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Lars Dybdahl

Principal Architect at Cambio Healthcare Systems Denmark

IntelliSoft is a great partner. These engineers are up-to-date on the latest technology, they know what they are doing, and want to deliver high quality code. IntelliSoft allowed me as a CTO to focus on further developing our products.

How to Hire iOS Developers

The vast pool of experienced iOS coders globally can overwhelm business owners seeking third-party developers. If you lack experience in the hiring process, or are unsure about selecting the best iOS developers for hire for your project, IntelliSoft is here to assist. With a track record of successfully assisting over 10 clients in the hiring process, we bring our expertise to help you navigate this challenging process. Here’s a breakdown of how the hiring process for iOS coders works at our iOS app development company:

iOS Consulting Session

Every hiring process starts with an iOS consulting session to understand your requirements. We will inquire about your project’s goals, vision, and skill gaps. This information helps us create a detailed project description and an action plan and enables us to hire iOS app developers who align with your project’s characteristics.

Create a Job Listing

Based on your requirements, IntelliSoft, an iOS development company, creates a comprehensive job listing outlining main responsibilities, required experience, and qualifications. We ensure to highlight iOS tools and technologies relevant to your project when you hire iOS app developers.

Screen Resumes

Upon receiving developers’ resumes, our HR and technical experts screen them to handpick the most suitable candidates for you to hire iOS developers. Our goal is to ensure that the resumes align flawlessly with your project goals before proceeding to the technical interviews.

Technical Interviews

The next step involves conducting technical interviews with the selected candidates. You actively participate in this process, asking questions to assess their knowledge, skills, and understanding of your project. This ensures that when you hire iOS programmers, they are a perfect fit for your needs.

Finalize Your Choice

After the interviews, we collaborate to finalize the candidates, ensuring their seamless integration into your project, team, and workflow. Rigorous testing and interviews ensure that you hire iOS app developers whose skills and expertise guarantee a high-quality product.

Begin Development

With the team in place, it’s time to choose the cooperation model. Whether you opt for remote collaboration or direct reporting from our project manager, our iOS mobile application development service adapts the processes to your preferences. You retain total control over the process, receiving regular updates and reports on the project’s progress.

Reasons to Hire iOS Developers at IntelliSoft

We take pride in our experience in working with iOS development and hiring the top talent from the global talent pool. If you have been looking to hire remote iOS developers, you’re in the right place, as our team will ensure that your project shines among the competitors and impresses even the most discerning user. Let’s look at the reasons why you should hire iOS programmers at IntelliSoft:

Long-term Relationship

At IntelliSoft, an iOS app development service company, we have a strong interest in an ongoing relationship with you; our collaboration will be long-term and built on trust, collaboration, and constant support. Our iOS development company goal is to ensure your sustained success, fostering a collaborative journey that evolves with your changing needs and aspirations.

Perfect Cultural Fit

At IntelliSoft, an iOS app development service provider, we strive to be more than just a technology partner; we aim to seamlessly integrate into your company culture. Our team not only brings technical expertise and iOS mobile app development services, but also aligns with your values and work ethos, ensuring a perfect cultural fit.

Faster Recruitment Process

While clients typically spend up to 9 months searching for a developer independently, our efficient team can identify and secure a perfect match for your needs within just 1.5 months. At our iOS application development service, we streamline the recruitment journey, saving you valuable time and ensuring a prompt start to your project with the right talent in place.

Integral Part of Your Team

The iOS developers for hire we help you find become an integral part of your team, staying with you for years to come. We recruit senior developers with years of experience in the market and make sure they keep on working with you, bringing their skills, knowledge, and expertise to the table. Moreover, you can be sure that they will integrate seamlessly into your in-house team and foster mutual collaboration with your employees.

Top Talent for Reasonable Price

At IntelliSoft, an iOS app development service, we provide unparalleled skills and expertise at a reasonable cost that would be challenging to match with local specialists. Our iOS application development service commitment is to deliver exceptional value, ensuring you get access to the best talent without compromising your budgetary considerations.

Close Connection with the Leadership

With our CEO being an ex-developer, you gain a valuable resource for recommendations and guidance on any matter. Past clients have experienced the benefits of a direct relationship with our leadership, maintaining regular communication, and having the opportunity to reach out whenever needed. This unique accessibility ensures a supportive and collaborative partnership throughout your engagement with IntelliSoft’s iOS app development company.

