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Eastern Europe Outsourcing For Developing Great Products

Clients’ testimonials

Lars Dybdahl photo

Lars Dybdahl

Principal Architect at Cambio Healthcare Systems Denmark

IntelliSoft is a great partner. These engineers are up-to-date on the latest technology, they know what they are doing, and want to deliver high quality code. IntelliSoft allowed me as a CTO to focus on further developing our products.

Key Advantages of Software Development Outsourcing to Eastern Europe

More and more Western companies make a smart strategic move and choose software development outsourcing to Eastern Europe, which is crucial in today’s rapidly changing business environment. This region, known for its technological progressiveness and vibrant tech scene, offers unparalleled advantages, especially when the global market is riddled with challenges.
By opting for Eastern Europe for your software development outsourcing needs, you’re putting your trust in a region that’s in sync with your vision of innovation and success. At IntelliSoft, we embody these attributes, guaranteeing that your collaboration with us is transformative and fruitful. Let’s take a look at the main reasons why Eastern Europe has become more than just a destination for outsourcing, but a hotbed for innovation and competitive edge.

Top-Quality Technical Education

The educational system in Eastern Europe is renowned, particularly in rigorous disciplines like mathematics and computer science. This academic excellence ensures a continuous output of highly skilled IT professionals who are deeply knowledgeable in the latest technological trends and methodologies. These experts are not just theory-oriented, but are also well-versed in practical applications, which makes them ideal for handling complex software projects.


One of the most compelling reasons to choose Eastern Europe outsourcing is its cost advantage. The economic landscape of the region allows for competitive hiring rates without a dip in talent quality. Businesses can expect to save substantially, often around 40-50% compared to hiring rates in the US or Western Europe, making it not just a budget-friendly option but also a financially smart decision.

Stringent Data Security

Eastern Europe’s adherence to rigorous European standards for data security is a significant advantage. The region’s commitment to GDPR compliance and strict non-disclosure agreements provides assurance that intellectual property and sensitive data are protected with the utmost seriousness and professionalism.

Expansive Talent Pool

Eastern Europe is a treasure trove of tech talent, home to more than 2 million developers. This vast pool is marked by its diversity and dynamism, offering a range of expertise from fresh, innovative minds to seasoned tech veterans. These professionals are not only technically proficient but also bring a rich baggage of experience and unique perspectives to the table, consistently placing them among the top ranks of global developers.

Cultural Compatibility

The cultural milieu of Eastern Europe is remarkably compatible with Western business norms, enabling smooth and efficient collaborations. This cultural synergy is evident in management styles, problem-solving approaches, and teamwork dynamics, ensuring that interactions and projects flow smoothly without cultural friction.

High English Proficiency

Eastern Europe’s focus on English education has resulted in high proficiency levels, which is a critical factor for seamless international collaborations. This linguistic capability ensures that communication barriers are virtually non-existent, facilitating clear, effective, and efficient interactions with global partners.

Reasons Why Clients Choose IntelliSoft for Software Development Outsourcing to Eastern Europe

When it comes to Eastern Europe outsourcing software development, IntelliSoft stands out for many compelling reasons. Our clients find in us not just a service provider but a partner who can elevate their projects to new heights. Here’s a closer look at the six key factors that make IntelliSoft an unparalleled choice:

Accelerated Recruiting Process

At IntelliSoft, we’ve transformed the typical recruiting narrative. The industry often faces an 8-month delay in finding the right developer, but we’ve streamlined this process to a few weeks. Our rapid recruitment doesn’t mean we sacrifice quality - on the contrary, we utilize sophisticated matching techniques and leverage our extensive network of professionals. This approach ensures that the talent we bring to your project is quickly available and precisely aligned with your unique project requirements.

Technological and Cultural Synergy

We recognize that successful Eastern Europe outsourcing is as much about cultural fit as it is about technical expertise. IntelliSoft goes the extra mile to understand the nuances of your company culture, work ethics, and project goals. This dual emphasis on technical and cultural alignment leads to smoother team integration, more effective communication, and a productive work environment, all contributing to superior project results.

