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How Many Developers Do You Need to Outsource Software Projects?

When outsourcing software development, selecting the right team composition is essential for a project’s success because it has an impact on the final project success, the budget, and value delivered throughout the project development lifecycle. 

There are many cases when a company hires a dedicated team but fails to balance roles and responsibilities among its members. Thus, poor decisions on the outsourcing team composition may impact the project’s success at a daily operations level.

To keep you away from being mistaken in software development outsourcing, we offer a Free Guide that includes best practices in choosing the right software development team composition.

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Useful tips inside Intellisoft Guide:
  • Outsourcing As the Shortest Way to Attract IT Talents
  • Why You Should Choose an Outsourced Development Team
  • The Structure of a Dedicated Team
  • Why is setting the right team essential for outsourcing project success?
  • How many IT specialists do I need for my project? 
  • Hiring IT developers and building R&D’s with Intellisoft
  • How to Get Started your Outsourcing project