We manage your IT services in a 24/7 functional outsourcing format. We administer clouds, servers and databases, configure corporate applications, coordinate the work of contractors, and more. When you outsource your business information technology to us, we provide your employees with unlimited IT support while managing your entire IT infrastructure.

Managed IT Services and Support With IntelliSoft

Gain Access to Top IT Expertise, Cut IT Costs, & Enhance Operational Efficiency with Managed IT Support Services

As tech is dynamically changing, it’s challenging for some businesses to keep up with the recent updates. Some may wonder, “What is managed it services? How can they help?”
Managed services is an outsourcing model that involves outsourcing IT services to a provider for 24/7 remote maintenance and support. The consumption volume is flexible: your resources are increased or decreased as needed. With IT-managed services, you don’t need any capital expenditure on IT.

Perks You Obtain from Cooperation with IT Managed Services Provider

IntelliSoft is an international IT-managed services provider with over a decade of experience supporting clients’ cloud infrastructure and development projects. Our team manages information systems, acts as a system integrator, provides information security services, and develops effective IoT and healthcare-managed IT service support solutions for business process automation. There are many reasons to choose our IT support service company.

Fix Problems with the Speed of Light

A managed IT services provider is ready to handle problems with your machines or networks. Our experts are well-trained to respond to tech issues fast and speed up your business processes. IntelliSoft guarantees the quickest response time so your company does not stay with defective technology for a while. Our team provides maintenance and control on all accounts round-the-clock. It means that we reduce the chance of issues taking place in the initial place.

Flexibility of Payment

Managed IT services for small businesses can change SLA conditions at any time, moving to a higher or, conversely, a lower level, depending on business needs and goals. At the same time, payment is made at a fixed rate or by the fact of their consumption. Thus, managed services like cloud services are included in the operating expenses.


Equipment and services are located in secure data centers with a high level of fault tolerance (Tier III). Our own cloud is compliant with Federal Law 152.

Availability & Accessibility

IntelliSoft can provide a wide range of managed services for IT and state-of-the-art processes through an ever-expanding knowledge base and over-trained specialists. We provide services 24/7/365, taking on the most strenuous work on customer tasks and processes regardless of the customer’s working hours.

Long-Term Savings

In the vast majority of cases, customers of managed services incur significantly lower costs than when organizing their own IT team of comparable size to our teams.

Support Whenever You Need

Our qualified, skilled tech support is focused on improving service efficiency, problem-solving, and continuous improvement.

We Provide IT Support at All Levels

IntelliSoft is an international managed IT provider with more than a decade of experience in supporting clients’ cloud infrastructure and development projects. Our team manages information systems, acts as a system integrator, provides information security services, and develops effective IoT and healthcare managed IT service support solutions for business process automation. There are many reasons to choose our IT support service company.

Managed IT Services for Small Business by IntelliSoft

Managed IT services for small businesses is an outsourcing model that involves outsourcing IT services to a provider for 24/7 remote maintenance & support. The consumption volume is flexible: your resources are increased or decreased as needed. You don’t need any capital expenditure on IT. What are the deliverables of IT-managed services for small businesses?
Operating Processes Improvements
  • Infrastructure enhancement plans
  • Config management database
  • SOPs for change, threat management, and reporting
  • Network infrastructure blueprints
Guides for Users
  • User manuals
  • A knowledge portal
  • FAQs
Regular Reports
  • Support reports
  • Root cause analysis
  • Safety evaluation reports
  • Health check reports
  • Service level reports
Compliance with Industry Standards
  • Compliance line-up plans
  • Evaluation of compliance with HIPAA, PCI DSS, etc
User Satisfaction
  • User satisfaction evaluations with the
  • CSAT agenda necessary to improve business

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    Benefits of Managed IT Services

    We support our European and United States customers with uniform processes aligned to best practices worldwide. Our service center assists our clients in several languages, regardless of their origin. IntelliSoft is a single mechanism set up to provide high-quality services to our clients. Benefits of managed IT services – our specialists will ensure your systems operate efficiently.

    Proactive Support & Control

    Our company stands for the provision of consulting and technical services to support the existing functionality of software and hardware complexes and IT systems. In addition, we offer a transfer of information systems for service to specialized organizations. Our professionals work along with issue tracking from the helpdesk. They can detect the existing gaps and forecast what may happen further to prevent them.

