IntelliSoft offers its cloud development service to assist our clients with achieving extraordinary scalability and data safety. Boost your business value by implementing end-to-end cloud solutions. We have gained such vast experience thanks to our professionals who have been working with such services as Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform for a while. Our team makes it possible for you to migrate resource-based procedures, allowing for enhanced business agility. IntelliSoft achieves the best results thanks to scalable computing resources at focus. Our company enables organizations and innovators in technology to streamline the shift to Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), Platform-as-a-Service PaaS (PaaS), and Infrastructure-as-a-Service PaaS (IaaS) business models.

Enhance Tech Agility to Deploy Software with Our Modern Cloud Development Services Quickly

Why Do Companies Need Cloud Development Services?

  • 97% service accessibility
  • Up to 4x quicker launch of brand new functionality
  • Up to 35% higher development & maintenance employee productivity
  • Up to 45% cut operating expenses
  • 97% of enterprises conduct regular security upgrades

Things Our Clients Get from Cloud Application Development Services

IntelliSoft provides highly-qualified experts in cloud application development services. More than ten years of experience in this area allowed us to start delivering solutions catering to our customers’ varying needs. Our professionals have obtained extensive expertise in offering full-cycle cloud app development, including but not limited to Amazon cloud app development, migration, SaaS/IaaS/PaaS development, computing architecture, and Amazon cloud app creation.
Our cloud development services result in reduced operating expenses, faster time-to-market (TTM), and enhanced efficiency. In addition, our expertise involves business analysis. It stands for finding your operations and detecting the tech affecting your company well.
IntelliSoft does its best to establish long-term relationships and assist our clients with overcoming their software challenges. All challenges are tailored to the particular requirements of our partners. Our team has experience developing prepared application creation cloud solutions and migrating from cloud to cloud.
IaaS Development
Unlike traditional IT, this model provides users with higher flexibility. IaaS allows consumers to prevent the upfront costs. In addition, This model excludes the constant trade-off between the waste of buying the excess on-premises ability to accommodate spikes. No matter whether it’s a private, public, or hybrid cloud, our company knows how to deal with each of them. IntelliSoft possesses impressive experience developing customized elements for infrastructures, building virtual machines, and computing resources. We offer pay-as-you-go access to various resources in the cloud.
PaaS Development
The major advantage of this model is that it makes it possible to create, examine, deploy, run, upgrade, and scale apps faster than users would in case they had to create and control their on-premises platform. IntelliSoft promises the highest mobility in the cloud. We apply different development tools, such as those guaranteeing continuous integration. We have pre-built app elements to ease database migration/integration.
SaaS Development
The primary advantage of this model is that it offloads app and infrastructure management to the software-as-a-service operator. Then, the user simply has to sign up an account and pay the fee to use the software. The rest of the deal is carried out by the vendor.
IntelliSoft possesses vast experience in Software-as-a-Service building. We guarantee a high-security level, cloud-based software creation, and full control over service levels. From planning and design to examination and maintenance, IntelliSoft has it all for you.
Cloud Migration and Integration
IntelliSoft has professionals that assist businesses with transferring to the cloud risk-mitigated solutions hassle-free. Our experts provide accurate, quick data migration tech based on the recent industry trends. No matter if you are looking for enterprise-level AWS migration or Azure migration, now you know where to search for the answer. You’ll be able to choose from a wide range of cloud services. It is about time to unleash your business potential.
Cloud-enabled App Development
On our website, we blend server-side programming with mobile-class design to offer enterprise-grade cloud software. Our process of cloud-native software creation functions ERPs, CRMs, etc.
IntelliSoft has experts who can deploy apps in all three private, public, and hybrid environments. We have in-depth knowledge covering the full lifecycle of software building in the cloud from zero. Currently, our specialists use such technologies as Google App Engine, Amazon Web Services, and Microsoft Azure while working on your projects.
To deliver premium-quality services to our clients, we utilize AI and ML. Moreover, our solutions are about taking care of virtualization, architecture, and databases fast and without any trouble.
Cloud Consulting Services
At our service, users can take the initial steps to cloud adoption with professional cloud consulting services. IntelliSoft cloud advisory can guide clients along their entire transformation path, should it be
cloud-native, hybrid, single, or multi-cloud.
We help businesses of various sizes find the cloud adoption method that best suits their requirements. Among all, we make it possible to test cloud readiness outcomes, embrace proper tech, and align business objectives. We possess all the necessary tools and resources to guide you.
Cloud Security
IntelliSoft controls and safeguards your cloud software for risks to your systems. We analyze and prevent cyber threats in real-time 24/7. Our mission is to block unauthorized access, data breaches, and account compromises. Our team is here to assist with protecting your vital cloud assets to guarantee 100% safety and defense to those who access your assets.

Cloud-native Development Services We Offer

IntelliSoft covers the full spectrum of cloud development opportunities. Our goal is to help customers come up with holistic strategies and migrate their apps to virtualize environments. Before beginning the development processes, our team carries out an in-depth industry evaluation, as well as an assessment of your existing software.

