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Hire dedicated full-stack developers to design outstanding web applications and websites from scratch based on your business requirements. Let our experts develop scalable solutions for you!

Clients’ testimonials

Lars Dybdahl photo

Lars Dybdahl

Principal Architect at Cambio Healthcare Systems Denmark

IntelliSoft is a great partner. These engineers are up-to-date on the latest technology, they know what they are doing, and want to deliver high quality code. IntelliSoft allowed me as a CTO to focus on further developing our products.
An inexperienced team is one of the most common causes of project failure. Only a team with strong management experience can meet deadlines and maintain quality. IntelliSoft has produced more than 90 successful projects in the last 15 years.
We develop websites and applications worldwide for large businesses, enterprises, and startups. You can hire dedicated full-stack developers from us. Our team creates software and helps you build an effective business using the latest digital tech solutions. Here is what we have for you:

  • Original web and app development approaches
  • End-to-end solutions in front-end and back-end development
  • Expertise and skills to come up with feature-rich solutions

We are ready to discuss your project, create a strategy for its implementation, and generate a customized proposal. Do you have any questions? Leave a request on the website, and we will contact you ASAP. Hire full-stack developers by IntelliSoft.

Why Hire Dedicated Full-stack Developers From IntelliSoft

As a rule, the work is performed at the client’s site for one to three months. When you hire full-stack developers from IntelliSoft are subject to the internal rules of the client’s company. Full confidentiality of the work is ensured. Many users choose our service because of such perks as managing the workforce effectively, optimizing the number of employees by reducing the number of full-time employees without the actual reduction, managing the company restructuring, reducing expenses on personnel administration and accounting, complying with staffing limits set by adjusted cost estimates, and reducing the legal and financial employment risks. Let’s look closely at the advantages you will get after you hire remote full-stack developers.

Strict project management

Our team finds and assigns a PM capable of managing tasks, coordinating collaboration between our specialists and clients, and overseeing complex processes.

Reliability and confidence

Each project is divided into several stages. You pay only for the result. We provide a one-year warranty after the project is delivered.

International standards

We use international standards in website development and project management. Our clients are companies from more than 30 countries.

Transparency of processes

Our managers provide regular reporting. You can monitor the project online via our tracking system.

Long-term relationships

Between quick profit and permanent partnership, we choose the second option. 90% of clients become our friends.

80% employee retention rate

IntelliSoft cares about staff retention as we understand that our customers are interested in recruiting full-stack developers for the long term.

A dedicated team

For each stage of development, we have the appropriate professionals, including the project manager (organization of work and interaction with the client), designer (design and layouts), front-end developer (layout), back-end developer (writing the functionality, integration), tester (check display and performance).

High customer satisfaction rate

Our full-stack development services are good enough to result in 100% customer satisfaction for every project.

Non-disclosure agreement

We respect the trade secrets and confidential information of our clients—all partners who work on a project sign non-disclosure agreements on data from the client.

Risk handling

Our team of full-stack developers for hire keeps improving our risk management practices based on the best practices and recent industry trends. It makes IntelliSoft more than a supplier of premium-quality full-stack development services – we have become a credible partner.

Full-Stack Development Services We Provide

For companies that need to support IT infrastructure and business processes, IntelliSoft offers professional management services, software maintenance, and technical support for IT infrastructure on an outstaffing basis. The service includes a wide range of IT services, provided on a professional level due to the fact that we specialize in a narrow field, applying advanced technologies and constantly accumulating experience in serving multiple clients.
These services include remote data center monitoring, networks (WAN and/or LAN), mail systems, database administration, desktop computers, servers, and peripherals. As part of ensuring the proper functionality of each group of IT outsourcing services, our professionals can perform work on the organization, configuration, technical support, and maintenance of equipment and software.

Front-end and Back-end Development

Back-end and front-end are two development methods that, in interaction with each other, combine the server and user parts of a single service. Our goal is to make your online platform or software user-friendly. The specialists from IntelliSoft are well-aware of Vue, React, CSS, JavaScript, and other programming languages. From API management to CMS setup, we can handle it all for you.

Dedicated Full Stack Developers

The full stack developer is a jack of all trades. This guy can help the front-end team finish up coding in React.js and then work with the back-end team on their assignments. Leave it all to our experts: app structure and architecture development, development of adaptive, cross-platform solutions, writing code for the server and client parts of the project, integration of external services on the front-end and back-end, API development, and debugging.

Database Management

IntelliSoft is ready to use and integrate different database tech, including MySQL, QL, and PostgreSQL, into your project. We will choose the best option for you. Be sure your app’s information is 100% safe and easy to access.

