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Our company offers back-end development services. The backend combines technology and software code that makes a website or application work while remaining invisible to the end user. The backend consists of three basic components: the server, the database, and the software application.
The task of the backend developer is to build and maintain a technology platform that ensures the operation of the part of the website or service visible to the end user, i.e., the front end.
Hire IntelliSoft for back end development services. Our professionals create a working server-application-database combination by writing code that runs on the server – physical or cloud. To do this, our backend developers use a number of languages, including back end Javascript, PHP, Angular, Ruby, Node.js, Python, React, .Net, etc. Hire IntelliSoft for back-end app development services.
Our specialists know how to work with database tools such as MySQL, Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, and PostgreSQL to manage databases. Hire IntelliSoft for back-end web development services.
Our certified backend developers are responsible for creating efficient and fast tech solutions to help convert data into frontend code that the user can interact with (e.g., filling out a form, creating a profile, making an online purchase, etc.) Get to know more about our back end development services.

Backend Development Services For Architect Efficiency-Driven App

With our experts and back-end technologies, it is possible to track
organizational growth and boost the profitability of your business. From IoT
and eCommerce to logistics, from Fortune 500 whales to medium-scale
companies — IntelliSoft is well aware of how to cater to the technical
requirements of various industries with backend development services.

Benefits You Receive With Back-end Development Service

Experienced specialists

Our back end development company offers access to an all-time expanding pool of experienced, skilled backend developers. There is no need to check their qualifications – our team has already done that for you when we hired these engineers. They also possess knowledge of the back end development languages and back end frameworks you may need.

Cut costs

Studies show that businesses that outsource can save up to 20% of total development costs compared to those that hire developers in-house. The employee is not hired full-time internally, which means you do not have the administrative and accounting burden (no need to pay taxes, cover sick leaves and vacations, or deal with labor disputes, if any).

Agile approach

Agile method focuses the team on the needs and goals of users, simplifies organizational structure and processes, offers work in short cycles, assumes empowerment of employees, and more.

Clear communication

Our clients work with backend developers that speak, read, and write in English fluently.

Focus on core activities

With our help, you finally obtain time to focus on other business operations, such as customer service, sales, or marketing. This means you will be ready to launch the product almost immediately after the development stage.

Excellent results

Our engineers possess solid experience, skills, and a proven reputation. They guarantee client satisfaction.


IntelliSoft back end development company and our developers are constantly striving to be the best in the market. By using our services, you can find the top web and mobile application developers, and if they don’t meet your requirements, we can always replace them with other experts from our pool. More than 10 years of experience and successfully accomplished projects prove our expertise.

Competitive price

Hire dedicated, qualified backend experts for a price you can’t find in the US or Western Europe.


With our remote teams, it’s easy to scale up or down for backend web development services. You can outsource more developers at the beginning of our cooperation. Then, when you move to the maintenance mode, you can keep just a couple of specialists to meet your needs.

Fast availability

You get a developer as quickly as possible – perhaps, even the same day you apply (if necessary, not just one, but an entire team).


Hiring an in-house team means you have to start the long process of reviewing resumes, interviewing candidates, etc. With outsourcing, you have nothing to worry about. We sign a contract and provide the best developers to accomplish your product.

Clients’ testimonials

Lars Dybdahl photo

Lars Dybdahl

Principal Architect at Cambio Healthcare Systems Denmark

IntelliSoft is a great partner. These engineers are up-to-date on the latest technology, they know what they are doing, and want to deliver high quality code. IntelliSoft allowed me as a CTO to focus on further developing our products.

Back-End Development Services for You

We provide outsourcing services for development companies. Applying the outsourcing model allows us to ensure stable and efficient operation of IT systems by attracting highly qualified experienced specialists. This will allow you to concentrate on your own business and optimize your costs.

Mobile back-end development

IntelliSoft prepares both iOS and Android applications for clients. Apple users appreciate premium quality, which means they don’t compromise on the comfort of using apps. We will do our best to launch your iOS app. Android is the most common operating system in the world. With our vast experience, we will create an app and features that meet the needs of your target audience.

