At IntelliSoft, we leverage over 15 years of experience developing state-of-the-art Delivery Management Software (DMS) solutions tailored to various industries. Our custom-built applications are designed to improve the efficiency of your delivery operations, providing unparalleled visibility and enabling scalable growth. Tell us about your project

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Lars Dybdahl

Principal Architect at Cambio Healthcare Systems Denmark

IntelliSoft is a great partner. These engineers are up-to-date on the latest technology, they know what they are doing, and want to deliver high quality code. IntelliSoft allowed me as a CTO to focus on further developing our products.

Delivery Management Software Development Services We Offer

We provide custom ecommerce delivery management software designed for logistics and delivery businesses. Each solution incorporates advanced tools, cutting-edge technologies, and automated workflows to optimize route planning, enhance real-time tracking, improve customer satisfaction, and drive efficiency.

Custom Development

We offer expert help in creating delivery management solutions with tailored features for businesses, including auto-dispatching, task alerts, and efficient route planning software for drivers.

Mobile App Development

Our team possesses expertise in crafting robust and user-friendly mobile applications that are designed to meet the unique needs of both delivery drivers and customers. We focus on creating feature-rich applications that streamline delivery and enhance the overall customer experience.

Scalability Solutions

To ensure seamless business performance, you should have tailor-made solutions that can easily adjust to growth demands. These solutions should be easily scalable, allowing businesses to operate smoothly without any obstacles.

Integration Services

Integrating your existing systems, such as inventory management, CRM, and financial systems, can streamline business operations and improve productivity by creating an organized data flow.

Analytics and Reporting

By leveraging sophisticated analytics and reporting tools, companies can streamline delivery operations to achieve greater efficiency and significantly reduce delivery times.

Support and Maintenance

Сonsistent and reliable support and maintenance services help to ensure that the delivery management software remains up-to-date, secure, and operates efficiently over time.

Digital Solutions We Can Create For Your Delivery Organization

At IntelliSoft, we specialize in creating advanced delivery management software designed to streamline delivery processes, increase visibility across the delivery network, and enhance efficiency in logistics operations. Our cutting-edge technologies and innovative strategies enable businesses to gain a competitive edge by improving agility, ensuring reliability, and supporting scalable growth.

Live Location Tracking

Consider allowing customers to track their deliveries in real time by sharing your live location with them.

Customer Reviews

Gather customer feedback after delivery by requesting a rating and feedback via SMS. This approach will help you find areas for improvement.

Route Optimization

Generate the most effective routes for your delivery drivers in a matter of seconds with this feature.

Delivery Management

Ensure the delivery is made on time and safely, minimizing any wastage or labor.

Proof of Delivery

Capture the item’s photo and e-signature using our mobile app upon delivery. These details are visible to customers in real time.

SMS Alerts

Tell customers when you’re arriving with our automated SMS system to avoid missed deliveries.

Last Mile

Optimize your bookings with reduced fuel costs, better communication, and increased productivity.

GPS Tracking

Track your vehicles and assets to keep customers informed with accurate ETAs and quick issue response.

Why Choose IntelliSoft for Your Delivery Management Software Solutions?

Streamlined Communication

IntelliSoft is a leading provider of cutting-edge ecommerce delivery management software solutions. We understand the critical importance of streamlined communication in optimizing delivery operations, and that's why our bespoke communication framework is designed to facilitate daily, weekly, and monthly sync-ups between our clients and dedicated project teams.

Exemplary Project Management

When managing deliveries, keeping your budget in check, meeting deadlines, and minimizing risks is essential. This is where our Project Management Office comes in, serving as the backbone of our operation. Our team of skilled project managers oversees every aspect of your delivery management system's development. We leave no stone unturned to ensure a smooth rollout of your solution, tailored to meet and exceed your expectations. Our approach covers everything from defining the project scope to fostering positive team dynamics.

Agile Delivery

At IntelliSoft, we are dedicated to providing exceptional services to our clients. To achieve this, we have implemented agile methodologies such as Scrum and Scrumban, as well as the Scaled Agile Framework, which enable us to handle projects of any size easily. Our proactive and agile approach allows us to expedite project completion, manage unexpected challenges, and minimize delays, ensuring that we consistently deliver efficient and reliable results as promised to our clients.

Adaptive Solutions

IntelliSoft recognizes the need to remain flexible and adaptable in the delivery industry. We provide seamless scalability and responsiveness to help you achieve your delivery milestones without interruption. Our vast network of versatile experts is always ready to provide customized strategies that align perfectly with your unique business objectives. We are committed to working closely with you and ensuring your success, whether you need additional resources or changes to your project plan.

Rapid Integration

Our team takes great pride in serving our diverse global client base. Over the years, we have honed our skills in bridging communication gaps and creating collaborative environments that transcend geographical distances and cultural differences. Our team is highly proficient in English and is committed to continuously improving their language skills to serve our clients better. Our ultimate goal is to provide an exceptional delivery management system that can be deployed swiftly, no matter where our clients are.

Data-Driven Insights

At IntelliSoft, we are committed to offering the best delivery management software to our clients. We follow a comprehensive approach to creating a solid software development foundation to ensure the most satisfactory outcomes. Our team conducts a thorough market analysis to identify the latest trends and technologies in the industry. Moreover, we take the time to understand our clients' business needs, challenges, and objectives. We believe in designing exceptional software that goes beyond our clients' expectations.

Industries We Serve

At IntelliSoft, we specialize in providing tailored solutions that surpass technological limitations and cater to unique business needs across various industries. Our extensive experience and comprehensive understanding of each sector enable us to identify precise obstacles and prospects and craft ingenious solutions that aid our clients in maintaining a competitive edge.

