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Lars Dybdahl

Principal Architect at Cambio Healthcare Systems Denmark

IntelliSoft is a great partner. These engineers are up-to-date on the latest technology, they know what they are doing, and want to deliver high quality code. IntelliSoft allowed me as a CTO to focus on further developing our products.

Remote Patient Monitoring Software Development Services We Offer

We offer comprehensive RPM software development services designed to empower healthcare professionals with cutting-edge tools to enhance both patient care and the efficiency of operations.

Tailored RPM Software Development

At IntelliSoft, we dive deep into each healthcare provider’s unique operations to create custom RPM solutions that perfectly match their specific needs. Our development process strictly adheres to industry regulations such as GDPR, HIPAA, PIPEDA, and FDA, ensuring top-notch data protection and patient privacy. This bespoke approach lets us craft RPM software that’s as unique as the providers we work with, enabling precise patient monitoring and efficient care management.

Seamless Ecosystem Integration

Our expertise extends to integrating custom RPM software seamlessly with your existing healthcare ecosystem, including internal systems, EHRs, EMRs, patient portals, e-prescription services, and more. We also enable connections with telehealth platforms, making patient-provider interactions smoother. Our aim is to create a unified digital environment that supports efficient and high-quality care delivery.

Telemedicine Integration

We excel in blending telemedicine with RPM platforms, enhancing apps for secure messaging and calls. Our expertise extends to connecting wearable medical devices enhancing diagnostics and treatment through advanced telemetry.

RPM Solution Enhancement and Modernization

We specialize in modernizing existing RPM systems, enhancing their security, usability, and interoperability to meet the latest healthcare standards. By updating old systems, we align them with current trends and prepare them for future technological advances, helping providers offer top-notch patient care.

Digital Transformation and Performance Optimization

The core of effective software (RPM system) is its performance and technological adaptability. IntelliSoft focuses on enhancing software through strategic optimizations and adopting the latest technologies. By incorporating IoT, AI, and Machine Learning and refining software architecture, we streamline operations and improve care quality. This approach doesn’t just optimize healthcare delivery – it redefines standards for patient monitoring and engagement.

Cloud Storage and Advanced Data Analysis

Our team ensures your software (RPM system) integrates with secure, scalable cloud storage, enabling efficient data handling and continuous health data analysis. This setup safeguards medical records and simplifies health information sharing.

Remote Patient Monitoring Solutions by IntelliSoft

At IntelliSoft, we harness the power of technology to craft Remote Patient Monitoring solutions that revolutionize the way healthcare is delivered. Our custom-built solutions aim to improve patient care, streamline healthcare processes, and manage health data effectively. Here’s an insight into the intelligent RPM solutions we provide:

Integration with Wearable Devices

Our RPM technology works hand-in-hand with an array of wearable devices to monitor vital signs like skin temperature, SpO2, pulse rate, and blood pressure continuously. This integration enables real-time health monitoring, including fall detection and sleep tracking, facilitating quick, informed decision-making. Alerts and analytics keep both patients and caregivers ahead, ensuring a proactive approach to healthcare.

Telehealth and Telemedicine Solutions

Expanding our RPM capabilities, we offer telehealth solutions for instant audio/video consultations, medication management, and follow-up care. Integration with telemedicine apps improves patient-provider communication, making healthcare more accessible, especially in assisted living facilities, through the use of advanced wireless technologies.

Asset Tracking and Space Monitoring

We incorporate asset tracking and space monitoring into our RPM solutions using technologies like Real-Time Locating Systems (RTLS) and geofencing. These features optimize healthcare facility management, enhancing patient safety, workflow efficiency, and resource utilization, with customizable alerts to support the care environment.

Chronic Disease Management Software

We create specialized software (RPM systems) for chronic disease management, which supports data storage, processing, and analysis. Our platforms track health conditions over time, providing valuable insights for personalized care planning. With timely alerts for any health deviations, our solutions contribute to better outcomes for patients with chronic conditions.

Advanced Data Analytics and EMR Integration

The RPM platforms we develop are equipped with sophisticated data analytics for comprehensive health data analysis and are designed to integrate smoothly with electronic medical records (EMR). This functionality ensures that patient information is both current and securely accessible, facilitating better overall care and operational efficiency.

