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Extended Team Services By IntelliSoft

Clients’ testimonials

Lars Dybdahl photo

Lars Dybdahl

Principal Architect at Cambio Healthcare Systems Denmark

IntelliSoft is a great partner. These engineers are up-to-date on the latest technology, they know what they are doing, and want to deliver high quality code. IntelliSoft allowed me as a CTO to focus on further developing our products.

Why Use Our Team Extension Services?

Whether you have an expertise gap in your current team or need to develop an MVP, with IntelliSoft team extension, we’ve got you covered. You can hire us for team extention for a vast number of services, as we have experts in multiple industries and technical fields. Long-term or short-term projects, small businesses, or large corporations – IntelliSoft software team extension can adapt to your specific needs and deliver results that exceed expectations.

Hire a Team for MVP Development

If you need to determine your product’s potential in the market and gather user feedback, an MVP is the way to go. IntelliSoft’s software team extension can bring all your ideas to reality and create a working MVP with basic features to test the product, validate your idea, and shorten the time to market.

Scale Team on Demand

This service is a cornerstone of our IT team extension model, providing clients with needed agility and flexibility and helping them navigate the ever-changing demands. IntelliSoft’s development team extension can help you extend your existing team rapidly with skilled professionals and maintain a high-quality output no matter what. Scale up or down based on the project needs and make business growth a smooth and seamless journey.

QA & Testing

Our QA and testing extend team experts can help you elevate the quality and reliability of your project and ensure that it meets the highest standards before being released to the world. We test each product meticulously and perform rigorous quality checks to identify possible risks, breaches, and potential issues. With IntelliSoft’s extend team, you can be sure that your software will be free from errors and vulnerabilities, and will reach the user in a flawless state.

Implement New Functionality

Do you already have a working product but want to take it to the next level with cutting-edge technology, additional functionality, and integration of third-party tools? Our development team extension services will bring all the technological wealth to the table and blend it with your existing workflow.

Hire a Team for Mobile/Web Development

IntelliSoft’s team extended professionals can craft a custom website or mobile app tailored to your unique needs and requirements. We design, build, develop, and maintain sites and mobile applications for all devices, platforms, and browsers, ensuring your users have a pleasant and seamless experience. From front-end aesthetics to back-end functionality, we meticulously handle every development aspect with team extended services.

Hire AI & ML Experts

Unleash the transformative power of AI and ML algorithms and transform your business operations with the help of our AI & ML extend team experts. IntelliSoft develops predictive models, natural language processing solutions, and computer vision applications for your unique projects, and turns data into actionable insights.

Benefits of Working with IntelliSoft’s Team Extension Model

If you have been looking for outsourcing or outstaffing benefits, you can rely on our impressive expertise of more than 15 years to hire a dedicated team for your project. Our DDT services will bring your experts with niche skills and knowledge to a new level. Let’s look at what makes the IntelliSoft team extension model stand out among similar service companies and what benefits you will experience while working with us.

Working with Skilled Talents

At IntelliSoft, we handpick professionals to extend your team with proven expertise and years of experience. It helps us ensure that your project is in the hands of the best minds in the industry. IntelliSoft's talented developers, designers, project managers, QAs, and other experts, bring innovation and their wealth of experience to the table, helping you achieve business success.

Heightened Flexibility

Even if your business needs to change overnight, we guarantee that our team will adjust to the circumstances and make the necessary changes as soon as possible. When working with IntelliSoft and extend your team, you receive unmatched flexibility, adaptability, and team assimilation, allowing you to scale your team up and down seamlessly and eliminate constraints on the path to your goals.

High Team Loyalty

IntelliSoft creates a motivating, collaborative environment to keep the extended team constantly engaged and loyal to your cause. Whe we extend your team, we foster a sense of belonging and purpose among our team members, ensuring that they are motivated, dedicated, and committed to your project throughout the entire development process.

Geographical & Cultural Proximity

We are located at the very center of Europe, so our extended development team culturally similar to most of our partners and clients. Moreover, all our team members speak English fluently, so you don't have to worry about cultural or language barriers when hiring extended development team. This proximity facilitates smoother collaboration, translating to streamlined processes and enhanced project outcomes.

Clear Communication

IntelliSoft's extended team developers will work as a part of your onsite team, constantly communicating with your employees, sharing insights, and brainstorming ideas together. As extended team, we will report directly to you and keep our communication clear and timely. Thanks to our transparent and consistent communication channels, you will be informed about the progress at every stage of the project.