Cloud computing consulting.

This development consulting platform involves observing your business models to detect how ready they are for cloud solutions integration. Our team evaluates your information technology infrastructure to build the proper strategy and shares tips on preparing your project's landscape.

SaaS creation and implementation.

Our company implements SaaS, including ERP, CMS, CRM, and HRM systems. To do so, our professionals apply pre-detected modules and features.

Custom cloud computing services.

Our experts only generate cloud solutions from A to Z based on fully original ideas. First, we need to learn your functional and nonfunctional requirements for your project's scope. Cloud apps are tailored to offer full flexibility in data management.

Cloud migration services.

Cloud migration execution is the last stage. IntelliSoft uses automated management/migration tools to maintain a smooth transition. Our pros stick to time-tested practices. They observe and prepare data management systems, warehousing, and new infrastructure implementation.

Download Full Portfolio with Our Previous Projects

The best proof of our work is the portfolio with past projects. Our happy clients share why they trust us. Check out projects we delivered for clients from various industries.
Check projects that our experts delivered for clients from various industries.

    How We Deliver Cloud-native Application Development Services

    • Highly compatible applications
    During cloud app development services, IntelliSoft leverages a precise division of concerts and standardized APIs to let applications simply adopt updates.
    • Resistant cloud solutions
    In order to exclude the likelihood of software failure, our specialists apply message queues, automated recovery, hierarchies of services, and dynamic scaling.
    • Scalable solutions
    Our team breaks down the ready software into microservices to assist you with reducing downtimes initiated by app overload/migration.
    • Safe cloud applications
    Powerful SSL and data encryption, comprehensive signing in, enforced authentication, drop of serverless permissions, and full control over events/requests sent from external APIs.
    • Cost-efficient cloud solutions
    IntelliSoft always picks the proper cloud services for reduced attempts and expenses needed to build and run an app.

    Benefits of Developing Cloud Services

    The cloud is associated with several original advantages for development experts. It is necessary to realize both the pros and cons of cloud computing. Saved costs are not the only benefit. Our cloud app development service suggests tons of new opportunities. The local specialists can provide consultation on the best ways to implement cloud solutions for your market.

    Decrease IT costs

    20% of companies are concerned about the cost of implementing a cloud-based server. With that in mind, our service aims to save some money for our clients. After joining the cloud, simple and quick access to your organization’s data will save valuable resources. Cloud creates a virtual repository that users can access anytime, anywhere. Software, hardware, and labor costs are significantly reduced as a result of our cooperation.

    Enhance collaboration

    Cloud computing makes collaboration an easy process. All company’s employees can study and share info simply and safely across a cloud-based platform. Such services increase engagement. Cloud data management makes it possible to create reports quicker.


    A cloud host’s full-time job is to control safety, which is far more efficient than a traditional in-house system. By applying encryption, data is less accessible to hackers and cybercriminals. Various security settings are set based on the user. We deal only with time-tested prevention measures.

    Enhance flexibility

    Cloud application development assists organizations with getting solutions that make it possible to be more agile. As a result, staff can process data remotely. Fast responsiveness enhances customer loyalty.

    Business continuity

    Once a force-majeure case like a lockdown caused by COVID-19 arises, the company should be ready to cope with all associated challenges. Cloud service development is the perfect way to guarantee business continuity and data protection.

    Step-by-Step Guide on How We Optimize Cloud Application Costs

    Our team has consultants that offer an effective cloud resource utilization plan made of:
    Cost and opportunities comparison for every particular cloud application project.
    Following original cloud cost optimization chances from such operators as Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, and AWS.
    Auto-scaling cloud software architecture design along with dynamic resource orchestration.
    Application of app performance management approaches to boosting application performance.
    Implementation of cloud resource consumption plan plus ongoing management on-demand.

    Our tech stack

    Amazon EC2
    Amazon Simple DB
    Amazon S3
    Amazon SQS
    Red Hat Solutions
    Apigee API Platform
    Big Query
    Cloud SQL
    Cloud IoT Core
    IaaS Cloud SDK
    Cloud IAM

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

    The main thing about cloud applications is that by creating an account on such a platform, a person will be able to access their information from any gadget anywhere in the world. To do this, a user needs to come up with a login and password. Using cloud services is not only convenient but also secure. Even if something happens to your phone or computer, your data won’t disappear.

    The situation is similar with business. The principle of cloud platforms is quite simple. Cloud storage is provided to the user in the necessary amount, paid for upon use, and eliminates the need to buy your own IT infrastructure for data storage and management. It provides flexibility, fast scalability, and reliability. For example, storing 1C in cloud storage is much more secure than on a server under your desk in the office.

    Currently, four types are known. Those are private clouds, public clouds, hybrid clouds, and multi-clouds. In addition, three basic types of cloud computing services exist, in particular, IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS.

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