Get a Dedicated Development Team of Experts

You have your own internal development team, but it cannot cope with all tasks. A prominent team can bring the product development processes to a new level by adding more people to carry out your software projects.
IntelliSoft offers dedicated development teams (DDT) to its customers. This service will ensure deep integration of the firm’s IT professionals into the client’s business processes and provide effective development, as the dedicated team will deal with the client’s projects only. We are result-oriented – you will see your business grow!

When Is Dedicated Software Development Right for You?

Imagine that you don’t have a clear technical vision of the final result. If you know what you need, but do not know how to achieve it, you need a dedicated team of tech experts who will analyze your problem and offer original software solutions. Of course, they can simply fulfill your assignments, but achieving success with them is way simpler and faster. They can even assist with creating technical requirements.
Perhaps, you need to launch the project quickly and have no time to search for each employee in-person. It is difficult to find all experts separately, one-by-one, check the level of their competence, and then establish cooperation with them. You will waste a lot of time and effort, and the result will remain uncertain.
By ordering outstaffing services from IntelliSoft, our clients obtain the following benefits:

How we differ

We will select you a specific team of specialists based on your requirements, expectations, and desires. A DDT may include qualified programmers, analysts, managers, etc. The team works remotely, as one of the departments of the client company, sharing all their experience and knowledge with their new colleagues. The dedicated team is devoted to the work on a single project.
All the developers of the dedicated team involved in the client’s project report directly to the client, follow company instructions within the deadlines, and, thereby, ensure a smooth workflow. The team’s composition and the contract duration are set according to the client’s needs and expectations.
Get access to a large tech talent pool
Ukraine has created favorable conditions for hiring teams of highly specialized IT developers. Over the past decades, Ukraine has made rapid progress in the field of information technology, and now occupies a leading position in several segments of this market. There is a list of IT services that are in demand and actively developing in Ukraine, namely: custom outsourced development, app support and consulting services, as well as services for allocating a dedicated team of programmers to a project. The IT market in Ukraine is growing rapidly. It currently offers more than 220,000 engineers, and is the fifth largest exporter of IT services.
Boost your development capacity with quality talent
IntelliSoft has a variety of specialists, giving you access to talent and cutting-edge technology without the hiring cost involved. With no delays in launching your project, you won’t lose out on projected profits. 80% of our staff is made up of middle and senior experts.
Our team can quickly hire senior developers with advanced degrees and solid experience in your field. Our engineers don’t just get tasks and write code – they think in terms of value, solutions, and solving real-world problems.
Reduce time spent on recruitment
The most valuable resource is time. IT managers in large corporations are especially concerned about their own labor costs, so they increasingly outsource their current IT tasks. By engaging a dedicated team of outsourced developers, the lion’s share of client’s time is released for strategic planning and focus on the core business assignments. IntelliSoft’s team holds responsibility for the secondary tasks and legal aspects to free up time for your in-house specialists.
Cooperation with an outsourced team also frees up the resources of the client’s HR department. The client receives a ready-to-go project team with relevant experience. If you choose IntelliSoft as your permanent IT partner, there will be no need to invest time and effort in training new members and helping them adapt. Our team doesn’t need to be privy to the specifics of the business. We are already familiar with the project’s framework, and the necessary communicators and task trackers are set up.
Our specialists are always ready to join a project at short notice and provide fast results. It also greatly simplifies the bureaucratic issues associated with paperwork, contracting, and NDAs. The ability to focus resources on what is important is the main and most valuable benefit of outsourcing. The average time-to-hire for a software developer is 1.5 months.
Reduce expenses
Companies that successfully use the DDT model report a decrease in the organization’s total costs of up to 25%. The figures can be even more impressive. The services of an external team are always more profitable if you need to perform a separate block of work within a project – for example, testing new product features or upgrading an existing app version. If we’re talking about such tasks as, say, creating and launching a minimum viable product (MVP), using an external resource will be cheaper than in the case of a final product.
Outsourcing eliminates the need for capital expenditures (CAPEX) – all necessary investments have already been made by us. The funds freed up can be invested in other areas of your business or used for operating expenses (OPEX). The ability to make operational changes to the project, such as disaster recovery software, also helps save money.
Since in-house development no longer needs continuous financing, the cost of operations is significantly reduced. If in the course of a project it becomes necessary to freeze the project, it’s enough to let us know.
Be flexible with a team size
It is all about scalability and flexibility. You can increase and decrease the size of your team by giving a month’s notice to IntelliSoft. You won’t have to fire employees on your own. If you worry about the legal aspects like creating and signing some contracts, rely on us too. We employ staff only formally.

