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Lars Dybdahl

Principal Architect at Cambio Healthcare Systems Denmark

IntelliSoft is a great partner. These engineers are up-to-date on the latest technology, they know what they are doing, and want to deliver high quality code. IntelliSoft allowed me as a CTO to focus on further developing our products.

Logistics Software Development Services We Offer

We develop a comprehensive IT ecosystem of tools, technologies, operations, and automated workflows to help your business meet its goals, reduce costs, and move toward sustainable operations.
Transportation software development services you can hire IntelliSoft for:

Custom Logistics Software Development

IntelliSoft creates transport and logistics software solutions from scratch, considering your unique requirements, needs, and business capabilities. Our dedicated teams are responsible for everything from IT architecture to UI/UX design and user testing, ensuring that the end product is tailored to your business infrastructure. Our main goal is to build a lasting technology partnership that lets you bring your ideas to life.

New Feature Integration

We integrate advanced features into your current or custom software solution, including predictive maintenance algorithms, real-time tracking, barcode scanners, and paperless accounting solutions. Our expertise ensures that every new feature helps optimize the efficiency of your software solution at every turn.

Code Optimization

We strive to achieve the top efficiency level, so we optimize code legacy in logistics products. We fine-tune your software to enhance productivity, ensure top performance, and calibrate responsiveness.

Dedicated Research and Development Centers

We create our dedicated teams based on our client’s needs, requirements, unique capabilities, and technology expertise. We aim to find our clients a perfect fit for their projects and ensure continuous software development, seamless communication, and practical software maintenance and support.

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) Integration

We believe that EDI revolutionizes data exchange in a supply chain. Thus, we help you connect your logistics software solutions with your partners, customers, and suppliers for faster and more efficient communication, enhanced collaboration, and timely delivery.

IoT and Sensor Integration

IntelliSoft helps you embed all your vehicles, warehouses, and shipments with sensors to help you gain round-the-clock access to updates, tracking, and information about temperature, location, and humidity. Make the most out of IoT technology and control everything through your smartphone or tablet.

Data Analytics and Reporting

Data is the basis of any logistics business. With our custom data analytics and reporting solutions, you can make more data-driven decisions, gain actionable insights into the state of your business, and boost your operational efficiency.

Integration with E-commerce Platforms

Any transportation business needs seamless integration with e-commerce platforms for automated order processing and inventory updates. The IntelliSoft team can help you ensure that your logistics software is connected to an e-commerce platform of choice for real-time tracking, timely order delivery, and enhanced customer service.

Regulatory Compliance Solutions

We always ensure that your custom logistics software meets the latest regulatory requirements, industry-specific regulations, and international trade laws. This helps minimize risks and ensure efficient cross-border delivery.

User Training and Support

After we develop a custom solution, we introduce the new software to your team, provide training and support, and answer any questions you may have. It helps ensure that your employees are proficient in the new logistics software and can address any issues in real time.

Digital Solutions We Can Create for Your Logistics Organization

Transportation Management System (TMS)

IntelliSoft creates custom TMS solutions to help clients plan, execute, and optimize the movement of goods, both incoming and outgoing. TMS simplifies the entire order lifecycle, from entry to packing, shipping, and real-time tracking with GPS.

Warehouse Management System (WMS)

Our custom warehouse management solutions can help you unlock the true power of effective warehousing. Everything is under your control from when your goods enter a distribution or fulfillment center until they are shipped. A custom-built WMS solution offers powerful tools for packing goods, resource utilization, analytics, and labor management.

Vehicle Fleet Management Software (FMS)

IntelliSoft’s intelligent vehicle fleet management software (FMS) allows you to track, monitor, and create performance reports on your vehicle fleets’ performance. It includes maintenance scheduling, fuel efficiency analysis, road infrastructure information, and real-time fleet tracking features. With the help of a mobile solution, you will be able to receive 24/7 updates no matter where you are located in the world.

Supply Chain Visibility Platform (SCV)

A powerful SCV platform is your solution for unparalleled visibility and transparency. It provides end-to-end tracking of goods, raw materials, and other components in your complex supply chain network. Use a custom SCV platform to optimize your inventory levels, increase profitability, and ensure seamless coordination.

Last-Mile Delivery Solutions

Custom smart last-mile solutions are growing in popularity due to increased B2C deliveries. They include features like auto-dispatch for assigning drivers for the right tasks at the right time, smart tracking, audit tools, and optimized route planning thanks to the road infrastructure analysis feature. IntelliSoft builds last-mile solutions with end customers in mind, helping them receive the best quality of service, real-time delivery updates, and a more environmentally friendly delivery experience.

E-commerce Integration Platform

To integrate your logistics software with an e-commerce platform of your choice, you need a specific integration platform that the IntelliSoft team can build from scratch. It will help ensure seamless synchronization of the inventory, online orders, and total control of order fulfillment. We can also add an inventory planner that uses historical data to predict when specific items will be in stock again to prevent stock-outs.

