The proliferation of mobile devices has significantly boosted the need for applications. Not just any applications - mobile-optimized solutions that run smoothly, offering all the necessary features to modern users. As revenues in this field keep increasing with the speed of light, so does the competition. One way to overcome this problem is to recruit qualified app developers. By hiring qualified engineers, you can speed up your business processes, releasing an outstanding application faster than expected with no compromise on quality. Vetted developers from Intellisoft will save your time and costs. We have fairly one of the best offers out there. Welcome Intellisoft with its exclusive mobile app development services focused on native iOS and Android solutions with a unique touch in every detail!

Mobile Application Development

Mobile Development Services We Offer

Intellisoft has been on the IT market for ages. The company managed to bring every business project to success. We still have dedicated partners and clients who use our mobile development services to hassle-free implement new ideas. We serve many industries, adding new areas of specialization with the expansion of our team. New experts join us, and they introduce the latest technologies to improve productivity and efficiency. Hire us for native and hybrid mobile app development services.
Feel free to use mobile development services from our pros to build smart business solutions that would definitely bring you more clients and generate more revenue. We have been developing premium-class iOS and Android mobile applications in Swift, Java, Kotlin, and Flutter for the last decade, leveraging high-quality UI/UX design solutions. We also offer enterprise mobile app development services.

Industries We Serve

It is not a secret that mobile software development has become a lucrative and expensive field. Our company makes associated services affordable for several industries.


There is no better place to look for highly secure e-health solutions! Our full-cycle IT company creates development teams for medical businesses, facilities, and startups.


By integrating cutting-edge tech solutions, our experts assist transportation & logistics businesses by ensuring effective drivers’ communication with clients, minimizing paperwork, keeping stock inventory up-to-date, scheduling fleet maintenance, and more.


When it comes to Internet-of-Things, we are here to help you unlock the business value of connected devices. We can either assist with upgrading the existing IoT solutions or crafting original tools and apps based on your business goals.


Our mobile app development solutions in the field of MarTech are aimed to develop and maintain empathetic relationships with customers by realizing their needs and desires. Let us help you integrate third-party software into the business ecosystem to achieve better results within a short time.


Secure workspaces are something that matters to the legal industry in the first place. We help to make remote justice available for everyone. Intellisoft provides unique solutions to the entire legal business ecosystem, from augmented in-house IT departments to separate initiatives.


Students, teachers, and IT leaders in the educational field benefit from using our solutions. Intellisoft offers intelligent technologies and vetted developers to build tailored EdTech applications, should it be EdTech startups, educational software companies, or else.

How You Can Benefit from Working with Intellisoft

It is your chance to expand your business via incentive apps capable of increasing distribution and fostering engagement. As the competition in this field is pretty high, you definitely need a loyal partner with vast experience by your side.

Break away from the competition with the help of Intellisoft! We know how you can forge ahead on your digital transformation journey for sure. To speed up this process and let you achieve new heights ASAP, our staff utilize expertise and brand new tech. Need more arguments?

Break away from the competition with the help of Intellisoft! We know how you can forge ahead on your digital transformation journey for sure. To speed up this process and let you achieve new heights ASAP, our staff utilize expertise and brand new tech. Need more arguments?

The Main Benefits of Staff Augmentation

  • A large talent pool
  • Experienced recruiters searching for suitable candidates
  • Significant cost and time savings
  • Additional guarantees

The Main Benefits of Project Outsourcing

  • Access to talent worldwide regardless of time zone
  • Uninterrupted workflow
  • Low costs and significant time savings
  • Flexibility and increased efficiency

Services That We Provide

iOS mobile apps

Our team evaluates possible risks when submitting your app to the Apple store. That is how you may know that your product meets the requirements. Tap into a tech-savvy audience to roll out revenues for your company. Hire IntelliSoft for iOS mobile app development services.
  • Guaranteed security
    Don’t be afraid of malware or possible hacking attacks any longer – our data safety methods will fully exclude cyber threats.
  • Established customer base
    Apple has an all-time expanding community, which means that many users are waiting for your innovations. We are here to help!
  • Faster development
    It takes way more time to create applications for Android than for iOS. However, our experts can make development time shorter in both cases.
  • Improved user experience
    Cohesion between software and hardware is guaranteed, along with responsive and qualified client support.
  • Time-tested testing methods
    Testing iOS is less complicated than testing many other operating systems. First of all, because of low fragmentation.
  • High ROI
    The return on investment is high for iOS app development as such applications cost more.

React Native mobile apps

This open-source UI software framework is used to build quality, responsive apps for Web, Android, iOS, macOS, tvOS, and more by enabling developers to use React itself, as well as native platforms. When using React Native, you can be sure of a perfect user experience for your customers.
  • Code re-usage
    It’s possible to use a single code written in React Native over and over again for various OS. Just one team is enough to create apps for
    Android and iOS.
  • Platform-agnostic
    Once an application is ready, it’s possible to deploy it on numerous platforms for cheap. Sharing code across these platforms makes it way simpler for developers worldwide.
  • Reduced cost of development
    Many companies choose this programming language as it allows saving a lot on the development process itself, as well as further updates.
  • Speedy development
    Speed matters for most mobile app developers and end users. With React Native, it is possible to create software solutions 30% faster.