Quick and Easy Start

Our extended teams values your time over everything. That's why working with our extended teams is hassle-free, even though we receive hundreds if not thousands of applications monthly. Our talented experts, with impressive tech skills and portfolios, make the team assimilation and onboarding processes seamless and fast, ensuring that we start working on your project as soon as possible thanks to extended team model.

How to Get Started Working with Extended Team Model

Our company boosts your team’s capacity with outstaffed developers, team leaders, analytical experts, and quality assurance specialists. Since the onboarding process and staff integration are handled by us, we focus on project management (PM) as soon as we start working together. Here’s how to get started working with IntelliSoft:

Requirements Gathering

The first step of our extended team services is gathering all your requirements, goals, and expectations. We figure out the product details and ensure that we are on the same page before starting the work. This helps us decide which team members can benefit your project the most, what we should focus on first, and how to build our communication channels with you.

Selecting the Most Qualified Candidates

When we clearly understand all your requirements and goals, we can start offering you the most suitable solutions and most skilled developers for your specific case. You should also understand who you lack in your company and who will complement your in-house team the most.


Each company’s workflow is unique, so seamless adaptation into your current operations is essential for productive work. To make the most of our extended team services, we need to become a part of your team without interrupting any of the internal processes.

Continuous Support

After the product is developed, our journey continues. We are your loyal guides, both during the development process, and after it. Whether you need to update the product, make changes, or fix any issues, we’re here to help. We offer continuous support and maintenance for all our clients for as long as needed.

Our Cooperation models

Our Success Stories


We ensured online and offline database synchronization between mobile devices used in field operations and local databases. The project scope also included the development of Inventory and Maintenance AMOS applications, a Quality Management system, and a Web Approvals module.

Ingram Barge

We provided the client with team extended software development to build a fully-fledged Fleet Management System that manages a fleet of 5000+ barges. The project included barges location visualization, route planning functionality, and collaborative tools for shore-side personnel and boat captains.


The project was the eDiscovery solution for enterprises. The client outsourced the new system infrastructure deployment during the platform split, including testing environment and containerization, to IntelliSoft. We were responsible for the OKR tool upgrade to Tesseract 5 and the development of the image preprocessing pipeline.


GrowthWheel is a SaaS visual toolbox solution for business advisors and entrepreneurship educators. The IntelliSoft extended team built the first version of the platform and participated in further product implementation. As a dedicated development team for GrowthWheel, the IntelliSoft IT specialists refactored the project's architecture, improved the performance, and fixed quality and usability issues. By now, the GrowthWheel platform has more than 25,000 active users.

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      Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

      Team extension is a software outsourcing service when IT companies fill the gaps in their in-house teams with extended teams. With the IT team extension model, external vendors offer their extended teams to their clients, and they fully commit their time and skills to the client’s project.

      Software team extension is also known as team scaling or team augmentation. This service is perfect for small businesses that require assistance but don’t have time or money to hire in-house developers, but it is also used by middle-size companies and large enterprises.

      You can use this cooperation model for both long-term and short-term projects, and that is why many companies mix it up with a dedicated development team. Keep in mind that a dedicated team works independently on your project from start to finish. An extended team, however, copes with specific tasks, such as QA and testing, coding, or project management.

      A dedicated team is also a business model, yet it is different from a software team extension. With the dedicated team model, there’s an agreement between the client and service provider regarding who provides software development experts for the client. All of the teams are formed based on the client’s demands, tailored to their needs and requirements.

      A dedicated team model is a long-term cooperation type where development agencies provide full-time, continuous cooperation to their clients. The client manages the team and its work, and no other teams are working on this project. The client has a choice; to manage the team or handle this task with a project manager and focus on other activities.

      Dedicated teams don’t join the in-house team physically; they work from the provider’s office, which can be located anywhere in the world.

      This cooperation type has several advantages:

      • Lower project costs
      • Easier management
      • Flexible scaling and adaptability
      • Long-term partnership
      • Higher loyalty and focus
      • Close-fitting collaboration

      The cost of hiring a dedicated team varies depending on various factors, such as:

