IntelliSoft, as a product design service provider, is here to breathe life into your vision. With a decade-long expertise, our team guarantees designs that are visually stunning and functionally robust. Partner with us and ensure a product experience that captivates your audience, enhances user engagement, and propels your business vision forward, because at IntelliSoft, we believe in turning innovative ideas into market-ready hits. Talk to our experts

Product Design and Development Services: Bringing Ideas to Life with IntelliSoft

Clients’ testimonials

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Lars Dybdahl

Principal Architect at Cambio Healthcare Systems Denmark

IntelliSoft is a great partner. These engineers are up-to-date on the latest technology, they know what they are doing, and want to deliver high quality code. IntelliSoft allowed me as a CTO to focus on further developing our products.

Product Design Services We Offer

The success of a digital product often hinges not just on the strength of an idea, but on its execution. From the first impression to lasting engagement, IntelliSoft offers comprehensive design services that ensure your product resonates deeply with its intended audience.

UI/UX Design

At IntelliSoft, our UI/UX design philosophy is deeply rooted in crafting experiences that mesmerize and simplify. We recognize that the balance between a visually stunning User Interface (UI) and a seamless User Experience (UX) is vital. Our teams collaboratively work to weave graphics with functionality, ensuring your users are met with an intuitive, captivating journey from start to finish. Our solutions are tailored, ensuring they cater to your brand’s voice and users’ needs, creating a harmonious digital symphony.

Wireframing and Prototyping

Crafting the perfect digital product is an iterative journey. Our wireframing and prototyping services serve as the foundational steps in this voyage. By creating detailed, interactive blueprints, we allow you to visualize, assess, and refine the product’s structure and flow. This collaborative approach fosters feedback, reduces development risks, and ensures that the final product mirrors your vision while being user-centric.

Responsive Web Design

In a world where users shift between devices fluidly, responsiveness is a necessity. IntelliSoft’s responsive web-based solutions ensure that your digital presence is impeccable, adaptive, and consistent. Whether accessed via a desktop, tablet, or smartphone, your users are guaranteed a seamless, optimized experience, enhancing engagement and ensuring satisfaction.

Software Redesign

Technology and user expectations evolve, and so should your software. Our software redesign services ensure that your products remain at the cutting edge, both in aesthetics and usability. Whether it’s a subtle refresh or a complete transformation, IntelliSoft’s team meticulously assesses and revitalizes each aspect, breathing new life and vigor into your digital assets, ensuring they remain contemporary, relevant, and engaging.

Brand and Identity Design

Beyond a logo or color scheme, your brand is your business’s soul, a reflection of its values, goals, and narrative. At IntelliSoft, we delve deep into understanding this essence. Our brand and identity designs ensure you benefit from a consistent, captivating, and memorable presence. From logos and typography to color palettes, every element is crafted with intention, ensuring alignment with your brand’s ethos and resonating with your target audience.

Target User Research

Truly impactful designs stem from deep insights. Our target user research is comprehensive, encompassing qualitative and quantitative methodologies. By understanding user behavior, preferences, and challenges, we equip ourselves with the knowledge to tailor designs that genuinely resonate. Every decision is informed, ensuring your solutions align impeccably with user needs, aspirations, and expectations.

Why Choose IntelliSoft for Product Design and Development Services

Choosing the right partner for product design and development can significantly influence your brand’s trajectory. When you partner with IntelliSoft, you’re aligning with a team that views your success as a shared journey. Trust us to be the compass guiding you through the intricate maze of digital evolution, ensuring every step you take resonates with purpose, precision, and promise. Here’s why partnering with IntelliSoft is a choice you won’t regret:

Decades of Proven Expertise

Our legacy traces back to 2007, with footprints extending from Bulgaria and Switzerland to the U.S. and Ukraine. This widespread presence hasn’t only given us a rich tapestry of experiences but has also equipped us with a nuanced understanding of global user behaviors. We’re not just well-versed in the intricacies of diverse markets - we’re adept at tailoring solutions that have universal appeal yet retain a personalized touch.