Seamless Integration with Your Team

Collaborating with IntelliSoft means more than just filling vacancies. Our developers become integral to your team, actively participating in meetings, sharing goals, and embodying your company’s vision. This deep integration fosters a strong sense of unity and drives collective success, ensuring that our team is not just working for you, but with you.

Consistency in Talent Allocation

We believe in the power of consistency. The talent allocated to your project remains dedicated to it from start to finish. Unlike other providers who might substitute key team members mid-project, IntelliSoft guarantees the high-caliber professionals you begin with will be the ones to bring your project to its successful completion, maintaining momentum and quality throughout.

Long-Term Commitment and Retention

Our approach is centered on building long-lasting relationships. We focus on the retention of the talent you hire, providing stability and continuity for your projects. This long-term vision contrasts with the traditional, short-term outlook of regular HR agencies, translating into a more dedicated and focused team for your endeavors.

Comprehensive Project Management and Expert Guidance

Besides staffing solutions, IntelliSoft provides complete project management. Our managers excel in agile methodologies, ensuring your project is managed with flexibility, efficiency, and timely delivery. Additionally, with the invaluable insight from our CEO, who has a background in development, we bring strategic and technical advice to your project.

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    How to Start Cooperation with IntelliSoft for Eastern Europe Outsourcing

    Starting a partnership with IntelliSoft for your Eastern European software development needs is a journey marked by clarity and efficiency. Our process, designed for smooth transitions and successful collaborations, unfolds in six well-defined stages:
    Initial Consultation
    Skill and Requirement Assessment
    Candidate Selection
    Onboarding and Integration
    Project Execution
    Performance Monitoring and Review

    Our Success Stories

    At IntelliSoft, we take pride in our portfolio of successful collaborations and achievements. Our commitment to excellence has yielded impressive results across various industries. Here are a few highlights from our case studies that showcase our expertise and the impact we’ve had on our clients’ businesses.

    Daintel & Cambio

    Our collaboration with Daintel began in 2007, starting modestly with just two dedicated developers. This partnership, nurtured and expanded over time, transformed into a full-scale R&D center by 2018, a direct result of IntelliSoft’s focused efforts. We played a crucial role in handpicking top-notch developers from Ukraine and facilitating seamless interactions between Daintel’s Product Owner and Project Managers. The impact? Daintel’s Intensive Care Unit system now enjoys a commanding 40% market share in Danish ICUs. Our success story reached new heights when Cambio Healthcare Systems acquired Daintel in 2019, integrating its advanced ICU functionalities into Cambio’s Clinical Information System – a true reflection of our collaborative achievement.


    Our journey with GrowthWheel illustrates our prowess in nurturing and evolving SaaS solutions. Initially tasked with crafting the first version of their visual toolbox for business advisors and entrepreneurship educators, we didn’t just deliver – we became an integral part of the platform’s continuous enhancement. Our team revamped the project’s architecture, boosted performance, and tackled quality and usability issues head-on. Today, GrowthWheel stands tall, supporting over 25,000 active users – a milestone that clearly speaks to our dedication, skill, and collaborative spirit.


    When ZyLAB approached us with their eDiscovery solution for enterprises, we were faced with a challenging yet invigorating project. IntelliSoft was entrusted with a critical role during a pivotal platform split: deploying the new system infrastructure. Our tasks were multifaceted, including the development of a testing environment and containerization. We were instrumental in upgrading the OKR tool to Tesseract 5 and developing a cutting-edge image preprocessing pipeline. This project not only solidified our reputation as a versatile Eastern Europe outsourcing partner but also underscored our technical dexterity and problem-solving abilities.
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      Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

      Outsourcing software development to Eastern Europe is catching on for good reasons. Think top-notch developers, thanks to the region’s strong STEM education. They’re not just code wizards – they’re innovative thinkers, too. Then there’s the wallet-friendly aspect. You get premium work without the hefty price tag you’d face in Western Europe or North America. Quality isn’t compromised, though – Eastern European tech firms stick to top-notch global standards.