  • System components integration
  • Architecture scalability
  • Data sync & storage design
  • APIs & libraries engineering
  • Business logic development
  • External service integration

Cloud back-end development

Cloud DevOps Engineer is a person responsible for setting up the infrastructure for the normal software functioning. A developer assesses the customer’s app deployment environment, works with API, understands CI/CD concepts, works with containers. understands microservice architecture, and more. Our team deals with Azure, AWS, GCP, and other cloud-enabled backends.

  • Cloud storage & computing development
  • Improved database management
  • Private, public, & hybrid clouds integration
  • DevOps automation
  • Legacy backend systems migration
  • Docker container implementation

Microservices architecture development

The microservices architecture provides a number of technical advantages that contribute to the speed of development and product quality, as well as overall business agility. Since the advent of this term, the company has achieved certain progress in software development. Our team also assists with decreasing administration hurdles and overheads, security threats, support & maintenance challenges, and performance problems.

  • Direct design-activated architectures
  • Service mesh & discovery protocols
  • Backend for frontend (BFF) architectures
  • Isolated dependencies
  • RESTful API gateway-powered microservices
  • Container-based hostage

Web APIs development

API (application programming interface) is a set of methods, classes, libraries, and functions that ensure interaction between programs. This solution was created to simplify the work of developers. API is a handy tool which is a set of standards allowing applications to effectively interact with each other. Our experts use this mechanism when creating all kinds of systems.

  • API design modeling
  • Behavior standardization
  • Connection to downstream resources
  • API deployment & control
  • API examination & test automation

Backend architecture design

The backend architecture consists of services that directly execute the website functionality and is implemented using hardware and software back end technologies stack (e.g., Docker, LEMP, LAMP, etc.) The correct architecture allows you to create a user-friendly interface for the site, with which the search for information will be hassle-free. Our experts use the most progressive tools with ultimate compatibility.

  • Asynchronous communication configuration
  • API versioning
  • Notification microservices
  • App logging
  • Secret management
  • CI & Docker support implementation

Business Challenges We Help You Solve

Developers with excellent knowledge of various frameworks and languages can be found in the IntelliSoft teamg. We have an extensive staff and a large number of established contacts, and can quickly provide both individual specialists and entire teams with the right tech stack for their projects. We simply love working with companies that see software as the backbone of their business.

Enterprise application integration

First, our service offers building complex applications for enterprises using different standards and interaction technologies. Next, we propose design, development, and implementation of specialized integration solutions. Third, our professionals can take care of building connectors and middleware, as well as refinement of existing apps for data access capabilities. Our specialists can also implement central integration systems to enable centralized data access and synchronization. The time to get the struggle out of ERP, HRM, SCM, CRM, and docflow.

ETL engineering, BI

ETL stands for extraction, transformation, loading, and it refers to the composite process of transferring data from one application or automated information system to another. The purpose of any ETL application is to deliver data from external systems to the user’s system in a timely manner. As a rule, ETL applications are used when transferring data from external sources into the database of business intelligence systems. Therefore, organization of the ETL process is an integral part of the development project of almost any database. Our experts deploy custom or ready-made ETL and BI tools on-premise through SaaS or hybrid models.

Legacy systems modernization

The process of modernizing legacy systems ensures that such systems are sufficiently optimized to work with up-to-date technology. Depending on the environment and industry, the components of legacy system modernization can be modified. Modernizing a legacy system does not work as a one-dimensional process. The process involves many changes in many aspects, and our professionals will handle them all.

Download our portfolio with previous projects

Check out projects we delivered for clients from different industries.

    Reasons We Differentiate

    Extensive experience in developing highly loaded services, systems, and sites allows us to build the business logic of web projects with its subsequent implementation, providing architectural solutions of any complexity to automate processes.
    1. Full-cycle Back end Development

      A full suite of software development services for web, desktop, and mobile – that is what is waiting for our clients on our website. From industry analysis and prototyping to post-launch maintenance, our professionals will take care of all back end development phases.

    1. Latest Technology

      We use innovative technologies to create modern, scalable, and high-performance interface assets for all browsers and devices. The team’s technical excellence ensures deep knowledge of each.

