Intellisoft makes it possible to outsource product development to an external team of qualified designers. We can handle the entire product life cycle, from ideation to manufacture. Our team offers a systematic way via our exclusive approach to designing products and services. Such methods as an in-depth understanding of UX/UI design, thorough business analysis, and excellent visual identity guarantee the best outcomes for our clients looking for up-to-date design.

Quality, Affordable Product Design Services for
Your Project

What Is Product Design?

What does product development design stand for? It is the process of developing goods and providing solutions to an issue in a certain market. This term can also be defined as the intersection of different UX and UI design subjects that assist with crafting up-to-date digital goods. Product design should serve a business and incorporate customer needs. It involves multiple physical products and digital tools. We at Intellisoft come up with digital products that consumers around the world adore.

About Our Product Design Service

Companies require product and design services as their core is the goods or services they offer. That is why product design should be well presented. Many think that design is only about the look, but that is not true. To achieve a seamless user experience, some other measures have to be taken as well. With Intellisoft, you won’t have to bother about anything as our experts offer full-cycle design services to make your product loved by the end-user.

Full-Service Agency

If you choose services from Intellisoft, you automatically save plenty of time and money as there is no need to search for multiple outsourcing agencies. We have all-in-one services, meaning that we’ll provide you with all members necessary to succeed in your business. Intellisoft is a one-stop design and digital product development company that will lead you all the way through to the perfect quality of your product or service.

Design That Speaks Out to Users

There is more than an outstanding appearance for your good or service. Our team maps pathways to make sure your customers can easily discover what they need. Your website will look just stunning!

Experienced & Qualified Experts

Each of our designers possesses impressive skills and experience that allow them to accomplish projects of any difficulty. We develop visual identities for many famous companies. First, we have to discuss your objectives to realize what you really need!

Services We Provide

No matter what you expect to get in the end, you can discuss it with us, and we guarantee that our professionals won’t disappoint you. There are mobile, web, and hybrid applications, and we are equally good at designing each type of software. Intellisoft applies both User-Centered Design and Design Thinking models. Our team takes accessibility and usability into account. That is how we meet the expectations of the most demanding clients. Here is what you can get from us:
  • UX & UI design
  • Digital product design
  • SaaS product web design
  • Target user research
  • Application prototyping
  • Responsive website design
  • Software redesign
  • Cross-platform software design
  1. UX & UI design

    Even when an app seems outstanding, it may become a disaster after being delivered to an end-user. Intellisoft uses time-tested UX practices to come up with a simple design that customers will like.
    That is true that user experience heavily depends on an interface. Our professionals use the top-preferred industry practices mixed with the recent market trends with this thing in mind.

  1. Usability Examinations

    To ensure that users enjoy your design, our specialists test your app’s functionality to find out how easy it is to use your product. We will start from technical aspects and finish with surveying your audience. In-depth industry research and analysis are two other things that help to examine the app’s usability.

  1. Research and Prototyping

    Leave your troubles behind – our experts will get ready with the necessary tech documentation and requirements with a detailed explanation of features, functionality, and cases. It all allows you to craft a well-visualized prototype.

  1. Brand Identity

    A brand is a name, symbol, design, or whatever feature that distinguishes someone’s product or service from other offers on the market. Brands are similar to the personality of a user. We’ll assist you with developing an original brand identity!

Design a Fully Digital Product Experience

A systematic and disciplined approach makes Intellisoft one of the best digital product design services. We view and provide the entire user experience instead of separate parts. Intellisoft targets and retargets your users carefully to come up with a more accurate picture of what they want.
  • UX & UI User Experience
  • CX Customer experience
  • SD Service Design

What We Do

Our work starts with detecting the problem and trying to find the most effective solutions. After obtaining this information, the design phase is about to unfold! Your target audience is the core.
As you can see, we take care of every stage involved in the process of designing an app or a web. Yes, your goods or services will look great, but we offer more than that. We analyze the market and competitors, in general, to define all nuances and offer improvements and even new features for your software. The proper PM instruments help us to detect and meet your business requirements.

Web & Mobile Software
Design Services

The goal of many companies that turn to us is to increase their user engagement and brand awareness. Design is what drives your customers. Let our professional UX and UI designers enhance your user engagement and behavior. Intellisoft is both a professional app development and digital product design company. We help build your projects based on your business goals.

Responsive Website Design Services

Websites introduce potential customers to your brand. That is why
they should catch an eye at first sight. A site should be highly
responsive to make the user want to stay and take action
(e.g., placing an order). Up-to-date mobility tech allows us to
develop a website attractive to your users. Here is a list of
benefits that you will get after cooperation with us:
  • Enhance your site’s UI and UX
  • Make your application compatible with multiple devices
  • Correspond to the best practices of search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Reach customers on many different screen sizes
  • Consolidate a site in a customer management system like WordPress

Mobile Design Services

It is crucial to define your business goals and audience clearly before getting involved in mobile design. It is not that easy to create software using Android or iOS operating systems. However, custom design matters a lot. Our digital product design agency has experts who will create a unique design according to the recent trends.
An integral mobile software development process is what you can expect from us. We take into account all cross-platform design services. Intellisoft always integrates with our client’s code hassle-free.