Our Engagement Models

At IntelliSoft, an iOS application development service, flexibility is the cornerstone of our collaborative philosophy. Acknowledging the distinctiveness of each project, we customize our approach to align with diverse needs, management styles, and financial considerations. Explore the various engagement models below to effectively partner with us when looking for iOS app developers for hire.
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    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

    iOS development services encompass a comprehensive process that involves the conception, creation, and refinement of mobile applications compatible with Apple’s iOS operating system. These iOS development services go beyond mere coding and extend to the design, testing, deployment, and ongoing maintenance of iOS apps, ensuring a seamless and engaging user experience.

    The key components of iOS development services include:

    Concept and Creativity
    This initial phase involves ideation, market research, and concept refinement. iOS app developers for hire work to generate innovative ideas, ensuring the app aligns with the needs and preferences of the target audience.

    Design and Development
    The design and development stage focuses on crafting an intuitive user interface (UI) and optimal user experience (UX). Utilizing programming languages such as Swift or Objective-C, developers code the app’s functionality and features, bringing the conceptualized ideas to life.

    Testing and Quality Assurance
    Thorough testing is conducted to identify and rectify bugs and glitches. The app undergoes rigorous testing to ensure seamless functionality across various iOS devices and versions, guaranteeing a consistent and reliable experience for users.

    Deployment and Distribution
    This phase involves submitting the app to the App Store, Apple’s platform for app distribution. Additionally, iOS app developers for hire engage in promotional and marketing activities to effectively reach the intended audience, enhancing the app’s visibility and download potential.

    Maintenance and Support
    After the deployment stage, our custom iOS app development services include ongoing maintenance. This entails regular updates to fix bugs, introducing new features, and adapting to evolving user needs. Technical support is provided to address any issues users may encounter, ensuring a positive and trouble-free experience.

    iOS app development services offered by IntelliSoft extend far beyond the coding realm; they encompass a holistic approach to crafting high-quality, engaging, and effective mobile apps for Apple’s iOS platform. By choosing IntelliSoft as your iOS app development service company, you gain access to a wealth of expertise and a dedicated team committed to delivering innovative solutions that elevate your app in the competitive mobile landscape.

    iOS app development services bring a multitude of benefits, making it a strategic decision for businesses and individuals alike. Here’s why you should consider engaging the expertise of iOS developers, especially when partnering with IntelliSoft:

    • Specialized Skill Set
      iOS developers possess a specialized skill set tailored to the unique requirements of Apple’s ecosystem. Their proficiency in languages such as Swift and Objective-C ensures the development of high-performance, feature-rich applications specifically optimized for iOS devices.
    • In-depth knowledge of iOS Guidelines
      iOS developers are well-versed in the guidelines set by Apple for App Store submissions. Hiring them ensures that your app adheres to these guidelines, increasing the likelihood of approval and subsequent availability to a global audience.
    • Seamless User Experience
      Developers with iOS expertise understand the importance of a seamless and intuitive user experience. They leverage their knowledge of iOS design principles to create applications that not only function flawlessly but also provide an aesthetically pleasing and user-friendly interface.
    • Access to Latest Technologies
      Staying ahead of the latest advancements in the Apple ecosystem, iOS programmers for hire at IntelliSoft have access to cutting-edge tools and technologies. This ensures that your app incorporates the latest features and functionalities, keeping it competitive in the dynamic mobile app landscape.
    • Optimized Performance Across Devices
      iOS developers optimize your application to deliver consistent performance across a variety of Apple devices and iOS versions. This ensures that users, whether on iPhones, iPads, or other iOS-powered gadgets, enjoy a uniform and optimal experience.
    • Robust Security Measures
      Security is a top priority in the iOS ecosystem, and iOS programmers for hire are proficient at implementing robust security measures. Hiring them ensures that your app is built with data protection in mind, fostering trust among users and safeguarding sensitive information.
    • Faster Time to Market
      With their specialized knowledge and experience, iOS developers can make the development process faster. This results in a faster time to market, allowing you to capitalize on opportunities and stay ahead of the competition.

    When evaluating potential candidates for an iOS developer position, it’s crucial to prioritize the following essential skills. Possessing these capabilities ensures that the candidate can proficiently design and develop functional iOS mobile apps tailored for Apple devices and macOS computers, aligning seamlessly with your business objectives.

    iOS developer technical skills to look out for:

    Swift 3.0
    Swift 3.0 stands as an intuitive, versatile, and multiparadigm open-source programming language crafted by Apple, specifically tailored for native iOS and macOS development. Proficiency in Swift 3.0 is crucial, as lacking this proficiency suggests that the iOS developer candidate may not fully harness the language’s capabilities.

