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Lars Dybdahl

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IntelliSoft is a great partner. These engineers are up-to-date on the latest technology, they know what they are doing, and want to deliver high quality code. IntelliSoft allowed me as a CTO to focus on further developing our products.

How We Hire Android App Developers

The vast pool of skilled Android programmers can be overwhelming for business owners seeking third-party expertise. If you’re unsure how to hire Android app developer or select the right experts for your project, IntelliSoft is here to assist. With a track record of hiring for 10+ clients, we’ll guide you through the rigorous process. Here’s how we hire dedicated Android app developer:

Consulting session

Before we hire dedicated Android app developer, we conduct a consulting session with you and gather all your requirements and expectations. You should clearly know what you want to develop, what your end goals are, and what specific skill gaps you need to flll with hired dedicated Android developers. When you reach out, we’ll start by understanding your needs and vision. This helps us create a comprehensive project description and action plan, guiding our search for engineers who align perfectly with your requirements.

Creating a job listing

Depending on your requirements, we create a detailed job listing that outlines the key responsibilities, your goals, experience and skills required, and qualifications for an Android developer for hire. Moreover, we list the tools and technologies developers should be proficient with to ensure that we hire the most qualified programmers.

Screening resumes

The next step of our hiring process is screening the resumes of potential dedicated Android developers. Once we receive the resumes, our HR and technical experts carefully examine them and handpick the most suitable experts whose resumes match your goals, expectations, and needs. Once the resumes have been handpicked, it’s time to move on to technical interviews.

Technical Interviews

The following stage involves technical interviews with the chosen Android developer for hire. You actively participate, posing any questions to assess their knowledge, skills, and project understanding. This hands-on approach ensures you have complete control in selecting developers whose expertise perfectly aligns with your app project goals.

Finalizing your choice

After the interviews, we go over the candidates together and help you finalize your choice. The chosen candidates must fit seamlessly into your Android app development team and project and be a perfect cultural match. Thus, after rigorous testing and interviews, we pick the best experts together to ensure that they create a product of the highest quality.

Starting the development

After assembling the Android app development team, the next step is selecting the cooperation model. Opt for remote collaboration with our team or have our project manager report directly to you. Whatever you choose, we’ll tailor the processes to fit your preference. With complete control, you’ll receive regular updates and reports on the progress of your project.

Reasons to Hire Android App Developers at IntelliSoft

We take pride in our extensive experience in the realm of Android app development services, handpicking top-notch talents from the global talent pool. If you’re on the lookout for a skilled Android game developer for hire, you’ve come to the right place. Our team is committed to ensuring that your project stands out among competitors and captivates even the most discerning users. Let’s explore the reasons why you should choose programmers from IntelliSoft:

Long-term Collaboration

At IntelliSoft, a leading custom Android app development agency, we are dedicated to establishing a lasting relationship with you. Our collaboration is built on trust, teamwork, and unwavering support. The goal of our development company is to ensure your sustained success, fostering a partnership that evolves with your changing needs and aspirations.

Perfect Cultural Integration

As an Android app development agency, we aspire to be more than just a technology partner; we aim to seamlessly integrate into your company culture. Our team not only brings technical expertise and mobile app development services, but also aligns with your values and work ethos, ensuring a perfect cultural fit.

Streamlined Recruitment Process

While clients typically spend up to 9 months searching for a developer independently, our efficient team can identify and secure a perfect match for your needs within just 1.5 months. At our Android app development services, we streamline the recruitment journey, saving you valuable time and ensuring a prompt start to your project with the right talent in place.

Integral Team Members

The Android app developer for hire we assist you in finding become integral parts of your team, staying with you for years to come. We recruit senior engineers with years of experience in the market and ensure they continue working with you, bringing their skills, knowledge, and expertise to the table. Moreover, you can be sure that they will seamlessly integrate into your in-house team and foster mutual collaboration with your employees.