Software and Site Redesign Services

If you already have a product or service, you may notice that it is not performing in the way you want it. One of the ways is to optimize or fully redesign your website or application. Even changing some minor visual elements may help. Our team is ready to make all the necessary modifications upon your request. Intellisoft promises to create a:
  • Custom navigation to enhance customer engagement
  • Highly responsive design
  • Speedy loading product to decrease bounce rate

UX & UI Design

So, there are two basic types of design, as you know: UI and UX. Every digital product design studio aims high to possess both an excellent user interface (UI) and a solid user experience (UX). We take into account the best practices and methods when working on your projects.

UX Services

We work with many industries. From healthcare to IoT, many fields turn to us for help as we deliver a frictionless UX. We can create a UX of the premium level from zero. We can update the existing experience after providing an examination.

User Experience Consulting

Intellisoft has professional design teams to work on your project. We try to develop original designs for every easily customizable company. The proper visual elements will engage your users.

Why UX Matters

UX is all about usability, customer behavior, accessibility, etc. These traits make it possible to minimize pain points. Right, Android and iOS are quite different. Thus, Intellisoft works with a tailor-made user journey according to your requirements and expectations.
Our team will assist with building a powerful brand identity. Intellisoft knows how to balance UX and UI. With us, users will recognize you from first sight.

UI Design

So, what is the easiest method to make applications interact with customers? Our UI design services create digital solutions that will make your company stand out from the rest of the organizations. Our method is based on:
  • Software design top practices
  • Customization via a study-grounded approach
  • Recent design trends
  • Interfaces to meet your marketing requirements
  • Usability examination
  • Accessibility testing

Customized UI

When it comes to UI, keep in mind that interfaces should never be the same. That is why Intellisoft specializes in creating original elements of design. Developing a solid user interface from scratch is not a problem for us, thanks to our vast experience.

Why Is It Worth Investing in UI?

The main goal is to attract users and make them loyal to your brand, and it is all about visualization. Of course, the quality of your product also matters, but it should be wisely combined with the design.
It is true that measuring return on investment (ROI) might be a challenge, but there is no doubt that the proper UI mobile experience is an intelligent decision. Intellisoft assists you with making better strategic business decisions to save you time and money.

Most Suitable Engagement Models for Your Business

Sometimes, it is better to turn for help from third parties instead of relying on your in-house team alone. First, your employees might be busy with many other tasks. Why won’t just let them focus on core activities? Second, your staff may lack certain skills necessary to develop a project you want.
We have a couple of engagement models for your business. Find out which type of service would better suit your needs.

Extended Team

Our experts would be a cool addition to your team. Instead of hiring a development team from scratch, simply expand the existing one. Let us know more about your project and requirements, and we’ll find the right specialist to join your team.

Full App Development Service

There is nothing we cannot do for you in case you need a full development cycle. Intellisoft’s engineers will take the entire software development process off your shoulders. From research and MVP to a full-scale product and its post-support and maintenance.

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    Hire Our Web Development Team

    It makes sense that you want your software to stand out from other products in the market. Intellisoft is the right partner if you wish to overbeat your competitors. We should only discuss details ahead to understand what exactly you expect from our cooperation.
    • To get tips and help, consult us for free. While having a call or communicating in any other way convenient for you, we will offer the best design solutions for your project. That is how we plan our work.
    • Once you send an inquiry to us, our experts will get back to you within several hours. We will let you know what our further cooperation will look like, and now you can review our case studies to learn more from the success stories of our happy clients.
    • After that, our team will collect and evaluate the requirements for your software project. We’ll need to know your business goals to understand what you expect from us. Lastly, you’ll get a proposal from Intellisoft.

      Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

      Of course, to start productive cooperation, we should first discuss all the details. Intellisoft should first immerse in what you produce and plan to release. We should dig deeper into the entire industry, as well as explore your mission, targets, audience, and more. After that, our team can offer some specific strategies and approaches, such as a proper extension model for your business. We’ll also select technologies that would best align with your vision.

      We prefer the word “affordable” over “cheap,” as you understand that high quality is never about the lowest price. Still, we offer help with your projects for a rather user-friendly price based on the market average and the latest tech that we use, as well as compared to many other digital product development companies. The fee also depends on the project scope, technical specifications, and many other factors. During the free session that you can book on our website, we will try to estimate the price of your project together.

      Sure, we have access to the pool of IT talents, including developers and designers. They often go hand in hand when it comes to successful project implementation. Our goal is to assemble a team that will do its best for your project and fully interact with your existing employees for maximized productivity.

      With our professionals by your side, you’ll never miss a thing. We will prevent you from wasting time and money on useless features. Our team knows how a perfect app in a specific industry should look, and, of course, we consider it when processing your requirements. Be sure that you’ll get what you want, and even better! Our designers focus on building the functionality your users really need.
      After studying and discussing our research results and your Product Design Sprint, as well as all pain points that you might have, Intellisoft will provide you with tailored solutions and expert tips to generate a unique value proposition. A powerful UVP will expand your customer base significantly.
      Design sprints are necessary to enhance projects. They serve as an action plan required to reach business goals and move forward strategically.