How We Enhanced the SaaS Platform and Helped the Consulting Business enter Several New Markets




2014 — present


Consulting, Online Education, SaaS


USA, Denmark, Sweden
GrowthWheel International Inc.
is a Danish-born consulting company that provides business planning and growth tools for entrepreneurs, founded in 2005.

A key area of ​​work is creating visual tools for consultants, with the help of which entrepreneurs increase productivity and make decisions more effectively.

Today, the company is headquartered in New York and has offices in Toronto, Copenhagen, Oslo, and Johannesburg, and the GrowthWheel Online SaaS is available in 15 languages.

A platform that has been successfully developing since 2015
Since 2005, GrowthWheel has been an offline company that has helped entrepreneurs.

In 2008, the company changed its focus on helping business consultants, which resulted in the idea of ​​creating a toolset for automating the interaction of consultants and their clients.
In 2014, the project’s founders decided to convert the offline business into a SaaS and launched an MVP (Minimal Viable Product) with another vendor. However, the basic functionality and especially performance of the solution were unsatisfactory. As a result, the project failed, but the management approached Intellisoft for help.

Intelisoft managed to quickly resolve all performance issues and stabilize the project. After the initial success, GrowthWheel decided to move all product development to Intellisoft, and a dedicated team was established in Kyiv. Initially, the team consisted of two developers, but along with the development of the product, the growth of the client’s organization, and entering new markets, the team in Kyiv also grew. Now the GrowthWheel team consists of 6 members in Kyiv.

Technically successful project

From Non-technical Founders

Tech Stack







Flexibility in terms
of product launch dates.

Considering the negative experience of cooperation with another outsourcing vendor, the critical requirement for Intellisoft was the quick launch of the first version of the platform. The experts managed to release the SaaS platform with starter functionality in just 30 days of work.

the specifics of interaction
with non-technical product

The founders of GrowthWheel are business executives who are fluent in consulting tools but are far enough from the technical side of software development.
So Intellisoft introduced them to SDLC, contributed to establishing proper in-house project & product management expertise, and helped implement and tailor SCRUM (an agile framework utilized for developing, delivering, and sustaining products in
a complex environment) and SOLID software design principles.

An adaptive model
for the development
and growth of the project.

During building up tools and solutions, the platform got more and more features, and the business model required GrowthWheel to enter new markets. The Intellisoft team helped at all stages of project promotion: from improving the platform interface to localization in 15 languages ​​and adapting the solution for various users.

Performance and productivity of the solution.

With the introduction of 9 certification areas, the addition of the Academy
and the toolbox, the platform’s codebase also grew. To ensure high service productivity, the Intellisoft team constantly have been working on removing technical debt, refactoring, and improving the UI/UX of GrowthWheel Online.
As a result, the solution easily withstands a regular load of over 25,000 users and receives only positive feedback from customers.

Our Team:

Team Leader

Full Stack Software Engineers

UI/UX designer

General QA Engineer

Results not only for product owners but for entrepreneurs from 64 countries of the world

Intellisoft specialists really impressed the management of the consulting company, so they received the status of a GrowthWheel dedicated product team. During cooperation and support from Intellisoft, the platform has turned into a full-fledged transformation channel for startups and growing companies.
Through the transfer of experience in business consulting management, GrowthWheel now covers 64 countries worldwide.

At the moment, more than 3.7 thousand consultants have already passed training and certification on the service, and the dynamics remain positive even after 6 years. GrowthWheel partners operate in 11 countries and help businesses of all sizes grow and achieve their goals. Because of this, the consulting company program is so highly appreciated among entrepreneurs. It shows how moving your business online can show the true value and significance of your idea!