Intellisoft helps businesses use the full potential of the Internet of Things, offering quality development services for various verticals. Our professional teams assist our clients with developing sleek web and mobile apps, as well as IoT device connectivity, for the users of connected systems. Our unique solutions allow collecting and processing data from sensors in real-time. To meet the requirements of our clients, Intellisoft teams study the recent frameworks & platforms for IoT solution development and are always able to pick the most reasonable tools for different projects. With our help, businesses are able to monitor gathered data easily, receive valuable business insights, and quickly adopt digital transformation to their ecosystem.

We create efficient IoT solutions for connected enterprises

IoT Software Development Services from Intellisoft

With our help, your business will unlock the business value of connected devices. We assist companies with harnessing the right IoT tech stack to develop software for connected vehicles, industrial objectives, personal devices, etc. Our clients benefit from tailor-made IoT services along with product designs tailored to your project’s requirements, from established businesses to emerging enterprises. We’ll help expand the existing solutions by adding extra features and new devices.

IoT Consulting

If you are unsure where to start, you might first need a valuable piece of advice. Our professional team can analyze your digital strategy, defining the best tech opportunities for your business. We focus on asset control, predictive maintenance, performance, and safety when implementing IoT solutions for you. With us, businesses reveal new business models, low-risk approaches, and revenues sources correspondingly.

IoT Data Management & Evaluation

Data is the lifeblood of a successful business. Each IoT device gathers useful information from the start of its life cycle. It’s vital to assemble and store data at the right time, in the right place, in the right format. Intellisoft can help create a custom IoT system for effective info management & assessment. Thanks to our solutions, our clients make more data-driven decisions, reducing operating expenses and optimizing resource consumption. In particular, our exclusive solutions can decode, filter, aggregate, and label data.

Internet of Things Integration

IoT integration stands for creating the combination of new IoT data, devices, and apps mixed with IT assets, such as SaaS, legacy data, mobile, business software, etc. This mix should work well together in the context of implementing end-to-end business solutions. Intellisoft integrates smart IoT devices for industrial, commercial, and government enterprises. Our goal is to ensure that your IoT platform is appropriately integrated into the current infrastructure and works well with all your physical assets and systems. As a result of our cooperation, you can count on fuller access to your data and enhanced business performance.

IoT Software Enhancement

Our company can help you improve your operating performance. We can add new functions, integrate cloud-based solutions, and implement advanced security measures to update your current solutions. Let us help restructure or optimize your platform and workflow to achieve better results within the shortest possible time.

User Software Development

Intellisoft helps create custom apps to manage connected devices easily. These tools can help make weighted decisions better and control IoT software at any time, at any place. Our team is ready to incorporate smart connectivity and data-driven solutions for your products in transportation, retail, logistics, real estate, or any other industry. We guarantee the smooth functioning of your business.

Secure Device Connectivity

We provide well-protected device-to-device, device-to-server, and device-to-cloud connectivity. It allows transforming your enterprise infrastructure, as well as providing efficient communication between systems and devices and secure data exchange. We deal with such cloud-computing platforms as Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, and IBM Bluemix.

Middleware IoT Platforms Integration

With the help of Intellisoft, it is simple to manage large, dispersed IT ecosystems like logistics & supply chain, and retail. IoT integration offers automation of many business processes, in-depth analysis of massive data amounts, and better decision-making, KPI tracking, reporting.

Precision Navigation Tech

Our company proposes various ways to automate threatening manual processes. Those are, for example, industrial facility inspections for agricultural sectors. Intellisoft offers recent tech solutions like high-resolution cameras and drone-based precision navigation. We can make your results integrated with digital twins for predictive maintenance.

How Can You Benefit from Outsourcing IoT Development?

Intellisoft guarantees a series of perks for those who decide to use our IoT development services.

