IntelliSoft is a fleet management software company that creates cutting-edge software solutions tailored to your transportation company's needs. Our expertise and experience in GPS, IoT solutions for fleet management, and machine learning help our clients heighten their efficiency and achieve seamless control over operations. We focus on scalability, reliability, and security, transforming your fleet management processes, optimizing vehicle tracking, and helping you save costs. Tell us about your project

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Lars Dybdahl

Principal Architect at Cambio Healthcare Systems Denmark

IntelliSoft is a great partner. These engineers are up-to-date on the latest technology, they know what they are doing, and want to deliver high quality code. IntelliSoft allowed me as a CTO to focus on further developing our products.

Fleet Management Services We Offer

Our fleet management software company develops a comprehensive IT ecosystem of tools, technologies, operations, and automated workflows to help your business meet its goals, reduce costs, and move toward sustainable operations.
Fleet management software services you can hire IntelliSoft for:

MVP Development

If you want to make your fleet management idea a reality, our MVP development services can help. An MVP is an incredibly powerful tool for determining your product’s success in the market, trying out new features, and collecting user feedback. You will receive a 1.0 version of your product with minimum functionality but maximum value.

New Feature Integration

We integrate advanced features into your current or custom software solution, including predictive maintenance algorithms, real-time tracking, driver scorecards, environmental monitoring, geo-fencing and geolocation alerts. Our expertise ensures that every new feature helps optimize the efficiency of your software solution at every turn.

Code Optimization

We strive to achieve the top efficiency level, so we optimize code legacy in fleet management products. We fine-tune your software to enhance productivity, ensure top performance, and calibrate responsiveness.

Front-end Development

Our team of front-end developers has been creating innovative solutions for clients from various industries for more than 15 years. We develop solutions for ERP, CRM, digital publishing, big data, augmented and virtual reality, etc. We use React.js, Angular, Vue.js, and other popular front-end technologies to create web and mobile applications. We will think about your project together and help implement the best UX solutions for all types of devices.

Back-end Development

IntelliSoft’s backend developers build and maintain fleet management solutions by writing code that runs on the server, physical, or cloud. To do this, our backend developers use a number of languages, including backend Javascript, PHP, Angular, Ruby, Node.js, Python, React, .Net, etc.

UI/UX Design

Our team of UI/UX designers ensures that your solution is user-friendly and intuitive, runs smoothly on all devices and browsers, and meets all your design requirements. Intellisoft uses time-tested UX practices to come up with a simple design that customers will like.

Dedicated Research and Development Centers

We create our dedicated teams based on our client’s needs, requirements, unique capabilities, and technology expertise. We aim to find our clients a perfect fit for their projects and ensure continuous software development, seamless communication, and practical software maintenance and support.

Compliance with Regulations

With IntelliSoft’s software, you can stay compliant with the latest industry regulations and standards effortlessly. Our custom fleet management solutions help clients navigate the world of regulations and requirements, ensuring that their fleet operations adhere to the latest standards and legal frameworks.

User Training and Support

After we develop a custom solution, we introduce the new software to your team, provide training and support, and answer any questions you may have. It helps ensure that your employees are proficient in the new fleet management software and can address any issues in real-time.

Digital Solutions We Can Create for Your Fleet Management Organization

You can unlock the full potential of your fleet with our extensive set of fleet management services and solutions. We design our solutions to address your unique demands and challenges and ensure that you have full control over your fleet, can manage it efficiently, and that your data is safe and secure.

Custom Fleet Management Solutions

There are no one-size-fits-all fleet management tracking solutions. At IntelliSoft, we offer custom fleet management software development to meet your unique needs. Every fleet is different, so our team of talented experts works closely to craft solutions that align with your business objectives flawlessly. We listen to your needs and requirements, analyze your current state of business, and develop the best software development plan together.

GPS Vehicle Tracking Fleet Management Solutions

Managing your fleets has never been easier with our GPS fleet management solutions and IoT sensors. At IntelliSoft, our goal is to help you gain real-time visibility into how and where your fleets are moving. With advanced video telematics and GPS tracking fleet management solutions, you will always know the location of your vehicles and use historical data to predict future outcomes and make more data-driven decisions.

Route Planning and Optimization

Use our custom-built solutions to optimize your fleet’s routes for maximum efficiency and reduced fuel consumption. Our solutions help you monitor and adjust delivery routes in real time and evaluate factors such as geofenced areas, traffic, weather conditions, and toll roads for faster delivery and predictable ETAs.