    Helpdesk IT Support

    Are you looking for comprehensive IT helpdesk support and maintenance? Our team is ready to lend a helping hand to all clients who need qualified support for IT-related issues that may pop up in your company.
    Remember that our service desk evaluates the urgency and influence of every tech obstacle on your company. We’ll set priorities with respect to your business goals and solve them in the best possible way step-by-step.

    Support Managed Services

    It does not matter whether your problem needs distant or on-site assistance – our professionals will solve them with the speed of light to increase your uptime. In particular, we propose:

    • Root cause evaluation
    • Issue tracking
    • First-call resolution objective with prioritized escalation
    • Comprehensive use reporting

    All Your Requirements & Technologies Covered By IT Infrastructure Managed Services

    Using our IT infrastructure managed services, you can focus on core tasks and business development by outsourcing service management to a dedicated IT company. Professionals with years of experience managing IT infrastructure and complex software from our side are responsible for your projects. We provide the ability to increase the resources consumed when there is a real need. You can save on hardware, software licenses, and in-house IT staff with us. Our extraordinary support from industry experts includes the following:
    • Round-the-clock infrastructure management & control
    • Inclusive Service Desk maintenance (distant, prompt help via phone and email)
    • Automated updates and patch management
    • All business tech-supported
    • Fully controlled security and backups
    • Distant and on-site alternatives
    • Reactive desk-side support
    • Third-party supplier management for the third-party tech
    • Bespoke preventative ransomware protection
    • Reports send every month
    • Asset and licensing management

    What Managed IT Services Does IntelliSoft Offer?

    IT services from IntelliSoft provide companies with the best value for money. We offer seamless tech integration, system upgrades, and exceptional technical support at all times, not just when things break down. Our team does its best to meet all your IT needs and increase the efficiency and productivity of your company.
    1. Distant IT Support

      Computer maintenance (IT outsourcing) includes a set of actions in which the customer outsources maintenance ща all the computer equipment and software of the enterprise, allowing it to avoid hiring a separate staff system administrator and, at the same time, obtaining highly qualified services for the workplace administration. IntelliSoft support tech services involve software setup, cloud services, repairs of apps, improved troubleshooting, and keeping your staff up and running without huge expenses.

    1. On-Site Support

      As the demand for cloud-oriented services grows, the majority of assignments are carried out distantly. However, on-site support still makes sense in some instances. If our experts cannot solve any of your issues at a distance, it is not a problem for us to send one of our engineers right to your company.

    1. Server and Workstation Management

      Many workstation users are not IT professionals. In such a case, they need a reliable computer with the uninterrupted operation of its applications that can use network resources. For the average user, the network should be simple (within the limits of security standards). To implement the simplicity, installation, and configuration of different applications, you need a system or network administrator. In small networks with a small number of nodes, the administrator can come to each workstation and configure it for regular operation in person. However, if the network has hundreds or more nodes, the administrator may not have time to approach each station physically. IntelliSoft can take over responsibility for this critical task.

    1. Network Monitoring and Managementе

      Wish to keep your information technology environment running at top performance? IntelliSoft offers wired and wireless network monitoring and management, monitoring of the entire lifecycle of network equipment, inventory, and management, improving the stability of the information network, reducing the time of deployment of new equipment, expansion and modernization of the network,
      seamless integration into a network built on our equipment, etc.

    1. Cybersecurity

      Access to round-the-clock cybersecurity protection is why companies recruit Managed IT Service Providers. Not so many businesses possess the resources to resist cyber threats efficiently.

    1. Backup and Disaster Recovery (BDR)

      IntelliSoft offers comprehensive storage solutions for enterprise backup requirements. Whether it is a block or file transfer environment or if you require capacity at the PB+ level, you can find the right solution for your business from the EonStor DS family of SAN storage, GS unified storage, and CS scalable shared storage. In addition, we can come up with storage systems that would support local, remote, and cloud backups to protect your data around the clock.