Top Talent at a Reasonable Price

At IntelliSoft, an Android app development agency, we provide unparalleled skills and expertise at a reasonable cost that would be challenging to match with local specialists. Our application development service commitment is to deliver exceptional value, ensuring you access the best talent without compromising your budgetary considerations.

Direct Connection with Leadership

With our CEO having a background as an ex-developer, you gain a valuable resource for recommendations and guidance on any matter. Past clients have experienced the benefits of a direct relationship with our leadership, maintaining regular communication and having the opportunity to reach out whenever needed. This unique accessibility ensures a supportive and collaborative partnership throughout your engagement with IntelliSoft’s Android app development outsourcing company.

Our Engagement Models

At IntelliSoft, an Android application development service, flexibility is the cornerstone of our collaborative philosophy. Acknowledging the distinctiveness of each project, we customize our approach to align with diverse needs, management styles, and financial considerations. Explore the various engagement models below to effectively partner with us when you hire dedicated Android app developer.
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    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

    Android app development services are the process of creating applications specifically designed to run on the Android operating system, which is developed by Google. These applications can be developed for various devices, including smartphones, tablets, smart TVs, and wearable devices. Android, being an open-source platform, provides developers with the flexibility to create diverse and innovative applications that cater to a wide range of user needs.

    Use Cases of Custom Android App Development:

    • Mobile Applications: Android is a dominant player in the mobile market, making it a prime platform for developing applications that reach a massive user base. From productivity tools to gaming and entertainment apps, Android accommodates a diverse range of mobile applications.
    • E-commerce Apps: These apps are widely used for e-commerce, providing a platform for businesses to showcase and sell their products. With features like push notifications and seamless integration with payment gateways, e-commerce apps enhance the shopping experience.
    • Social Media Platforms: Many popular social media platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, have dedicated Android apps. Developing a native app allows for optimal utilization of the platform’s features and provides users with a smooth and responsive interface.
    • Health and Fitness Apps: These apps are extensively used for health and fitness tracking, enabling users to monitor their exercise routines, diet plans, and overall wellness. These apps often leverage built-in sensors on Android devices for accurate data tracking.
    • Educational Apps: Android provides a versatile platform for educational apps, ranging from language learning to skill development. Educational institutions and e-learning platforms can harness the capabilities of Android devices to create interactive and engaging learning experiences.

    Reasons to Hire Android App Developer:

    • Platform Expertise: Top Android app developers specialize in the intricacies of the Android ecosystem, ensuring that your app is optimized for performance and adheres to design guidelines. This expertise results in a better user experience and compatibility across a variety of devices.
    • Customization: A dedicated app developer can tailor your application to specific requirements, taking advantage of Android’s flexibility. This customization is crucial for businesses with unique needs or those seeking a competitive edge in the market.
    • Access to Latest Technologies: Android game developer for hire stays updated with the latest advancements in technologies. Hiring a dedicated professional ensures that your app incorporates cutting-edge features and functionalities, keeping it relevant in a rapidly evolving tech landscape.
    • Quality Assurance: Android game developer for hire is adept at testing and debugging applications on the Android platform. Their expertise helps identify and resolve issues, ensuring a stable and reliable app for users.
    • Optimized Performance: Native apps developed by experienced professionals tend to have better performance compared to cross-platform alternatives. This optimization is essential for delivering a smooth and responsive user experience.

    When you hire an Android app developer, it’s crucial to consider a combination of educational qualifications and practical skills to ensure they can contribute effectively to your project. An offshore Android development requires a specific set of technical skills and a good understanding of the software development lifecycle. Here’s a breakdown of the main skills you should look for in Android application development experts:

