At IntelliSoft, our team specializes in helping legal businesses go digital. As a result, we create, manage, and support innovative Legaltech software to modernize the whole industry as a result. We can assist you in renewing old-fashioned software solutions, then implement smart technologies for the automatization and optimization of internal processes. Our suggestions can perform document flow to make your firm work more efficiently and effective. Let us show you how technology can help take your legal business to the next level. Tell us about your project

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Lars Dybdahl

Principal Architect at Cambio Healthcare Systems Denmark

IntelliSoft is a great partner. These engineers are up-to-date on the latest technology, they know what they are doing, and want to deliver high quality code. IntelliSoft allowed me as a CTO to focus on further developing our products.

Legal Software Development Services We Offer

Our experienced team of developers constantly introduces innovations in the management of law firms, helps digitize the work process, supports internal developers, strengthens information security, and optimizes Elegal businesses.

Software for Analysis

Firms generate a lot of big data. In this context legal requirements for software development are strict. You must implement effective data management strategies, including analytics, retrieval, and storage, to support informed decision-making and improve client services. Intellisoft can assist you with this.

Billing Apps

You deal with confidential clients and sensitive information. This is why data privacy and cybersecurity are crucial. Companies must implement legal software development with strict security measures to ensure compliance with regulations such GDPR or HIPAA and protect data. Paying particular attention to the developer of your billing apps is also necessary.

Cloud (AWS) and Remote Work

Lawyers must facilitate remote work capabilities and ensure that technology supports seamless communication and collaboration among team members, clients, and partners. And remember about cloud technologies.

Various Audit Procedures

Every company should always be ready for an audit and this fact especially concerns law firms. Our software solutions greatly facilitate the audit procedures for law firms.

Company Digitalization

Companies in this sphere almost always use old systems, therefore modernization is the challenge. A legal firm chief technical officer must look for ways to change his or her company’s technologies smoothly without disrupting daily operations.

Software for Compliance Management

Suppose you require specialized legal services software tailored to your specific needs. In that case, you have to oversee the customization and software development that aligns with your firm’s workflows and integrates seamlessly with existing systems.


The legal industry everywhere is subject to evolving regulations that always impact technology usage. Therefore the legal firm CTO must ensure that the firm’s technology solutions and legal software developers remain compliant and stay updated on juridical tech regulations.

Integrations of Third-Party

Any software product can and should be adjusted to the needs of a particular company. Intellisoft has vast experience in this and law firms are a prime example of how you can successfully customize third-party products.

Digital Solutions We Can Create For Your Law Firm

Collaborative Client Portals

Are you looking to improve your law business collaboration with clients? Consider custom-built communication workplaces to facilitate great conversation and more effective workflow. The IntelliSoft legal software development team can enhance user experience and provide adequate transparency in Elegal sphere processes, assisting such firms to remain competitive in the new digital landscape of the legal industry. Let us help you stay ahead of the curve.

  • BI intelligence reporting
  • Project management
  • Real-time collaboration
  • File sharing

Rules-based Automation

The Elegal sphere is a place where rule-based automation can be a real game-changer. With the assistance of machine learning technology, lawyers can automate their business processes any time. By building a new system with human-made rules, your company can begin providing a more effective and fast workflow that saves money and time for your firm.

  • Monitoring transactions
  • Risk management
  • Compliance combine regulation
  • Regulatory reporting and compliance
  • Risk assessment
  • Identity management

Conversational Interfaces and Bots

Integrate chatbots into your Law business to handle some of the mundane tasks while freeing up your employees to focus on client relationships. You can fully automate your workflow and communication with clients using chatbots or apply a combination of human workers and bots for:

  • Document processing (customer forms and applications)
  • Contact center operations
  • Order processing
  • Data allocation and reporting
  • Customer data management
  • Data validation and checks
  • Ease of research
  • Better resource management
  • Increased transparency service ticketing

RegTech Solutions

If you are a member of a legal organization within the financial industry, this info is for you. It is crucial to control and stay on top of regulatory processes. That’s why we recommend leveraging the benefits of RegTech apps. These tools can help your company essentially pass different functions within the regulatory landscape, ensuring that you’re always compliant with any changes that occur.

  • Mitigating potential risks
  • Compliance while managing
  • Streamlined collation
  • Assessment and reporting processes

Remote Justice

Distance justice has become especially popular in recent years. This tool is regularly used even in criminal justice. In addition, video broadcasting technologies allow the combining of various types of court hearings. For example, written proceedings can be mixed with audio or video conference presentations.

  • Virtual hearing via video link
  • Online access to case files
  • Seeing the parties through video link

Predictable Legal Spend

Your legal business must continually strengthen client relationships based on opportunity and trust. This work on relationships leads to increased productivity. Consumers of your law firm’s services get the chance to compare prices for legal services and have better control over the billing process. It is essential to provide them with predictable and transparent commissions, alternative commission mechanisms, and the possibility of effective legal project management.