      Culturally, they’re on the same page as Western businesses, making communication a breeze – a big win for project success. Plus, everyone speaks English well. Need a specific tech skill? Chances are, you’ll find it here. The region’s IT scene is diverse, offering everything from legacy systems to the latest tech.

      Another perk is the time zone. Eastern Europe is just a hop, skip, and jump from major Western European markets, making teamwork smoother and more synchronized. Eastern Europe is a powerhouse combo of technical brilliance, cost savings, cultural sync, varied expertise, and convenient collaboration, ideal for boosting your software development game.

      At IntelliSoft, quality in outsourcing software development to Eastern Europe is in everything we do. Here’s the scoop: We’re super picky about who joins our team. Only the best IT pros from tech-savvy regions like Bulgaria, Poland, and Ukraine make the cut.

      Our services? Think of it as a buffet of tech goodness. From MVPs for start-ups to complex cloud and data solutions, we’re all about nailing it every time. Our approach is tailor-made – staff augmentation, outstaffing, dedicated teams – you name it, we align it with your project goals.

      Project management? It’s agile, and it’s slick. We ensure things run like clockwork, meeting your highest expectations. Quality assurance isn’t an afterthought. Our software undergoes rigorous testing because perfection is the name of the game.

      Distance? No issue. We’re masters at using top-notch communication tools to bridge any gap, keeping the collaboration tight. We’re global citizens, adhering to international software development standards for innovative, compliant solutions.

      And yes, we’re big on protecting your intellectual property. When you team up with us, rest assured that your ideas stay yours, brilliantly executed and securely yours. In essence, IntelliSoft’s approach to quality in Eastern Europe outsourcing is all-encompassing, ensuring clients get nothing but the best, perfectly aligned with their unique needs and ambitions.

      Outsourcing to Eastern Europe stands out from the crowd, and here’s why. First off, their STEM education is top-notch, churning out tech wizards with solid engineering and computer science chops. These folks are not just coding – they’re innovating.

      Then there’s the culture thing. Eastern Europe gets how the West rolls – in business, communication, you name it. It’s like working with a distant cousin rather than a total stranger, making things way smoother.

      English skills? Check. They’ve got that covered better than many spots in Asia or Latin America, which means less lost in translation moments. Plus, they’re pretty much in the same time zone if you’re in Europe or the US, making those urgent calls less of a midnight headache.

      Quality-wise, they’re killing it. Think premium software development that often goes beyond the norm. Sure, it’s not the cheapest option, but what you pay for is what you get – top-tier quality without breaking the bank like in Western Europe or North America.

      And let’s not forget data security and intellectual property. Eastern Europe aligns closely with EU regulations, so your data and ideas are in safe hands. In short, Eastern Europe brings a blend of tech brilliance, cultural sync, clear communication, and a sweet spot of cost and quality, making it a go-to for businesses eyeing stellar software development.

      IntelliSoft takes a no-stone-unturned approach to picking professionals, which makes us one of the best software development companies in Eastern Europe. It’s a game of finding the best of the best. First, we do our homework, sifting through applicants to spot the real deal – those with solid reputations and happy clients.

      Next up, we dig deep into their tech skills. We’re talking everything from code to cloud – they’ve got to know their stuff inside out. But it’s not all about tech wizardry. These developers have to vibe with our way of doing things and nail English communication so everything runs like clockwork.

      We don’t just take their word for it. We pour over their past projects, looking for complexity and client kudos to ensure they’re really top-tier. Plus, they’ve got to be on point with international standards, especially when it comes to keeping data safe and sound.