      • Location of the team: The location of the team plays an important role in determining the price of cooperation. Some locations, such as Eastern Europe, South America, and Southeast Asia, have lower labor costs yet offer a large talent pool of extended development teams. If you decide to work with teams from North America or Western Europe, the price will be higher.
        Team size: Depending on the size of the team you need, the costs can vary, too. The larger the team – the higher the cost.
      • Project complexity: The complexity of your project, including the features, functionalities, and technical requirements, will affect costs. More complex projects typically require larger and more experienced teams.
      • Skillset and expertise: The specific skills and expertise required for your project can also impact costs. Highly specialized skills or expertise in cutting-edge technologies may command higher rates.
      • Project duration: The duration of your project can influence costs. Short-term projects may have different pricing structures compared to long-term, ongoing projects.
      • Additional costs: Additional costs may cover project management expenses, quality assurance, and software or infrastructure expenses.
      • Language and communication: When you speak the same language as your development team, the costs will be much lower because you won’t need to hire translators.
      • Hourly rates vs. fixed pricing: DDTs may charge hourly rates or offer fixed project-based pricing. The pricing structure you choose can impact the overall cost.

      If you want to get a more accurate estimate on how much it will cost to hire IntellliSoft as your dedicated development team, you can use our dev team calculator.

      Depending on the location of your company, you can choose to offshore, onshore, or nearshore your development processes. There are some counties that are considered to be the best destinations for looking for development teams due to their convenient location, lower pricing, and a large talent pool of experts. These countries include:

      • Ukraine
        Ukraine is located in the center of Europe, making it a perfect outsourcing location for various countries. Right now, its IT infrastructure is swiftly developing, with many startups launching there and new outsourcing companies with incredibly talented developers on their teams. Ukrainian developers have exceptional English knowledge, a lot of them being fluent.
        While offering top-tier expertise, Ukraine remains cost-competitive when compared to other European countries. Moreover, Ukrainian professionals share cultural similarities with Western clients, including work ethics, working hours, and communication styles.
      • Poland
        Just like Ukraine, Poland is located at the heart of Europe but also part of the EU. In the last couple of years, Poland has witnessed huge growth in IT and economic areas, making it an appealing destination for outsourcing.
        You don’t have to worry about cultural differences, language barriers, and time zone differences when working with Polish developers. Moreover, the prices for development are lower than in other European countries, but you still benefit from Poland’s location and the skills of its developers.
      • India
        India is among the top outsourcing destinations due to various reasons. For example, hiring a software developer in India would cost you approximately $664.53/month, while hiring a developer in New York would cost more than $8742.25/month.
        India also has an incredibly large talent pool of English-speaking developers since Indian higher education focuses heavily on science and technology. The most outsourced services to India include software development, software engineering, and BPO services.
      • The Philippines
        The Philippines has held the title of “The BPO Capital of the World” for a decade. Even companies such as Wells Fargo, Microsoft, and IBM outsourced their processes to the Philippines. This is due to the country’s advanced English proficiency, great government support that comes with favorable tax, and low development costs. The most outsourced services to the Philippines are data entry, customer services, and other BPO services.

      Even though team extension is a highly effective strategy for most businesses, it still has some pitfalls and challenges that you should take into account before choosing it as your main model of cooperation. Here’s what you should get prepared for:

      • Cultural differences
        Working with a remote team can be challenging if you have differences in work ethic, work culture, and business practices. These differences can lead to bottlenecks, friction, and misunderstandings.
      • Communication barriers
        Difference in time zones, languages, and cultures often leads to communication barriers. To avoid this, you need to establish clear communication channels, share reports regularly, and ensure that you work in the same time zone, or at least have a couple of hours overlapping with your partner.
      • Data security and privacy
        Working with a third-party provider often presupposes sharing private or confidential information. Sharing this sensitive data and intellectual property can raise concerns about data security and confidentiality. Thus, you should ensure that you have all security measures in place before choosing a team.
      • Quality control
        It can be challenging to maintain consistent quality across geographically distributed teams. To achieve this, you need strong project management and quality assurance processes in place.
      • Lack of engagement
        If you don’t have clear lines of communication, it may lead to a lack of engagement from a third-party development team. They may not feel engaged or aligned with your business mission and values, so you should focus on building a sense of belonging and ensuring that you are on the same page.

      Expanding your in-house team with remote developers can make the most sense in the following scenarios:

      • You need specialized technical skills or expertise that your in-house team lacks.
      • When you need to optimize your costs due to budget constraints, or when cost-efficiency is your primary concern.
      • For short-term or seasonal projects, or when facing temporary spikes in workload.
      • When you need access to the global talent pool of developers with diverse backgrounds and technical skills.
      • To speed up the product development process and bring your services or products to market faster and gain a competitive edge.
      • When you need to scale up or down easily since you know that your needs and demands will grow.
      • To use advanced technologies and tools that you lack in your in-house team.

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