Streamlined Communication

The essence of successful collaboration is clear and open communication. At IntelliSoft, we hold this principle dear. We’ve perfected the art of blending professional boundaries with personal touchpoints, ensuring every interaction is transparent, responsive, and inclusive. With a dedicated channel for updates and feedback, we ensure that you’re an active contributor to your project’s success.

Holistic Approach to Design

The landscape of design is vast, and we chart it all. Our holistic approach ensures that each interface element, whether overt or subtle, sings in harmony with the rest. It’s not just about aesthetics - it’s about weaving narratives that engage, resonate, and captivate. From the strategic placement of CTAs to the intuitive flow of UI/UX, we sculpt experiences that ensure prolonged engagement and loyalty.

Dynamic Tech Stack

The world of digital technology is ever-evolving, with new advancements surfacing almost every day. Our robust and diverse tech stack ensures that we’re keeping pace with the industry and often leading the charge. This dynamism translates to solutions that are cutting-edge, scalable, and optimized for both current needs and future growth.

Expert Project Management

A vision, no matter how grand, can flounder without precise execution. Our team of top-level project managers acts as the custodians of your dream. With meticulous planning, constant monitoring, and adaptive strategies, they ensure that every milestone is achieved in a timely way, every resource is optimized, and the final product stands as a testament to excellence and precision.

Industry-Specific Expertise

We pride ourselves on our in-depth knowledge across sectors such as Logistics, Healthcare, MarTech, and IoT, where approaches to software or web design may differ. This expertise, gathered over numerous collaborations, enables us to anticipate industry-specific challenges and curate solutions that are effective and pioneering.

Industries We Serve

We’ve harnessed our diverse expertise to cater to a wide spectrum of sectors, ensuring solutions are tailored and transformative. With IntelliSoft as your tech partner, rest assured that industry-specific challenges are turned into opportunities, paving the way for innovation, growth, and unparalleled success.

Our Technologies

Adobe Suite
Sketch Cloud
Balsamiq Mockups
Axure RP
Affinity Designer

Our Engagement Models

The way we collaborate determines the rhythm and harmony of the resulting project performance. We understand that every case is unique, with its own set of requirements, challenges, and vision. Hence, our engagement models are crafted to offer flexibility, transparency, and alignment with your specific goals. Whether you’re seeking a hands-off approach or a more integrated collaboration, we have a tailored model to fit your needs. Here is how we can partner together for unparalleled success:
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    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

    Product design services encompass a comprehensive approach to creating functional, user-centric, and aesthetically appealing digital products. At IntelliSoft, it means merging the art of form with the science of functionality. We understand the importance of crafting digital solutions that resonate with the end-users, and that’s precisely what our software product design and development services aim for.

    The product design process involves designing the look and feel of a product while also ensuring it aligns with user needs, business goals, and the latest technological trends. By collaborating with an established product design company like IntelliSoft, you’re investing in a holistic development experience, ensuring that every touchpoint of your digital product stands out and delivers value.

    A product design service focuses primarily on conceptualizing, visualizing, and crafting the user experience and interface of a digital product. It encompasses the aesthetics, user flow, and overall look and feel. On the other hand, product design and development services offer a more comprehensive approach. They involve the actual creation and implementation of the product, transforming those designs into functional digital solutions.

    While design services lay the foundation and blueprint, the development services bring that blueprint to life, ensuring it works seamlessly across various platforms and devices. When you engage with IntelliSoft for software product design and development services, you’re getting a beautifully designed product that is robust, functional, and tailored to meet your specific business objectives.

    Absolutely. IntelliSoft prides itself on being a holistic solution provider. We have extensive knowledge and skills in all areas of IT services, from the initial ideation and intricate software product design phases to the robust development and deployment stages. Our teams of talented designers craft intuitive and visually compelling interfaces while our senior level developers ensure these blueprints are translated into functional, high-performing software.

    By consolidating both design and development under one roof, IntelliSoft streamlines the production process, guarantees consistency across stages, and delivers products that are both aesthetically pleasing and technologically sound.

    Choosing IntelliSoft as your product design service provider means opting for excellence, innovation, and unparalleled expertise. Here’s why:

    Experience Matters
    Since our inception, we’ve successfully delivered numerous projects across various industries. We have proven our commitment and expertise through our track record.