    At a minimum, an adept iOS programmer should possess a solid understanding or substantial experience in the following areas:

    • Basic syntax
    • Switch statements
    • Control flow
    • Inheritance, classes, and initialization
    • Error handling
    • SwiftUI

    These foundational elements ensure that the developer is equipped to navigate the intricacies of Swift 3.0 and apply its features effectively in developing robust and efficient applications for the iOS and macOS platforms.

    Xcode IDE
    The Xcode IDE, short for Integrated Development Environment, stands out as a crucial skill for any iOS developer you’re considering for hire.

    An IDE encompasses a suite of tools and programming essentials designed for automation, debugging, programming, interpretation, and compiling, streamlining the software and mobile app creation process. Its comprehensive resources simplify both the development and deployment phases, benefiting both newly developed applications and existing ones.

    The incorporation of Xcode IDE not only enhances the overall user experience, but also contributes to the efficiency of iOS app development. It plays a pivotal role in reducing development time and costs. When searching for iOS developers to add to your team, prioritize those with Xcode IDE in their skill set, ensuring a seamless and proficient development process.

    Objective-C stands as a versatile and object-oriented programming language extensively utilized in developing iOS software solutions. As a superset of the C programming language, it not only inherits C’s capabilities, but also offers a dynamic runtime environment. Despite the prevalence of Swift in iOS app development, a significant portion of documentation remains in Objective-C.

    Compared to Swift, mastering Objective-C may seem a bit more daunting due to its syntax intricacies. Nevertheless, understanding this language holds paramount importance, considering that a majority, if not all, of today’s iOS applications, rely on its runtime for the development of apps across iPhones and iPads.

    Core Data
    Core Data serves as a framework that streamlines the development of data-driven applications by simplifying the management of model objects and their relationships. This framework alleviates developers from the routine tasks associated with object life cycle and graph management.

    By leveraging Core Data, iOS developers significantly reduce the volume of code required to support the model layer, contributing to more efficient and concise application development. Core Data facilitates the storage of application data for offline use, enables the caching of temporary data, and seamlessly incorporates undo functionality within an app on a single device.

    Moreover, Core Data extends its capabilities to synchronize data across multiple devices within a single iCloud account. It automatically mirrors the schema to a CloudKit container during synchronization, ensuring a consistent and synchronized experience for users.

    For companies aiming to create customer-centric applications, it is imperative to hire iOS developer well-versed in utilizing Core Data. Their proficiency in harnessing the capabilities of Core Data can significantly enhance the development process and contribute to the creation of robust and user-friendly applications.

    Experience in memory management
    For iPhones and iPads, this memory is called RAM, and it’s used to temporarily store data. The system decides how much of this memory each task or app gets, and it can change dynamically. Because iOS devices don’t have unlimited memory, it’s really important to manage it well.

    Apps are given a specific limit on how much memory they can use. If they use more than that limit, they might start running slower, and in some cases, they may even crash.

    For a senior iOS developer, understanding that if an app uses too much memory, it can stop working is crucial. They need to know how to handle memory properly to ensure the app runs smoothly without any issues.

    Skilled in source control
    Source control is a vital system management strategy employed to monitor changes in the source code, playing a crucial role in app development. This technique is instrumental in averting conflicts among developers collaborating on the same application. iOS developers with practical experience in source control are adept at fostering collaboration and optimizing the iOS development workflow. When seeking iPhone app developers, prioritize those with proven skills in team management and collaboration.

    Experience in unit testing
    A unit test serves as a function that assesses the app’s functionality. Effective unit tests are concise, swift, and self-contained, focusing on evaluating a single aspect independently. For instance, in the scenario of developing a calculator app with a new feature for computing total activity time, a unit test would scrutinize this specific functionality. Running such tests immediately after implementing code changes is crucial to promptly identify any issues.

    To ensure the accuracy and functionality of the app, hire remote iOS developers who are well-versed in these essential testing skills. Their proficiency in conducting thorough unit tests helps guarantee the reliability and robustness of the application.

    Grand Central Dispatch
    iOS applications carry out numerous tasks concurrently, such as retrieving data from the network, presenting information on the screen, and responding to touch inputs. These simultaneous operations can exert considerable pressure on the device’s hardware.