    Skill CategoryJunior Android DeveloperMiddle Android DeveloperSenior Android Developer
    Educational BackgroundBachelor’s degree in Computer Science or related field.Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in Computer Science or related field.Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in Computer Science or related field.
    Programming LanguagesProficient in Java or Kotlin.Proficient in Java and Kotlin. Familiarity with other languages is a plus.Expertise in Java and Kotlin. Proficient in other languages for cross-functional collaboration.
    Android DevelopmentBasic understanding of Android development concepts and APIs.In-depth knowledge of Android SDK, architecture components, and third-party libraries.Advanced understanding of Android internals, performance optimization, and memory management.
    User Interface (UI) DesignBasic UI design skills using XML layouts.Proficient in creating responsive and visually appealing UIs. Experience with Material Design.Expertise in UI/UX design principles, creating custom views, and handling various screen sizes and resolutions.
    Database ManagementBasic knowledge of SQLite or Room for simple data storage.Proficient in database management using SQLite, Room, or other ORM tools.Advanced database design skills, optimization, and experience with complex data structures.
    NetworkingBasic understanding of HTTP, REST, and API integration.Proficient in networking concepts, asynchronous programming, and data caching.Expertise in implementing secure and efficient networking solutions, handling various protocols, and optimizing API calls.
    Testing and DebuggingBasic knowledge of unit testing and debugging.Proficient in writing unit tests, debugging, and using testing frameworks.Advanced testing skills, including UI testing, performance testing, and debugging complex issues.
    Version ControlBasic knowledge of Git.Proficient in using Git for version control and collaborative development.Expertise in branching strategies, resolving merge conflicts, and managing large codebases.
    Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment (CI/CD)Basic awareness of CI/CD concepts.Proficient in setting up CI/CD pipelines for automated testing and deployment.Expertise in implementing advanced CI/CD practices, optimizing build processes, and ensuring smooth deployment workflows.
    Problem-Solving SkillsBasic problem-solving abilities.Proficient in troubleshooting and solving development challenges.Advanced problem-solving skills, ability to analyze complex issues, and propose innovative solutions.
    Communication and CollaborationGood communication skills for effective collaboration.Effective communication within the development team and stakeholders.Excellent communication and leadership skills. Ability to mentor junior developers and collaborate with cross-functional teams.

    The skills required for remote Android developers evolve from basic proficiency to advanced expertise as they progress in their careers. When you hire an Android app developer, consider the specific needs of your project and seek candidates whose skills align with the complexity and scope of the tasks at hand.

    No, at IntelliSoft, we exclusively provide full-time Android app developers for hire. However, our flexible hiring options are designed to cater to a diverse range of projects, accommodating both short-term assignments and long-term collaborations.

    Full-Time Android App Developer for Hire

    For substantial projects or ongoing app development needs, opting for full-time Android app developers is the optimal choice. They bring stability and consistency to your team, becoming dedicated members of your project. Working exclusively on your tasks, they actively participate in meetings, contributing to the growth and success of your app. Full-time developers offer continuity, a deep understanding of your app’s intricacies, and a long-term commitment to achieving your business objectives.

    Hiring Android Developers: Hybrid or Part-Time Options

    Our collaboration options extend beyond full-time commitments. You can choose a hybrid or part-time arrangement, allowing you to hire Android app developer on a part-time basis or for a specific number of hours per week. This balance provides flexibility while ensuring dedicated commitment. The hybrid approach enables you to access the expertise you need while effectively managing costs.

    Hiring Freelancers: When it Might Not Be Ideal?

    Hiring freelancers may not always be the most suitable option, especially for long-term, complex app projects where ongoing collaboration and a deep understanding of business requirements are crucial. Freelancers often work on a project-by-project basis, potentially leading to challenges in commitment, communication, quality control, and maintaining security and confidentiality. For sustained and impactful app development, a full-time or hybrid arrangement with dedicated professionals is often the preferred choice.

    Assessing the expertise when you hire an Android app developer is crucial to ensure you’re bringing onboard professionals who can contribute effectively to your project. Here are several strategies and considerations to help you evaluate the expertise of engineers:

    Review Portfolios:

    • What to Look For: Examine their previous projects and apps in their portfolio. Look for diversity in app types, complexity, and functionalities.
    • Why it Matters: A well-rounded portfolio indicates experience in handling various challenges and suggests adaptability to different project requirements.