    Tailored Solutions
    We don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach in product design. Every project is unique, and our solutions are custom-crafted to meet your specific business needs and objectives.

    Talented Team
    Each product designer for hire is not only proficient in the latest tools and methodologies but also brings a deep understanding of user behavior, ensuring designs that resonate with your target audience.

    Collaborative Approach
    At IntelliSoft, collaboration is key. We cooperate closely with our clients throughout the design process to ensure transparency and satisfaction.

    Cutting-Edge Technology
    We keep up with the latest design trends and technologies to ensure your product is cutting-edge and future-proof.

    All Under One Roof
    IntelliSoft offers a suite of services ranging from development to quality assurance. Partnering with us means a seamless journey from conception to launch.

    Сhoosing IntelliSoft means investing in a partnership that prioritizes your vision, values your input, and is dedicated to turning your ideas into tangible, successful digital products.

    IntelliSoft’s distinctive edge in the realm of product design and development service is rooted in a blend of our values, experience, and a forward-thinking approach. Here’s what truly distinguishes us:

    Deep Domain Expertise
    Founded in 2007, we have amassed years of hands-on experience across varied industries. This depth of knowledge allows us to understand specific industry challenges and craft solutions that address them head-on.

    Holistic Approach
    While many providers might focus on either design or development, IntelliSoft excels in both. This integrated approach ensures that the transition from ideation to development is seamless, efficient, and consistent.

    Global Presence, Local Insight
    With offices in Bulgaria, the U.S., Switzerland, and Ukraine, we offer a global perspective while understanding local nuances. This balance ensures that the products we design and develop resonate globally.

    Skilled Workforce
    90% of our development team consists of senior software development professionals. Their vast experience ensures that the designs are not only beautiful but also technically sound and feasible.

    Enduring Partnerships
    A testament to our quality and commitment is the fact that 80% of our clients have been with us for over five years. Such long-term relationships speak to the trust and value we bring to our partnerships.

    Adaptable Collaboration Models
    Whether it’s outstaffing, staff augmentation, or dedicated teams, we offer flexible collaboration models tailored to fit your operational needs and business objectives.

    In the crowded landscape of product design and development service providers, IntelliSoft stands out by consistently delivering excellence, fostering collaboration, and placing our clients’ visions at the forefront of everything we do.

    While IntelliSoft is renowned for its top-tier services, we are far more than just a specialized digital product design company. We offer a comprehensive suite of services catering to the entire lifecycle of software development.

    Solutions for Start-ups
    From technology scouting to MVP development, we provide start-ups with the tools they need to hit the ground running and scale efficiently.

    Web & Mobile Development
    Our expertise encompasses front-end, back-end, full-stack web, and mobile app development, including platforms such as React Native, Android, and iOS.

    Flutter App Development
    We harness the power of Flutter to deliver high-performance, cross-platform applications that provide a consistent user experience across devices.

    Quality Assurance & Testing
    Our dedicated teams ensure that every product we deliver is free from bugs and meets the highest quality standards.

    DevOps Services
    We streamline software delivery by automating and integrating the processes between software development and IT teams.

    Machine Learning & Data Analytics
    We empower businesses with data-driven insights and advanced machine-learning solutions to stay ahead in today’s competitive landscape.

    Managed IT Services & Support
    Our support extends beyond product delivery, ensuring that your software runs smoothly and remains updated.

    Cloud Development
    We offer scalable, efficient, and cost-effective cloud solutions tailored to your business needs.

    At IntelliSoft, our aim is to be your one-stop solution for all digital transformation needs.

    Our breadth and depth of services ensure that we can address every challenge and seize every opportunity that arises in your digital journey.

    IntelliSoft has been at the forefront of software product development since its inception in 2007. Over the span of more than a decade and a half, we’ve solidified our position as an industry leader, continuously evolving and adapting to the dynamic landscape of technology and design. This extensive experience ensures that we bring both time-tested methodologies and fresh, innovative approaches to every project, making us a trusted partner for businesses across the globe.

    IntelliSoft’s approach as a digital product design and development company stands out distinctly from traditional design entities in several transformative ways:

    Integrated Digital Expertise
    Unlike traditional firms that may focus solely on aesthetics, we integrate deep technological know-how with design. This approach ensures that our creations are visually appealing, technologically sound, and feasible.