    Grand Central Dispatch (GCD) is employed within the iOS ecosystem to incorporate concurrency and parallelism into the operating system, enabling the execution of resource-intensive computing tasks in the background without compromising the user experience.

    It is imperative to engage iOS developers who possess proficiency in GCD to mitigate the risk of crashes and guarantee optimal performance. Hiring developers skilled in utilizing GCD ensures the efficient management of concurrent tasks, contributing to a smoother and more responsive user experience.

    UI/UX design experience
    Both UI (User Interface) and UX (User Experience) play pivotal roles in app design. While UI focuses on visual presentation, UX encompasses aspects such as navigation, branding, and usability. When seeking iOS developers, prioritize those with a solid understanding of design concepts to ensure the creation of visually appealing and user-friendly applications. Opting for developers with this design acumen is key to achieving attractive and well-designed iOS applications.

    Knowledge of storyboards
    These storyboards offer a visual representation, aiding in envisioning the layout and navigation of your application’s user interface. Utilizing storyboards is highly recommended, as they provide a comprehensive overview of your app’s behavior and appearance.

    While technical skills are crucial factors when companies seek to hire remote iOS developers, it’s equally vital to consider soft skills. Hiring a competent and imaginative iOS developer necessitates consideration of both technical expertise and softer skills, ensuring a well-rounded and creative addition to the team.

    Here’s a table outlining the skills of iOS developers at different experience levels:

    SkillsJunior iOS DeveloperMid-Level iOS DeveloperSenior iOS Developer
    Core iOS Skills
    Understanding of Swift and iOS development basicsYesYesYes
    Proficiency in Swift and advanced iOS development conceptsYesYesYes
    Knowledge of UIKit, FoundationYesYesYes
    Experience with CoreData, Core AnimationNoYesYes
    Familiarity with RESTful APIsNoYesYes
    Experience with architectural patterns (MVVM, VIPER)NoNoYes
    Performance optimization skillsNoNoYes
    Code review and mentoring capabilitiesNoNoYes
    TypeScript and JavaScript Skills
    Proficiency in SwiftYesYesYes
    Understanding of functional programming principlesNoYesYes
    Front-end Web Development Skills
    Knowledge of HTML and CSSYesYesYes
    Understanding of responsive designYesYesYes
    Back-end Web Development Skills
    Familiarity with RESTful APIsNoYesYes
    Other Skills
    Familiarity with Git and version controlYesYesYes
    Experience with testing frameworksNoYesYes

    No, at IntelliSoft, our custom iOS app development services exclusively offer full-time iOS developers. However, our flexible hiring options cater to diverse project needs, ranging from short-term tasks to extensive collaborations.

    Full-Time iOS Developers
    For sizable projects or continuous development requirements, opting for full-time iOS developers is the optimal choice. They bring stability and consistency to your team, fully immersing themselves as dedicated members of your project. Working exclusively on your tasks, they actively engage in meetings, contributing to the growth and success of your project. Full-time developers provide continuity, a profound understanding of your project’s complexities, and a committed approach to achieving your business goals.

    Hybrid or Part-Time Alternatives
    At our iOS application development company, collaboration options extend beyond full-time commitments. You can choose a hybrid or part-time arrangement, allowing you to hire iOS developers on a part-time basis or for a specific number of hours per week. This hybrid approach strikes a balance between flexibility and dedicated commitment, providing access to the required expertise while effectively managing costs.

    Considerations for Freelance Hiring
    Opting for freelancers might not always be the most suitable choice, particularly for long-term, intricate projects where sustained collaboration and in-depth business understanding are essential. Freelancers typically operate on a project-by-project basis, which can lead to challenges in commitment, communication, quality control, and maintaining security and confidentiality.

    Evaluating the expertise of iOS developers when you hire iOS development company is a crucial process that involves a comprehensive assessment of various aspects. Here are several key steps to ensure you are hiring engineers who align with your project needs:

    Portfolio Review
    Begin by thoroughly examining their portfolio. Look for diversity in the types of iOS projects they have worked on. Assess the complexity of the features they have implemented and whether their past work demonstrates the skills and capabilities relevant to your project.

    Technical Proficiency
    Conduct technical assessments or coding challenges to evaluate their coding skills when you hire iOS development company. Assess their understanding of iOS development frameworks, including UIKit and SwiftUI, and their proficiency in programming languages such as Swift and Objective-C. This step helps ensure they have the technical prowess necessary for your project.