  • Increased transparency service ticketing
  • Document processing (customer forms and applications)
  • Order processing
  • Data allocation and reporting
  • Data validation and checks
  • Customer data management
  • Fixed fees
  • Contact center operations
  • Ease of research
  • Better resource management
  • Subscriptions
  • Matter-based fees

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    Why Choose IntelliSoft for Your Legal Software Solutions?

    Data-driven decisions

    As a business, we pride ourselves on making informed decisions based on thorough analysis. Our team is qualified enough to provide market research, consider trends, benchmark competitors, and identify opportunities. Our commitment to extensive data analysis allows us to make strategic decisions that drive success and help our clients stay ahead on the top of the wave.

    Established Development Process

    At IntelliSoft, sequence is our style. Our team can use various software development methodologies and techniques, including Scaled Agile Framework, Scrum, and Scrumban for growth to provide tailored solutions that meet the needs of our clients and their end users.

    Optimum Debugging Speed

    We pride ourselves on our practical experience, communication, and seamless cooperation expertise with clients worldwide. Our talented professionals constantly improve their skills to communicate with you on any topic. We are certain that language barriers, time zones, cultural backgrounds, and other factors will not affect our collaboration. You can always rely on Intellisoft to provide you with the highest quality of service, no matter where you are.

    Result Orientation

    We understand that your legal needs may change over time, and our team is ready to adapt custom solutions to meet those needs. Our top priority is your confidence and peace of mind in the future, so your management can rest assured that Intellisoft will be there for you every step of the way. With our seamless communication and cooperation, you can trust our project teams to provide you with the highest quality of service, no matter your challenges.

    Qualitative Resource Management

    By considering IntelliSoft as your outsource partner, your firm can be sure of the development process in a robust Project Management Office. It ensures that all project aspects are handled with the utmost care and attention to detail. With our expert scheduling, planning, and risk mitigation, you can be calmly assured that our team will complete your project on time, within budget, and to your exact specifications.

    Relevant Information Exchange

    Qualitative communication with outsourcers and clients is a top priority for every business. We understand that your project is essential to you and your end users, and we are committed to delivering top-quality results every step of the way.

    Our Legal projects


    The project is the eDiscovery solution for enterprises. The client outsourced the new system infrastructure deployment during the platform split, including testing environment and containerization to IntelliSoft. We were responsible for the OKR tool upgrade to Tesseract 5 and the development of the image preprocessing pipeline.

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      Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

      Legal billing software is a specialized type of software designed to assist law firms and legal professionals in managing and tracking their billing and invoicing processes. It helps streamline the complex billing requirements of the legal industry, making it easier for law firms to accurately track billable hours, expenses, and client invoices.

      There are a lot of types of legal practice management software. Legal practice management software is designed to help law firms and legal professionals manage various aspects of their practice, including case management, client communication, document management, billing, and more. There are several types of legal practice management software, each catering to different needs within the legal industry: client relationship management software or case management software. The last type is a variation of institutional-type time management systems. Read more about the mobile type of such software.

      Open source legal document management software is typically available for free so law firms can look at it to minimize expenses. But don’t forget that GNU and GPL require that any modifications or derivative works must also be open source. Your CTO can customize your open source apps in any way. Many such projects have active communities of developers – they can help you in case of issues. Also it’s essential to thoroughly review the security measures and ensure that the software complies with legal and regulatory requirements, especially if you are dealing with sensitive legal documents. Hire a competitive developer to implement these into your firm’s life.

      Legal management software including AI apps is a very useful tool for your business. But there are also some potential disadvantages to consider: cost, learning curve, customization challenges, data security and privacy concerns, dependency on technology, integration challenges, vendor reliability, ongoing maintenance and updates, loss of personal touch, resistance to change, technical issues and bugs, dependence on internet connectivity, loss of control, etc.

      Canadian legal accounting software is not particularly varied. EsiLaw 360, PCLaw, Clio, Profixaccounting, AbacusLaw, Capterra, PracticePanther Legal Software, Soluno, CosmoLex, Sage, and SourceForge are the most popular tools in this country.

      Legal invoicing software is a very specific type of app. There are three interesting creations. Bilr is for attorneys and non-legal vendors. It manages time and billing information. Attorneys and paralegal staff use Clio for managing a law firm. MyCase would be great for law firm owners to increase efficiency in case management and for attorneys.

      A legal project management software engineer is an analyst in engineering of juridical field apps by overseeing an organization’s tech functions. For example, such engineers can help you with legal knowledge management app development.

      Enterprise legal management software can be used in various ways. You can reduce your company’s costs. New applications help your staff and clients to learn. The CTO of your organization can customize new software and integrate it in daily workflow. Legal software also helps to analyze, operate big data and to be secure. It also reduces audit and compliance risks.

      There are many legal engineering pains. These are eDiscovery, data privacy and security, interoperability, regulatory compliance, ethical considerations, lack of standardization, user acceptance and adoption, complexity of legal processes, bias and fairness, training and education problems, cost and ROI issues, regulation of legal tech, case of changing business models, adapting to rapid technological changes, and so on.

      The latest legal tech software trends are AI, contract management, integrations, knowledge management, mobilization, merger management technology, task tracking, and the Cloud.

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