With our staff augmentation service, you hire a dedicated team or a qualified professional to work remotely or on-site on your project under your supervision. It allows you to boost the project's performance, results, and smoothness. We offer experts in various IT fields for full-scale development.

Staff Augmentation Has Never Been Simpler Before

Our Staff Augmentation Software Development Services

With our services, companies can access a pool of specialists, who are extremely scarce on the market. However, to organize this model, youneeds strong, technically advanced managers able to control the workflow, set tasks for external specialists, and provide open communication between all the participants. It is also worth considering the technical security issue because an outside specialist will have to obtain access to certain data, processes, and infrastructure.
We will take care of each of the listed points. Companies from such industries as logistics, healthcare, MarTech, EdTech, legal, and Internet of Things (IoT) can benefit from using our staff augmentation service today. IntelliSoft will help achieve business goals faster and cost-efficiently and bypass each speed bump related to hiring and retaining software developers.
We offer IT staff augmentation services for clients from different regions of the world. Our head office is located in Ukraine, a well-known center of IT outsourcing in Eastern Europe. IntelliSoft is one of the most experienced software development companies in Ukraine with 20+ years on the international market, thousands of completed projects, and quality software products. All our highly qualified specialists use the most reliable, up-to-date technologies and practices in the development process.
We’ll Help You
In today’s fast-paced, technology-driven business world, the demand for IT talent has never been greater. Fast access to the right technical expertise not only allows you to respond quickly to market changes but can also help your company execute key development projects on time. From staff augmentation consulting to onboarding and training, our service offers it all for you.
However, hiring your own development team is quite costly and requires a lot of time and resources. The total cost of hiring a new developer is equivalent to a few months’ salaries, so IT staff augmentation seems like a gateway to success for technology companies. However, the lower cost is not the only reason to hire an external team.

Why Staff Augmentation?

What is staff augmentation meaning anyway? Outstaff specialists are a progressive answer to the business request to solve narrow, highly technical, but not constant tasks. Why keep a specific analyst and developer on staff when you can use their services on demand? In addition, the offshore staff augmentation model does not require additional costs for recruitment, maintenance, insurance, taxes, and other social payments. As a result, with highly qualified outside specialists, almost any project will develop faster, and the team will be more flexible.
  • Avoid the risk of staff shortages
If you need extra talent to expand your team or your current employee has to leave a project due to unavoidable circumstances, we can quickly help you find the right professional when you want. This way, with our competent help, you will avoid losses and prevent the development process from disruption.
  • Get access to vetted talent
Distributed teams work on your projects, doubling your company’s resources and value as the team works in both your offices and our development centers.
  • Aggressive Deadlines
If your project is too urgent and you feel like you risk failing to catch up with the deadline, our service is the right solution. We’ll do our best to accomplish your project timely with no compromise on quality.
  • Reduce overhead costs
We’re responsible for providing professionals with a workplace equipped with everything they need. As you don’t have to worry about management, you significantly reduce hiring costs and project downtime. This way, you get employees with the necessary skills and, at the same time, save your budget.
  • Fewer Legal Obstacles
Within our IT augmentation services, we stay the official employers of your hires. You should not worry about any legal issues – we are responsible for such aspects, from the necessary documentation to strict abeyance of the rules.
  • Full Control
With us, it is possible to cherry-pick your team members and take part in the screening process. We’ll keep you up-to-date with every progress in the work of a team.

Types of Staff Augmentation

So, there are several vivid staff augmentation benefits. However, you should also decide on the specific model (or leave it to us).
It’s up to you to decide which type of staff augmentation is right for you. If you have any doubts, we’ll help you pick the right model.

Augmented Teams: Who’s In?

Web Developers

It is time to grab a pool of qualified, experienced developers who have mastered multiple programming languages and tech stacks.


No matter whether you need UI or UX designers, you can count on our experts help. Your users will be impressed!

Software Testers

QA engineers will scan the product, detect the bugs, and recommend fixing them to prevent the software from further failures.

DevOps Engineers

Our professionals will apply only the best DevOps and DevSecOps practices to minimize your team’s workload.

Mobile Developers

We know the difference between web and mobile development, so we have pros that work exclusively on mobile solutions for Android and iOS.

Industries We Serve

We offer fast and furious staff augmentation services to the industries mentioned below.


No matter whether you need tools for tutors or their students (or even parents), our specialists will carry them out for you using the right tech stack. Tailored EdTech websites and apps are what we produce.