    App Testing
    Request access to apps they have previously developed or ask for a live demonstration before you hire iOS app development company. This hands-on approach allows you to interact with their applications, providing insights into the user experience, functionality, and overall quality of their work.

    References and Reviews
    Seek references from their previous clients or colleagues before you hire iOS development company. Additionally, explore online platforms and reviews where iOS developers may have received feedback. Gathering insights from those who have worked with them can offer valuable perspectives on their work ethic and professionalism.

    Problem-Solving Skills
    Assess their problem-solving skills by presenting real-world scenarios relevant to your project. Evaluate their approach to analyzing challenges, proposing solutions, and demonstrating critical thinking within the context of iOS development.

    Communication and Collaboration
    Effective communication and collaboration are essential in a development team. Assess their communication skills, both written and verbal. Consider their ability to articulate technical concepts clearly and their responsiveness and adaptability to your project’s communication needs.

    Understanding of Design Principles
    If the role involves UI/UX aspects, evaluate their understanding of design principles. Assess their ability to create visually appealing and user-friendly interfaces, ensuring their design sensibilities align with your project’s requirements.

    Continuous Learning and Adaptability
    Inquire about their commitment to staying updated with the latest iOS trends and technologies. A developer who emphasizes continuous learning is likely to bring innovative solutions and stay abreast of industry advancements.

    Coding Standards and Best Practices
    Assess their adherence to coding standards and best practices in iOS development. A developer who follows industry standards is more likely to contribute to the creation of maintainable and scalable code.

    By implementing these multifaceted evaluation methods, you can gain a comprehensive understanding of an iOS developer’s expertise, ensuring that they not only possess the technical skills required, but also align with the broader needs and goals of your project.

    We offer comprehensive support apart from custom iOS app development services to ensure the seamless onboarding and integration of the developers you hire through us. Our iOS application development company aims to make the transition as smooth as possible, recognizing its critical importance for project success. Here’s how we can assist:

    Onboarding guidance
    We provide guidance and resources to help you establish a structured onboarding process for the newly hired iOS engineers. This includes creating an onboarding checklist that outlines your team’s development standards and sharing project documentation.

    Technical support
    We can assist you in setting up development environments, addressing technical challenges, and configuring tools and systems. Our goal is to minimize downtime and swiftly bring the engineers up to speed.

    Integration planning
    At our iOS mobile app development company, we develop a tailored integration plan that aligns with your goals and needs. This involves defining roles and responsibilities, setting up regular meetings, and establishing clear communication channels to foster a collaborative environment.

    Knowledge transfer
    We facilitate knowledge transfer sessions if the new engineers need to familiarize themselves with specific nuances of the project. Our commitment is to ensure that the experts we select together understand all aspects of the project and can contribute effectively.

    Collaboration facilitation
    Our iOS mobile app development company main objective is to collaborate closely with you through open and honest communication. Therefore, we encourage a strong collaboration between your existing team and the hired engineers. This involves regular check-ins, status updates, and team meetings to ensure everyone is on the same page and can provide feedback.

    Ongoing support
    The onboarding and development phases mark just the beginning of our collaboration. We provide continuous support even after the development is completed to address any questions or concerns you might have. This phase includes updates, resolving technical issues, facilitating communication, and more.

    Advanced Onboarding Strategies for Seamless Integration:

    Beyond the foundational aspects of onboarding, we employ advanced strategies to ensure seamless integration of the hired iOS engineers into your existing team and project ecosystem.