    Code Samples and GitHub Repositories:

    • What to Look For: Request code samples or explore their GitHub repositories. Assess the quality of code, adherence to best practices, and whether it is well-documented.
    • Why it Matters: High-quality, well-documented code demonstrates coding standards, readability, and the ability to maintain and scale applications.

    Technical Skills Assessment:

    • What to Look For: Conduct technical assessments or coding challenges related to Android development. Evaluate their problem-solving skills, understanding of algorithms, and efficiency in coding.
    • Why it Matters: Assessing technical skills helps gauge their ability to tackle real-world challenges and produce high-quality code.

    Project Discussion:

    • What to Look For: Engage in a detailed discussion about their previous projects. Ask about the challenges they faced, the decisions they made, and the overall development process.
    • Why it Matters: This provides insights into their problem-solving approach, decision-making capabilities, and the depth of their understanding of the Android development lifecycle.

    Knowledge of Latest Technologies:

    • What to Look For: Inquire about their awareness and usage of the latest tools, libraries, and frameworks in development.
    • Why it Matters: Staying current with industry trends demonstrates a commitment to continuous learning and an ability to leverage the latest technologies in your project.

    Communication Skills:

    • What to Look For: Evaluate their communication skills during interviews and interactions. Assess how effectively they convey technical concepts and discuss ideas.
    • Why it Matters: Strong communication skills are essential for effective collaboration within your development team and when interacting with stakeholders.

    Problem-Solving Scenarios:

    • What to Look For: Present real-world scenarios or hypothetical problems related to Android development. Evaluate their approach to problem-solving and the strategies they employ.
    • Why it Matters: This provides insights into their analytical skills, creativity, and ability to think critically when facing challenges.

    References and Recommendations:

    • What to Look For: Contact previous employers or colleagues for references and recommendations.
    • Why it Matters: Feedback from others who have worked with the developer can provide valuable insights into their work ethic, teamwork, and overall performance.

    Soft Skills Assessment:

    • What to Look For: Evaluate interpersonal skills, teamwork, and adaptability during the interview process.
    • Why it Matters: Effective collaboration and the ability to adapt to different team dynamics are essential for successful Android development projects.

    By combining these approaches, you can gain a comprehensive understanding of an Android developer’s expertise, technical skills, and suitability for your specific project requirements.

    Skill CategoryJunior Android DeveloperMid-Level Android DeveloperSenior Android Developer
    Core Android Skills
    Understanding of Android FundamentalsYesYesYes
    Proficiency with Android Studio and Project SetupNoYesYes
    Knowledge of Android Components and LifecyclesYesYesYes
    Familiarity with Android UI/UX GuidelinesYesYesYes
    Experience with RecyclerView and AdaptersNoYesYes
    Knowledge of Android Data BindingNoYesYes
    Familiarity with Android FragmentsNoYesYes
    Understanding of Android Networking (e.g., Retrofit)NoYesYes
    TypeScript and JavaScript Skills
    Proficiency in Java and KotlinYesYesYes
    Understanding of Object-Oriented Programming (OOP)YesYesYes
    Knowledge of Kotlin Coroutines for Asynchronous ProgrammingNoYesYes
    Front-end Mobile Development Skills
    Understanding of XML Layouts in AndroidYesYesYes
    Familiarity with Material Design GuidelinesNoYesYes
    Knowledge of Android AnimationsNoYesYes
    Experience with Handling Screen Sizes and DensitiesNoYesYes
    Back-end Mobile Development Skills
    Understanding of RESTful APIs and GraphQLNoYesYes
    Knowledge of Local Database Management (e.g., SQLite, Room)NoYesYes
    Experience with Firebase or other BaaS solutionsNoYesYes
    Other Relevant Skills
    Familiarity with Git and Version ControlYesYesYes
    Experience with Unit Testing in Android (e.g., JUnit)NoYesYes
    Proficiency in Dependency Injection (e.g., Dagger, Koin)NoYesYes
    Understanding of Memory Management in AndroidNoYesYes
    Experience with Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment (CI/CD)NoYesYes