    User-Centric Design
    User experience is paramount. Our designs are rooted in understanding user behavior, preferences, and needs, ensuring that the final product resonates with its intended audience.

    Agile Methodology
    We embrace the agile development approach, allowing for flexibility, iterative feedback, and rapid adaptation. This approach ensures the product remains aligned with evolving market demands and user expectations.

    Global Perspective with Local Insight
    Leveraging our global presence, we bring a world view to our products, but we also deeply understand local market nuances. This balance is often missing in traditional design outfits.

    End-to-End Solutions
    We offer holistic solutions from initial concept to final product launch and support. This comprehensive approach means clients get a seamless experience without the need to juggle multiple vendors.

    Data-Driven Decisions
    In contrast to traditional design companies that might rely heavily on intuition, we employ data analytics to inform our choices, ensuring decisions are backed by tangible insights.

    Continuous Learning & Adaptation
    The digital realm is ever-evolving. We prioritize continuous learning, ensuring that we’re always ahead of the curve incorporating the latest trends, tools, and technologies.

    While traditional design companies might excel in creating visually captivating images, IntelliSoft ensures that beauty is complemented by functionality, relevance, and adaptability in the fast-paced digital ecosystem.

    Navigating the competitive digital landscape can be challenging, especially for start-ups and evolving businesses. Partnering with a comprehensive digital product design company like IntelliSoft can make all the difference. Here’s why:

    Holistic Approach
    At IntelliSoft, we believe in a full-circle solution. From ideation to launch, we walk alongside our clients, ensuring every aspect of the product – be it design, functionality, or user experience – aligns seamlessly with the brand’s vision and user needs.

    Cutting-Edge Expertise
    The digital world is ever-evolving. By collaborating with us, businesses gain access to a team that’s always updated with the latest technological advancements, design trends, and industry best practices, ensuring their product remains ahead of the curve.

    Cost-Efficient Solutions
    Hiring in-house specialists can be a costly and time-consuming endeavor, especially for start-ups. We offer a scalable model, allowing businesses to tap into top-tier talent without the overheads associated with full-time hires.

    Reduced Time-to-Market
    With our agile methodologies and the team of true professionals, we streamline the design and development process, enabling faster product launches without compromising on quality. This swift execution can be a game-changer in fast-paced markets.

    Customized Solutions
    Every business is unique, and so are its needs. IntelliSoft prides itself on crafting tailor-made solutions, ensuring that the digital products resonate with the target audience and fulfill specific business objectives.

    Risk Mitigation
    Our team’s vast expertise and established success enable us to anticipate and preemptively address any potential obstacles that may arise, resulting in a streamlined project implementation process with reduced risks and enhanced efficiency.

    Global Perspective with Local Nuances
    Our global presence ensures a broader worldview, but we also place significant emphasis on understanding local market intricacies. This combination guarantees products that appeal to everyone while catering to specific regional preferences.

    End-to-End Support
    Beyond the initial design and development, we stand by our clients, offering continuous support, updates, and optimizations, ensuring the digital product remains relevant and efficient in the long run.

    For start-ups and businesses looking to carve a niche in the digital domain, partnering with IntelliSoft means gaining a strategic ally that’s committed to their success, offering the expertise, tools, and dedication required to transform visions into tangible, impactful digital realities.

    IntelliSoft’s product designers are a select group of experienced professionals, each handpicked for their prowess, passion, and dedication to the craft of digital design. Here’s an overview of who they are and the qualifications they bring to the table:

    Diverse Backgrounds
    Our team comprises designers with a variety of experiences and backgrounds, ensuring a rich tapestry of perspectives that can address multifaceted challenges. From graphic design to user experience (UX) specialists, our team has a holistic skill set that caters to every aspect of product development.

    Educational Excellence
    When you hire digital product designers from IntelliSoft, you can be sure of their top-level skills, because the majority of them hold advanced degrees in design, interactive media, or related fields from renowned institutions. This strong academic foundation ensures they are well-versed in the principles and theories that drive successful product creation.