Fuel Monitoring and Fuel Economy

Our fleet fuel management solutions and economy features allow you to effectively manage fuel costs and streamline fuel data collection. Reduce unnecessary fuel consumption, always keep track of fuel costs, improve overall efficiency, and reduce your fleet’s carbon footprint.

Driver Management and Safety

Our safety-focused features, such as active sensors, notifications, and a reward system, help you monitor and improve driver behavior and keep track of safety on the road. With IntelliSoft’s software, you will be able to monitor performance, detect aggressive driving habits, and receive real-time notifications about any changes and issues.

Reporting and Analytics

Our comprehensive reporting tools allow you to make more data-driven decisions and visualize critical data and KPIs for your business effectiveness. With IntelliSoft’s software, you will be able to generate custom reports on maintenance schedules, vehicle utilization, and fuel consumption, gathering insights and learning about trends and patterns.

Custom Integrations and APIs

You can connect your custom fleet management solution with the data sources you have in your company seamlessly using our integrations and APIs. Integrate the HR software, inventory management, or sales solutions, and benefit from smooth data flows, regular traffic updates, and custom mapping.

Why Choose IntelliSoft for Fleet Management Solution Development

Streamlined communication

Clear and open communication with clients is our number one priority. When we start working together on a fleet management solution, we create a detailed communication plan outlining regular calls and meetings between the teams and clients. This helps ensure that your vision is understood, we meet all your needs and requirements, and it is easy to share feedback throughout the development journey. Seamless collaboration with our clients helps us build strong, lasting relationships and stay on the same page.

Top-notch project management

When you choose IntelliSoft as your fleet management software development partner, you can be sure that your project is in expert hands. We have established a robust Project Management Office that takes care of scheduling, planning, mitigating project risks, and managing the budget. Our meticulous project management helps ensure no deadline is missed, all milestones are achieved, and your project meets your requirements and end-users' expectations.

Consistent delivery

At IntelliSoft, consistency is our standard. To achieve it, we leverage various software development methodologies and techniques, including Scrum, the Scaled Agile Framework, and Scrumban. The choice of the framework depends on your unique case, the size of the project, and the type of software that needs to be developed. Adopting the Agile methodology helps us ensure seamless and effective collaboration, timely project delivery, and minimized risks.

Scaling on demand

As your fleet company grows, so do our solutions. Your peace of mind and confidence in what tomorrow brings are our priorities, so we ensure that we are ready to meet your needs no matter how they change. If you need to scale up your team - we will provide the resources; if your requirements change and you need to scale up the project - we can do that as well. Thanks to our experienced, talented team, we can meet any scalability needs and help you achieve any goals.

Fast onboarding

Working with diverse clients from all over the globe has allowed us to develop great expertise in effective communication and seamless collaboration. We take pride in our talented team of professionals who speak fluent English and are constantly improving their skills, ready to communicate with you on any topic. No matter where you are located in the world, language barriers, time zones, cultural backgrounds, and other factors won't influence our collaboration. You can always be sure you will receive the highest quality of service.

Relevant data for grounded decisions

All the decisions we make are based on comprehensive business and market research. We dedicate our time and effort to analyzing the trends in the market, competition, and your business capabilities to tailor our solutions to your and the end users' needs.

Our Fleet Management projects


We ensured online and offline database synchronization between mobile devices used in field operations and local databases. The project scope also included the development of Inventory and Maintenance AMOS applications, a Quality Management system, and a Web Approvals module.

Ingram Barge

We provided the client with fleet management services to build a fully-fledged Fleet Management System that manages a fleet of 5000+ barges. The project included barges location visualization, route planning functionality, and collaborative tools for shore-side personnel and boat captains.

Road Ready

We integrated IoT sensors to enable the system to monitor and track fleets of trailers wirelessly. The IntelliSoft team integrated advanced monitoring functionality with real-time alerts, notifications, and reports for better fleet control.


We delivered an application that simplifies third-party sensor installation and configuration processes on vehicles by evolving multiple scenarios, the number of sensors, and vehicle type. The app also validates the data transmission and provides a dashboard visualization for easy field modifications.

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    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

    There are multiple types of fleet management software. Each type is unique and has its benefits and challenges, so it’s essential to thoroughly assess your current business capabilities and needs before choosing the type of software for your organization.