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    Pros of the Dedicated Development Team Model


    The dedicated meaning is “loyalty,” so our specialists will invest all their skills and efforts in your project alone. It is obvious that for the quality implementation of a project, it’s necessary to engage specialists with corresponding expertise, which is built up over the years. Investing time and finances to develop the competence of internal specialists is not always profitable for the business. There are two main reasons: the work is irregular or urgent. Hiring an expensive expert is not a reasonable solution. Selecting a specialist for an urgent task is not feasible at all, since it would take several weeks just to find a worthy applicant. Do not forget that their education may take plenty of time and nerves too.


    It is easy, and most importantly, cheaper to turn to us for IT experts than to assemble a team on your own. Assembling a team can be a time-consuming process. You have to consider multiple candidates, their pros and cons, different professional skills, and overall role in the entire work process. It takes a lot of time and effort to assemble a team that’s 100% fit. One more disadvantage is that recruiting can be quite a burden on the budget.
    The dedicated team model is a viable solution because the team usually already exists and is set up for a particular type of tasks. Giving up the organizational part stands for much more time to focus on the project itself and save money for other important processes such as tech research and business analysis.


    Participation in management means daily communication with the team. Thanks to this, you always know what the developers are doing, how far they have progressed, what difficulties they have encountered.
    The basis of a productive relationship between client and contractor is the formation of an open partnership dialogue between them. The main role in establishing such a relationship should be assigned to the outsourcing company. There are many ways to organize a comfortable workspace: task trackers that display the actual statuses of tasks, weekly meetings to discuss intermediate results, work off sprints, etc. The best thing which adds trust to our team is that you obtain full control over the development process without having to invest in the team and project management. This is one more advantage of working with IntelliSoft.


    To succeed, a project must constantly evolve: new features are added while existing ones are improved. The dedicated software team model is very effective for projects that require growth and development over time. In fact, the team can remain the same while the entire project will move to another stage without having to scale or obtain another team to support the product.
    Another important process is product optimization. Due to evolving technology, such a requirement is vital to maintaining and developing the product.


    If the business needs to urgently scale up a project or strengthen the team, outsourcing will also be an indispensable way out. External teams, due to the specifics of their activities, are “sharpened” to quickly adapt both to the project itself and possible changes in the course of implementation. Therefore, hiring a reliable outsourcing partner like IntelliSoft will ensure a high rate of involvement and engagement from the side of engineers.

    Dedicated Software Team Set-Up Process

    Collection of requirements

    We identify the tasks you need the team for, as well as how it will operate and what the result will be. A clear list of requirements for the developers is a must at this stage for the most accurate candidate selection.

    Selection of specialists

    This phase is about picking the right experts based on the detailed description of what a client expects to get in the end. Along with you, IntelliSoft will select people with the required set of skills, from personal to technical. We ensure they’re ready to start working on your project ASAP.

    Team involvement

    Selected development team gets acquainted with the project and is involved in your business. Developers know exactly what results they need to achieve and develop a clear view of how to hit the goal.

    Report preparation

    You have full control over the processes. No worries! The team and stakeholders get familiar with all processes, including accounting and work control procedures. Check regular reports and see how far your project has gone.

    Project launch

    The last step is to decide on the workflow. We define every further step and start working on the product.
    The team starts the development procedure. The project is launched and maintained by our specialists later.

    Dedicated Team from IntelliSoft – Your Step to Success!

    IntelliSoft always strives to build long-term, mutually beneficial partnerships with clients. Our experience has proven that it is the dedicated software team model that allows you to achieve win-win collaboration.
    Our mission is to prove that an external team is as good as full-time employees and can be loyal and receptive to your culture. Working on this model, we have shipped thousands of hours (if not more) to customers over the years, proving that we are ready to help you move in your chosen direction to the desired results.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

    Our teams usually cope with the project pipeline basically from A to Z. The companies that turn to IntelliSoft are looking for certain skills, experience, enhanced opportunities, and faster product or project delivery. Some clients need our experts to provide quality assurance (QA). Others want us to help with business analytics (BA), web or software development, team project management (PM), etc. Those who turn to us can easily track deliverables and the general progress at any time.