Automated Patient Communication Software

We create automated communication software integrated with RPM systems that deliver timely alerts, reminders, and notifications for better medication adherence and scheduling. Employing IoT, AI, ML, and big data analytics, this solution boosts patient engagement and provides continual support, which is particularly beneficial for chronic condition management and post-operative care.

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    Reasons to Partner with IntelliSoft for Remote Patient Monitoring App Development

    Choosing IntelliSoft for your Remote Patient Monitoring app development offers a range of benefits that set us apart. Here’s why partnering with us can make a significant difference in your project’s journey:

    Quick Start with Accelerated Recruitment

    With us, recruiting top-notch development talent is 80% faster than usual. While typically sourcing the right developer could take eight months, we’ve streamlined our process to weeks. This swift efficiency means your project moves from concept to development without unnecessary delays.

    Alignment with Your Culture and Tech

    We look beyond technical skills - we ensure the developers we bring on board fit seamlessly with your company culture. By becoming an integral part of your team, IntelliSoft excels at fostering a collaborative environment that enhances project success.

    Guaranteed Team Stability

    Our promise is the stability of your project team. Where some providers might switch out top talent for less experienced developers, IntelliSoft keeps the team consistent. This dedication enhances project continuity and quality, ensuring progress with the original, talented team we assemble for you.

    Project Management and Expert Advice

    Beyond managing projects efficiently, our leadership offers strategic and technological insights. With our CEO’s background as an ex-developer, we provide valuable advice on technology selection and project strategy, steering your project toward best practices and innovative solutions.

    Cost-effective High-Quality Expertise

    Accessing skilled developers at a reasonable cost can be challenging. IntelliSoft connects you with a pool of talent that matches or surpasses local expertise but at more competitive rates. This balance of quality and affordability ensures your project’s success without straining your budget.

    A Partnership Aimed at Your Success

    IntelliSoft invests in more than project completion - we aim for your long-term success. Our focus on quickening the time to market for new features can boost customer satisfaction and revenue. Partnering with us means having a committed ally in achieving your business goals.

    Our Healthcare Industry Project

    Daintel & Cambio

    Since 2007, IntelliSoft has played a pivotal role in the Cambio Clinical Information Systems project, aimed at revolutionizing Intensive Care Unit operations. Our journey started by turning a basic MVP into a comprehensive medical information system, expanding its functions to cater to specialized medical fields such as Anesthesia, Surgery, Recovery, Ambulance, and Neonatal care. Our commitment to innovation didn’t end there. We achieved seamless integration of ICU functionalities within Electronic Medical Record (EMR) systems, making sure these enhancements were successfully adopted across Swedish hospitals. Furthermore, we customized the Cambio Medical Device Connectivity (MDIC) to fit the unique requirements of each hospital in the South Denmark region, ensuring a tailored approach to healthcare IT solutions.

    Our Technologies

    Our Engagement Models

    Choosing the appropriate partnership model is crucial to the success of your remote patient monitoring system development project. Since each client has unique requirements and objectives, we have customized our engagement models for maximum flexibility.
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      Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

      RPM, or Remote Patient Monitoring, is a modern approach in healthcare that uses digital technology to monitor patients outside the traditional clinical setting, like at home or in remote areas. Unlike conventional monitoring systems, which require patients to be physically at healthcare facilities, RPM allows for remote health data collection and transmission. This method uses digital technology to send medical information from the patient to healthcare providers, enabling them to assess the data and offer recommendations from afar.

      RPM’s core advantage is its digital nature, allowing for real-time health monitoring that improves healthcare delivery and patient involvement. It supports better access to care, reduces costs, and helps manage chronic conditions more effectively. Additionally, RPM can enhance patients’ quality of life and decrease the need for hospital visits and readmissions. RPM uses IT advancements to make healthcare more proactive and tailored to individual needs.

      Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) offers substantial advantages to both sides of the healthcare equation, driving a more efficient, personalized, and accessible healthcare experience. Here’s a breakdown of the benefits of remote patient monitoring for everyone involved:

      For Healthcare Providers
      RPM automates health data collection and analysis, allowing providers to oversee many patients simultaneously without sacrificing care quality. This technology optimizes healthcare resource utilization. Continuous monitoring facilitates early detection of health issues, enabling prompt intervention. This proactive stance often leads to improved patient health outcomes.

      RPM motivates patients to participate actively in healthcare, boosting engagement and satisfaction. This engagement, in turn, fosters better adherence to care plans and health outcomes. RPM can lessen the need for face-to-face consultations and reduce hospital readmissions, leading to significant cost savings, especially in chronic disease management and post-operative care.

      For Patients
      RPM minimizes the need for regular doctor visits, offering convenience, especially for those with mobility challenges or residing in remote areas. Real-time health data transmission allows healthcare providers to quickly react to changes in a patient’s condition, which is crucial for preventing complications.

      Being involved in their own health monitoring gives patients valuable insights into their conditions, enhancing their control over their health and well-being. RPM gathers detailed health data over time, enabling healthcare providers to customize treatments to each patient’s needs, leading to more effective care and better health outcomes.

      RPM bridges the distance between patients and healthcare providers, streamlining healthcare delivery while promoting a cooperative atmosphere. This synergy improves patient satisfaction and chronic disease management and paves the way for a more efficient healthcare system.

      IntelliSoft stands out as a leading remote patient monitoring software company thanks to our innovative practices, tech expertise, and unwavering dedication to the success of our clients.

      Tailored Innovations
      We believe in crafting personalized RPM software that meets the exact needs of healthcare providers, ensuring every requirement from patient interaction to data processing is perfectly catered to.

      Leading-edge Technology
      Our commitment to using a modern and comprehensive technology stack, including the latest cloud technologies, APIs, and programming languages, enables us to build RPM solutions that are reliable and scalable and feature the most advanced capabilities for real-time monitoring, data analysis, and telehealth services.

      Uncompromised Security and Compliance
      Recognizing the paramount importance of data security in healthcare, we ensure our solutions meet the strictest industry standards, including GDPR, HIPAA, PIPEDA, and FDA, to guarantee the highest patient data protection and privacy level.

      Deep Industry Expertise
      Our team’s extensive experience in healthcare technology equips us with the insight to navigate the sector’s unique challenges and opportunities, bringing invaluable expertise to every project.

      Client-Centered Partnerships
      We view our work with clients as a collaborative partnership, focusing on achieving their objectives as our own. This philosophy has led to successful project deliveries, improved patient satisfaction, and enhanced revenue growth for our clients.

      Dedicated Longevity
      Our commitment extends beyond short-term gains – we provide consistent, dedicated team involvement throughout the lifespan of a project to ensure stability, continuity, and a deep-rooted understanding of your goals.

      At IntelliSoft, we tailor our remote patient monitoring software pricing to meet each healthcare provider’s unique needs and budgets.

      We craft personalized pricing plans based on your project’s specifics. Whether you require an all-encompassing RPM solution or select features, we align our pricing with your project’s requirements and budget. For those seeking ongoing services, our subscription model offers continuous access to our RPM software, complete with regular updates and support. This model aids in budget forecasting and keeps your system current.

      We apply a project-based fee model to develop custom RPM solutions or undertake extensive customizations. After evaluating the project’s scope, complexity, and development timeline, the pricing model is determined to provide a clear upfront cost. Beyond core development, we offer additional services such as maintenance, support, and updates, which can be integrated into the pricing plan. This support ensures your RPM system remains efficient and technologically advanced.

      We believe in complete transparency, providing detailed quotes that outline your project’s costs. This approach helps you make informed decisions, free from hidden charges or surprises. Our pricing is designed with costs in mind and the value and ROI it brings to our clients. We strive to develop RPM solutions that enhance healthcare outcomes, patient satisfaction, and operational efficiency, driving revenue growth.

      When you fully understand the RPM software meaning and choose to work with IntelliSoft, you’re looking for comprehensive features that address the demands of modern healthcare.