    • Cultural Integration
      Our onboarding process goes beyond technical aspects, emphasizing cultural integration. We recognize the significance of aligning the new coders with your organizational culture. By understanding your company’s values, work dynamics, and communication norms, we ensure that the hired professionals contribute technically and seamlessly integrate into your team’s social fabric.
    • Agile Onboarding Practices
      Embracing Agile methodologies, we incorporate Agile onboarding practices. This involves iterative onboarding sprints, allowing for continuous feedback loops and quick adjustments. Agile onboarding accelerates the learning curve, enabling coders to contribute meaningfully to your project in shorter timeframes.
    • Customized Training Modules
      Recognizing that every project has unique requirements, we design customized training modules as part of the onboarding process. These modules address specific tools, frameworks, and project intricacies, ensuring that the new coders acquire project-specific skills essential for efficient collaboration.
    • Performance Metrics and KPIs
      To gauge the effectiveness of onboarding, we establish performance metrics and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). These metrics provide tangible insights into the onboarding process’s success, allowing for continuous improvement and refinement. Regular reviews of these metrics enable us to adapt the onboarding strategy based on evolving project dynamics.
    • Mentorship Programs
      Pairing new engineers with experienced mentors is a proven method for accelerating the integration process. Mentorship programs offer a structured avenue for knowledge transfer, allowing newcomers to learn from seasoned professionals, grasp project nuances, and navigate potential challenges more efficiently.
    • Continuous Professional Development
      Our commitment to ongoing support extends to the professional development of the hired engineers. We facilitate continuous learning opportunities, whether through workshops, webinars, or access to online resources. This focus on continuous improvement ensures that the engineers remain updated on industry best practices and emerging technologies.
    • Proactive Issue Resolution
      Anticipating potential challenges during the onboarding phase, we implement proactive issue-resolution mechanisms. This involves regular check-ins with both your team and the new hires to identify any emerging concerns promptly. Proactive issue resolution contributes to a positive onboarding experience and minimizes disruptions to the workflow.
    • Agile Retrospectives
      Following Agile principles, we conduct retrospectives at key milestones of the onboarding process. These retrospectives provide a structured platform for introspection, allowing us to assess what worked well, identify areas for improvement, and collaboratively refine the onboarding strategy for future engagements.
    • Feedback Loops
      We establish robust feedback loops involving both your team and the newly integrated developers. Regular feedback sessions foster open communication, enabling adjustments to be made promptly based on real-time insights. This iterative feedback process ensures that the onboarding trajectory aligns with project goals and expectations.

    Defining your project requirements is the initial step in estimating the cost of iOS mobile app development services. Rates can fluctuate based on various factors, such as the developer’s expertise, experience, geographic location, and prevailing market conditions.

    Project Timeline and Deliverables
    Clearly outlining your requirements for your iOS app is essential in determining the deliverables, project phases, and the anticipated timeframe for completion. The duration of iOS development projects can span from a week to six months or longer, contingent on your specific needs regarding design, integrations, and additional functionalities.

    Developer Experience & Rates
    The level of experience significantly influences the rates of iOS app engineers, subsequently impacting project costs. Highly experienced developers possess adeptness in AutoLayout, design patterns, APIs, and MPIs, and proficiency with tools such as Xcode, Cocoa Touch, Objective-C, or Swift, as well as server-side scripting, database administration, and integration, and server administration.

    The specific tasks assigned to the iOS developer can influence the rate. Before you hire iOS software development company, clarify whether the developer is updating an existing app or creating a new one from scratch. Are they addressing bug fixes, managing server-side scripting, or handling database administration? Defining these specifics can impact the overall cost of the project.

    Typical Hourly Rates for iOS Engineers

    Type of iOS DevelopersDescriptionAverage Hourly Rate
    Basic iOS DeveloperIn-depth knowledge of basic iOS development fundamentals, including wireframing and storyboarding, proficiency in Objective C and/or Swift, and expertise in using the Xcode IDE.$16 and above
    Intermediate-Advanced iOS DeveloperBeyond fundamentals, skilled in one or more frameworks and APIs such as Foundation, UIKit, and Cocoa. Additional skills may include familiarity with bug tracking systems like Bugzilla, proficiency in using dependency management tools such as CocoaPods, and experience with version control using GitHub—indicating expertise in collaborative project team environments.$35 and above
    iOS Developer and UI/UX Designer in oneApart from iOS development, these engineers excel in traditional design tasks, producing high-fidelity visual mockups with tools such as Photoshop. They possess a strong understanding of color schemes, typography, and adhere to Apple Human Interface Guidelines.$50 and above

    Scope and Complexity of the iOS Project
    Timelines and budgets are prone to exceeding initial expectations when unanticipated complexities and challenges arise. Does your app entail intricate API integration? Will it manage sensitive data, necessitating complex OAuth customization? Understanding the scope and intricacies of your iOS project is crucial for effective budgeting and timeline management.

    Here’s an average annual iOS developer salary worldwide:

    • US: Average of $115,246 annually.
    • Canada: Average of $90,244 annually
    • Australia: Average of $70,669 annually.
    • UK: Average of £38,675 annually.
    • Asia: Average of $60,000 annually.
    • Ukraine: Average of $28,200 annually.

    If you want to get a more accurate estimate on how much it will cost to hire IntellliSoft as your dedicated development team, you can use our dev team calculator.

    According to Glassdoor, the estimated total pay for an iOS Developer is $125,575 per year in the United States, with an average salary of $117,958 per year.