    Industry Certifications
    Beyond academic qualifications, many of our designers have earned industry-recognized certifications in areas such as user interface (UI) design, user experience (UX) design, and design thinking. Their certifications demonstrate their commitment to continuous learning and staying up-to-date with the latest trends and best practices.

    Rich Portfolio
    Experience speaks volumes in the software development world. Our designers come equipped with portfolios that showcase a wide range of projects spanning various industries. This breadth of experience ensures that they can adapt and innovate, regardless of the project’s scope or sector.

    Soft Skills
    Beyond technical prowess, our designers are adept communicators, empathetic listeners, and keen problem solvers. They understand that effective product design isn’t just about aesthetics – it’s about understanding user needs business goals, and crafting solutions that bridge the two.

    Continued Learning
    The digital landscape is ever-evolving, and so is the world of design. At IntelliSoft, we prioritize the continuous growth and development of our team. Our designers regularly attend workshops, seminars, and conferences, ensuring they’re always at the forefront of the industry’s advancements.

    When partnering with IntelliSoft, our clients are collaborating with industry experts who bring a unique blend of academic knowledge, practical experience, and a passion for excellence. It’s this combination that ensures every product we create not only looks impeccable but functions flawlessly and resonates with its intended audience.

    Absolutely! We understand that every project has its unique requirements. Whether you’re in the initial stages of a start-up looking for a quick prototype or an established business requiring a short-term design revamp, our flexible engagement models cater to projects of all durations.

    Our team of expert product designers for hire is adaptable and can be swiftly onboarded for short-term projects. This fact ensures that you get the high-quality design expertise IntelliSoft is known for without long-term commitments. We prioritize understanding your specific needs, project goals, and timelines and then curate a team that aligns perfectly with those objectives.

    Our expert project management and streamlined communication ensure seamless execution of short-term projects, maintaining high standards of quality and efficiency. This approach means you can focus on your project’s broader goals, knowing the design aspect is in capable hands.

    When you hire product designers from IntelliSoft, you get the team tailor-suited for your project duration, ensuring optimal results without any added long-term obligations.

    Yes, there is! IntelliSoft prides itself on its adaptability to meet varied client needs, and that includes facilitating long-term collaborations. If your project or business requires sustained design input over an extended period, we’ve got you covered.
    Here’s how our long-term engagement works:

    Deep Dive Analysis
    We initiate the process by understanding your business, its long-term goals, and specific design needs. This deep dive ensures that our collaboration is rooted in a clear and shared vision.

    Dedicated Team Allocation
    We can allocate a team of digital product designers exclusively for your project, based on your specific requirements. This team becomes an extension of your own, working closely with you throughout the engagement period.

    Consistent Communication
    For long-term projects, seamless communication is vital. Regular check-ins, updates, and feedback loops are integrated into our workflow, ensuring clarity and alignment at all stages.

    As your project evolves, so can our team. Whether you need to ramp up or scale down, we offer the flexibility to adjust the team size based on the project’s changing dynamics.

    Ongoing Training
    The digital design realm is ever-evolving. Our designers are continually upskilled, ensuring that your projects benefit from the latest design methodologies and tools.

    Transparent Reporting
    We provide regular reports on progress, challenges, and milestones achieved. This method ensures you always have a clear picture of where the project stands.

    If you’re looking to hire digital product designers for a prolonged period, IntelliSoft’s long-term engagement model offers the perfect blend of expertise, commitment, and flexibility. With us, you not only get top-tier design talent but also a partnership rooted in trust, transparency, and shared growth.

    Yes, at IntelliSoft, we recognize the diverse needs of businesses today. While some companies seek full-fledged, long-term design teams, others may hire product designers for specific contract-based projects or freelance requirements.

    Here’s how we cater to these diverse requirements:

    Flexible Hiring Models
    Beyond our dedicated team allocations for long-term projects, we offer a contract-based approach to hire product designer team where you can bring in our talented designers for a specific project or duration. This model ensures that you get the expertise without the long-term commitment.

    Rigorous Vetting
    Whether it’s a permanent team member or a contract-based designer, we ensure that every individual undergoes a rigorous vetting process. This approach guarantees that you get designers who are not only skilled but also align with IntelliSoft’s ethos of quality and client-centricity.