    One of the significant perks of a DDT is that it can accelerate software development. According to ITWorld, a company needs 8-12 weeks to build an engineering team on site. Some companies and individuals report it took around three months to do so. IntelliSoft employs and trains experts in various programming languages and frameworks, including Java, C++, Python, Go, PHP, .NET, etc. The team setup may take just a few weeks if you pick IntelliSoft. It all depends on how many specialists you need and how complex your project is.

    • Front-end developers – These people concentrate on the appearance and feel along with features.
    • Back-end developers – These specialists work on the server elements of multi-tier apps and concentrate on web services and the data storage.
    • BA – Business analysts serve as the bridge between information technology and the business processes. They provide decision-makers with research results and valuable recommendations.
    • UX/UI designers – Come up with the user interface based on customer research insights.
    • QA engineers – Quality assurance has to evaluate the quality, as well as everything is delivered in a timely manner.
    • DevOps engineers – These professionals cooperate with engineers to facilitate better coordination.
    • PM – Project managers are responsible for the overall project’s success.

    You can either spend hours or even days looking for developers in several specialized platforms, such as:

    • GitHub or StackOverflow
    • B2B portals like Clutch
    • Freelance platforms like Upwork
    • Outstaff vendors like Relevant

    However, to get things done way faster, just rely on IntelliSoft.

    Usually, these are countries from Asia, Eastern Europe, Central, and South America. We will focus on Ukraine.
    Ukraine is located in Eastern Europe and offers great opportunities for young IT startups and companies. First, Ukrainians have a high level of education and literacy.
    According to statistics, every year more than 130 thousand developers graduate from educational institutions, so they are ready to take part in new interesting projects.
    If you want to reduce your expenses, then hiring coders, designers and developers from Ukraine is the best option. The salary level here is much lower than in other European countries.

    Do not worry – IntelliSoft will handle all the legal aspects of recruiting, training, supporting, and maintaining IT experts. We take into account the following:

    • Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA). The doc points to what info is confidential.
    • Statement of Work (SOW). This doc specifies the project’s scope and other necessary details, including terms and conditions (T&C).
    • Master Services Agreement (MSA). This doc identifies your cooperation with the vendor.

    Imagine that you don’t have a clear technical vision of the final result. If you know what you need, but do not know how to achieve it, you need a dedicated team of tech experts who will analyze your problem and offer original software solutions. Of course, they can simply fulfill your assignments, but achieving success with them is way simpler and faster. They can even assist with creating technical requirements.

    The dedicated team model is used for long-term projects in which the requirements are unclear and change depending on the project’s scope. It is also used when the client’s own team lacks skills or experience in certain areas. A dedicated outsourced team can be connected to the client’s team to perform high-quality, unique, and specific projects without expanding the internal core team.

    The pricing model for dedicated teams is monthly payments based on team size, which includes fixed service costs. What is the client’s role when working with a dedicated team? As a client, you can interact with your dedicated team and control the progress of the project. This allows you to maintain a balance between your in-house team and your dedicated outsourced team and adapt to circumstances. Still, you have to weigh dedicated project team structure pros and cons before understanding if this model is right for you.

    The time and materials (T&M) model involves paying for the time and effort spent on development, that is, the actual time spent implementing the planned functionality. This type of contract is relatively flexible and able to adapt to changes. As for the budget, the actual cost can be different from the indicative. Payment is made monthly on the basis of the work performed.

    The T&M software outsourcing model involves constant billing for the time and resources required to complete a project until you decide you are satisfied with the results. This model does not have a rigid time frame, and ongoing cooperation and communication between the client and the outsourcing company reduces risk.

    The fixed-price model (a.k.a. fixed-budget model) is considered more risky for developers, because all the risks are on their side. This model is most profitable for the client who is able to defer payment.

    The fixed-price model is reliable for the customer because all costs beyond those previously budgeted are passed on to the development company. However, the possible risks for service providers usually make this business model slightly more expensive than other business models.

    When do you need a fixed-price model? If you are fully aware of what is happening in your market, the preferences of potential users, your exact budget, and are willing to invest your time and money, you may choose this collaboration model.