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Lars Dybdahl

Principal Architect at Cambio Healthcare Systems Denmark

IntelliSoft is a great partner. These engineers are up-to-date on the latest technology, they know what they are doing, and want to deliver high quality code. IntelliSoft allowed me as a CTO to focus on further developing our products.

How to Hire React.jsDevelopers

Hiring React.js developers from the global talent pool could be a real challenge, especially if you don’t have experience or time for the hiring process. Fear not, at IntelliSoft, we have gone over this process a thousand times, and we’ll help you find the most skilled and experienced experts. Here’s how the process works:

Define the requirements

First, we help you define your project scope, goals, and technical requirements. You tell us your vision so our team can analyze your project thoroughly, create a detailed project description and action plan, and identify the team size you need. We also determine the specific skills you lack and expertise gaps you need to fill when you hire dedicated Reactjs developers.

Create a job listing

Next, we create a comprehensive job listing based on your requirements and needs. It outlines the responsibilities, experience required for the developer position, and qualifications. It is also important to mention the technologies and React tools relevant to your project when you hire dedicated React js developers.

Shortlisting Candidates

Next, we create a comprehensive job listing based on your requirements and needs. It outlines the responsibilities, experience required for the developer position, and qualifications. It is also important to mention the technologies and React tools relevant to your project when you hire dedicated React js developers.

Screen resumes

During this step, our talented HR and technical experts screen the resumes and handpick the most suitable candidates for you to hire React Native app developers. We want to ensure that the resumes match your needs, goals, and expectations flawlessly so you can choose among the top talent.

Finalize your choice

Once the interviews are completed, we finalize the candidates together. We ensure that when you hire remote React.js developers they will integrate seamlessly into your project, team, and workflow. The experts you end up working with will have perfect technical skills and soft skills, ready to adapt quickly to your work environment.

Begin development

Now, it’s time to choose a project management goal that perfectly fits your case. You can collaborate remotely with our team or ask our project manager to report directly. In any case, you will have control over the project, will receive regular updates and reports, and will ensure that our collaboration is seamless and harmonious, resulting in a fast and efficient development process.

Reasons to Hire React.js Developers at IntelliSoft

If you have been looking for outsourced developers, you can rely on our impressive expertise of more than 15 years to hire React developers for your project. Our experts will bring their unique skills and talents to the table and help you take your project to a whole new level. Let’s look at what makes IntelliSoft stand out among similar service companies and why you should hire React.js developers from IntelliSoft.

Expertise in React.js

Our experts are proficient in building innovative, dynamic, and responsive web applications using the React framework. Our solutions will address your unique needs and challenges, flawlessly aligning with your business goals. Rest assured that when you hire React developer at IntelliSoft, you will receive the highest-quality product that fits your requirements perfectly.

Proven track record

IntelliSoft has a proven track record of successful React.js projects for clients all over the globe. When you hire dedicated React js developers at IntelliSoft, you can check their portfolios filled with case studies of web apps they have built, and ensure they are ready to share their experience with you to prove they can handle projects of any complexity.

Flexible engagement models

Flexibility and adaptability are our top priorities. We understand that every project is unique, and so are your hiring needs. Thus, the IntelliSoft team offers high flexibility in terms of cooperation models, ensuring that they align with your budget, needs, goals, and timeline. Our ability to adapt to any requirements allows us to streamline the development process and create solutions tailored to your unique objectives.

Agile development approach

During our collaboration, we prioritize open communication and follow the Agile development approach. It allows us to ensure that your project is flexible, adaptive, and responsive to growing and changing demands. Frequent iterations and improvements allow us to deliver the high-quality results you expect.

Seamless integration

Our goal is to integrate our experts into your processes and workflows seamlessly, maintaining consistency and high productivity. We guarantee that the transition will be so smooth that you won’t even notice but will see great results.

Transparent communication

The backbone of a successful project collaboration is open and honest communication. We emphasize transparency at IntelliSoft, constantly reporting to you when you hire React Native app developers, sharing details about the project, and providing regular updates. We always seek your input as well to ensure that the project aligns with your vision and goals.

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    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

    React.js is a front-end library that has become a popular framework for modern web development in the JavaScript community.

    This open-source framework was developed by Facebook and is used to build interactive user interfaces and web apps quickly. Building these apps requires less code and effort than would usually be needed with JavaScript. According to Statista, React has achieved 1st rank as the most popular web framework; moreover, in 2023, 42.6% of the interviewed experts utilized React for building web apps.

    Instead of writing lines of code, the framework allows you to create building blocks that are reusable. They are individual components of the final interface that form the end product when assembled like Lego blocks.

    React.js encourages programmers to separate complex UIs into separate components and deal with them individually, making the process faster and more efficient. This framework combines the best characteristics of JavaScript with a more effective method of manipulating the DOM to render web pages faster.