Our Technologies

Our Engagement Models

As a custom delivery management software provider, we understand that every business faces unique challenges and preferences when overseeing its delivery operations and technology solutions. Therefore, IntelliSoft offers versatile tools tailored to align with your strategic goals, operational needs, and financial constraints.
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    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

    Delivery Management Software is a comprehensive solution to simplify and streamline the delivery management process. The software has features, tools, and elements that enable businesses to efficiently plan and manage their delivery routes, ensuring seamless last-mile delivery operations.

    With Delivery Management Software, businesses can benefit from advanced automation and intelligent strategies. It’s not just about optimizing your delivery operations and minimizing errors. It’s about improving customer satisfaction. The software comes equipped with a range of features such as real-time tracking, route optimization, delivery scheduling, driver management, and more, all designed to enhance your delivery process.

    By leveraging the power of Delivery Management Software, businesses can improve their operational efficiency, reduce costs, and enhance their overall delivery experience.

    IntelliSoft offers assistance in developing highly customized route planning software designed to simplify complex business functions and ensure the smooth running of work processes. These solutions are engineered to optimize the delivery process, which in turn helps to increase overall productivity and efficiency within your organization. Moreover, routing software provides enhanced flexibility to accommodate various departmental workflows and ensures that all data is securely stored in a centralized location.

    Last-mile delivery software typically has the following key components and architecture:

    Dispatcher/Routing Module
    This module helps build optimized delivery routes based on customer locations, order details, vehicle availability, and driver schedules. It uses algorithms like Traveling Salesman Problem, Vehicle Routing Problem, and Dynamic Programming to generate the most efficient routes. It often integrates with maps and navigation APIs to get real-time traffic data and update routes accordingly.

    Driver/Fleet Management
    This component manages the fleet of delivery vehicles and drivers. It tracks the location and status of each driver in real-time, allowing the dispatcher to monitor and reassign tasks as needed. It may include features like electronic proof of delivery, driver performance tracking, and automated status updates.

    Customer-Facing Portal
    This is the interface that allows customers to place orders, track their deliveries, and receive notifications. It may include features like estimated delivery times, order history, and the ability to provide feedback or request changes. This portal is often integrated with the backend systems to provide a seamless customer experience.

    Warehousing and Inventory Management
    This module manages the storage and distribution of products from the warehouse to the delivery vehicles. It tracks inventory levels, processes orders, and ensures timely fulfillment. It may integrate with other enterprise systems like ERP or order management software.

    Analytics and Reporting
    This component provides insights and data-driven decision-making tools for the logistics team. It generates reports on delivery performance, driver productivity, customer satisfaction, and other KPIs. It may use predictive analytics to forecast demand and optimize operations.

    Integration and APIs
    Last-mile delivery software often needs to integrate with various other systems, such as e-commerce platforms, payment gateways, and third-party logistics providers. This is facilitated through a robust set of APIs that allow for seamless data exchange and process integration.

    The software delivery management best practices cover various product delivery sectors, such as water delivery, grocery ordering and delivery, food delivery, package delivery, packers and movers, and many others. This tool also provides support for appointment and field force-based industries. It is a comprehensive solution that enables businesses to manage their deliveries efficiently and seamlessly, ensuring customers receive their orders on time and easily. Therefore, companies can streamline operations, increase productivity, and provide a better customer experience.

    IntelliSoft helps develop custom delivery management solutions, including a user-friendly app for drivers, a web portal for managers, and a customer platform. The driver app enables auto-dispatching, task alerts, route optimization, and navigation. The manager web dashboard typically offers a 360-degree view of the business, real-time tracking, and driver performance engagement.

    Real-time tracking involves continuous monitoring and tracking of an object or individual’s location, movement, or status in real-time or near real-time.

    1. Continuous data collection. Real-time tracking systems continuously gather data about the tracked entity rather than collecting data at fixed intervals.
    2. Immediate data processing. The data collected is processed and analyzed almost immediately, without significant delays.
    3. Immediate updates. The tracking information is updated and displayed in real-time or with minimal latency, allowing for timely monitoring and decision-making.

    Various technologies, including GPS, RFID, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and cellular networks, make real-time tracking possible. It finds applications in logistics, fleet management, asset tracking, healthcare, and security. Real-time tracking is crucial in these areas as it enables the precise location and status of people, assets, or vehicles to be known at all times.

    White label programs are highly versatile and customizable solutions that allow businesses to offer their own branded products or services without investing in costly development work. These programs provide an end-to-end solution that includes everything from branding and design to seamless deployment and ongoing support.

    With a white-label program, businesses can leverage the expertise of third-party developers while maintaining complete control over the look, feel, and functionality of their products or services. This approach allows them to focus on their core business objectives while delivering high-quality solutions to their customers at a lower cost. Moreover, white label programs are highly customizable. They can be tailored to meet the unique needs of any business, making them an ideal choice for companies of all sizes and industries.

    Delivery scheduling is a crucial process to plan and manage the efficient delivery of goods and services to customers or business locations. This process involves determining the best routes and delivery times that can meet customer demands while optimizing resource use and reducing costs. The complexity of delivery schedules can vary depending on the scale of operations, ranging from simple routes for local delivery services to complex algorithms for global logistics companies that manage thousands of deliveries across various transportation modes.

    Yes, you can use the best delivery management software developed by IntelliSoft for a Last-Mile pickup and delivery business. In fact, it can offer several significant benefits over off-the-shelf solutions, such as scalability, integration, and cost efficiency over time. Custom software is tailored specifically to meet your business’s unique requirements and challenges, providing a more precise fit for your operational needs.

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