      If we can, we’ll drop by for a face-to-face. When we find our match, we shake hands on it, but the scrutiny doesn’t stop there. We keep an eagle eye on them to make sure they stay sharp and innovative. So, that’s how IntelliSoft, the finest IT outsourcing company Eastern Europe has ever seen, rolls when it comes to hiring Eastern Europe’s best professionals in software development – thorough, thoughtful, and always aiming for excellence.

      Outsourcing IT to Eastern Europe with IntelliSoft? It’s a smart move for your wallet without skimping on quality. Here’s the deal: You get access to brilliant IT pros who don’t cost an arm and a leg, like in Western Europe or the States. We’ve got this knack for finding the right talent at the right price, ensuring you get top-notch skills without the hefty price tag.

      Our team scaling is like a well-oiled machine – we ramp up or down based on your project’s pulse, meaning you’re not shelling out for idle hands. And our project management? It’s tight. We stick to budgets and timelines like glue, dodging cost overruns.

      Quality? It’s in our DNA. Eastern Europe’s tech scene is all about high standards, so expect nothing less than stellar work that won’t need a do-over. Plus, you save big on not having to beef up your own infrastructure and tech gear. We’ve got all that sorted.

      Time zones can be a blessing, too. Our teams work while you’re off, keeping the wheels turning 24/7. It speeds things up, getting your project across the finish line faster. And let’s not forget, sticking to global standards is our jam – it means the software’s not just good, it’s secure and scalable, saving you future headaches.

      In a nutshell, partnering with IntelliSoft for your Eastern Europe outsourcing is all about getting more bang for your buck, quality-wise and cost-wise.

      When it comes to keeping your data and ideas safe in Eastern Europe software development outsourcing, IntelliSoft doesn’t mess around. Here’s how we lock things down:
      First up, we’re all about playing by the global data protection rules. Think GDPR-level security, making sure your data’s handled like a state secret, no matter where we are. Then there’s the NDA fortress. Before we kick off any project, everyone signs on the dotted line – our team, our partners, everyone. It’s ironclad and all about keeping your info under wraps.

      We’re constantly on our toes, running security audits and compliance checks. It’s like a health check-up for our data security practices, ensuring everything’s shipshape. Talking tech, we use top-notch encryption. Your data’s scrambled into code that only the right people can crack, both when it’s zipping through the internet and when it’s stored.

      Our team gets regular training on data security and IP protection. We drill into them the dos and don’ts of keeping client info safe from prying eyes. Access to sensitive information is on a need-to-know basis. We’re strict about who gets to peek into what, backed by round-the-clock monitoring to catch any trickery.

      Your IP? It’s locked down. All the code and designs we create for you are yours and yours alone. And if the unexpected happens, we’re ready. We’ve got a plan to jump into action, minimize any damage, and get things back on track, fast, without letting your data or IP take a hit.

      IntelliSoft’s all about wrapping your data and IP in a security blanket, making sure they’re safe and sound while we work our tech magic in Eastern Europe software development outsourcing.

      Teaming up with IntelliSoft in Eastern Europe? Get ready to work with some real tech masters. Here’s a snapshot of what these devs bring to your project:

      They’re like the Swiss Army knives of coding – Java, Python, C#, JavaScript, you name it. Whether it’s crafting sleek user interfaces or handling complex server-side logic, they’ve got it covered. Staying ahead of the tech curve is their game. From the latest web tech like React and Angular to mobile magic with React Native and Flutter, they’re always on top of trends.

      Full-stack development? Absolutely. They juggle front-end and back-end with equal flair, making sure your apps are solid from all angles. Cloud’s the limit for these guys and girls. Whether you’re into AWS, Azure, or Google Cloud, they’re up in the cloud, building and managing top-notch cloud-native solutions.

      Quality assurance isn’t an afterthought. They test like pros, ensuring every bit of software is top-notch, secure, and user-friendly. DevOps? They’re on it. From automating workflows to setting up CI/CD pipelines, they keep things running smoothly and efficiently.