IoT-enabled Monitoring Solutions

IntelliSoft helps clients interconnect all their physical devices and objects through the internet to collect, exchange, and analyze data. In logistics, IoT-monitoring solutions allow you to keep an eye on assets in real-time, temperature-sensitive shipments, location, humidity, etc. IoT in logistics helps companies enhance visibility, real-time tracking, and optimize route planning.

Traffic Management Software

We deliver custom traffic management software solutions for you to manage your vehicles’ traffic through traffic analysis tools, traffic simulation, sensor data, and traffic planning. With this software, your shipment will never be late because you will know about possible traffic jams ahead of time.

Data Analytics and Reporting Dashboard

If you need a playground for data exploration, a data analytics and reporting dashboard is for you. IntelliSoft can help you build a system for visualizing any data type, depending on your requirements, needs, and control points. A dashboard effectively measures your logistics company’s achievements and progress, and motivates you to achieve new goals.

Mobile Apps for Logistics Personnel

At IntelliSoft, we can develop various types of mobile apps for logistics personnel based on your needs. These apps can foster real-time communication, be used for delivery updates, route optimization, capture electronic signatures, and manage inventory. No matter the type of app, it will keep your employees informed and connected.

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    Why Choose IntelliSoft for Your Logistics Software Solutions?

    Streamlined communication

    Clear and open communication with clients is our number one priority. When we start working with our clients, we create a detailed communication plan, outlining regular calls and meetings between the teams and clients. It helps ensure that your vision is understood, we meet all your needs and requirements, and it is easy to share feedback throughout the development journey. Seamless collaboration with our clients helps us build strong, lasting relationships and stay on the same page.

    Top-notch project management

    When you choose IntelliSoft as your development partner, you can be sure that your project is in expert hands. We have established a robust Project Management Office that takes care of scheduling, planning, mitigating project risks, and managing the budget. Our meticulous project management helps ensure that no deadline is missed, all milestones are achieved, and your project meets your requirements and end-users’ expectations. IntelliSoft controls everything from the project scope, budget, and schedule to the delivery and maintenance after the deployment.

    Consistent delivery

    At IntelliSoft, consistency is our standard. To achieve it, we leverage various software development methodologies and techniques, including Scrum, the Scaled Agile Framework, and Scrumban. The choice of the framework depends on your unique case, the size of the project, and the type of software that needs to be developed. Adopting the Agile methodology helps us ensure seamless and effective collaboration and timely project delivery, and minimize risks.

    Scaling on demand

    As your logistics needs evolve, so do our solutions. Your peace of mind and confidence in what tomorrow brings are our priorities, so we ensure that no matter how your needs change, we are ready to meet them. If you need to scale up your team - we will provide the resources; if your requirements change and you need to scale up the project - we can do that as well. Thanks to our experienced, talented team, we can meet any scalability needs and help you achieve any goals.

    Fast onboarding

    Working with diverse clients from all over the globe has allowed us to develop great expertise in effective communication and seamless collaboration. We take pride in our talented team of professionals who speak perfect English and are constantly improving their skills, ready to communicate with you on any topic. No matter where you are located in the world, language barriers, time zones, cultural backgrounds, and other factors won’t influence our collaboration. You can always be sure you will receive the highest quality of service.

    Relevant data for grounded decisions

    All the decisions we make are based on comprehensive business and market research. We dedicate our time and effort to analyzing the trends in the market, competition, and your business capabilities to tailor our solutions to your and the end users’ needs.

    Our logistics projects


    We ensured online and offline database synchronization between mobile devices used in field operations and local databases. The project scope also includes the development of Inventory and Maintenance AMOS applications, a Quality Management system, and a Web Approvals module.

    Ingram Barge

    We provided the client with Outsourcing Transportation software development to build a fully-fledged Fleet Management System that manages a fleet of 5000+ barges. The project includes barges location visualization, route planning functionality, and collaborative tools for shore-side personnel and boat captains.

    Road Ready

    We integrated IoT sensors to enable the system to monitor and track fleets of trailers wirelessly. The IntelliSoft team integrated advanced monitoring functionality with real-time alerts, notifications, and reports for better fleet control.


    We delivered an application that simplifies third-party sensors' installation and configuration processes on vehicles by evolving multiple scenarios, the number of sensors, and vehicle type. The app also validates the data transmission and provides a dashboard visualization for easy field modifications.

    Our engagement models

    IntelliSoft is a transportation software development company that offers three main models of cooperation:
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      Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

      The logistics industry is changing with the growing popularity of e-commerce platforms and the evolution of retail. Logistics is the vital component of the supply chain, helping deliver goods to online shoppers, parts and raw materials to manufacturers, products to supermarkets, and so on. With logistics, borders between countries are no longer an issue as it allows moving freight all over the globe efficiently.

