knowledge about the good or service in the company.

Fast & Simple Start

Many talented developers are well aware of our brand. We receive hundreds if not thousands of applications monthly. Those are candidates with impressive tech skills and portfolios. IntelliSoft has its development centers in Spain, the US, Ukraine, and Bulgaria. These EU countries are well-known for hosting the most experienced, qualified software engineers and designers who can “speak” all possible programming languages.

Technology & Domain Expertise

Our team combines diversified business domain expertise, tech expertise, and a quality delivery model to develop innovative solutions. We specialize in carrying out projects in BI, Big Data, high-load systems, FinTech, data science, mobile app, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Once you know the outsourcing definition, you may wonder about what each type of outsourcing stands for. A dedicated team model is a remote team from another company that implements your project. In contrast to the extended team model, a dedicated team is a separately formed working group with its own management and structure.
In this model, the team works exclusively on a specific project full-time with direct accountability to the client. The outsourcing company provides recruiting services, administrative support, and resources for the project. In essence, the IT outstaffing company plays an auxiliary role in organizing the workflow.
The client in this model has more control than in others. In conventional configurations, clients can interact with the team and track daily activities and overall project progress through regular management or directly, or a combination of both. It helps both parties stay on the same wave and adapt to circumstances.
So, what is outsourcing strategy? The key value of this approach is the focus. The team is usually dedicated to one project, which increases the speed and quality of results.

As the 2020 Global Outsourcing Survey shows, 70 percent of companies that outsource do that to cut costs. The thing is that you pay just for the work done, nothing else.
As for the cost of a dedicated developer’s work, figures vary. Just to compare, the average rate for company employees is $70 per hour, and the average rate for an outsourced development team is $35 per hour. However, you can find an outsourcing provider, which is good for long-term projects that require teams instead of individual engineers. They are not that much cheaper to work with, but they may provide efficiencies you can never achieve with your in-house team.

Outsourcing to a full-service digital agency will help you save time on development, during which you can fully focus on other aspects of your business, such as marketing. The good idea is to go through freelance platforms like Upwork B2B portals like Clutch GitHub or StackOverflow Outstaff vendors like Relevant. However, IntelliSoft offers full team and full-stack solutions. Besides, our company has competitive prices. You can find some qualified development specialists at low cost.

The modern infrastructure allows companies to hire highly qualified software developers all over the world. According to various data, Ukraine in Eastern Europe, Poland in Central Europe, Argentina in South America, and India in Asia are the top IT outsourcing countries. That is why you should better focus on them in your further research and comparison.

Start with clear positioning. There are no outsourcing companies that do the full work cycle, for example, creating a website from scratch. Remember that good outsourcing experts never do several different things simultaneously (e.g., design, development, and marketing).
Make sure that you have working guides and project descriptions. It should be clear what kind of specialist you need and what they must do.
You should consent to be interviewed. Even if you don’t plan to interview every developer, ask the company representative if they are willing to be interviewed. Generally, adequate outstaffing companies treat interviews positively.
Finally, study their cases. The problem with cases can be that the outsourcer’s projects for other companies are under NDA, so the details cannot be disclosed. That is why cases may be impersonal, with no indication of specific customers. InteliSoft has some cases to share with you, so just ask us!

In this case, the client only pays for the outcome of the cooperation with the vendor’s team. This option perfectly suits those who have small projects and plan to build an MVP. Also, this model works well if you don’t know the target market or the scope is dynamic.
The time & material model is your way to go if:

  1. You have a small project
  2. All you have is a concept or idea
  3. You’re planning to build an MVP
  4. You don’t know the target market
  5. You need updates or minor features
  6. The scope is dynamic
  7. Your project doesn’t have the requirements, price or deadlines figured out yet

Largest advantage: The time & material model is result-oriented.
Largest disadvantage: It’s hard to plan or control the budget.

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