      Real-Time Health Monitoring
      This feature is essential for tracking vital signs accurately and instantly, including heart rate, blood pressure, and more. It ensures healthcare providers receive immediate data for timely decision-making.

      Data Analytics and Reporting
      Look for advanced analytics that can efficiently process health data, offering insights and comprehensive reports to guide patient care strategies.

      Integration with Wearable Devices and IoT
      A seamless connection with wearable technologies and IoT sensors is crucial for continuous health monitoring and quality of care.

      Secure Data Storage and Compliance
      Ensure the system adheres to health data protection standards such as HIPAA and GDPR, with robust data encryption and secure access controls.

      Telehealth Capabilities
      Features that support video consultations and messaging boost patient engagement and make healthcare more accessible and convenient.

      Customizable Alerts and Notifications
      Setting personalized alerts for deviations in health parameters is vital for quick interventions and safeguarding patient health.

      Patient Engagement Tools
      Access to educational content, medication reminders, and health tips encourages patients to participate actively in their healthcare journey.

      EHR/EMR Integration
      Compatibility with EHR/EMR systems centralizes patient data, improving care coordination and accessibility for healthcare providers.

      The system should grow with your healthcare needs, capable of accommodating more patients or integrating new services as required.

      User-Friendly Interface
      An intuitive interface is critical for both providers and patients, ensuring ease of use and maximizing the RPM benefits.

      Ensuring your RPM solution from IntelliSoft encompasses these features guarantees a powerful tool for healthcare delivery.

      IntelliSoft takes the security and compliance of its Remote Patient Monitoring solutions seriously, employing a multi-layered strategy to protect patient data and meet stringent healthcare regulations.

      Our RPM solutions strictly adhere to healthcare regulations such as HIPAA in the U.S., GDPR in Europe, and PIPEDA in Canada, ensuring patient data protection across different regions. We use strong encryption for data at rest and in transit, securing all patient information with the latest encryption standards to prevent unauthorized access.

      Utilizing secure cloud platforms such as AWS and Azure, known for their high security standards, ensures that patient data is stored safely and protected from breaches. We implement rigorous access controls and authentication processes so only authorized personnel can access patient data, with role-based access to limit information access as necessary.

      Regular security audits and compliance assessments help us identify and fix vulnerabilities, keeping our systems secure against emerging threats. We adhere to transparency and ensure patients are informed about how their data is used, respecting their consent and rights in accordance with regulatory requirements.

      IntelliSoft excels at integrating our Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) software with your existing healthcare systems and EHRs. Our approach ensures that healthcare providers can smoothly adopt RPM technology, enhancing patient care without overhauling current operations.

      Recognizing the unique setup of each healthcare system, we craft integration solutions tailored to fit your specific needs, ensuring a disruption-free integration. Our RPM software is designed to work with various healthcare systems and EHR platforms, facilitating the accurate and timely exchange of patient data.

      We adhere to interoperability standards such as HL7 and FHIR, enabling our RPM solutions to communicate effectively with diverse EHR systems for cohesive patient care. We ensure that patient data from the RPM system syncs flawlessly with EHRs, offering healthcare providers a comprehensive view of patient health that aids in better decision-making.

      Integration is achieved through secure APIs, ensuring that data exchange between the RPM software and your systems is both safe and compliant with data protection laws. IntelliSoft provides full technical support and training, ensuring healthcare providers are well-equipped to utilize the integrated system to its full potential.

      Our integration solutions are designed to grow with your needs and adapt to future changes in healthcare technology or EHR updates without significant system overhauls. With IntelliSoft, integrating RPM software into your existing healthcare infrastructure is straightforward, enabling you to leverage advanced monitoring capabilities while keeping your current workflows intact.

      Starting an RPM application development with IntelliSoft is a collaborative and detailed process designed to meet the unique needs of healthcare providers.

      Initial Consultation
      We start by deep-diving into your goals and exploring the desired scope and specific features you envision for your RPM application. This step is crucial for tailoring the solution to your needs.

      Project Proposal
      Our team crafts a comprehensive proposal that outlines the project’s scope, timeline, and budget, ensuring our plan aligns perfectly with your expectations.

