Best Practices
from Industry Experts
Hiring developers with narrow industry expertise is a step toward a successful product launch and faster feature releases. 


Improve communication of medical specialists and patients, store patient-sensitive data under extra security levels, ensure medical devices protection, and streamline data transfer among medical departments. 

  • Clinical Workplace 
  • Telemedicine Platforms 
  • Electronic Prescriptions 
  • Patient Data Management 
  • EHR  
  • ERP 
  • Medical Imaging 
  • Business Intelligence Modules


Improve the education process, streamline assessments checking and grading students, integrate custom education workplaces to keep students engaged, and reduce routine paperwork.

  • Gamification Functionality
  • Custom EdTech Platforms
  • Video Conferencing Integrations
  • Personalized Education Curriculum  
  • Custom Chatbots
  • Online Access to Text and Video Education Materials


Achieve marketing goals across various channels, manage business operations and customer relations, and optimize marketing efforts across various communication channels. 

  • Marketing Attribution Software
  • Email Marketing Platforms 
  • Content Management System
  • Customer Experience Software
  • Customer Relationship Management Software


Reduce logistics paperwork, ensure transparent drivers’ communication with clients, optimize route planning and schedule fleet maintenance, keep stock inventory up-to-date, and receive extra income from the last-mile delivery.   

  • Inventory and Warehouse Management Systems 
  • Fleet Management Platform Development
  • Freight Tracking Solutions 
  • Load and Demand Forecasting Platforms 
  • Online and Offline Access to Inventory Database


Digitalize the law practice with modern solutions for secured communication, case-related data storage for instant access to case reporters databases, and optimize business processes of scheduling meetings, time tracking, and invoicing.

  • Time Tracking and Online Billing Platforms 
  • Legal Research Database Integrations 
  • Law Firm Practice Management Software
  • Legal Document Management Systems
  • Case Management Solutions 
  • Online Consultation Scheduling Functionality
  • Contract Management Platforms
  • Court Case Status Tracker

Internet of Things (IoT)

We are aiming high to help our clients give their IoT solutions a solid boost, as well as develop innovative smart devices for the Internet of Things. With our help, you can harness the power of connected things by providing customer-centric user experiences to display data and monitor devices, from wearables connectivity to mobile data visualization.

  • IoT Consulting
  • IoT Data Management & Evaluation
  • IoT Integration
  • IoT Software Enhancement
  • User Software Development
  • Secure Device Connectivity
  • Middleware IoT Platforms Integration
  • Precision Navigation Tech