    How to Decide If You Need a Managed IT Service Provider

    From startups to large corporations, organizations may benefit from outsourcing their IT demands for multiple reasons.
    • Reduced IT costs
    Extending in-house teams may be ahead of the curve. Besides, you may need to expand the premises as well. If you select our services, you pay only for the resources you use. Payments are made once a month.
    • Better allocation of resources
    It is possible to allocate internal staff resources more efficiently thanks to the managed service we offer.
    • Highly coherent pricing structure
    Our clients do not face any hidden costs or other unpleasant surprises. We agree on the fee from the very beginning, which is the final and only price you pay. It allows you to plan your budget more effectively.
    • Concentration on expansion opportunities
    If you decide to delegate some of your business activities to a credible IT team of experts, you will obtain more time to dedicate to core business activities. It allows for a faster company’s development.
    • Increased effectiveness of business operations
    Scaling up leads to certain problems inside your internal team. Maximum performance is what you get as a result of using the recent technologies.
    • The most recent, innovative tech solutions
    Did you know that system bugs may cost you up to $260,000? However, our experts can ensure that your healthcare or legal IT support service solutions are 100% safe, guaranteeing the highest productivity and efficiency.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

    Software support services are generally technical support delivered for specific products. The technical support service at each enterprise can be built in various ways, meaning the implementation of support processes. There are several models of support service, such as centralized, local, and virtual, as well as with a single call center, multiple centers, etc. The technical support service can be designed both to serve external customers (e.g., outsourcing computer maintenance) and internal (a subdivision of the IT department at large enterprises). Such services involve profits from long-term technical-support contracts or pay-as-you-go, incident-based support. They may refer to the setup of software upgrades, migrations for basic software releases, and support for custom apps.

    We deal with a diversified tech stack to meet the requirements and expectations of every client. Our team knows that information technology is a basis of a good business plan. IntelliSoft delivers an encompassing strategic IT partnership.

    The most popular types of IT services out there include:

    1. Managed IT Service

    To manage an information technology staff, a company should spend plenty of resources. It is a challenge for many organizations to run a full IT infrastructure. With respect to your budget, you can select a managed service. However, when choosing a service from IntelliSoft, the company can cut expenses.

    • Low-Level
      That is when service providers assist clients with some basic business IT assignments, such as system control and software application.
    • Mid-Level
      That is when our team offers the main information technology maintenance along with trickier tech services.
    • High-Level
      That is when a customer obtains the support involved in the low-level and middle-level phases with the maintenance of data analytics.

    2. On-Demand IT Support

    On-demand IT support is the maintenance and modernization of the IT infrastructure in the enterprise. The service is provided by outsourcing companies that have the necessary staff of engineers. Support is expressed in the professional management of hardware and software used for the correct course of business processes.
    Organizations of any size might be interested in IT outsourcing. New companies need prompt setup of computer equipment and stable work of their IT department. Small businesses cannot always allocate one or more staff units for IT infrastructure development and maintenance. Large businesses have problems with data growth and maintenance of remote offices and branches.
    Depending on the customer requirements, our skilled IT support is provided in several formats, determining the cost of services. For some, remote technical support and advice, as well as the regular arrival of an experienced engineer, is enough, while others may need constant monitoring and participation in the work of the IT infrastructure.

    3. Cloud Services

    A cloud service is a business automation application that does not require installation on a computer or another device. User data is stored in the “cloud” and can be accessed from any device from anywhere. The benefits of such services include online business monitoring, easy network management, website integration, integration with other programs and services, data security, cost-saving, reliability, confidentiality, versatility, and easy start.

    A dedicated IT team can help detect and prevent technological disasters before they ever occur. It will save your additional business costs of troubleshooting, guaranteeing system security. Other benefits are:
    • Ongoing access to technical assistance
    • Customer retention
    • Cost-effectiveness
    • Fast response to bugs and potential failures
    • On-time reports on the recent tech innovations and trends
    • Higher security
    • More time for core business activities
    • Increased staff efficiency and productivity
    • Improved decision-making processes

    To make the right choice, it is crucial to take into account the following questions:
    What is your staff’s skill level?
    What is your call volume?
    Are there/Should there be multiple in-house tiers?
    Should you outsource Tier 1?
    The best idea is to outsource your IT support to provide the support of a premium level.

    We expand your infrastructure and services, taking into account business needs and budget. Your services are managed by a team of qualified engineers, system administrators, and developers instead of a single IT specialist if you want.
    We are focused not on hourly work as a result but on the final value for the client. That is the economic efficiency indicator every business wants to get from its IT services.
    You won’t have to think about how your infrastructure works and develops. IntelliSoft takes care of that with your needs and goals in mind. We guarantee high quality and availability of the IT services whenever you need them!

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