      Design and Prototyping
      Next, we bring your RPM application to life with initial designs and prototypes, focusing on creating an intuitive user experience and interface, allowing for feedback and iterations.

      Development and Integration
      Our developers then code the application to your specifications, seamlessly integrating it with necessary devices, sensors, and systems to ensure a cohesive ecosystem.

      We rigorously test the application across multiple fronts, including functionality, performance, and security, to guarantee reliability and user satisfaction.

      With testing complete and quality assured, we deploy the RPM application, assisting with its integration into your existing operations for a smooth transition.

      Training and Support
      IntelliSoft doesn’t just hand over the application; we ensure your team is fully trained to use it and provide ongoing support for any queries or enhancements.

      Continuous Evolution
      We stay engaged for continuous application improvement, adapting to feedback and technological advancements to keep the solution at the forefront of RPM technology.

      Through these steps, IntelliSoft guarantees an RPM development application that fits your specific requirements and enhances your capacity to deliver exceptional patient care remotely.

      IntelliSoft’s Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) solutions grow with you as your healthcare practice expands. We’ve tailored our approach to ensure our RPM system scales to meet your evolving needs.

      Our RPM solutions are like building blocks designed to easily add, remove, or modify features. As your needs grow, so can your RPM system without starting from scratch. Our use of cloud-based technology means your RPM solution can handle more patients and data as you grow. The cloud offers a flexible, secure, and efficient way to scale, ensuring you’re prepared for whatever comes next.

      As your practice embraces new technologies, our RPM solution fits right in. It’s built to integrate smoothly with other systems, ensuring uninterrupted patient monitoring even as your tech ecosystem evolves. Growth can be challenging, but you’re not alone. We provide continuous support and advice, helping you adapt your RPM system to your practice’s changing needs, from expanding features to enhancing performance.

      With growth comes more data. Our RPM solutions have robust data management and security measures to protect patient information, no matter the volume, keeping data safe and compliant. As your system grows, so does your team. We offer training for new features and help onboard new staff, ensuring everyone is proficient in using the RPM system effectively.

      Deploying an RPM solution with IntelliSoft is just the beginning. We stand by our clients with various support and maintenance services designed to ensure your RPM system runs smoothly and evolves with your practice. Our dedicated 24/7 support team is always on hand to resolve any issues promptly, minimizing interruptions to your service.

      You’ll have a go-to person for all your support and service needs, offering personalized assistance every step of the way. Expect regular software updates to keep your system current with the latest functionalities and security measures, alongside strategic upgrades to boost system performance and user experience.

      We’re constantly monitoring your RPM system to catch and fix any issues early, complemented by regular maintenance checks to ensure everything’s running as it should. Beyond initial training, we provide ongoing education for your team on new features and updates, plus a wealth of resources to help you get the most out of your RPM solution.

      As your needs evolve, we can tailor your RPM system to fit. We’re also here for strategic advice, helping you align the system with your broader healthcare objectives. With comprehensive data backup, recovery protocols, and continuous security vigilance, we keep your patient data safe and your system compliant with the strictest healthcare regulations.

      At IntelliSoft, we’re dedicated to leading the charge in Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) software development by staying abreast of the latest healthcare IT trends and technologies. Our dedicated research and development team dives into emerging technologies such as AI, ML, IoT, and wearable devices, ensuring we harness their potential to enhance our RPM solutions.

      We’re active members of healthcare IT communities, where we exchange innovative ideas and stay informed on industry trends, fostering a culture of continuous improvement and collaboration. Collaborating with technology leaders grants us early access to groundbreaking tools, keeping our RPM solutions innovative and ahead of the curve.

      Investing in our team’s growth, we participate in workshops and certification programs to refine our expertise in the latest software development and healthcare IT practices. Direct insights from healthcare professionals using our RPM solutions guide our development, ensuring our products meet the real-world needs of the healthcare sector.

      Our agile development methodology allows us to swiftly integrate new technologies, ensuring our RPM solutions are always equipped with the latest features and functionalities. Regular audits of our tools and platforms help us identify opportunities to adopt new technologies, enhancing the efficacy and relevance of our RPM solutions.

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