  • Credibility
    Cooperation with Intellisoft can make your IoT system’s function with no interruptions, failures, or significant downtime. We can help improve the reliability with remote control, on-time support, and problem notifications.
  • Support
    Intellisoft assists with achieving maintainability by refactoring your platform’s structure and code.
  • Scalability
    IoT projects should be scalable to be successful. Our teams can migrate your systems to the cloud or re-engineer their architecture for enhanced flexibility.
  • Performance
    Our company is ready to lend a helping hand to businesses that wish to boost operational efficiency and meet their performance objectives. On the whole, Intellisoft knows how to create well-optimized, trustworthy solutions.
  • Usability
    That is another critical feature of any IoT project that we guarantee. We have qualified UX professionals with vast experience that build functional interfaces to provide a user-friendly experience in the future.
  • Security
    IoT solutions cannot exist without being 100% secure and protected. To guarantee a fully safe IoT web development, our team embeds security from the start of our cooperation.

Here Is How We Will Help You

If you decide to outsource IoT development, Intellisoft might be right what you need. We can do a variety of things for you.

Unify operations

Our team is here to connect your business processes across various locations and devices. It allows for better visibility and control of your operations, as well as higher quality of your products/services.

Reduce testing expenses

Intellisoft uses technologies that provide a cost-effective method to examine goods and services through so-called virtual modeling.

Create smart UX

Excellent user experience is something every consumer is looking for, so our company assists our clients with integrating connected devices in order to obtain fast access to a great share of data obtained from consumers. It all results in higher engagement and revenues for you.

Connect all business ecosystems

Our experts can assist with developing IoT solutions like mobile applications and smart device-compatible features. During and after our cooperation, you’ll see how fast your sales will grow.

Reduced human labor

By delegating some of your tasks to our experts, you may forget about wasted time and focus on core business activities. Intellisoft can offer solutions that will automate different tasks. Thus, it reduces human labor.

More effective usage of resources

With our solutions, businesses start planning and using different resources more efficiently. It means, for instance, improved power management and water consumption.

Guaranteed work safety

Security is our top priority, and that is what Intellisoft helps to achieve. We can create secure working conditions to make our clients' businesses more attractive for investors, partners, and customers. Along with high-tech solutions, security raises brand awareness.

Tech Stack for IoT Software Development

At IntelliSoft, we adopt the best software development practices to our clients’ projects and deliver outstanding results leveraging a proven tech stack.






Microsoft Azure
Google Cloud




Raspberry Pi
Google TPU
FPGA Controllers



Models of IoT Software Development Teams.

If you decide to extend your team of IoT app developers, Intellisoft has three options for you.

Add an extra workforce to your dev team for achieving more significant results
  • Project Management is on your side
  • Quality ownership is on your side
  • You pay for the workforce
Delegate the business functionality and get the necessary people, processes, and tools
  • Project Management is on both your and our sides
  • Quality ownership is on both your and our sides
  • You pay for the operational excellence
Dedicated Teams
Receive a technological partnership with a set of business services
  • We perform management
  • Quality ownership is on our side
  • You pay for the intellectual property

IoT Case Studies

Intellisoft has successfully served plenty of companies interested in IoT software development. We are ready to share cases from our happy clients with you.

Industries Equipment Manufacturer
For this client, the IntelliSoft IoT development team addressed such challenges as improving transparency across all departments, automating and monitoring heating systems operations, tracking fuel levels in heating system silos, and digitizing accountant paperwork for fuel ordering/invoicing.

What Sort of IoT Solutions Can Intellisoft Build?

Intellisoft has successfully serThe most popular Internet of Things solutions that our IoT development company offers include custom software platforms in the area of asset tracking; warehouse management systems (WMS); energy and utility monitoring systems (EMS); building management systems (BMS, BEMS); health/fitness tracking; industrial IoT; smart home security systems; logistic and transportation solutions; healthcare monitoring & tracking.ved plenty of companies interested in IoT software development. We are ready to share cases from our happy clients with you.

Top IoT Development Platforms That We Work with
IoT software development always starts with choosing the platform.
Here are some platforms that Intellisoft deals with:

This service from Microsoft consists of such features as data collection, assessment, and visualization. With no significant modifications, IoT developers can increase the interoperability between various devices.

IBM Watson
IBM as an industry giant did not stay aside. Thanks to its platform for IoT solutions, developers can provide sage implementation, data evaluation, and risk visualization.

The primary advantages of this platform are scalability, fast AI integration, and multilayered protection. AWS provides device software, connectivity and control, and analytical services.