In medicine, security is first. We help develop apps that collect and process patient data fast, confidentiality, and safely. We create teams of experts for healthcare businesses of all sizes, facilities, and startups.


In transportation & logistics, we take care of solutions for enhanced driver-user communication, fleet maintenance & support, reduced paperwork, improved stock inventory control, etc.


When it comes to the Internet of Things, our experts realize what a good platform needs to sell products and services. We build websites from A to Z.


We aim high to assist your company with building and maintaining stable, long-lasting relationships with your clients. To do so, our professionals determine their demands and wishes along with integrating third-party solutions into the business ecosystem.


Our IT staff augmentation company assists with providing justice even at a distance. How? We use the latest, original tech solutions, from augmented in-house IT departments to separate initiatives.

Our Process

How does outstaffing work? When a company signs a contract, IntelliSoft takes care of all the legal, organizational, and search processes. That is what IntelliSoft guarantees. We help with such things as:

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How does outstaffing work? When a company signs a contract, IntelliSoft takes care of all the legal, organizational, and search processes. That is what IntelliSoft guarantees. We help with such things as:

    Cooperation Models

    • Negotiable budget
    • Specific requirements
    • Friendly to changes
    • Large and long-term projects
    • Clear deliverables
    • Set budget
    • Full control
    • No changes required
    • Perfect for any project duration
    • Direct management
    • Dedicated team
    • Budget-friendly

    Top Staff Augmentation Services for Critical IT Roles

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

    IT staff augmentation is an effective staffing model in the IT sphere, which implies the provision of tech specialists for short-term or long-term projects in the client’s office. Outstaffing of IT personnel is convenient because the company, renting workers, does not bind them with labor obligations. In particular, it does not conclude an employment contract, pay sick leave, vacation, or tax deductions. Employee registration, motivation, and encouragement are handled by an agency with which a labor contract is concluded. In our case, IntelliSoft takes care of it.

    Outstaffing of IT personnel is required if the company needs a performer for a particular project but cannot attract a specialist or there is no such staff unit. Another reason may be planning a staff reduction without actually reducing the number of staff. Then, a long-term replacement of one or more employees is needed.

    It is impossible to define just one specific industry that uses staff augmentation services. In our example, almost any company, from EdTech to IoT, may need this type of team extension. Any business may need to find temporary workers to fill short-term job positions another day. Due to the global IT talent shortage, the demand for staff augmentation is growing with the speed of light, and we are ready to help.

    Tell us what you expect. List your requirements and expectations. Are you looking for a single expert or an entire cross-functional team? What is your project about, and what are your goals?

    Interview and recruitment. We search for applicants based on your requirements. Our pros then interview and test them and pass the best candidates over to you so you can check them too.

    Being our cooperation. Your experts will be supplied with fully-fledged workstations, equipment, and other resources. We take care of an overall onboarding process.

    Support & maintenance. A qualified HR/Client manager will work alongside your specialists to assist you with building a robust and effective relationship with your augmented team. We even organize regular team-building activities.

    Staff Augmentation is right for you if:

    • There is a task that requires certain skills that the company’s employees do not possess.
    • The project manager or team leader has the experience, skills, and qualifications to manage the external team, as well as form the backlog and control the process of its implementation.
    • The company’s work process is established: the tasks to be carried out within the current phase are clear for each member, and all tools for setting, performing, and monitoring the workflow are available.
    • The process of gaining access to the infrastructure and development environment for remote team members is transparent and defined and does not compromise your corporate security.
    • The company’s employees are aware of and accept the specifics of building a relationship with an outstaff specialist.
    • IP Rights Security
      All IP rights belong to your or your business, no matter where and when you start cooperation.
    • High Productivity & Efficiency
      The engineers focus on a single project at a time. It increases productivity and motivation.
    • Flexibility
      First, a client obtains access to a greater pool of talents and resources. Second, when cooperating with a staff augmentation partner like IntelliSoft, there is no need to spend additional money for the changeover.
    • Cost Efficiency
      Staff augmentation stands for transparent cost structure. Costs for office space, workstations, and other facilities are excluded. You only pay a fee, and we take care of arranging everything.
    IntelliSoft offers rooms with the client’s branding to facilitate offshore team’s integration with the internal engineers. Our company also prepares “windows to the client” to display what is going on in the office. At IntelliSoft, we have HR/Client Managers that work alongside your experts.