      Need insights from data or some AI magic? They’re data wizards ready to dive into big data and machine learning, turning numbers into actionable insights. Problem-solving is in their DNA. They’re quick to grasp complex requirements and find smart, innovative solutions.

      And yes, they speak tech and English fluently, so expect smooth sailing in the communication department. In short, IntelliSoft’s outsourcing Eastern Europe developers are your all-around tech partners, blending technical prowess with a knack for problem-solving and clear communication.

      Navigating the time zone tango and keeping communication smooth in software outsourcing Eastern Europe? IntelliSoft’s got it down to a science. Here’s the playbook:

      Flexi-time is the name of the game. Our Eastern Europe teams tweak their clocks to sync up with our clients, making sure there’s plenty of overlap for real-time chats and brainstorms. Next, we’re big on communication tools. Think video calls, instant messages, and digital project boards that keep everyone connected and in the loop, no matter the miles between.

      Scheduled conferences are key. We pencil in regular catch-ups at times that work for everyone, keeping the communication train on track. Our project managers are like communication superheroes, always there to bridge any gaps and keep the info flowing smoothly.

      Culture savvy? Absolutely. Our teams get the lowdown on how to gel with clients from all corners, making sure no wires get crossed, culturally speaking. For the nitty-gritty project details, tools like JIRA or Trello come into play. They’re perfect for tracking progress and sharing thoughts, even when we’re off the clock.

      And let’s talk docs – we keep everything crystal clear and up-to-date, so everyone’s on the same page, always. Do you have an urgent issue? No sweat. Our emergency contact system means help is just a call or a click away, anytime. IntelliSoft’s all about making sure distance and time zones don’t put a dent in our collaboration game, ensuring smooth sailing in software outsourcing Eastern Europe.

      IntelliSoft shines as a star IT software outsourcing company in Eastern Europe, and here’s why. First off, we’re swimming in a talent pool that’s brimming with tech-savvy pros. With a focus on technical education, this region is like a goldmine for finding IT experts. Quality? It’s our middle name. Whether it’s crafting code or managing projects, we’re all about delivering top-tier work that goes beyond just ticking boxes.

      Then there’s the wallet-friendly factor. We offer prime services without the sticker shock, giving you serious bang for your buck compared to other parts of the globe. Cultural smarts is another ace up our sleeve. We get the Western business vibe, making teamwork a breeze minus the usual lost-in-translation moments.

      Project management is our playground. Agile, flexible, on-point – they make sure projects hit the finish line on time and on budget. Building relationships is our thing. We dive deep into understanding what makes your business tick, aligning their tech solutions to your grand plan. Data security? Ironclad. We stick to the strictest protocols, keeping your sensitive info locked down tight.

      Communication barriers? Non-existent. Our teams are fluent in tech-speak and English, so expect smooth sailing on the communication front. And when it comes to staying ahead of the tech curve, we’re like the scouts of the IT world – always on the lookout for the next big thing to keep you ahead of the game.

      In a nutshell, IntelliSoft’s mix of talent, quality, cost-savvy solutions, cultural understanding, project savvy, relationship focus, security commitment, and innovation makes us a go-to IT outsourcing company (Eastern Europe).

      At IntelliSoft, we understand the importance of nurturing long-term partnerships in Eastern Europe’s IT software outsourcing landscape. Our approach is deeply rooted in a commitment to understanding your business, ensuring that our services evolve alongside your growing needs.

      Communication is key in our relationships. We maintain open and consistent dialogue, offering regular updates and being readily available to address any concerns. This ongoing communication ensures that our efforts align seamlessly with your expectations and changing requirements.

      Quality is at the forefront of what we do. We adhere to strict quality assurance processes and are dedicated to continuous improvement, ensuring that our solutions consistently add value to your business. We recognize that flexibility and adaptability are vital in today’s dynamic business environment. Our services are designed to be scalable, enabling us to efficiently adjust to your evolving business demands.

