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How to Develop a Healthcare Project With Ultimate Cyber Security?

Cybersecurity measures are the main thing that all healthcare startup owners must consider. According to HIPAA Journal, at the end of 2020, there was a 45% increase in cyber security attacks on healthcare organizations worldwide. The data breaches, in this case, will result in lawsuits, penalties, and compromised reputation. 

If you are willing to develop a healthcare project, you need to make the security of your project the main priority for your development team.

In this guide, you will find helpful information about the healthcare project launch and Pro tips from Lars B. Dybdahl on ensuring data security before you start developing your healthcare mobile or web software.

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Download the PDF to learn more about:
  • Legal requirements for storing patient sensitive data
  • Three data security layers
  • Security tips about using third-party software providers
  • The role of development processes standardization in secured software development