The IntelliSoft EdTech software development company creates impactful and sustainable online and in-person education solutions. The software we make improves the educational experience for students, teachers, and IT leaders and turns the learning process into a diverse, engaging, and results-driven experience are driven by intelligent technologies.

We create immersive EdTech applications

EdTech Software Development Services We Offer

The IntelliSoft EdTech software experts are here to create tailored EdTech applications and software for every need – K-12, postsecondary, and corporate segments. We help educational institutions, EdTech startups, and educational software companies modernize their teaching, learning, and communicating initiatives. Hire IntelliSoft to develop the next-gen EdTech project and drive forward the education process.

EdTech Software Development for Start-ups

The IntelliSoft EdTech software development professionals offer full-cycle software development services for EdTech startups – from gathering technical requirements and suggesting the overall project architecture to polishing the project’s UI/UX, launching the project, and providing further technical support.

  • Business Analysis
  • Technical Documentation
  • Proof-of-Concept
  • UI/UX and Prototypes
  • MVP development
  • IT talents outsourcing
  • Dedicated development teams

EdTech Software for Post-secondary Education

IntelliSoft offers EdTech development consulting services to universities and colleges to improve students’ engagement with online learning, gamification, AI, incorporating interactive, authentic content, virtual reality, competency-based education, and a streamlined approach to undertaking assessments. The intelliSoft team is ready to provide you with online learning environments where students can meet, network, and engage with classmates.

  • Virtual learning environments (VLE) and Cloud Workspaces
  • Web conferencing and forums
  • Software for interactive displays
  • Online document collaboration tools
  • Online textbooks
  • Course-based websites
  • Computer-based chat rooms
  • Single sign-on systems
  • AI-based curriculum personalization

EdTech Software for K-12 education

We can create EdTech software from scratch or change the existing solution that your educational organization leverages to make it tailored to your needs. Hire IntelliSoft developers for custom Learning management system (LMS) development services to digitalize your training programs or educational courses.

  • Grading and progress reports
  • Tracking of attendance
  • Admission processes
  • Schedules
  • Online communication
  • Evaluation tools for administrators
  • A parent portal
  • Analytics reporting
  • Tools for library or bookstore management
  • Point-of-sale (POS) for the cafeteria or the campus store
  • Tools for fundraising
  • Health records for the school nurses

EdTech Software for Corporate Training

The IntelliSoft team is here to develop EdTech solutions aimed at onboarding new employees, retaining and motivating staff, and bridging skill gaps with limited learning and development (L&D) resources. We can integrate SaaS E-Learning and EdTech software into enterprise-level business processes so that your organization can provide employees with immersive learning experiences.

  • Corporate Learning Management Systems (LMS)
  • Video authoring software
  • Online authoring tools
  • VR simulation-based learning tools
  • mLearning applications
  • Online chats
  • Video-Based Training
  • Solutions for new members onboarding

Advantages Of Outsourcing EdTech Development

EdTech software our team develops help education institutions and organizations to improve the following aspects of their businesses:

  • Increased students engagement
    Keep your students motivated and engaged in the learning process, leveraging modern technologies, such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, and VR to create personalized education programs, adapt the curriculum for students’ needs, and enhance the visual learning process.
  • Automated routine tasks
    Adopting e-learning platforms and other EdTech solutions can significantly decrease the time teachers spend on checking assignments and grading students. Thus, teachers can invest their time creating more exciting tasks and projects for students.
  • Improved communication with parents
    The transparency of data related to students’ success in classes, collaborative online chats, and direct communication with teachers significantly increase the trust and parents’ engagement in the learning process.
  • Seamless learning process
    EdTech software lets students participate in lessons by imitating in-class learning experiences while staying at home. Online tasks submissions and gamification functionality also positively influence the online learning process.

Our EdTech Expertize

The IntelliSoft EdTech development expertise allows us to deliver e-learning projects with various features. Our solutions enhance the learner experience, boost educational content delivery, bring a human touch to online learning, and help students faster hone essential skills. During the project development, we carefully follow the technical standards and quality requirements accepted in the educational sector, such as FERPA, COPPA, CIPA, GLBA, SCORM, LTI, xAPI, and other general and industry-specific data regulations. You can hire our EdTech software development team to help you with the following functionality:

Visual classrooms

The IntelliSoft team develops learning systems for remote education and advanced learning modules, powered with modern technologies, such as AI, AR/VR, and 3D scanning. Such immersive educational spaces are the key to effective remote teaching and keeping students engaged with the subject matter.