      Our commitment extends beyond project completion. We offer comprehensive support and maintenance services, ensuring that the solutions we provide continue to perform optimally over time. Building and maintaining trust is fundamental to our partnerships. We foster this through transparency in our processes, progress, and pricing, creating a foundation of confidence and reliability.

      We go beyond just technical expertise. Our team provides valuable insights and advice, helping you navigate the market and stay ahead technologically. Cultural alignment and shared values are integral to our collaborative success. We strive to understand and match your organizational culture, reducing conflicts and enhancing our working relationship.

      We actively seek and incorporate your feedback, allowing us to refine our services and ensure that they meet your expectations consistently. For long-term projects, we assign dedicated teams, ensuring continuity and a deep understanding of your specific needs and goals.

      In sum, at IntelliSoft, we are dedicated to fostering enduring relationships marked by deep understanding, effective communication, unwavering quality, and a commitment to delivering value beyond just software development.

      IntelliSoft has a rich portfolio of success stories and case studies that highlight our expertise and accomplishments in IT outsourcing Eastern Europe. These stories showcase our ability to deliver high-quality solutions across various industries and technologies. Here are a few notable examples:

      Healthcare Sector Success – Revolutionizing ICU Management
      We partnered with Daintel, a healthcare company, to develop an innovative Intensive Care Unit management system. Starting with just two developers in 2007, we expanded to a full-fledged R&D center by 2018. Our team sourced top-notch developers from Ukraine, facilitating effective communication and collaboration. The result was a dominant ICU system in Denmark, capturing 40% of the market. The project’s success led to Daintel’s acquisition by Cambio Healthcare Systems in 2019, a testament to the quality and impact of our work.

      Legal Tech Breakthrough with ZyLAB
      IntelliSoft collaborated with ZyLAB, a provider of eDiscovery solutions for enterprises. We were tasked with deploying new system infrastructure during a platform split, including setting up a testing environment and containerization. Our team upgraded the OKR tool to Tesseract 5 and developed an image preprocessing pipeline, showcasing our ability to handle complex, tech-heavy projects efficiently.

      Entrepreneurial Support – Building GrowthWheel
      For GrowthWheel, a SaaS platform for business advisors and entrepreneurship educators, IntelliSoft built the first version of the platform and continued to be involved in its development. We undertook a project refactoring, improved performance, and addressed quality and usability issues. The platform now boasts over 25,000 active users, demonstrating our capability to deliver scalable and user-friendly software solutions.

      These case studies demonstrate IntelliSoft’s capacity to deliver exceptional outsourcing services in Eastern Europe across different sectors. Our projects often exceed client expectations, resulting in significant business improvements and innovations. Each success story is a testament to our commitment to quality, our deep understanding of various industries, and our ability to leverage the talent and technological expertise available for IT outsourcing Eastern Europe.

      IntelliSoft takes a tailored and clear-cut approach to contracts and pricing for IT outsourcing in Eastern Europe. We focus on aligning with each client’s unique needs and budget. Here’s our method:

      Every project gets its own contract, specially crafted to reflect its specific requirements, ensuring clarity on roles and deliverables. Our clients can pick from multiple pricing models:

      • Time and Material for evolving project scopes.
      • Fixed price for well-defined projects, offering budget predictability.
      • Dedicated team for long-term collaborations, combining flexibility with cost-effectiveness.

      We stand for full transparency in pricing, with no hidden fees. Clients know exactly what they’re paying for, aiding in informed budget decisions. Some contracts may link payments to project milestones or performance, aligning our goals with those of our clients.

      Clients receive consistent financial updates for effective budget management. All our contracts and pricing adhere to international standards, ensuring ethical and lawful engagements. By offering these adaptable contract and pricing options for outsourcing Eastern Europe, IntelliSoft ensures that our clients can select the most suitable model for their project’s goals and financial requirements.