    The salary of iOS developers can vary based on several factors, such as their experience level, location, and the company they work for. Here’s a general breakdown:

    • Junior iOS Developers: Entry-level engineers with 0-2 years of experience can expect salaries ranging from $50,000 to $80,000 per year.
    • Mid-Level iOS Developers: Those with 2-5 years of experience may earn salaries in the range of $80,000 to $100,000 per year.
    • Senior iOS Developers: Developers with 5+ years of experience, including leadership roles, can command salaries of $100,000 and above, often exceeding $120,000 per year.

    Here is the breakdown of developers’ salaries based on their location:

    Gross annual income, USDNorth AmericaSouth America
    Junior iOS / Swift Developer$61,000$14,000
    iOS / Swift Developer$80,000$20,500
    Senior iOS / Swift Developer$94,000$27,500
    Team Lead iOS / Swift Engineer$107,000$37,000


    Gross annual income, USDWestern & Nordic


    Eastern Europe
    Junior iOS / Swift Developer$45,500$20,000
    iOS / Swift Developer$64,500$40,500
    Senior iOS / Swift Developer$82,000$51,000
    Team Lead iOS / Swift Engineer$96,500$59,000


    Gross annual income, USDEastern &

    Southern Asia

    Middle EastAfrica
    Junior iOS / Swift Developer$40,000$35,500$20,000
    iOS / Swift Developer$54,000$49,000$27,500
    Senior iOS / Swift Developer$68,500$62,000$35,500
    Team Lead iOS / Swift Engineer$82,000$75,000$43,000

    When you want to hire iOS software development company, selecting a partner amid a vast talent pool can be overwhelming, particularly for those new to outsourcing. However, several strategies can simplify the process and aid in finding the ideal iOS development service without unnecessary stress.

    Assess Your Needs
    Understanding your objectives is crucial before seeking a development partner. Evaluate your business status, technological capabilities, and areas where your in-house team may lack expertise. By identifying your team’s strengths and weaknesses, you’ll gain clarity on what attributes to seek in a partner.

    Define Project Requirements
    Subsequently, outline the project’s details; its intended market, budget, timeline, and desired outcomes. Compile a comprehensive list of requirements; a capable development partner will assist in refining and achieving these objectives realistically.

    Evaluate Technical Expertise
    Initiate contact with potential vendors after delineating your needs and requirements. Create a shortlist of 5-10 vendors and assess their technical proficiency, skill sets, utilization of cutting-edge technology, industry experience, and alignment with your project’s goals.

    Review Client Testimonials
    While vetting potential development firms, check their Clutch profile and delve into previous clients’ reviews. Engage in conversations with former clients to gain insights into their collaboration with the vendor. Verify that the company has relevant project experience and favorable reviews. At IntelliSoft, we can connect you with our previous clients so that you can better understand our strong points before working with us.

    Ensure Data Protection
    Data security is paramount when entrusting business operations to a development partner. Given the exchange of sensitive business information, proper data management and safeguarding against breaches are critical. Insist on data protection measures and consider signing a nondisclosure agreement (NDA) with the vendor. At IntelliSoft, we prioritize data security and always establish an NDA before collaboration starts.

    Choosing iOS development for your project offers numerous advantages that can contribute to the success of your app. Let’s delve deeper into these advantages, while also acknowledging some challenges and considering factors for a well-informed decision.


    High-Quality User Experience
    iOS devices are synonymous with a seamless and visually appealing user experience. Apple’s stringent design guidelines ensure that apps maintain a consistent and high-quality interface, providing users with an intuitive and enjoyable journey through your application.

    Lucrative Demographic
    The iOS user base often comprises an affluent demographic with a higher willingness to pay for premium apps and in-app purchases. For businesses targeting consumers with greater purchasing power, iOS presents an advantageous market.

    Consistent Performance
    Apple’s closed ecosystem enables developers to create apps that perform consistently across various iOS devices. This uniformity streamlines the development process and assures that your app runs reliably on different iPhone and iPad models, enhancing user satisfaction.

    Security and Privacy
    iOS is renowned for its robust security features. The App Store’s rigorous app review processes mitigate the risk of malware, ensuring user safety. Apple’s emphasis on user privacy enhances trust, a crucial factor in attracting and retaining users.

    Swift Programming Language
    iOS development primarily utilizes Swift, an intuitive and powerful programming language. Swift’s readability and maintainability contribute to enhanced developer productivity and a reduced likelihood of coding errors, ultimately benefiting the app’s overall quality.

