We provide customers outsourcing Martech development services to make businesses offer differentiated, relevant customer experiences by activating customer data at scale. IntelliSoft is here to provide clients with IT talents that create intelligent MarTech solutions that create empathetic relationships with customers by understanding customer needs and wants.

We develop meaningful MarTech Solutions

MarTech Software Development Services We Offer

We provide marketing technologies software development services to create custom MarTech solutions and help customers integrate third-party MarTech software into the business ecosystem to achieve better customer engagement, efficiently drive marketing campaigns, and reduce MarTech operational costs for better business outcomes.

Custom Software Development

Receive all the advantages of custom MarTech software development-get a tailored solution built with technologies already in place in your organization. With custom-made MarTech software, you receive desired functionality to maximize the efficiency of your marketing efforts eliminating subscription fees and technological limitations of third-party software.

  • Supply-side Platform (SSP) development
  • Demand-side Platform (DSP) development
  • Data Management Platforms (DMPs)
  • Predictive Analytics solutions
  • Targeting and Retargeting Solutions
  • Dynamic Ad-serving
  • Programmatic Advertising and Real-Time Bidding Platforms
  • 360-degree Consumer Journey Solutions

Mobile Solution

Adopt a mobile-first approach for your existing MarTech project, marketing department needs, or MarTech startup. IntelliSoft is here to provide you with mobile application development services and outsourcing of experienced mobile developers to enrich your development department with Top talents or create a dedicated development team from the ground up.

  • iOS MarTech Mobile development
  • Android MarTech Mobile development
  • Cross-platform MarTech Mobile development
  • Outsourced MarTech Mobile developers
  • Dedicated development teams
  • Research and development MarTech centers

Business Intelligence

Find valuable historical data and forecast future sales leveraging custom-built Business Intelligence solutions for MarTech with Big Data and Predictive Analytics. IntelliSoft creates various MarTech Business Intelligence tools, integrations, and analytics dashboards to showcase information that empowers businesses with data-driven insights into customer behavioral patterns and helps develop effective marketing strategies for steady income growth.

  • Historical performance benchmarks evaluation
  • Trends identification
  • Customer behavior analytics
  • Performance optimization
  • Business processes improvement

Cloud Engineering

Leverage the advantages of cloud technology for your marketing efforts. IntelliSoft developers offer various Cloud Engineering services, from building cloud-first product architecture to migration from on-premise servers to the cloud environment and developing resource-demanding Big Data services on cloud computing platforms.

  • High-load solutions
  • Scalable cloud architecture
  • Advanced disaster recovery
  • Ultimate data security
  • Reduces system downtime
  • Enhanced control over all data

Enterprise Application Integration

Enhance the productivity of your marketing department by hiring IntelliSoft for Enterprise Application Integration services. Our team can set up and maintain the most popular MarTech platforms and applications to ensure seamless communication between your marketing and sales departments.

  • Salesforce Marketing Cloud
  • Hubspot
  • Adobe Marketo Engage
  • Sitecore
  • HCL Unica

Maintenance and Support

Get in touch with customers and perspectives to increase their engagement and receive valuable data for marketing campaigns with MarTech solutions. IntelliSoft will do the rest. Hire our MarTech development team for any changes and updates related to your marketing software and high-loads infrastructure support so that you can fully concentrate on your business efforts.

  • Code refactoring
  • Legacy System Modernization
  • DevOps Services
  • 24/7 Technical Support Centers

Advantages you receive with IntelliSoft

Our technological expertise in MarTech software development help our customers to improve the following aspects of their business:

  • Streamlined workflow
    Actionable MarTech systems help marketers save time by automating and streamlining day-by-day operations, such as capturing customer data, measuring the performance of campaigns, extracting actionable insights, and leveraging those insights to drive more substantial business outcomes.
  • Centralized data access
    Software IntelliSoft develops, such as customer data platforms and real-time analytics dashboards, bring together all the metrics businesses need to know about their customers into one central place.
  • Actionable insights
    Having all customer data at hand provides marketers with complete visibility into the customer history, motivations, and actionable insights into the customer experience and factors that lead to sales
  • Personalized content
    MarTech solutions enable marketers to collect, store, manage, and distribute data for segmentation, thus delivering personalized content and deeper customer engagement.