    Moreover, you can always combine features into one solution to achieve maximum efficiency and productivity. Let’s take a look at the main types of fleet management software:

    • Delivery management
      This software is aimed at simplifying the management process of deliveries and automating dispatching operations. Fleet managers have a list of all delivery agents and can assign tasks to them based on their schedules, locations, etc. Moreover, it’s possible to monitor their live locations and GPS technology.
    • Fleet maintenance
      Track fleet inventory, use preventive maintenance features, manage orders, create reports and repair logs with fleet maintenance software. It is possible to create custom schedules based on preventive maintenance schedules or repair requests.
    • Fuel management
      Advanced fleet fuel management solutions allow you to monitor and manage fuel consumption, track fuel usage in real-time, identify trends, and optimize fuel efficiency. If you have been wondering how to reduce fleet fuel costs, this software is the answer. Moreover, you can minimize environmental impact and stay in control of your fleet’s fuel expenses.
    • Route planning
      This software has two main features: routing guides and route planning. It allows you to streamline your fleet’s routes and utilize real-time traffic data, vehicle specifications, and delivery priorities to optimize routes. Route planning software shows you how to reduce fleet fuel costs, fuel consumption, travel time, and operational costs.
    • Truck dispatch software
      This type of software is designed for freight brokerage companies. It has various features, including dispatch and scheduling, GPS tracking fleet management solutions, rates and quotes management, and freight brokerage. You can use it to assign tasks, track vehicle locations, and manage assignments in real-time.

    A fleet management system (FMS) can solve the following challenges:

    • Cost management
      Fleet operations are always about high operational costs. It includes fuel costs, repairing vehicles, maintenance, and other factors that make fleet managers look for solutions to reduce these costs. FMS tools and technologies can help transportation companies manage their costs more efficiently, track and analyze expenses, and come up with new cost-saving strategies. Moreover, with FMS, you can improve driving performance, optimize routes, and control fuel consumption, resulting in lower costs and better effectiveness.
    • Regulatory compliance
      If you’re working in the transportation industry, you know that compliance with regulations is a must. You should constantly keep track of the latest updates and state, local, and federal laws. Doing all of it manually is a daunting task, but FMS is here to help.
      This software meets the latest industry standards, including GDPR compliance, Regulation (EC) No 561/2006, (EEC) No 3821/85, (EC) No 2135/98, and (EU) No 165/2014. With fleet management software, you can stay hand in hand with the constantly changing regulations and not miss anything, avoiding issues that can lead to fines.
    • Vehicle tracking and performance monitoring
      With the help of GPS fleet management solutions, fleet management IoT solutions, and telematics, you can know where your fleets are at any time of the day and what the conditions inside the vehicles are. Trying to establish real-time visibility of vehicles and driver behavior without these technologies is almost impossible, but you need to do it for safety reasons and timely deliveries that comply with all regulations.
      With the latest fleet management solutions, you can keep an eye on your drivers and track speed, vehicle conditions, and even driving patterns. As a result, you can work on improving efficiency and both customer and driver satisfaction.
    • Fuel management
      Another challenge that multiple transportation companies face is connected to fuel consumption. Fuel fraud, inaccurate reporting, and improper fuel storage are more common than you may have thought. All of these issues significantly affect a company’s financial expenses, performance, and even customer satisfaction.
      To address this problem, you can use the FMS solution to track fuel consumption, changes in fuel prices, and vehicle data to ensure that there’s no fuel theft or fraud. An FMS can help you create customized reports with the latest fuel data to help you identify patterns and issues and predict possible challenges.

    At IntelliSoft, we offer the following collaboration models:


    Leverage our skilled professionals as an extension of your team.

    • You lead the project management part.
    • Quality ownership is on your side.
    • You pay for the workforce you require – nothing more.

    Staff Augmentation

    Access your current business capabilities and get the talent, tools, and expertise you need.

    • Project management and quality ownership are collaborative.
    • Take your operations to the next level with added capabilities.
    • You pay for operational excellence with cost-effective solutions.

    Dedicated Teams

    Take on a collaborative journey with IntelliSoft’s dedicated team.

    • Project management is on our team’s side.
    • We take full responsibility for the quality of the project.
    • You pay for the intellectual property that drives your success.

