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Established in 2007 by senior IT business professionals with many years of intensive experience in the IT industry, today Intelligent Software is a strategic software development vendor and partner to many companies in the USA and Europe with its main development center in Ukraine. We bring our expertise and experience of large software development companies into SMB segment: start-ups and mature companies looking for the best value\money ratio.

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Today’s healthcare business, more than any other, need high-quality software solutions to assist with patient data management, hospital technology management, illness diagnostics, and medical indicator calculation. That is why there is a high need for healthcare application development.

Experienced IT engineers and programmers can complete nearly any specified work using a range of contemporary software technologies, and the IntelliSoft team is no exception. Our skilled healthcare app developers have worked on a number of projects for the E-Health sector throughout the world and have had great success with them.


You’ve probably observed that the online education business is booming. It is expected to reach $350 billion by 2025. Education technology investments in the United States totaled $18.66 billion last year. Isn’t it impressive? Today, we consider education app development to be a viable investment.

As a result, we’ve gathered almost all of the required practical information for you to proceed. It’s no secret that the COVID-19 epidemic has had an impact on the e-learning industry’s growth. By mid-April 2020, the epidemic had impacted 94 percent of worldwide learners, or 1.58 billion children and youth in 200 nations, ranging from pre-primary to higher education.


We have extensive industry expertise and experience delivering top-notch development and design services to MarTech businesses. We provide mobile and online marketing technology product development as well as marketing technology project consultancy.

You may also obtain expert assistance with requirements analysis, UI/UX design, quality assurance, maintenance, and support. We are only focused on the JavaScript technological stack and can quickly and easily add top MarTech engineers and JS specialists to your devoted team.


You can optimize delivery routes, reduce fleet operational expenses, reduce traffic congestion, and improve the shipping experience for consumers by relying on our logistics software development services. IntelliSoft software developers have been developing transportation software for global freight marketplaces, supply chain innovators, and big vehicle fleets at scale since 2008.

Allow us to modernize your transport logistics software using our technical knowledge, technological competence, and personal devotion. Our objective is to develop transportation and logistics software that addresses the unique business issues you encounter at various points of the supply chain, such as warehouse planning, freight management, and last-mile delivery.


As the legal sector prepares to integrate IT into their operations, software suppliers with prior expertise and the capacity to deliver custom-built technology solutions in this domain are in high demand. With the rise of electronic evidence, your clients want you to adapt your legal expertise to the difficulties of information technology (IT) in today’s litigation.

They are excited to assist them in identifying, understanding, and managing the massive volume of electronic evidence that is now an unavoidable part of the discovery process. IntelliSoft has identified a key sector in the legal business where it is well equipped to deliver custom made solutions due to its concentration on the legal technology domain.


eCommerce is the process through which online businesses assist their consumers with everything from purchasing a product to resolving purchase concerns, all while providing a positive customer experience. Because it’s a crowded market, our eCommerce website design and development services help you stand out.

Despite the fact that the demand for eCommerce firms has nearly doubled over the years, the majority of marketing organizations do not have an online store. These firms are losing not just their competitive edge, but also their consumers as a result of their actions. Furthermore, eCommerce firms have not fully used the tremendous potential of having an eCommerce website to assist them gain a competitive advantage.


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