Android mobile apps

This mobile OS can boast 2.8 billion active users. It remains the most popular operating system for mobile, competing harshly with iOS. Our team can help you build a successful app for Android devices so that you stand out from your competitors. We assist with reaching a global market for Android by applying the recent tech solutions.
  • Simple integration
    Integrating Android software with whatever platforms you want has never been easier.
  • Global reach
    Be one of that 74% in market share worldwide. We know how to develop original functionality for your application.
  • Low-cost software development
    A high return on investment is guaranteed while it is easy to access a special development kit.
  • Open-source code
    Open-source code means powerful community and communication, as well as accelerated app development.
  • Greater choice of hardware
    Android is compatible with way more devices than other mobile operating systems, so performance is excellent.

Flutter mobile apps

Many giant companies develop kits for building mobile applications. For instance, Google has introduced a kit known as SDK. Flutter is such a kit, and its aim is to create cross-platform web, mobile, and desktop apps for various purposes. This environment has all the necessary tools for building quality software. Those are a framework, widgets, and more.
Combine your business objectives with technological solutions in a smart way to achieve better results.
  • Impressive design
    This software framework is the most recent in the market. It assists with developing a cool design for any solution with no special effort.
  • Time constraint
    It’s about less time needed to launch the ready software product. Why is it so? Well, just one application has to be created, and it can work independently of the platform.
  • Expanded reach
    As of today, roughly 1.8 bln consumers globally buy products and services on the internet, so it’s your chance to sell goods easily and fast.
    Low cost of development
    Fewer developers are required to work with Flutter. That is why the expenses incurred for the software building go down.
  • Higher engagement
    It’s a chance to create and deliver targeted messages at the right time. Using push notifications helps to boost retention rates and increase loyalty.

What We Do

Intellisoft offers a range of services so that your application is developed from A to Z, and you do not have to worry about any stage of the process.
  1. Technical documentation

    We minimize your headache while creating budget plans, risk management reports, delivery reports, and other tech documents.

  2. Mobile app design

    To offer the ultimate experience, it’s necessary to develop software tailored to your customers’ needs. An app should also be visually appealing. Our team has the right tools and resources required for creating such a design. Here is what we help to utilize: UI/UX Design, Product Discovery & Research, Branding

  3. Business evaluation

    Intellisoft assists with conducting in-depth research and assessment of your business and market in general. In addition, our mobile app development outsourcing company provides workshops with your staff and end-users.

  4. Feature integration

    Our services from this category include project road mapping, code control and reports, API development, security standards, and third-party platforms set up.

  5. MVP development

    Minimum viable product development is something that we offer too. It involves full project control and support, counseling, and in-house employees onboarding.

  1. Fully-fledged mobile products

    Our clients can solve many issues that users may ever face in the shortest period of time. It is the way to boost user experience and reduce costs. From the original idea to its implementation and maintenance, we’re on hand.

  2. Code optimization

    We can help optimize and modify your codes to enhance the efficiency and quality of the code. Thanks to this step, the software starts consuming less memory, executes faster, and performs way better overall.

  3. Cloud architecture

    We can help optimize and modify your codes to enhance the efficiency and quality of the code. Thanks to this step, the software starts consuming less memory, executes faster, and performs way better overall.

  4. Cloud architecture

    Utilize flexible MCC to deliver quality, fast applications to various mobile devices, both iOS, and Android.

  5. Full app maintenance

    We do not only develop a solution from scratch for you. Our experts will support the product even after its launch. We take care of OS updates, API updates, app scaling, and DevOps.

  6. 24\7 tech support

    Our highly responsive support team & client care service is always here to lend a helping hand with any questions or issues that you may face. Book a free consultation to learn more about our services.

What You Get

Our services offer a plethora of advantages that can boost business efficiency in different industries we cover.

Increased engagement

Higher retention rates due to better user engagement and powerful mobile marketing.

Expanded distribution

Enhance your business reach fast and simply. We help to generate higher revenues.

Optimized business processes

Collect information necessary to detect opportunities and maximize productivity.

Download our portfolio with previous projects

Check out projects we delivered for clients from different industries.

    Technology Stack We Use


    VS Code
    Visual Studio
    Android Studio
    Android SDK
    Flutter SDK
    IntelliJ IDEA


    Swift UI






    App Store
    Google Play
    Google Cloud Messaging
    Apple Push Notification Service
    Firebase Cloud Messaging

    Hire Our Mobile App Development Team

    Intellisoft builds lasting relationships with credibility, premium quality, and unmatched support to our partners and clients. Our team believes in agility, and we work with the model that fits your business goals instead of making you adjust with us. Hire IntelliSoft for React Native mobile app development services.
    • It all starts with defining the scope of your project and setting deadlines.
    • Then, we discuss any other issues that matter. Once you contact us, our reps will get back to you within twenty-four hours.
    • Your company’s data is fully anonymous, never displayed to
      a third party.
    Our team fully understands your ideas and transforms them into impressive user-centric mobile solutions that your customers will definitely love!

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      About the client

      Daintel was a clinical workspace for Intensive Care Units.,
      founded in 2004 at the IT University in Copenhagen. The main
      Daintel product was CIS (Clinical Information System), which
      provided advanced statistics and facts to clinicians and
      The platform collected, stored, and disseminated data from
      bedside medical devices and shared data across ICU (Intensive
      Care Units), NICU (newborn intensive care unit), Surgery/
      Anesthesia, and Recovery departments to ensure seamless health
      information exchange (HIE) between patients and medical