    Unlike other frameworks such as Angular, React.js does not have any strict rules for code conventions or the way you should organize files. Thus, programmers can set any conventions they like and implement React.js as they wish. It is an incredibly flexible framework, so you can use as much or little as you wish, depending on your needs and requirements. You can create a single button, an interface piece, or even an entire app’s interface.

    React.JS achieves this flexibility through its innovative use of a Virtual Document Object Model (DOM), an abstract form of the actual DOM. If you consider the DOM as a tree structure where each branch and leaf represents a part of the web page, the Virtual DOM is like its doppelgänger. Every time you make changes, the framework modifies the Virtual DOM first. It identifies which aspects of the real DOM need to change based on those modifications and then updates those specific sections without having to redraw the entire page.

    The introduction of React.js results in vastly improved performance and a seamless user experience because only the altered parts of the real DOM get updated. It changes the way you build user interfaces, making your applications fast, efficient, and as modern as a hoverboard in a 19th-century town, opening the door for dynamic, high-performance web development capabilities.

    Now, why should you hire Reactjs developer in USA, and who are they in the first place?

    React.js developers are specialists who use this JavaScript framework to build mobile and web apps. They create all features and interfaces of an app in collaboration with

    UI designers, guaranteeing you a seamless user experience.

    Here’s what the developers do:

    • Use React tools to produce UI components.
    • Create UI code from mockups and wireframes.
    • Build, enhance, and ensure cross-compatibility of reusable CSS, JS, and HTML components.
    • Analyze the code and improve the app’s loading speed.
    • Ensure the QA process of an app, including integration and functional testing.

    There are several compelling reasons to hire Reactjs developers in the USA for your projects:

    1. Efficiency and speed. This framework allows developers to create user interfaces quickly and efficiently by breaking them down into individual reusable components. This modular approach speeds up the development process and makes it much easier to scale and maintain the app.
    2. Virtual DOM. A virtual DOM used by React is a lightweight representation of the actual DOM. As a result, it can easily update only those parts of the DOM that have changed, improving performance and granting a smoother user experience.
    3. Rich user interfaces. This framework is a perfect choice if you need to create a single-page application (SPA) as it allows you to create highly interactive and dynamic user interfaces. Thanks to this feature of React, users can experience seamless transitions and real-time updates without any page reloads.
    4. Strong ecosystem. The framework offers its users a vast ecosystem of libraries, extensions, and tools, including Router for navigation, pre-built UI components, and Redux for state management.
    5. SEO-friendly. React.js can be configured to render on the server side, improving search engine optimization, since search engines can crawl and index web pages easier.
    6. Community support. This framework has a lot of loyal fans and followers. Thus, if you need help with questions, you can find solutions to common issues quickly, use online resources, and benefit from constant updates and improvements.
    7. Cross-platform development. React.js has a framework called React Native, which enables developers to build mobile apps for both iOS and Android platforms using a single codebase. It helps reduce the development time and costs. Thus, you can hire React Native developers if you require cross-platform development.
    8. Scalability. This framework is designed to be scalable. Thus, it is a great choice for small and large projects as its component-based architecture makes it easier to add new features and scale up or down on demand.

    Even though the React.js framework is incredibly powerful, it needs to be in experienced hands to create an application. Thus, the skills and experience of a React.js developer matter; you need to hire React developers with enough skills to receive a high-quality product. Here are the essential skills of to look for:


    HTML and CSS development are the most important skills a developer should possess as React.js is a front-end programming library. Thus, you should look for developers who can work with semantic HTML tags, execute a CSS reset, understand Flexbox, and deploy responsive web principles.


    React.js relies on JSX (JavaScript XML) as JSX provides a declarative and readable syntax for defining UI components, resembling HTML, making it intuitive to visualize and compose components within the app. Its seamless integration with JavaScript allows for dynamic UI element generation, event handling, and state management directly within JSX, promoting code readability and modularity. JSX is optimized by React’s compiler for efficient Virtual DOM updates, enhancing application performance. It is widely supported by development tools and the React ecosystem, enhancing developer productivity and compatibility.


    React.js developers use Git for storing projects on GitHub, Bitbucket, and GitLab. Thus, hire a React.js developer who knows how to keep track of changes with add, commit, push, and pull. Moreover, this person should be able to deal with merge conflicts and know the strategies for balancing and merging.

    Third-party tools

    React.js developers should have knowledge of the built-in libraries as well as technologies such as Create React App, Redux, React Router, Material Kit React, and so on. Thus, hire experts who know how to use React developer tools.

    Problem-solving skills

    Moving on to soft skills, a developer having problem-solving skills is a must. Software development is always about solving user problems, so when you hire a React developer, this expert should be a professional in solving issues. These skills will be valuable at every stage of functional programming in React, starting from selecting the tools to developing a visually appealing UI.