Video conferencing

We can create custom flexible and resilient cloud video conferencing functionality for teachers and students willing to adopt distance learning. Our team can also integrate content delivery networks and real-time communication techs into the Learning Management Software already in use in your educational institution.


Provide students with 24/7 support leveraging EdTech conversational interfaces IntelliSoft develops. Our team can build simple solutions that answer "Yes" or "No" questions to show how well students learned the subject. We also develop more sophisticated chatbots powered with Natural Language Processing (NLP) and machine learning (ML) to inform students about current tasks and homework assignments while gathering feedback on the educational process.

Artificial intelligence

You can rely on IntelliSoft for AI algorithms development for various usages. You can receive a custom intelligent algorithm to personalize learning plans, modules, or specializations, identify knowledge gaps, and simplify grading and other administrative tasks.


Leveraging gaming technologies help students to improve their skills such as concentration, cognitive stamina, and problem-solving. We support educational organizations that motivate students by using game elements and video game design in learning environments. You can hire our team to develop gamified learning platforms that add a competitive element to the learning process, thus, increasing student engagement.

Augmented and virtual reality

Use AR and VR visualization elements for comprehensive data visualizations, intelligent simulations of real-world experiences, and immersive learning scenarios. The IntelliSoft development team can create virtual objects of any complexity that make education a more playful approach and bring learning experiences to life.

Tech stack for EdTech software development

At IntelliSoft, we adopt the best software development practices to customers’ projects and deliver outstanding results leveraging a proven tech stack.

Material UI

Models for EdTech software development

Our clients select the most appropriate cooperation option among the following options:

Add an extra workforce to your dev team for achieving more significant results
  • Project Management is on your side
  • Quality ownership is on your side
  • You pay for the workforce
Delegate the business functionality and get the necessary people, processes, and tools
  • Project Management is on both your and our sides
  • Quality ownership is on both your and our sides
  • You pay for the operational excellence
Dedicated Teams
Receive a technological partnership with a set of business services
  • We perform management
  • Quality ownership is on our side
  • You pay for the intellectual property

EdTech Case studies

We are gratefully sharing the success stories of EdTech projects’ development.


GrowthWheel is a SaaS visual toolbox solution for business advisors and entrepreneurship educators. The IntelliSoft development team built the first version of the platform and participated in the further product implementation. As a dedicated development team for GrowthWhee, the IntelliSoft IT specialists refactored the project’s architecture, improved the performance, and fixed quality and usability issues. By now, the GrowthWheel platform counts more than 25,000 active users.

We also integrated ICU (Intensive Care Units) functionality into EMR and ensured it functions correctly across Sweden hospitals. We provided Cambio Medical Device Connectivity (MDIC) functionality used medical facilities and customized it for each hospital across the South Denmark region.

EdTech software combines various technologies and integrations that enable educational institutions to provide students with online education, make lessons more engaging, and automate routine tasks. Those technologies leverage multimedia content, such as graphics, pictures, and sounds, for a high interactivity level of teaching.
EdTech is a combination of terms “technology” and “education” that describes software and hardware created to provide teachers with interactive tools for enhancing lessons and improving student’s education outcomes.
The global market of EdTech and smart classrooms is expected to reach US$181.3 billion by 2025.
EdTech industry includes all the software and hardware educational organizations apply in the teaching and learning processes. This powerful combination of academic and technology practices makes the learning and teaching experience more effective.
The EdTech trends rapidly conquering the market are mobile learning applications, e-learning software, visual classrooms, and Content Management Systems. It is expected that the EdTech industry will reach nearly USD 380 billion by 2028.
The most trending educational software includes live training, gamification, bite-size learning modules, AR (augmented reality), and other tools that make the learning process more interactive. Educational institutions integrate EdTech solutions into the operational procedures for automating their enrollment and admission and student engagement processes.