    We offer comprehensive support to ensure the seamless onboarding and integration of the developers you hire through us. Our goal is to make the transition as smooth as possible as it is crucial for project success. Here’s how we can assist:

    • Onboarding guidance. We provide guidance and resources to help you set up a structured onboarding process for the newly hired React.js developers. We create an onboarding checklist outlining your team’s development standards and sharing project documentation.
    • Technical support. We can assist you in setting up development environments, addressing technical challenges, and configuring tools and systems. Our goal is to minimize downtime and get the developers up to speed quickly.
      Integration planning. We develop a tailored integration plan that aligns with your goals and needs. It includes defining roles and responsibilities, setting up regular meetings, and establishing clear communication channels.
    • Knowledge transfer. We facilitate knowledge transfer sessions if the new developers need to catch up with some nuances about the project. We always make sure that the experts we pick together understand all aspects of the project and can contribute to it effectively.
    • Collaboration facilitation. Our goal is to cooperate with you on all matters through open and honest communication. Thus, we encourage close collaboration between your team and the hired developers, regular check-ins, status updates, and team meetings to be on the same page and share feedback with each other.
    • Ongoing support. The onboarding and development phases are not the end of our collaboration. We provide ongoing support after the development is finished to address any questions or concerns you might have. This step includes updates, resolving technical issues, facilitating communication, and so on.

    The cost to hire an Android developer and building an app is influenced by various factors, including project size, developers’ skills and experience, operational requirements, and the complexity of the app’s features.

    Project Size

    There are three primary project sizes – small, midsize, and enterprise-level projects.

    • Small-scale projects: These projects have less demanding requirements and basic functionality, making them less expensive and easier to build. Startups and mid-sized businesses typically fall into this category, and Angular developers can efficiently complete these projects at a relatively lower cost.
    • Midsize projects: More complex in nature, midsize projects involve third-party integrations, APIs, and advanced features, making the app more appealing but also more challenging to build. Due to their increased needs, these projects tend to be more expensive.
    • Enterprise-grade projects: These projects require considerable time, investment, and a team of top Android app developers who have a track record of handling similar projects. If you’re looking to hire a team of Android developers for an enterprise-level project, anticipate a higher cost due to the complexity and scale of such endeavors.

    Skills and Experience of Developers

    The cost to hire an Android developer depends significantly on their experience and skill set. You can choose from Junior, Middle, and Senior developers based on your project requirements and the specific skill gaps you need to address.

    • Junior developers: Entry-level developers with limited experience usually charge between $10 and $30 per hour. While their skills may be suitable for less complex projects, it’s essential to assess whether their expertise aligns with your specific requirements.
    • Mid-senior developers: With 4 to 6 years of experience, these developers are competent in front-end programming and typically charge around $35 to $45 per hour. They possess a good understanding of various JavaScript frameworks.
    • Experienced developers: With 8 years of experience or more, top Android app developers are capable of managing large projects, exhibiting strong leadership abilities and technical knowledge. Expect to pay a higher rate, ranging from $50 to $100 per hour.

    Complex Features

    The complexity of features also plays a role in determining the cost. Basic features, often included in Minimum Viable Products (MVPs), are generally less expensive to integrate. However, more advanced features, such as map integrations, payment integration, video streaming, etc., will incur additional costs due to the specialized skills and extended development time required.

    Recruitment Model

    The chosen recruitment model also influences the overall cost. The two main engagement models are time and material and dedicated models. In the time and material model, you pay for the actual working hours developers spend on your project. The dedicated model accommodates changing project requirements, but may involve unexpected additional costs. Choose the model that aligns best with your project’s needs and constraints.

    Choosing an Android app development company in such a vast talent pool can be daunting, especially if you have never outsourced before. Fortunately, there are some tips and tricks on picking the right vendor, and following them will help you find the best Angular development service without stressing out.