    Streamlined Onboarding
    Even if it’s a temporary engagement, we make sure that the onboarding process is smooth. Our designers are trained to quickly adapt to new project environments, ensuring minimal lead times.

    Seamless Integration
    Our contract-based and freelance designers can integrate seamlessly into your existing teams or work independently, depending on your project requirements. Their adaptability ensures that you get optimal results irrespective of the engagement model.

    Consistent Support
    Even if you hire our designers on a contract or freelance basis, you still benefit from IntelliSoft’s consistent support. We remain a point of contact, ensuring that everything runs smoothly and addressing any concerns you might have.

    Whether you’re in search of a full-time design ally or need specific skills for a shorter period, IntelliSoft offers a range of models to hire product designer teams tailored to your unique requirements. Our commitment to excellence remains consistent, regardless of the engagement duration or type.

    Hiring a product designer from IntelliSoft as an international client is streamlined, efficient, and designed with a global perspective in mind. We’ve refined our process to ensure seamless collaboration, irrespective of geographical distances. Here’s how it works:

    Initial Consultation
    It all begins with an in-depth conversation where we understand your specific needs, project goals, and any regional nuances or requirements you might have.

    Portfolio Review
    We share portfolios of our designers that align with your needs. This review gives you an insight into their skill set, previous work, and the kind of value they can bring to your project.

    Virtual Interviews
    Leveraging modern communication tools, we arrange virtual interviews where you can interact with potential designers, gauge their expertise, and ensure a cultural and professional fit.

    Proposal & Agreement
    Once you’ve chosen to hire a product designer or design team, we send a detailed proposal outlining responsibilities, deliverables, timelines, and costs. After mutual agreement, we formalize the engagement with a comprehensive contract that caters to international legalities and standards.

    Onboarding & Integration
    Our designers, equipped with experience in working with global clients, are enrolled in your project. They can either integrate into your existing teams or work independently, based on your preference.

    Regular Updates & Communication
    Given the time-zone differences and remote nature of collaboration, we place a strong emphasis on regular updates. Scheduled check-ins, milestone reports, and open channels of communication ensure transparency and alignment.

    Feedback & Iterations
    We believe in a collaborative approach. Regular feedback sessions are scheduled, allowing you to share your insights and ensuring the design output aligns perfectly with your vision.

    Project Conclusion & Handover
    Upon completion, we ensure all deliverables are handed over efficiently, and any training or support required to manage the design elements is provided.

    Post-Project Support
    Our relationship doesn’t just end with project completion. We offer post-project support, addressing any tweaks, updates, or queries you might have.

    At IntelliSoft, we’ve always believed in breaking geographical barriers to deliver impeccable solutions. Our refined process for international clients is a testament to our commitment to global excellence, ensuring that distance is never a deterrent to quality collaboration.

    Absolutely, at IntelliSoft, our product designers for hire aren’t just adept at creating innovative and user-centric designs – they also come with a rich portfolio of expertise across various industries. This industry-specific knowledge ensures that the designs they craft are aesthetically pleasing and cater to the unique nuances and requirements of particular sectors. Here are some industries where our designers have garnered significant expertise:

    Our designers are well-versed in creating patient-friendly interfaces, ensuring compliance with medical regulations, and understanding the intricacies of health tech solutions.

    In the fast-evolving world of marketing technology, our designers are equipped to create interfaces that enhance user engagement, lead conversions, and customer journeys.

    As the realm of interconnected devices grows, our designers have honed skills in crafting user experiences that manage complex data flows while ensuring simplicity and user-friendliness.

    Understanding the diverse audience of learners, our designers craft educational platforms that are intuitive, engaging, and conducive to effective learning.

    With the complexities involved in supply chain and logistics, our designers focus on creating solutions that simplify processes, enhance operational efficiency, and improve end-user experiences.

    Recognizing the sensitivity and confidentiality of the legal sector, our designers ensure that platforms are both secure and user-friendly, streamlining the myriad of legal processes for professionals and clients.

    Our product designers’ expertise doesn’t just stop at these industries. They invest time and effort in upskilling and adapting to the latest design innovations, regardless of the industry they work in. Partnering with IntelliSoft means tapping into this pool of industry-specific design knowledge, ensuring your projects resonate with your target audience while standing out in the market.