    1. End-to-end Security

      Our company ensures information security, which involves data security and protection from unauthorized access. In particular, we advise on project security, troubleshoot data safety issues, and ensure data protection at the beginning of development. We can implement encryption, multi-level authentication, and other security measures.

    1. Scalability

      We implement support for the growing number of visitors, user accounts, and directory records and transaction volumes during the architectural design phase. We focus on multi-tiered web design and back end database optimization.

    Our Back-End Development Process

    1. Analytics

      At the very beginning of our cooperation, we conduct a brief, after which we draw up a product concept, which includes an analysis of industry, customer needs, product, and user scenarios. We’ll analyze the infrastructure and select a proper solution. Our pros will work out the process of interaction between the API and your site.

    1. Choose the cooperation model

      Our team will lend you a helping hand when selecting the most appropriate engagement model. Such factors as the project deadline, length, and tasks will be considered.

    1. Project’s prototype

      Before the marketplace is developed, we will design a prototype (MVP), which you can test and verify the necessity of the selected features.

    1. Post-launch support

      Our clients work with backend developers that speak, read, and write in English fluently.

    1. Send your project requirements

      We don’t always insist that you have a terms of reference from the start – we can help you formulate requirements. If you send your technical requirements, our team carefully studies them along with your business goals. The selected experts will prepare documentation and a development plan.

    1. Get an estimate

      Based on the project scope and timelines, it is possible for us to make estimates. For outstaffing services, we’re matching the best hires with your requirements for a reasonable price.

    1. Development

      We choose the technology under the requirements of the project, as well as think through and create an architecture. Next, our experts write the technical and functional specifications (if any more are needed). Finally, they proceed directly to the product development.

    1. Delivery and deployment

      At the end of the development process, we conduct functional testing, which helps us to identify and work out the problem areas and risks. Our experts also ensure continuous product integration and delivery to the customer. We configure continuous integration services and set up DevOps environments for test and production versions of the products.

    Our Tech Stack


    Related Services

    IntelliSoft’s range of related services is tailored to your business needs and plans for the future. Only vetted experts deliver products and services from our global talent pool.
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      Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

      Backend is the part of a website that is not visible from the outside because it is an executable program code, and users see the interface drawn by the browser (frontend), that is, the layout of sites in HTML.
      The back end software engineer works with the tools available on the server where the site is located. They can use any universal programming language, for example, back end Python, PHP, Java, or Ruby. The choice may be affected by the specific task and the project.
      The components of the backend web development also include server-side databases and database management systems: MySQL, SQLite, PostgreSQL, and MongoDB. Depending on the tools used, developer responsibilities vary.

      Server-side is necessary for safely keeping and allocating data, app hosting, and enhanced security. Backend developers prescribe the logic of IT products. They are responsible for the internal content of the system, data storage, and transfer. They also test the API (application programming interface) – a special set of commands/controls. It is designed for interaction of different programs with each other.
      In other words, the back end developer makes sure that the server generates a response and sends it to the right computer. Many people don’t even think about backend actions; for them, the page loads by itself.

      Those are services that offer backend web development or developers. Such experts are responsible for the functional core of the software, site, or mobile application. IntelliSoft is one of the companies that can implement your ideas by offering qualified engineers.

      They typically include three parts:

      • The server. It is basically a machine that processes client’s requests and returns the necessary information. At the same time, one server can process requests from many clients, just as one client can access many servers.
      • API. The application programming interface is the part of the server with which the client directly interacts. The idea is to let users easily find a website and make it through to it.
      • The database. The server only processes information, but does not store it. For this purpose, there are special tools called databases. For example, when you make a purchase in an online store, the server accesses the database to check the availability of goods, and only then allows you to buy them.

      The backend is the heart of the website, the logic of its operation, and the interaction between the server and the content. Without this software-hardware complex, the website and the server will not work correctly.

      Top four back end programming languages as of today are:

      • Python
      • PHP
      • Java
      • C#

      Say, a user goes to the Amazon website to look for a dress. A backend dev applies server-side language to retrieve all info about available dresses from a database. That data is processed in an app and returned to the user through the frontend language.