      If you want your logistics company to stay on top of the competition and work with international customers, it’s essential to deliver logistics software solutions that will help you optimize your processes and automate tasks. A custom technology platform that is tailored to your needs is no longer an option – it is a must. It will help you provide exceptional customer service, track your freight and deliveries in real-time, control the delivery process, and increase your revenue.

      Here are the key benefits of logistics software:

      • Improved customer experience
      • More time for high-priority tasks
      • Reduced costs
      • Improved management of digital assets

      IntelliSoft is a logistics management software development company that works both with existing transportation and logistics software and develops custom solutions. If you already have a logistics solution and need to add new features, migrate to a new infrastructure, or alert any part of it to make it more efficient, our team can assist with that. We provide advisory and consulting services to assess your current capabilities and see what needs to be changed to address the growing needs of your business. Moreover, we can help make your software more scalable and secure and improve its performance.

      If you don’t have a transportation software solution, our talented team can build it from scratch, starting from requirements gathering to maintenance and support after the solution has been developed. Depending on the cooperation model you choose, we can either take on full responsibility for the project or provide you with the necessary tools, skills, and procedures for effective development.

      IntelliSoft provides three main collaboration models: staff augmentation, outstaffing, and dedicated teams.


      Leverage our skilled professionals as an extension of your team.

      • You lead the project management part.
      • Quality ownership is on your side.
      • You pay for the workforce you require – nothing more.

      Staff Augmentation

      Access your current business capabilities and get the talent, tools, and expertise you need.

      • Project management and quality ownership are collaborative.
      • Take your operations to the next level with added capabilities.
      • You pay for operational excellence with cost-effective solutions.

      Dedicated Teams

      Take on a collaborative journey with IntelliSoft’s dedicated team.

      • Project management is on our team’s side.
      • We take full responsibility for the quality of the project.
      • You pay for the intellectual property that drives your success.

      The timeline of your project development depends on the cooperation model, the scope of the project, and your budget.

      If you need to develop a complex project with lots of complicated features, it will take longer to develop this solution than adding features to an existing one, for instance. Moreover, when developing a custom platform, we need to gather the requirements and conduct market research, which also takes more time and effort. Designing the software’s architecture can take from several weeks to a couple of months.

      If you need a consultation on your project’s timeline, you can contact us, and we will schedule a consultation and provide you with estimates to help you decide.

      The choice of technologies depends on your specific project needs. IntelliSoft has experience in logistics software development, process automation, business intelligence, network optimization, and innovative technology implementations. Usually, we use these technologies to build transportation software solutions:

      We develop logistics software in several stages. At each of them, you get detailed reports on the work, and our managers are in touch, answering your questions during the process.

      Stage 1. Gathering requirements

      We start by studying the characteristics and goals of our client’s company, the competitors, target audience, and principles of work. To make sure you’re not worried about personal data, we’ll sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA). After collecting characteristics and studying the business, specialists form a development concept. This creates an understanding of what the final product should be.

      Stage 3. Creating a UX design

      UX design prioritizes convenience by optimizing button placement, element arrangement, and user-friendliness for both computer and smartphone interactions. During the business analysis phase, we gather employee data, considering factors such as age and digital product familiarity. Our designers then work diligently to create an application that ensures clarity, quick comprehension, and accessibility for all individuals within your organization.

      Stage 2. Choosing the tech stack

      After we collect your requirements and have a general idea of how your solution should look, we choose the technology stack. It includes the framework, programming languages, testing technologies, and other tools. Our goal is to make the product as quickly as possible and implement it in your business so that you experience the results immediately.

      Stage 4. Testing & launching

      Next, our specialists start writing code and connecting third-party services to create a unified logistics software solution. As we near completion, thorough testing takes place to ensure everything works smoothly. Our quality assurance engineers go through each button and function to confirm they operate seamlessly. We also test the software under different conditions to ensure security, and that the protection of personal data are robustly maintained.

      Proven Technical Proficiency

      We’ve successfully delivered four logistics solutions software catering to marine, freight forwarding, fleet management, and warehousing needs. Our expertise encompasses web and mobile app development, cloud computing, architecture improvement, and database integration.

      Value Enhancement

      Effective project management and meticulous planning are integral to logistics software development success. Prior to integrating developers into your dedicated team, we conduct thorough business analysis, engage with your stakeholders, and precisely define requirements for IT specialists and project performance.

      Top-Quality Solutions

      Our commitment to excellence and client satisfaction drives us. We ensure solution quality by adapting to clients’ development and testing approaches, employing both manual and automated testing best practices. Our adherence to comprehensive tech documentation guarantees every feature’s proper functioning and alignment with “the definition of done.”

      End-to-End Development

      At IntelliSoft, we’re engaged throughout the software development lifecycle – from initial business analysis and user experience design, to rigorous testing. We recommend and create project architecture, handle backend and frontend development, integrate features seamlessly, or construct them from the ground up. Our approach provides clients with a dedicated team that tailors solutions to their unique needs.

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