API Development & Integration Services

Full Web API Development Services are what you can find at our service. We apply third-party integrations to launch and run software hassle-free.

Reasons to Hire Full-stack Web Developers from IntelliSoft

  • Time-tested, qualified engineers and other pros
  • Focus on quality and deadlines to enhance time-to-market (TTM)
  • Enterprise-level PM tools for managed execution of tasks
  • Back-up of an extended team if any problems arise
  • An NDA signed between clients – full confidentiality
  • Maintenance & support after the project completion

Download our portfolio with previous projects

Check out projects we delivered for clients from different industries.

    Stages of Creating Your Project


    Our professionals have the tools and skills to develop the best full-stack solutions so that you can hire full-stack web developers immediately. So, what are our preferred tech stacks?

    LAMP stack


    LEMP stack


    MEAN stack


    MERN stack


    Django stack


    Django stack


    Our Development Process for Fixed-Bid & Dedicated Team Model

    Our choice is the agile development approach. It is an iterative development model in which software is created incrementally from the beginning of the project, as opposed to cascade models, where code is delivered at the end of the work cycle. With it, our experts carry out scrum activities to track the project’s progress daily.
    You can count on regular sprint retrospectives and reporting from our side. That is when you and our members meet to discuss the ongoing processes and necessary changes. Our team offers continuous integration to detect and fix mistakes and even the smallest bugs.
    After the project’s release, our team tests the app or website during the ongoing delivery procedure. IntelliSoft creates custom solutions timely. We guarantee we’ll minimize TTM using agile method adoption.

    Why Hire Freelancers When You Can Hire a Full Stack Development Company?

    IntelliSoft has gathered experienced developers, talented engineers, qualified PMs, and consultants under its roof. We can compose a dedicated team to work on your project and lead it to success. After all, we know how to develop a first-class product that will meet your needs.

    The specialists we provide are competent and diligent, ready to help at any stage of development and implement web and software projects of any complexity. All work is done quickly, efficiently, and in accordance with international quality standards. Get it through user-centric design and clean code.

    • Fast project delivery with opportunities for growth
    • Well-versed in front-end, back-end, and DevOps
    • Craft dynamic data-driven applications using multiple technologies
    • Proficiency in support & updates
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      Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

      A full stack is a term that represents both sides of a software development project. Every application and website consists of two main parts – the client part and the server part. The interface is all the visible components of the app or site that the user interacts with, while the server part is invisible to the user but contains all the server-side processes that run in the background. The full stack is a combination of these two parts.
      As a rule, a developer with a full stack becomes proficient in a particular tech stack. These are groups of interface and server languages, frameworks, and other tools often used together.

      Hiring our full-stack developers can be a great way to save time, nerves, and money. A full-stack developer will work on all aspects of your application or website, so you won’t need to hire designers, developers, and managers separately.
      If someone is a full-stack web developer, it means they can program the browser, server, and database. For example, they can not only create a beautiful website but also program advanced features to create a user-friendly interface.

      Absolutely! The specialists we find for you will exclusively dedicate all their time to your project. They do not work on multiple apps and sites simultaneously. Whether you need an individual developer or an entire team, be sure they will only focus on your business.

      Our team, in fact, does everything on time. We catch up with the most urgent deadlines as we focus on your project. Each client obtains daily, weekly, or monthly reports, depending on their needs—we at IntelliSoft support 100% transparency.

      A full-stack developer with up to a year of experience may count on $108,122 annually, while a senior full-stack engineer with a couple of years of experience may earn roughly $135,509 per year.

      The best way to find out more about fees is to contact our service representatives. We discuss every project individually.

      Our team uses several instruments, but Jira is our preferred option. It helps us delegate tasks, share docs in real time, and manage project costs and risks.

      From small startups to giant corporations and enterprises, we operate with various organizations from such industries as healthcare & medicine, MarTech, IoT, EdTech, logistics, and legal.

      Those are programming languages (CSS, HTML, XML, Java Script), frameworks (jQuery, React, Angular), and libraries (Animate, Svelte, React, Inferno, Pure).

      In addition to frameworks and libraries, there are several other tools:

      1. Git: a tool that allows all team members to work on a project simultaneously without fear of overwriting someone else’s work.
      2. Atom: a code editor that can directly sync with Git. With Atom, you can install many different add-ons, allowing you to personalize them to suit your needs.
      3. HTML5 Boilerplate: You can use a code template instead of building every web page from scratch. HTML5 Boilerplate is a popular template that will save you a lot of time.