    Excellent communication skills

    Hire React js developers who can communicate their ideas freely, find common ground with other professionals, and accept others’ suggestions. Communication skills are a must for anyone working in a development team, and React.js developers are not an exception.

    Planning skills

    Finally, look for a person who can set and meet deadlines, plan the functional programming in React thoroughly, and fulfill project objectives on time.

    Yes, at IntelliSoft, we offer both freelance and full-time React.js developers for hire. Our flexible hiring options are designed to accommodate a wide range of projects, from short-term assignments to long-term collaborations.

    Freelance React.js Developers:

    This cooperation option is a perfect choice if you have a short-term project, need help with a particular task, or prefer a more flexible staffing approach. When you hire React Native developers it allows you to access skilled professionals on a temporary basis. This is ideal for tasks like fixing bugs, implementing specific features, or handling spikes in workload. Freelancers can quickly integrate into your project, contribute their expertise, and offer a cost-effective solution without the long-term commitment of full-time employment.

    Full-Time React.js Developers: 

    Larger projects or ongoing developing needs require full-time React.js developers for hire as they provide stability and consistency to the team. Our full-time developers become dedicated members of your project, working exclusively on your tasks, attending meetings, and contributing to your project’s growth and success. They offer continuity, deep knowledge of your project’s intricacies, and a long-term commitment to meeting your business goals.

    Hybrid or Part-Time Options:

    Full-time and freelance options are not the only types of cooperation we offer. Another option is a hybrid or part-time cooperation. This means you can hire Reactjs developers on a part-time basis or for a specific number of hours per week, striking a balance between flexibility and dedicated commitment. This hybrid approach allows you to access the expertise you need while managing costs effectively.
    How can I assess the expertise of React.js developers before hiring them?
    When you hire React js developers, assessing their skills before hiring them is crucial to ensure they are a good fit for your project. Here are several effective ways to evaluate their skills and capabilities:

    • Portfolio review
    • Coding tests and challenges
    • Technical interviews
    • Problem-solving scenarios
    • Pair programming
    • Code reviews
    • Soft skills and team fit check

    Here´s an overview of the ReactJS developer skills based on their experience:

    We offer comprehensive support to ensure the seamless onboarding and integration of the developers you hire through us. Our goal is to make the transition as smooth as possible as it is crucial for project success. Here’s how we can assist:

    1. Onboarding guidance. We provide guidance and resources to help you set up a structured onboarding process for the newly hired React.js developers. We create an onboarding checklist outlining your team’s development standards and sharing project documentation.
    2. Technical support. We can assist you in setting up development environments, addressing technical challenges, and configuring tools and systems. Our goal is to minimize downtime and get the developers up to speed quickly.
    3. Integration planning. We develop a tailored integration plan that aligns with your goals and needs. It includes defining roles and responsibilities, setting up regular meetings, and establishing clear communication channels.
    4. Knowledge transfer. We facilitate knowledge transfer sessions if the new developers need to catch up with some nuances about the project. We always make sure that the experts we pick together understand all aspects of the project and can contribute to it effectively.
    5. Collaboration facilitation. Our goal is to cooperate with you on all matters through open and honest communication. Thus, we encourage close collaboration between your team and the hired developers, regular check-ins, status updates, and team meetings to be on the same page and share feedback with each other.
    6. Ongoing support. The onboarding and development phases are not the end of our collaboration. We provide ongoing support after the development is finished to address any questions or concerns you might have. This includes updates, resolving technical issues, facilitating communication, and so on.
    7. Mentorship. If you need it, we can arrange mentorship to help the new developers adapt to your project practices and workflows.

    The first step to developing a high-quality, successful React.js project is to find a team of skilled developers that fit into your budget constraints. Let’s dig into all the factors that influence the React app development cost.

    Project size

    First, you need to consider the project size and your requirements. Depending on your requirements and the project scope, the price may differ significantly. The more requirements you have, the longer it will take to develop the app, and the higher the cost will be.

    The size of the app also depends on the type of app you want to develop. For instance, a Single Page Application (SPA) is one of the most highly used app types and does not require page loading from the user end, so it doesn’t collect a lot of user data. Enterprise-level apps, on the contrary, collect more user data, and they require high-performing servers.

    Complex features

    When you develop an MVP you include only the basic features. In many cases, the simplest features are cheapest to integrate, but if you want to create a more complex app with advanced features, you need to pay extra. For instance, features such as map integrations, payment integration, video streaming, and so on will be more expensive as they require special skills and more time to develop.

    Recruitment model

    Depending on the recruitment model you choose, the price will also differ. There are two main engagement models; the time and material and dedicated model. With time and material, you pay for the actual amount of working hours developers spend to deliver your project. The dedicated model does not have any fixed requirements as they may change during the development process, but it presupposes unexpected additional costs.