    IntelliSoft specializes in creating digital products in the logistics/transportation industry, and FMS is one of the solutions we create the most often. Here are the stages of FMS development:

    Stage 1. Gathering requirements

    Initially, we study the characteristics and goals of the client’s company. In the development process, we do not use typical template solutions. Individual tools are selected for each business to help create a quality product.

    Our team has a number of cases of creating logistics software, so our specialists have a good understanding of the industry specifics. We will study your business, competitors, target audience, and principles of work.

    To make sure you’re not worried about personal data, we’ll sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA).

    After collecting characteristics and studying the business, specialists form a development concept. This creates an understanding of what the final product should be.

    Stage 2. Choosing the technology stack

    Once we have an idea of what the program of fleet management should be like, we select the technology stack based on your requirements (a framework, programming language, testing technologies, and other tools are selected). Our goal is to make the product as quickly as possible and implement it in your business so that you see the results immediately.

    Stage 3. Creating an understandable UX design

    UX design is focused on convenience, including the layout of buttons, elements, and ease of use on a computer or smartphone. In addition, when analyzing your business, we collect data on employees to take into account their age and understanding of digital products. At this stage, the designers will make every effort to make the app as clear, quick to learn, and accessible as possible to everyone in your company.

    Stage 4. Testing & Launching

    Finally, our specialists write code, use integrations to connect third-party services and assemble the product into a single system. Now, your FMS is ready. Before release, it goes through testing, as during development bugs or feature inconsistencies can arise. QA engineers examine each button and function to make sure they work properly. In addition, the increased load on the application is tested. Particular attention is paid to the security and storage of personal data.

    If you want to learn more about the development process of an FMS, we have prepared this article for you.

    Our technological expertise in fleet management software development helps our customers improve the following aspects of their fleet management tools:

    1. Tailored Solutions: IntelliSoft specializes in crafting customized fleet management software that precisely aligns with your unique operational needs, ensuring a solution that perfectly fits your business.
    2. Cutting-Edge Technology: Our fleet management solutions are built on the latest technologies, incorporating GPS vehicle tracking fleet management solutions, real-time analytics, and AI-driven insights to provide you with powerful tools to optimize your fleet’s performance.
    3. Proven Expertise: With extensive experience in fleet management software development, IntelliSoft has a proven track record of empowering fleets to achieve enhanced efficiency, reduced costs, and improved customer satisfaction.
    4. Seamless Integration: Our software seamlessly integrates with your current systems, ensuring a smooth transition and minimal disruptions to your operations while enhancing workflow efficiency.
    5. Dedicated Support: We prioritize your success. IntelliSoft offers comprehensive customer support throughout the entire process, from implementation to ongoing usage, ensuring that your fleet management solution is a reliable asset.

    Absolutely, the fleet management systems we create are designed with scalability in mind. For any business that wants to grow, scalability is essential as the fleet grows over time, whether due to business expansion or changes in demands. Our fleet management solutions are tailored to your growing needs and built to grow alongside your company, allowing you to scale up or down at any time. Accommodate increased vehicle numbers, data volume, or operational complexity easily, and be sure that our FMS will handle everything.

    Fleet management solutions should include a set of must-have features to serve the needs of most transportation businesses and solve emerging challenges. These features are based on FMS modules:

    • Routing module
      This module allows fleet managers to monitor vehicle location, status updates, the number of miles traveled, and receive real-time updates. It should include features such as route planning and optimization, custom mapping, geofencing, and asset tracking.
    • Fuel management
      A fuel management module is all about fuel control; its prices, usage, the state of the fuel tank, etc. It should include features such as fuel cards, engine idling, fuel management reports, remorse fuel tank monitoring, and fuel emissions control.
    • Vehicle maintenance
      This module is needed for scheduled checkups and alerts about vehicle diagnostics. Thus, it should include these features; vehicle inspection DVIR, remote diagnostics, service history recording, and maintenance alerts.
    • Drivers management
      With the driver management module, you can reduce financial losses related to vehicle security risks, monitor your driver’s performance, and increase their productivity. It can be achieved through features such as behavior monitoring, driver profiles, and e-logs for Hours of Service (HOS).
    • Shipment management
      This module includes features such as delivery scheduling and dispatch, compliance documents, rates and quotes management, cost analysis, cargo optimization, and inventory functionality.
    • Security features
      The main security features that any FMS should have include accident detection and reporting, road risk alert, remote control, Dash Cam, and roadside assistance.

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