    Evaluate your needs
    There’s no point in looking for a development partner if you don’t understand what you need from this cooperation. You need to assess your business state, technological capability, and what your in-house lacks that a third-party Android app development company can provide. After you outline the strengths and weaknesses of your in-house team, you will know what to look for.

    Define your requirements
    Next, define what kind of project you want, the market in which it will compete, how much money you’re ready to pay, and the approximate deadline. Write down as many requirements as possible at this point, and as your potential partner, we’ll go through them and tell you if some are unrealistic. A good offshore Android development partner will help you come up with more realistic requirements and tell you how to achieve them.

    Check the company’s expertise
    After you write down your needs and requirements, move on to the next step – reaching out to vendors. For instance, you can create a list of 5-10 vendors and evaluate them based on their tech expertise, skills, access to the latest technology, experience, and interest in your project.

    Read the reviews
    While evaluating a potential development company, check their Clutch profile. Read the previous clients’ reviews, talk to them about cooperation with the vendor, and ask questions. Make sure that the vendor has worked on relevant projects to yours before and that they have great reviews.

    Protect your data
    Privacy and data security are essential for any business, especially when outsourcing their business operations to a development company. Working with third parties always involves sharing sensitive business information, so it has to be managed properly and protected against breaches and leaks. Make sure that your data is protected, and sign a nondisclosure agreement with your vendor. For this reason, IntelliSoft always sign an NDA with clients before starting cooperation.

    There isn’t a single “best” Android app for developers, as the choice depends on the specific needs and preferences of the developer. However, there are several popular and highly regarded apps that developers often find useful. Here are some categories of apps that developers commonly use:

    IDEs (Integrated Development Environments)

    • AIDE (Android IDE): AIDE is an Android development environment for building Android apps directly on your device. It supports Java, C++, and other languages.
    • Termux: Termux is a powerful terminal emulator for Android that provides a Linux-like environment. Developers can use it to run a variety of programming languages and tools.
    • Kodex: A code editor with syntax highlighting for various languages. It supports features such as multiple windows, split view, and more.

    Version Control

    • GitHub: The GitHub Android app for developers allows developers to manage their repositories, contribute to projects, and review code on the go.
    • GitKraken Git GUI: While not as feature-rich as its desktop counterpart, the GitKraken app for Android provides a mobile interface for Git repositories.

    Reference and Documentation

    • Stack Overflow: The Stack Overflow app is useful for developers seeking solutions to coding problems and staying updated on programming topics.
    • MDN Web Docs: For web developers, the MDN Web Docs app provides easy access to Mozilla Developer Network documentation.

    Collaboration and Communication

    • Slack: Many development teams use Slack for communication. The app allows you to stay connected with your team and receive notifications.
    • Trello: While not specifically for coding, Trello is a project management app that developers often use for organizing tasks and workflows.

    Learning and Training

    • SoloLearn: SoloLearn offers interactive coding lessons and quizzes on various programming languages. It’s a great app for learning on the go.
    • Udacity, Udemy, Coursera: These apps provide access to various programming courses and tutorials.

    To hire an Android app contractor developer, consider the following options:

    Freelance Platforms
    Explore platforms like Upwork, Freelancer, and Toptal to hire Android app programmers. Post your project and review proposals.

    Developer Communities
    Check GitHub for developers showcasing their work. Use Stack Overflow Jobs to connect with experienced Android developers.

    Specialized Job Boards
    Use platforms like AngelList and AndroidJobs.IO to find Android developers interested in contract work.

    Agencies and Development Shops
    Platforms like Toptal, Gigster, and CodementorX connect you with freelancers and agencies specializing in Android development.

    Networking and Local Events
    Attend industry events, meetups, and conferences to network with Android developers and find potential contractors.

    Social Media and Online Communities
    Utilize platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter, and relevant forums to connect with Android developers actively seeking contract work.

    When hiring, clearly define project requirements, set expectations, and review the contractor’s portfolio. Conduct interviews or test assignments and check references for a positive reputation.