    Early Access to New Features
    Apple consistently introduces new features and updates to the iOS platform. Developing for iOS allows you to leverage these innovations early, giving your app a competitive edge and providing users with cutting-edge functionalities.

    Monetization Opportunities
    iOS users are generally more willing to pay for apps and engage in in-app purchases. If your revenue model involves app sales or in-app transactions, the iOS platform provides a lucrative market with a higher potential for monetization.


    Development Costs
    iOS development can sometimes be associated with higher initial development costs, especially if you plan to release on multiple platforms. It’s essential to weigh the potential returns against the investment.

    App Approval Process
    The stringent app review process for the App Store, while ensuring quality, can lead to longer approval times. This needs to be factored into your project timeline.

    Market Share
    While iOS users are valuable, the Android platform has a larger global market share. Consider your target audience and geographic reach when choosing the platform.

    Device Fragmentation
    Although iOS devices are fewer in number compared to Android, there is still some degree of device fragmentation. Testing on various iOS devices is necessary to ensure compatibility.

    While iOS development offers significant advantages, it’s crucial to conduct a comprehensive analysis of your project requirements, target audience, and budget. A balanced consideration of both the advantages and challenges will lead to an informed decision that aligns with your app’s goals and your business objectives.

    At IntelliSoft, our commitment to our clients extends far beyond the initial development phase. We understand that the success of a digital project is not solely dependent on its launch; ongoing support and maintenance are integral components to ensure sustained performance, security, and adaptability in the ever-evolving technological landscape.

    Comprehensive Ongoing Support
    Our dedication to client satisfaction drives us to offer comprehensive ongoing support and maintenance services for projects developed by our iOS developers. This commitment is rooted in our belief that successful software development is an iterative process requiring continuous improvement and responsiveness to emerging challenges.

    Technical Support
    Our support services encompass technical assistance to address any post-launch issues or challenges. Whether it’s resolving unexpected bugs, optimizing performance, or ensuring compatibility with the latest iOS updates, our technical support team is readily available to provide prompt and effective solutions.

    Security Updates
    In the dynamic realm of technology, security is paramount. We proactively monitor the evolving threat landscape and provide timely security updates to safeguard your app and user data. This proactive approach helps mitigate potential vulnerabilities and ensures the long-term integrity of your application.

    Compatibility Assurance
    The iOS ecosystem evolves with regular updates and new device releases. Our ongoing support includes ensuring that your app remains compatible with the latest iOS versions and functions seamlessly across various Apple devices. This commitment to compatibility assures a consistent user experience and extends the lifespan of your application.

    Feature Enhancements
    As your business grows and user needs evolve, your application may require feature enhancements. Our support team collaborates closely with your stakeholders to understand evolving requirements and implements enhancements to keep your app competitive and aligned with your business objectives.

    Performance Optimization
    Continuous monitoring of your app’s performance is crucial for user satisfaction. Our support services include performance optimization, addressing any bottlenecks, improving response times, and ensuring that your app delivers a seamless and responsive experience to users.

    Regular Audits
    Scheduled audits are conducted to assess the overall health of your application. These audits cover code reviews, security checks, and performance evaluations. Regular assessments help identify areas for improvement, implement best practices, and ensure the long-term sustainability of your digital solution.

    User Feedback Integration
    User feedback is a valuable resource for identifying areas of improvement. Our support team actively engages with user feedback, incorporating constructive suggestions and addressing concerns. This user-centric approach enhances user satisfaction and fosters a positive relationship between your brand and its audience.

    Scalability Planning
    Businesses are dynamic entities, and your app should be capable of scaling to accommodate growing user bases. Our ongoing support includes scalability planning, ensuring that your application infrastructure can seamlessly handle increased loads without compromising performance or user experience.

    24/7 Support Availability
    Technology does not adhere to a fixed schedule, and neither do we. Our support team is available 24/7 to address critical issues promptly. This ensures that your application remains operational and minimizes any potential disruptions to your users.

    Transparent Communication
    Effective communication is fundamental to successful support and maintenance. We provide transparent and regular updates on the status of ongoing tasks, resolved issues, and planned enhancements. This transparency fosters a collaborative relationship, empowering you to make informed decisions about your application’s future.

    Our ongoing support and maintenance services are designed to provide a holistic and proactive approach to the post-development lifecycle of your iOS application. We recognize the dynamic nature of the digital landscape and are committed to ensuring that your app, not only meets, but exceeds user expectations in the long run.