Our expertise in MarTech

The IntelliSoft MarTech software development professionals help build microservices-based, API-first, cloud-native MarTech solutions that give our client the business advantage to keep up with a rapidly changing industry.

Marketing Automation

Build a marketing technology strategy by taking advantage of marketing automation platforms that combine core technologies into all-in-one suites.

Content Management Systems

We help businesses develop custom Content Management systems (CMS) that include all the necessary tools - a site editor, a blogging tool, a landing page and form builder, call-to-action (CTA) integration, and mobile-first responsive design.

Customer Relationship Management Systems

IntelliSoft develops Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems that enable marketing departments to manage relationships with leads, prospects, customers, employees, partners, and other audiences.

Email Marketing Tools

We build and integrate email marketing tools that help marketers provide the target audience with personalized communication based on contacts' interaction with your organization, such as website page views, event registration, and content downloads.

Event Management Solutions

Our clients receive customized event management platforms that drive engagement with the target audience and ensure data privacy and transparency, leveraging extra security patches and additional data protection layers.

AI and Machine Learning Integrations

Hire our team to develop intelligent algorithms for context-based customer engagement - determining customers' topics of interest, surfacing the relevant content for consumption, and getting the right product in front of customers.

No/Low Code Platforms

Receive advanced MarTech tools that enable your marketing department to develop technical applications, including databases, websites, and chatbots, with no previous experience, coding, or technological background.


Provide your clients with brand experiences across channels by connecting operational and online behavioral information based on a complete customer view real-time data integration and activation. Make your organization receive more profound insights into customers and performance and plan your future products and experiences.

Tech stack for MarTech software development

The IntelliSoft MarTech software experts apply the stack of proven technologies for MarTech projects.

.NET Core

Models for MarTech software development

Our clients select the most appropriate cooperation option among the following options:

Add an extra workforce to your dev team for achieving more significant results
  • Project Management is on your side
  • Quality ownership is on your side
  • You pay for the workforce
Dedicated Teams
Receive a technological partnership with a set of business services
  • We perform management
  • Quality ownership is on our side
  • You pay for the intellectual property
Delegate the business functionality and get the necessary people, processes, and tools
  • Project Management is on both your and our sides
  • Quality ownership is on both your and our sides
  • You pay for the operational excellence

Our MarTech Case Studies

Take a look at MarTech projects built by the IntelliSoft development company.


The IntelliSoft team developed Tractor.io, a SaaS platform for the e-commerce sector. The platform helps online store owners to track in-app user behavior, interact with users via emails, SMS, and instant messages to recover abandoned shopping carts, and provide customers with multi-step lead nurturing flow.

Elektro-Material AG

Elektro-Material AG, the leading electrical wholesale company in Switzerland, was founded in 1913 in Zurich. Now, the company provides clients with over 250,000 electrical installation quality items and a comprehensive range of services. Elektro-Material AG hired IntelliSoft to integrate an Event Management solution with the marketing department's SAP Hybris content management system. Considering tight deadlines, our team decided to incorporate ready-made software instead of developing a custom solution from scratch. We decided to go with Indico, an open-source Event Management system developed at CERN. We set up and customized the Indico software and substantially extended the API.

The IntelliSoft development team is ready to provide MarTech development and consulting services to the following organization:

  • Martech startups

Excessive technological expertise in software development is essential to bring a market-disruptive idea into life. If you are going to launch a Martech and need developers to help you with project documentation, a product prototype, or MVP, you are at the right place. We will be glad to support your MarTech initiative from the discovery phase to product launch and further tech support and maintenance.

  • Marketing agencies

Suppose your marketing agency is looking for ways to handle marketing tasks assigned by your customers. In that case, we can help you with that – from marketing automation to custom MarTech platform development. Hire the IntelliSoft team to create a custom MarTech solution that will need your business goals, let your marketing business be more efficient, provide customers with better services, and deliver better results.

  • All types of businesses

that want to enhance the performance of marketing departments. All companies that use advanced technologies for their marketing efforts receive more data-driven insights and increase sales. If you are looking for ways to enhance your marketing processes and unlock actionable insights, consider hiring the IntelliSoft MarTech specialists.